really… what else is there to say!?!
haha i’m amazed at how boss looks…. he’s soo…. ____________… well you can fill in that blank >.<

this dog drives me nuts.

thanks to kim for the heads up.


pop quiz under the cut —–>



^ this is NOT YB btw…

it’s his brother, dong hyunbae 🙂


~ by gdluvzmc on March 18, 2009.

88 Responses to “PANDA BOSS”

  1. lmao Boss’ eyes are looking in two different directions xD

    anddd Im guessing that is YB… wait noo… wait yes…

    o.o i feel like saying YB’s brother … O.O

  2. youngbae…he’s so cute…but so different here!!!

  3. im guessing thats yb!

  4. that bae back before the debut [i thinkkk]!

  5. awwww
    boss is so cute
    and i think the pic is definately yb’s brother
    but i’m not sure

  6. HAHAHA OMG…. Boss can be a cute dog, but his eyes are freaking me out in this pic. XD;;

    But I love the panda costume~~~ 8]

    oOo I’m gonna guess an old pic of Bae. Cutie! <333

  7. Boss is soo cuddly!
    Haha x)
    Dang Bae looks so cute :]

  8. BOSS is so cute. Is he being bully? lol.
    And the pic below is TAEYANG!
    Thank you,.

  9. haha..I <333 Boss…

    TAE YANG!!!… :))

  10. taeyang’s brother, forsure.

  11. if boss sneezes, his eyeballs will pop out.


  12. isnt that bae’s pre-debut pic?? ;o
    hahah i think boss is the kind of dogs
    that u adore more as u see him over timee
    hes so cutee (:
    cept his crazy eyes remind me of my psycho english

  13. hahahaa ohhh BOSS!! <33
    his eyes are so freaking biggg

  14. thank DAISY not me LOL

  15. Gahh, Boss is so cute!

    Oh, that’s definitely Hyun Bae. YB’s bro is quite good looking in that picture.

  16. it look kinda seungri..
    ehh nop.. its TaeYang (;

  17. LMAO Kim and Melly.

    That Tae’s brother. Beside you can tell from the face. Hyunbae has a smaller face then Tae’s face 🙂

  18. Daisy:
    yea i know that,
    but everyone else thinks it’s YB lol

    otherwise, why would it be a pop quiz?

  19. Is that YB’s brother? LOL

  20. YB’s Brother

  21. LOL I FAIL.

    Bae’s bro is just as good-looking as Bae. 8D

  22. oh dang, taeyang’s brother look finne as hell too! shoo, i’ll hook up with him too if i can’t get taeyang. ^^

  23. Boss looks so cute (:
    && that’s HyunBae, right? 😀

  24. Boss looks so cute xD~… ah, I mean cool :”]

    That’s Bae brother, Dong Hyun Bae ^^

  25. doggy looks tough and wearing contacts..but very cutey

  26. I wanna say YB, but since it says it’s not… then someone that’s related to him?

  27. yb’s brotha!

  28. it really does look like his older bro…

  29. Wow. They look alike…
    Its YB’s bro. xD

  30. omg can i kidnapp boss!!
    (and jiyong while i’m at it) haha

    that is totally yb’s bro!!!

  31. whoaaa his brother looks A LOT like tae! or the other way around. so cute 😛 aii boss, that lucky dog haha.

  32. taeyang so loves his dog! boss is so cute!

  33. LOLOL boss is so cute!

    iknow thats definitely not Taeyang.
    yeah so i guess its his brother?
    but it doesnt even look like his brother to me either O__O

  34. awwwww….Boss is just the cutest

    since I know it’s not YB
    (I think I’ve seen this before somewhere so I’m not spoiling)

  35. I think that’s dae sung

  36. Baes whole fam is good looking even his mom in that one pic even though shes older she is very like pretty to me at least

  37. it’s youngbae’s brother, duh!

  38. whos boss?

  39. boss is so cute!!

    that’s yb’s bro for sure. 🙂 they look so alike!!

  40. yb has a brother? o.O
    wth? since when?

  41. definitely YB’s brother.

    right? (;

  42. i think dogs of boss’ breed have that kinda eyes, sticking out like goldfish eyes, hahaha XD
    btw YB’s bro has the same eyes as him, but slimmer and longer face. still hot though, hahaha XD

  43. grrr…i want to see. but i can’t.
    upic never works for me. T__T

  44. is Youngbae’s bro right?
    OMO panda boss kiawa haha

  45. is BOSS taeyang’s dog? yes right? O__o just to clarify.

  46. waaaa Boss is so cute!!! Kinda reminds me of that big-eyed hamster(?) in Adam Sandler’s movie Bedtime Stories! hihihi. ^^

    Ok I cheated coz I read the comments and pretty much the answer was in here.
    I also thought it’s Baebae but that’s not his facial structure. But he has the same lips and nose…just as handsome as his brother. =)

  47. ohmahgawd that is one lsdfjlaskjdf freaking adorable dog. i would think that boss is related to Ri! lmaoo. XDD he is just so adorable with the panda outfit! and bae’s bro is looking hot. lmao. XD they look so alike.

  48. OMG LOLLL<3 look at boss ;D
    panda boss?!!? like Baby ahhaaO<

  49. He’s not Baebae -that’s his brother

    Pandaboss is dumb cute here 😀 Pandaboss should take pic with Pandari together …

  50. awww. BOSS is sooo cute!:3 his eyes r on opposite directions.. lmao!! but still look sooo adorable!!

  51. Boss is so adorable!!!!!!!!!~
    I bet he wanna look like seung ri??? lol
    if its not YB then maybe a relative..or just a random guy
    maybe JIYONG??

  52. i love how you all call him pandaboss now HAHA.
    it’s a cute name though, no? rofl ❤

  53. Pandaboss is so adorable! xD At first i thought it was a whole suit kinda thing then i just realised its the head part haha. Hm, that’s YB’s brother isnt it? o_o Looks so….same-ish.

  54. thats BeBe/Tae Yang/ Young Bae’s Brother…
    1000000000000000 % Positive

  55. That is not Tae, I guess…
    It must be Tae Goon, ahah no I’m just kidding. I love Tae Goon btw so dont bash me and of course I love Tae he much.

    Hmmm, I just dont know who…ehehe



  57. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!^^
    Boss kyotaaaa ^^
    I luv Boss
    um….YB’s elder brother lol

  58. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!^^
    Boss kyotaaaa ^^
    I luv Boss
    um….YB’s elder brother …name is ‘Hyonbae’ !!certainly hehe lol

  59. awww boss looks sad/mad like he was forced to wear the outfit!! ahahaah

  60. LOL Boss is sooo cute!!! PandaBoss what does your owner do to you!! LOL he seems uncomfortable but so is my dog but it could be because hiss names Young Bae LOL

  61. Well… its one of big bang member right?
    if it isnt.. then its Youngbae Bro..
    OR SEUNGRI ❤ o-o
    .. doesnt really look like seungri thoe X_X;

    GOSH! LOL BOSs XD look kinda cute..e h yeh!

  62. Boss is looking so adorable!
    Yet his eyes are about to fall out of its sockets.
    I thought it was YB, but looking at the comments and thinking about it, it’s YB’s hyung.

  63. That’s My Baby’s Older brother. X )
    Dong Hyun Bae. Gosh, they look so much a like. Haha.
    I can tell the difference though..
    TY- No Mustache
    HB- Mustache
    Lol. Cute.
    Boss is Adorable! God, Sometimes I wish I was Boss.. & Receive all those kisses from my LOVE<3. Haha.
    Darn, life isn’t Fair! Lmao.

  64. lol.. panda boss ?

  65. oh my god.
    is that SE7EN?? >0<
    keke boss looks so cute with that panda outfit on ^__^…

  66. Omg, Boss. ❤
    Darn, I was gonna guess Taeyang!
    But since it’s not, I guess TY’s bro, LOL.

  67. Boss is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee…………………….
    Im sure he’s TaeYang’s brother…..Hyun Bae i think!!!!

  68. Awww Boss is so cute.
    What?! that’s not TaeYang? who is that then?
    wow, he looks a lot like Taeyang. Tell us soon!


  70. Boss looks sooooo adorable…… except the eyes
    That’s definitely Hyun Bae.

  71. AHH! Boss! I just want to squish you in my arms!

    That’s TaeYang’s bro…i forgot his name, but he is just as hot as TY!!

  72. he has a brother??
    how old??

  73. woww his brother ^^ i remember from a picture but long time a go xD

  74. the dong brothers are both adorable ><“

  75. hahahahaha boss
    i love your appa bebe
    just a lil bit more than
    i love you ahaha ;))))

    i can’t have a dog even
    if i wwant to
    i’ll just virtually share boss with my hubby bebe

  76. they share the same lips.
    sexy full lips xp

    but tae yang scores a lotttt better on my book ehehehehe

  77. OMG the resemblance is uncanny.
    but yeah,YB 4 lyf.

  78. […] Panda Boss really… what else is there to say!?! haha i’m amazed at how boss looks…. he’s soo…. […] […]

  79. aww the doggie is so cutee(:
    DUDE thats taeyang’s bro??
    LOL so hot too loll
    is he younger or older? and how many years?

  80. […] Panda Boss really… what else is there to say!?! haha i’m amazed at how boss looks…. he’s soo…. […] […]

  81. aww Boss looks soo cute 🙂

  82. LOL, i never even knew taeyang had a brother….
    haha, i’m such a bad fan.

  83. YONG BAE^__^

  84. Taeyang’s brother is kinda cute! does anyone know how old he is in that pic?

  85. he look s more like se7en to me o.O

  86. i gotta say, boss isnt one of those cute dogs. but in a panda suit? oh god. i love pandas. lmao. yayyy taeyang. nice choice >D. and wow, hyungbae? hahaha.

  87. What breed is boss?

  88. I’d like to reup the pics you posted. I’ll post it in forum with full credit. I hope you will accept my request as we all want to spread the love with Big Bang to everyone.

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