Japan-Korea Collaboration: W-inds and GDragon


w-inds.新曲 「Rain is falling」 5/13発売!!

韓国のグループ「BIG BANG」のG-DRAGONをラップに迎えた意欲作!!!

初回限定盤M-1のPV収録DVD付/応募券封入 初回盤BとM-3楽曲違い

Credit info: http://www.bb-flow.com/ 리버리버님

Posted by: 승리고고 @ VIPz VipRoom/BBVIPz


“w-inds. new single “Rain is falling” will be on sale on 5/13!!

Korean group Big Bang’s G-DRAGON was invited to collaborate, providing the rap.

First-press limited edition M-1 comes with a DVD, which includes the PV, and bonus coupon. First-press B and M-3 has different songs.”

Translated By: [info]enacting

Post taken from: gypsy_sonata @ http://community.livejournal.com/yg_bigbang/


More info about W-inds: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W-inds.#Discography

PV: Can’t get back (release Nov 26th 2008): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwhcgKxDpl4


~ by Momo on March 19, 2009.

41 Responses to “Japan-Korea Collaboration: W-inds and GDragon”

  1. WOW O.O …Im sOOO happy for G_leaDer!!!…HWAITING!!!…

  2. awesomeness [:

  3. OMG.

    W-inds and GD?!!?


    this will def increase their already large fanbase in Japan <33

  4. Interesting.
    Keeping an eye out.

  5. OMG. I love W-inds!? xD
    I love JiYong more. 😀
    ARGH. I’m excited for this?! xD

  6. Don’t know W-inds, LOL.
    But, if GD is in it, it’s def worth a listen.

  7. I don’t know W-inds either. XD;;;

    …Yeah, I def want to check it out if GD is in it tho! ;D <333

  8. cool! can’t wait! i agree with Cat – more attention in japan!

    haha there’s japanese students visiting my school, and i asked one of them if she knew big bang, and she’s like “huh? im sorry…no”
    and i was like aww :[

    anyways YAY GD!

  9. who the heck is g-winds?! LOL
    AHHH ! i love GD ❤

  10. oh wait i mean w-inds! hahahaha. my mistake 🙂

  11. Aww, can’t wait until May. Personally, I prefer Arashi and NEWS but w-inds is awesome, too. Will he be rapping in Japanese? LOL, maybe they should’ve gotten Tae Yang instead.

  12. cooool! collaboration between w-inds & jiyonq! (:
    Can’t wait for it!!

  13. oh bong!!
    this is such a good news
    our boys have gotten quite an attention from jpop people huh?
    cant wait for the rap!
    never really paid attention to w-inds, maybe i shall start checking them out ^^


  15. WHAAAA?!?!?! Bongie and W-inds?!?!?!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? I love W-inds especially ryohei. And now my Bongie is working with them. Seriously, I’m going to die of happiness. Oh my god this is freaking awesome!! Go Jiyong go!!!

  16. wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i watched their PV and omg, the clown scared me…O.O”

    I’ve heard of w-inds back then but i never gave their songs a try, but they’ve earned my respect. xD

  18. omo this is too good to be true!!
    i love w-inds’s can’t get back . hope to see more of j-k pop collaborations XD

  19. SWEET! it’s going to be a dope collabo!

  20. wowwww W-inds!!!! they’re gonna get more japanese fans ^^

  21. 🙂 cool !

  22. Annyong…
    This is so awesome.

    W-Inds is one of the songs that I always listen in my ITunes…
    And I so cannot wait for Big Bang and W-Inds….

    This is so thrill

    Cannot wait.


  23. gasp* G-DRAGON.
    whoooooo. i want to listen to the
    song now. And reminds me, i cannot
    wait for G-Dragon’s Solo album.
    11 more days `till April =]

  24. yay GD!!!!!!!
    i hope Big Bang will be famous in japan ^^

  25. Ahhh~ w-inds i remember those days when i was crazy over them,and keita was my fav back then HAHAHA…

  26. OMG!!!IT WILL BE SUCH AN AUSOME COLLAB!!!! luv w-inds music.. ahh… never imagine they will do a collabotaion 2gether…
    super kewl!!!! good for GD too!!!!

  27. wo wo wo
    go gd go gd!!!

  28. wow!!!!…gorgeuos!!!….XD
    it’s gonna be awesome!!!….^-^
    w-inds + GD…wow…interesting combination!!!…XD
    waaaa….make me can’t wait for it!!!…^-^
    ajaaaaaaa jiyong opppaaaaaa!!!!…fighting!!!…^-^

  29. wow before i listened to Big Bang i was listening to w-inds, dont believe after i moved on from different groups, w-inds and GD IS HAVING A COLLAB!!!!!!!!! so excited, i loved w-inds blog, wow two of my favourite groups!!! well…. w-inds is kind of WOOT (L)

  30. SERIOUS!!!! Thats so cool!!

  31. OMG are you serious??
    W-inds and GD?? This’ll be awesome, don’t you think?
    Haha, cannot wait for the PV to release!
    I wonder what kind of song it is…

  32. omg? Nu uh? w-inds. and GD collaborate? OMG! How cool!! I was like a super w-inds. fans back in the day, but lost fandom to them. But wow! This is so awesome! I can’t wait! :]

  33. OMG W-INDS AND GD?!!!! HOLY SHMIFF!! this is like the most AWESUMOEST THING EVERRRR w-ind is the BEST jpop group out there. ahh keita and gd on the same soundtrack. two beautiful voices *o*!!!

  34. agggg GD sama!!! yokkata good for him!!!

  35. woohoo!!! I ❤ W-inds &&&& G-Dragon!!!
    Double the greatness!

  36. Wow!!!!!

    GD & Wind

  37. OMG. This is EPIC!! I’m a huge fan of w-inds. and Jiyong is my favorite Big Bang member!! I absolutely can’t wait until this single! XD
    Thanks for the info! :DD

  38. I’m soo happy about this ^^
    w-inds is very special to me and I really like Jiyong….
    2 of my favorites…together…omg XD
    I hope more people will like w-inds. and more people will like Jiyong/ Big Bang ❤

  39. :O thats cool! my friend used to be obsessed w/ w-inds! im so glad i know who they are >D go gd! woohoo!

  40. i’m excited….GD is soooo talented, and w-inds. is my favorite Japanese group….i love how they have a dance for every song, and their music and genre is just my style….GD is going to be a great addition to thier single…..i love this collaboration!

  41. KEI-CHAN AND JIYONG?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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