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i posted earlier but i accidentally deleted it.


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Posted on: October 26th 2008

早上好 (Good Morning)
现在是早上 (It is morning now)
一不小心就已经是这个时间了 (Time passes very fast)
听了很多人的歌也看了很多表演 (I have listen to many people’s song and also watch many performance)
一开始看就停不下来了 (Once I start watching, I cannot stop)
弄的自己也想开Live了 笑 (It make me want to have a live performance too; laugh)
最近注意到的人是BIGBANG (Recently, I noticed Big bang)
韩国的组合 (A band from Korea)
年龄比我还小 (They are younger than me)
但却很厉害 (But they are very good)
开始是喜欢他们的舞蹈 (At first, I like their dance steps)
表演也很不错 (Their performance is also good)
因为太厉害了我有点嫉妒 笑 (Because they are too good, I am a little jealous; laugh)
好像已经在日本出道了 (They released an album in Japan recently)
大家也一定要看啊 (Everyone must watch out for them)
我也会加油的 (I will also work hard)

Keita Tachibana Official Blog: http://ameblo.jp/tachibana-keita/
Translated by: cripy.donuts
Post taken from: cripy.donuts@soompi


~ by Momo on March 19, 2009.

18 Responses to “W-inds Keita Tachibana’s Blog”

  1. Cool =D !!!
    that really awesome =]
    w-ind is chill too

  2. XD leave it to Keita to be a little jealous. He probably likes their singing capabilities. At least he gives them props saying to look out for them. I might have liked W-inds first but sorry Keita, Big Bang 4life now. “they are younger than me” that made me laugh so hard. Your less than two years older than Top keita!! your not an old man XD

  3. Woah, totally off topic but i’m proud of myself for being able to read most of the chinese. Although i don’t think a chinese 15 year old should be happy for being able to read simple chinese, LMAO.

    Anyways, i’m so glad that w-ind is starting to like big bang. =D Hope they can become friends. xD

  4. Haha, I remember when I first read his blog, I started telling all of my W-inds fanatic friends how our fandoms collided. xD

  5. this is in chinese LOL. its not supposed to be in japanese?

  6. @xblackchristmas

    thats why i posted his original Message: http://ameblo.jp/tachibana-keita/page-11.html#main > pls click here. its in Japanese fyi. it was translated by a Chinese fan to post in chinese forum!!!

  7. okay..i’m very slow at this…
    can you tell me how to join V.I.P?
    cuz i’m big fan of Big Bang but…i can’t find where to join oficial site to register as bbVIP….
    sadly, i can’t read korean to… can you tell me… just mail me at:
    or sent me cmmt at my fs:

    thank you…

  8. 为什么那个日本歌星用中文来写博客? 而且还写得挺好的。。。 哦 xD 看到了, 是有人翻译的。

  9. That’s cool!
    Big Bang always the BEST!

  10. Keita~~lol….i’m starting to tell my w-inds fanatic friends about the news xD!

  11. Ahhh, that’s so cool.
    Yeah i know, those other bands have ta` watch out
    for the Big Bang. Big Bang is amazing. Thanks Keita =]

  12. W-Inds is so cool. Love their music.
    And I am so happy for them mention our boys.
    So happy


  13. kekeke
    i donno w-inds but
    think i will now since
    keita of w-inds found big bang intimidating ;p

    ahhh i’m proud big bang make them jealous.
    that’s a gud thing fo sho ;))

  14. cool! i’ve never heard of w-inds til now, but they sound pretty cool. yay big bang for the world!

  15. Thats so cool W-inds knows of them!

  16. oh god i love w-inds. and major props to Keita for mentioning Big Bang!! XD

  17. kon ni chi wa
    watashi wa Lan desu
    watashi wa betonamujin desu
    dozoo yoro shiku

  18. nickname of me : keita041090 _ lan cun
    phone : 0986161961 _ 04-38244647
    in Hanoi city , Vietnam
    Can me to make the accquaintance of Tachibana Keita [ Quat Khach Thai } ??????????????????

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