SeungRi, “I want to model for apartment CF”


Big Bang SeungRi has revealed that he wishes to model for property CF.

SeungRi said on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’, “I want to film for an apartment CF. Apartment is the current trend. I feel that there is also conti (?? continuity) to it.”

“A little girl moves in to the house next door. And she exclaimed, ‘Omo, it’s Big Bang!’. And then the reply will be, ‘Annyeong, I’m the oppa from next door’. Please move to this house. Come to our house.” SeungRi imitated.

Meanwhile, during this episode, DaeSung was asked who he like more out of Big Bang and Family Outing. DaeSung replied, “Because it is YG Family and Family Outing, both are families and I like them the same.”

And then GDragon said, “Oh man. What about who you like better out of president Yang Hyun Seok and Yoo Jae Seok?” provoking a wave of laughter.

Right now, DaeSung is focusing on appearing on Family Outing, TOP on the drama ‘IRIS’. SeungRi has also started filming for the movie ‘71′

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~ by Momo on March 19, 2009.

18 Responses to “SeungRi, “I want to model for apartment CF””

  1. Ahaha,Gd is so funny and cute.

  2. Lols seungri.

    Hehehe nice comebak question JiYongie (;

  3. LOL wanna live next to Ri!!! baby’s so funny!!!

  4. Boy, don’t I wish he was MY oppa from next door.

  5. Is THis A Show?LOL
    XD iwish he was mYYYY OPPA next door too!
    that will be wonderfulllz 😀

  6. was that interview part of the fila photoshoot interview? or was it hite beer cf interview? cuz i think i watched it this morning.

  7. lol Goofy GD

    I love Dae Dae on FO.
    I wish it was subbed =(

  8. Ay, I wish Seung Ri lived next door. But yet again they seem sooo busy.

  9. Lols G-Dragon. tease everyone, will ya =]
    Ooh, ahhhhhhhhhh Seungri. Who’s the girl that he’s
    gonna ‘live’ next to. aha lucky.
    DaeSung’s funny. Both family rocks. YG Family =]

  10. @ iluvmybae- that’s from the fila photoshoot interview
    @ sandy- you could watch family outing w/ subs on youtube by ramensoupsubs =D

    dae is so kooyte n. jiyong & YG are both jealous of FO hehehe….soo sweet =D

  11. This is related to the FILA yacht photoshoot video.

    I watched the video again after reading this translation. <3333 I love watching the whole thing. ^^

  12. xD<333 i saw the photoshoot
    cuuttiiessss!! 😀
    i hope they’ll come out with subs for the FILA one :P!

  13. whahaha! SeungRi really wants to get d greatest fame he wants!! AHHH~ good for him!~

  14. and DS replied with “you already know.”
    and the host ask “who is it?”
    DS; “it’s the person everyone likes (refering to all the big bang members). yes, it’s that person~”

    LOL dae is so cute

  15. lol Dae and GD! xD!

  16. when will it be young bae and gd’s turn to act? heheh

    i wonder what it’ll be like if all five of them in one movie.
    as what? hum. how about as siblings ?? haha

    oh btw i can’t wait to see more of f.o
    and both 71 and iris.

    and their solo albums too!
    and the english version of their book!

    omo so many things to see and buy ;p

  17. i think people should stop asking dae whether he likes family outing or big bang more. Its not really fair, like asking who you like more your dad or your mum.

  18. nice video. thank you

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