A Know-how for Success from Big Bang: Go Beyond Your Limit


Recently, Kim In (CEO of Samsung SDS) gave Big Bang’s self-development book “Shouting to the World” to 300 of his executives. In the strategy meetings, he told them that “current economical crisis is like a war-zone’, and presented the book as a ‘war-survival-kit’. He also said, ‘be crazy about work, and go beyond your limit’.

The subtitle, ‘13140 days of Challenges’ of this book refers to the sum of their preparation days. Big Bang members have shed sweats and tears, 12 hours a day for several years.

Their success story has been written on top of their sweats, and the productivity of their name was derived from going out of the box.

In 2007, Big Bang rose above like ‘Lies’. You could hear the chorus ‘I’m so sorry’ from every street, and their later songs such as ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ were also hits. Even in 2009, ‘Big Bang craze’ is present. Not only in the music industry, but to fashion, books, and character merchandise, the brand, ‘Big Bang’ is constantly evolving. Yang Hyunsuk, CEO of YG entertainment told the press that in 2007-2008, Big Bang has earned over 4,700,000,000 won (40.7 million dollars).

On January 30th, 31st and February 1st, the concert, ‘Big Show’ was on. It was a ‘war zone’ trying to get a ticket, and has set a record breaking number of 52,000 people on a single concert. By the ticket sales, goods and sponsorship, they earned another 4,000,000,000 won (4 million dollars).

Their self-development book, ‘Shouting to the World’ was sold over 300,000 copies in the first month. If you calculate this as MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) 15,000 won, it is already 4,500,000,000 won (4.5 millon dollars). On TV advertisements, they are on for cell phones, electronic products, clothings and drinks (over 8 advertisements), worth several million dollars.

You cannot describe them without record (music) sales. They have released 9 CDs and 5 Live CDs, counting over 1.1 million copies, resulting in 10 million dollars.

Big Bang’s official character, ‘Bangs’ was released just 2 weeks ago, and over 1.5 million people have visited the blog sites. The character will be produced into animation, games, and stationary products. Fila Korea, which introduced ‘Big Bang Limited Edition’ in last December said ‘the customer age level dropped from 30-40 years old to 10-20 years old’ after the release of Big Bang Collection. Also, the sales rate doubled, and the products sold over past 3 months are worth 4.5 millions .

The steps of Idol group writing self-development books, making fashion lines are derived from the indescribable charms of five boys, who have gave everything for singing and dancing. Looking like everyone else, they say ‘you could be just like us’ as if they were our own friends.

Frankly speaking, Big Bang has dominated the fashion trend; because of them, street brands rose above the surface, hats/caps, shawls, high-top shoes and accessories were sold like there was no tomorrow.

Big Bang differs from other idol groups in their ‘uniqueness’. They have thrown away the same uniform-like clothing, dances and songs. When they are up on the stage, they say, ‘let’s go party’.

Usually, the curve of CD sales of an idol group usually peaks in the beginning and slows down. However, Big Bang is different. When their new CD is released, their old ones also experience an increase in sales. Every month, they have released single albums after their debut, and with the new CDs, they make people go search for the previous ones. In second week of March, Hante-chart (takes records sale statistics), there are 10 of their albums on the ranks.

Idols used to be the crave of only boys and girls. However, Big Bang proud of broad fan spectrum. Older generation feel familiarity when they see Dae Sung singing ‘Look at me Gwisoon’. Men or women, young or old, everyone likes them. It is essential to have that charm which embraces every generation.

Professor Kim Nando of Seoul University says, ‘From their birth, they were incorporated with Netizens. With communication of Netizens, the group was finalized, and grew with accessibility. Big Bang is a major example of web marketing. If you can read Big Bang, the culture icon, you can see the success story. Be true and friendly, but go beyond your limit and smash the pre-existing box’.

[김슬기 기자]

[ⓒ 매일경제 & mk.co.kr, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz.com

Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on March 20, 2009.

39 Responses to “A Know-how for Success from Big Bang: Go Beyond Your Limit”

  1. wow… SO PROUD! T_T

    ❤ Big Bang

  2. OMG.

  3. Wow. That’s a lot of money lol.

    Big Bang is like the ultimate group of people and the epitome of successful and influential artists..I am so proud and always am.

    BB is so unique it’s inspiring, and they’re right people from all generations love them!

    I like what the Prof. says and I can’t believe their book is being used as a guide for executives to be more successful…I am just wowed, that’s amazing!


  4. Wow after reading this, I feel so proud for the boys.
    That IS alot of money.
    (: BB FIGhting (:

  5. ahh.. i feel like a mother watching a boy or boyS grow. am so proud of them! Hwaiting! 😀

  6. LOL! THEY ARE!!!
    they’re earnin a heck lotta money for YG!!! so proud of the boys, i got chills wen i read this cause it’s so overwhelming how the boys started off weak and now everyone loves ’em…and all of the successes they have are well earned…
    i wish their new single would hurry n. come *sigh* miss them sooo much.

  7. WoW! that is alot of money, but i’m not surprised since they worked hard for it. ^ ^
    I’m so proud of them! *sniff*

  8. gaaawd.
    they make me so proud to be a vip!
    they truely are so uniquely talented which makes them uniquely succesfull.

    they rock!

  9. Woot. Big Bang<3.
    Proud of them! xD
    Big Bang fighting.

  10. Waaa~ I’m soooo PROUD OF THEM!
    and WoWWWW that’s a LOT of money 😛

  11. aww~
    so proud! haha
    saranghae~! <33

  12. It makes me so proud to be a VIP. 🙂

  13. i loved this article! it makes me so proud to be a VIP! Big Bang is definitely the best!!!<3

  14. all i can say is WOW.
    our boys are AMAZING.
    they influence so many ppl
    and INSPIRE others<3
    how much more of an IDOL can
    u get?? more reasons to just
    thats why we should be
    PROUD VIPs. ^^

  15. Wow.
    I am so proud of these boys.
    While i was reading this, i felt so happy. i kept a plaster smile
    on face. I love these men. Ahaha yeahhh i do feel
    like a mother watching over them and all. They have a lotta
    money, they work for hard for it, therefore they deserve it.
    They are unique (:

  16. so proud of them…=)
    I love them a lot too because they don’t dress in uniforms and had different styles that go well together and separately.

    Gaaaah I wish they make an English version of their book. I’m really going to buy it if they did! =)

  17. ohgod…definitely proud to be a VIP!!
    <33 Big Bang !! :DD

  18. Reading all this makes me so proud. Big Bang is LOVE ❤


    big bang fighting till the end! ❤

  20. lmao, this is like big bang’s assessment/achievement summary. ❤
    i agree with Kenley…they should release an english version of their book! I would definitely buy it.

  21. they are simply amazing.
    no better words to describe but the words
    i lovee them && and am super proud to
    be a VIP. ❤

  22. YEAHH BIGBANG~~ best of the best :]]
    soooo proud of them! they worked so hard just to debut, and then they went from YG’s young new face to number one in korea! and everywhere else! :]
    ahh yeah that is A LOT of money! haha. some of that money is mine, VIP supporting big bang! ❤

  23. wuuahh<3
    BIG BANG FOREVER<3333333333333333 VIP FOREVER<33333333333333
    that was…quite a powerful article 😀
    our boys are amazing..and EVERYBODY knows it ;]!♥♥♥

  24. i’m so proud.
    big bang you are the best thing in my life.

  25. ahhhh they rich!!!!

  26. Oh my gosh their soooooooooooooo rich!!!

  27. Speechless…
    VIP so proud of them…



  28. they change the world, especially south korea.
    damn as a VIP i’m amazingly PROUD 😀

  29. WOW. O_O *blown away by everything that’s written up there*

    they’re still sooo young and yet they’re THAT successful already. i feel so proud. XD

    and… i like what Professor Kim said. “Be true and friendly, but go beyond your limit and smash the pre-existing box.” 🙂

    veeeery inspiring. rigt? right? 🙂

    I sooo LOVE Big Bang. ❤

  30. BIGBANG 4 EVER <333

  31. Umm, they are amazing. ❤

  32. BB doin’ it well yo~ They’re everywhere. <3333

    Dang, awesome post. Thanks for sharing, Momo. ^^

  33. gosh …I’m so proud right now…haha xDD


  34. they’re very successfull~~!! that’s why i feel so proud of BB and proud to be V.I.P ♥

  35. SO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bigbang fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. omg<3
    i love yoU!

  37. yeahh.. i want an english version of ‘Shouting to the World’!!!

    for us VIPs, BIG BANG is the BEST!
    they not only make tons of money but they have inspired millions of people!
    i’m so proud to know them and even prouder to be a VIP!
    i ♥ BIG BANG
    *now i really wanna give them a hug =^^=

  38. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss they are unique

  39. Go beyond your limit ~ I love this sentence.
    Big Bang Fighting! Love u all, my man

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