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High Quality NII Photos Released!

           Pictures Reuploaded. DO NOT HOTLINK!!!

DOWNLOAD: (03.20.09) Mnet WideNews: Behind FILA Photoshoot

Thanks to S님

This is even more adorable, you can so feel that the boys are much much more comfortable when they’re being interviewed by Wolly, their one and only awsome MC hyung, this is fill with so much more awesomeness. First thing that pop up to me is Bong chewing on meat, chew with his mouth OPEN WIDE kekek even feed Dae, that meat look like it’s 10 days old, so hard for the boys to chew on
Back to the part where the little girl was crying because she’s so cold, even though she’s crying, they were trying to see if she can still continue the shoot, Dae saw her and he was like “My heart hurts to see her like this” awww… Dae ah~ you’re too sweet
LOL AT BAE!! kekek as soon as the camera man said they will be doing individual shots, he jumped and said “I’M FIRST!!!” kekeke been around the foreign kids all day he’s imerge in his english keke Tabi quickly get off the yacht and run in the warm. LOL at Bong’s face when he found out they all have to do it, haha………………………. ‘YOU THIRD’…. the way they pronounce ‘third’ hahahaha Bae and Dae… make me speechless. Dae steering a yacht… how professional. haha

Wolly and the member set a ‘Hidden Camera’ on the leadah last time, Wolly invite Bong to his wedding, and Bong just wobbled over when he first heard it haha he was so shocked. He whispered to Baby and Dae here and there and ask if it was for real, dork.

Picture Updates

  • (Released!) High Quality NII Fall Photoshoot & Heart Campaign
  • (Solo) GD in 2009 ‘SHOW YOUR BEAUTY’
  • (Transated) BANGS Comic: Episode 3: Please call him Bebe! 2
  • (Transated) BANGS Comic: Introducing YG Staff

Big Bang NII Fall Photoshoot

Seriously… is this what all the expensive butt private high schools have??? cuz hell, if it is, sign me up. This really is the definition of ‘F4’… or ‘F5’ they look so hot in that sort of old school high class school and sports uniform… AHHH!! The shoot with them wearing sweaters and cardigan make me go INSANE, I always have a thing for boys in sweaters and bowtie… don’t know why, but you know why I love Baby then haha. And OOOH~ I spot Tabi with some skinship………what a tight grip that is too. NII always PWNED in life.

Since it PWNED so much, I zipped the HQs and upload it for you. ENJOY!


HEART Campaign.

Hope. Dream. Love. Mind. Belief.

GDragon ‘2009 Show Your Beauty’



Thanks to NII Homepage | 쏘쏭님 | 슨니애기님

BANGS Short Comic

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


This is to continue last time’s name calling issue, it’s not just the fans who does it, so does the members. Whenever they talk about him, either during talk shows, radio shows, variety shows, or press conference, they always have a slip of tounge and called him ‘DongBae’ without knowing, Bong and Tabi fixed theirs, but Ssongie is too emerge in his dry gag and Baby…. well just being Baby, compliment himself without complimenting himself..

Then when Bae went on BANGS fan cafe to see what the fans wrote, most of them labeled him as ‘DongBae’ never Bebe, then he even saw an official report saying that his real name is Bebe.

He was speechless. Boss was pissed.

Intro: BANGS YG Staff

BANGS Comic introduce us to the BANGSed version of the actual staff that works with Big Bang in real life too.

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky

~ by Vicky on March 21, 2009.

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  1. Aws, So cool

  2. beautiful photos ^^

  3. third? love all the photos

  4. OMGOOOD *drools* they look so hot in prep school clothes D: god aaaaah x.X

    and the bangs comic is funny xD

  5. omg soooooo nice pictures… 😀
    they look so good. They are just wonderful and amazing *drools*

  6. damn..why top holding hand with that girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but hes cute~~~~

  7. AHH. i cant get rid of tabi’s skinship out of head!! x__X”

  8. Cute!
    Can I take the comic to put on my ipod?
    I don’t edit ;]

  9. OMG so cute i love how they draw BangAng with the bois … JiD is holding his Capsule bag like in Manhwa Hengbok… little Baebae is absolute kute … thank someone who drawed that … you must love my husband too … Baebae sleeping is the most adorable thing ❤

  10. these set of pictures are wow!

  11. Vi
    thanks for the zipped file of the HQ pics.
    you always make life so much easier for us VIP.

  12. Waaaaaaaaaaa……those preppy photos..

    >.< So handsome…so sharp…so damn FINE. ^^

    Baebae in purple reminds me of Chuck in Gossip Girl, and he’s my favorite character there. =)

    I love the “football set” all of them looked so good, especially Tabi and Bong and Baebae. Why does Bong have to bite his lower lip??? It makes it a lot more sexy.

    See lil sis? Even the other members are having a hard time calling him Taeyang. I remember in the KM Idol world when they are playing a game that Bong called him YoungBae. hehe. Bong of all people would be having a hard time since he was calling him YoungBae for the past 7 years they are training together.

    Then again, Baebae’s speechless expression makes me wanna hug him and call him Taeyang all day…and or all night kekekeke 😛

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Speechless! Pictures are to die for! How hot can they be?!?!?! Well, not really speechless =) jaw-dropping.

  14. Ehehe! “YOU THIIRD!” LOL! I love that video (:
    & I love the freaking HQ photos. It’s so damn good!
    Haha x) Ehe, I love the comic. LOL dongbae!
    J/k, Bebe! ❤ ehehe!

  15. Damn… they look so hot. <33

    I love the lil bowties! XDDD

    I have NO IDEA why that girl is not lookin’ happy holdin’ Tabi’s hand. Pshh…. let me have him then. 8D <33

    OMG SRi’s too cute in his Heart photo! ^w^

    Thank you for the zip file~ ❤

    Hahaha, love the comic!! XD

    Darn.. I don’t get Dae’s drygag. ;o;

    Haha@SRi’s part.

    Hahahaha, the pic of the manage w/ BB is cute! XDD

  16. god, that “third” thing really got me!
    they remind me of Bambi, when he’s trying to say “bird”
    this is great!
    wolly is great too!

  17. LMAO see how they drew Bae hella small. XD
    (under seung ri’s (Tori) cartoon)

  18. lol the english parts were so cute too! I love it! XD

    heh, was taeyang making fun of how Dae said third? That’s what I thought, lol so nerdy…and cute.

  19. I love their comic! It’s so funny!!~~
    BeBe’s so KAWAII ❤ ❤
    ANd the manager hyun….poor guy lol

  20. *photoshops and remove the girl from the tabi’s grip*
    the sulky face of the girl wasnt necessary
    and tabi looked reeeally good, its better off as a individual shot.

    the capsule makes its appearance again! its such a adorable accessory to go with jiyong.

    the best part of the video? jiyong’s expression when they were told to jump on it.


  21. OMG! i love all these HQ-ness! 😀

  22. I’M THURD!!!
    hahahaha i cracked up at my laptop so badly last night
    can’t stop repeating that part
    blame bae for starting all these with I’M FIRST!
    then dae started to play with his english hahaha
    and wolly said something like dae’s english is fantastic
    cracked me up even more haha!

    and all the NII pictures look so good!!!!
    then i realised all of them are wearing the same thing!
    you know i love bong wearing cardi and bowtie in the psp cf
    awww i have a thing for cardi and bowtie too
    they’re too adorable..can’t help it
    they seriously look like some school uniform in some royalty school or something
    too much boys over flower? ekekkee

  23. Ahhhhthose pics sooo hottt…lol 🙂
    specially Bae anyways the comic is soo cute..and and Eun the stylist soooo KAwaiii…Aigooo!!
    I love my Big Bang..lol

  24. those NII pictures are straight murdaaa! these boys wanna kill me with their cuteness/hotness i swear! waaah! YB’s smile = heaven, 24/7! ;p

    anyways, i have a fan fiction waiting to be read! =D
    comments please. this is my first one so i wanna learn as much as i can. thanks

  25. ahh! that girl in the photo is holding top’s hand!
    so jealous ^^

  26. OMG I LOVE BEBE!!!!

  27. Man, that is ONE HOT Nii photo shoot! Individual pics are THE CUTEST EVER! Thanks for the comic, LOL! The BangAng comic is so cute and funny hahaha! Mann….the NII photo shoot, woohoo~ severely sexy

    haha, Tae Yang and Dae so funny with the “thurrd”…lol 2:25

  28. LOVE Dae’s serious face in the shoot! I wish i could be Big Bang’s manager! ~lucky~

  29. They look hot!

  30. omg awesome pictures^^

  31. xblackchristmas

    it really bothers you that much?
    can’t blame you
    if that was Baby
    I might have to do something I’ll regret…. haha

  32. quynhsaysilybb


  33. leakaiito

    BANGS comic make the boys look like a bunch of hooligan who can’t do anything by themselves…….. hmmmm…….

  34. Heather

    long time no see gurl~~
    and duh! what else would I exist for? haha

  35. sis in law



    I hate hate hate preppy girls, but love preppy guys
    don’t know why
    certain hotness to it.

    OH YEA!!
    {Chuck Bass should shove pride up his ass and get with Blaire already damniit!}

    Bong and his lips biting self
    it’s just too much for me to handle

    it’s especially hard for them I’m sure.

    and…………….keke………. u dirty little.

    night…………………….. i don’t wanna ask kekeke

  36. Lumi

    she can’t look TOO happy
    I’m sure she’s screaming with happiness on the inside
    but can’t show it on camera
    since we all know fans can be dangerous.

    Dae was using pun, his name is ‘Ssongie’ and he said something with ‘Ssong’ in it
    which is slang, and i have no idea what that mean

  37. Chrissy

    he wasn’t making fun of him
    they were just being 2 dorks trying to pronounce ‘third’ haha

  38. Jael

    the capsule is actually a bag to put clothes in
    and the capsule is from Nike
    of course, our kwon leadah gotta have 2~3 sets of clothes with him everywhere haha

  39. jiyanz

    Bae always want to go first for everything
    remember the whole ‘rock, paper, scisscor’ thing with Bong?
    when they were trying to see who get to practice their solo first, when Bong won, “WHOOO!” hahahha

    Dae’s english IS fantastic.. in his mind XD

    they are TOTALLY Boys over Flower.
    even Lee MinHo can’t compare
    {HoBaby u know i luv u, but Big Bang always comes first}

  40. the f5!

    omagodddd swoon at youngb i mean tae yang’s
    ‘in your mind’ pic
    it’s like he smiles only for me!

    why do bebe always look so small on bangs?
    so incredibly small he looks edible.
    so small so cute ahhhhhh i can’t get enuff of bebe

    the last one when he and boss were speechless.
    gaghahaha so cute

    and bangang with the boys clinging on him.
    i’d want to have his job huhuhu

    the model girl is so luckyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
    i’m jealous.
    she gets to mingle wwith them boys

  41. @ vicky’s “I hate hate hate preppy girls, but love preppy guys
    don’t know why”

    I second that. Preppy guys has a certain appeal to them, the charisma and sophistication.. not to mention, they’ll smell good and can be gentlemanly.

    As for preppy girls, I don’t like them either, nice clothes, but not so nice character/personality. That’s just my impression of them.

  42. vicky

    hahahah yeah now i remember! haha~xD
    lolol dae’s english is fantastic IN HIS MIND
    hahaha you cracked me up gurl
    but watching dae speaking english is so funny lol
    and he even cracked himself up after that hahaha xD

    ohh you love lee minho the most?
    same as me! hahaha
    sigh he’s so hot T__T
    but hyun joong..is too good looking that i cannot stand the silky-ness of his hair
    i wanna kidnap his hairstylist..or hair straightener hahaha.
    hahah when you said ‘they’re totally boys over flower’..
    i can’t help but thinking of dae being jandi in the hana yari dango parody xD! keke

  43. AWWWWW I love the picture with the manager and all the guys in chibi form. Youngbae is sleeping all curled up and Gah >.< wanna pinch the cheeks. Bongie is like WTF Im gonna bite him. Tabi is like, why do I have to walk. Dae is crying cause he wants to be with Tabi on the ground and Ri is pouting because…well I dunno buts its just adorable.

  44. aaahhh bonggie with the football gear is so freakin hot ❤
    and bonggie in the suit omg *dies*
    tabi looks so damn fine
    and baby man he looks sharp ;D
    and dae looks so happy in that one pic xD
    bonggie in the purple and the bowtie is so much prettier than the girl sitting next to him
    teehee ❤ ❤ ❤

  45. Vicky // Haha yeah, well she could at least smile. 😛

    I prolli couldn’t stop smiling around Tabi and the others. : D

    Ohh okay. XD

  46. ahh thanks vicky for the HQ pics! NII photos are always awesome.
    i love tabi’s solo picture,him wearing glasses and that cute bowtie and him frowning.gahh perfect combo~lol!definitely my favourite solo pict(maybe i’m biased cause im a tabi luver.kekeke)
    and danggg the skinship picture,the girl doesnt look too happy.i would kill to be in her position.haha! does anyone else realise that the skinship picture is the only picture of tabi smiling(other than the heart picts) gahahah.

    and baby’s heart pic HAS GOTTTT to be my favourite heart pict.ahh so cute~~

    oh and the white ‘rugby union’ hoodie that bae and the model wore in the wallpaper,i remember seeing Geum Jan Di wear it in ep 17,i think! >_<

  47. NII!! so hot!
    gotta love awesome YG staff :]

  48. lol… i love bangs+manager-hyung pics :3 soo adorable ! lol.. and seung ri’s part is funnnyyyyy :3

    and pooooooooor TAEYAAAANG !! his stage name’s not catching on xD lol… i like DONG YOUNGBAE mooooore too :3 lol !!

    and daang… i have never been really interested in princeton until i saw gd wearing thaat. xP

  49. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
    it’s the ‘fulfill my fantasy of school jocks’ pics
    I just love the one with my man in the blue sweater
    the one with the girl looks kinda awkward like she didn’t really want to hold hands…..lucky yet so dumb >___________________________________<
    I wanna see my man in action already

  50. So, you know, I’m getting ready to bring my laptop to the wide screen TV we have, so we can all watch ‘Antique’ but then I got SO distracted by the photoshoot. If I had boys like this at my school, I would die.

    Aww, Bebe is so tiny! I want to stick him in my pocket, LOL. Cute comic, srsly. I loved Jingyo’s hair.

  51. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!! i love this story..my baby so cute!!!!

  52. their all so cute!!! ^_^ i love ji yong!!!

  53. ermmm yummy finger linkin good pic… thanks for sharing!!!
    luv the comic too!!!! sooo sooo soooooo cuteee

  54. waaaa. top holding the girl’s hand.>:)) Im sooo jealous!! lol>___<

  55. wowww! awesome pics :O i love that style too <333

    thanks for the BANGS and the zip archive ^^

  56. AWESOME CLOTHES. i wish we had these kind of uniform here in Malaysia, but of course, it would be a dumb idea coz we’d choke ourselves to death in this humid weather :/
    but still, it’s SO COOL!.. and the girl…. with TOP…. *jealous*
    but her uniform is CUTE too! ><

  57. jealous with the girl who holds tabi’s hand.!

  58. WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ^__^ !!!!!!!!!

  59. Vi
    Oh my god! Bad! Bad! This is bad gurl, if Bong keep his hair up like this,
    I think I’ll have a crush for him.
    The fluffy & smooth hair, I can’t stand that. damn,
    After so long I haven’t seen them they look more delicious than ever!
    That grip thing, I don’t ever realize that. hahaha…
    I’m too immersed in hubby’s face that I didn’t look at him holding hand with the girl model. kekeke

    Bong ‘show ur beaty’ make me shock.
    Damn, he looks too cute for words!!!

    & thanks for the comic translation ^^

  60. athirah

    LOL. they try to make it as ‘realistic’ as they can haha
    and since Bae is the shortest
    they try to make it OBVIOUS for other ppl to see that he’s the shortest keke
    to the extreme.

  61. Jael
    yup yup; that’s why hahaha
    it’s just.. so… damn for the preppy guys

    but as the girls.
    i can’t say I don’t have a fair share of beating them up
    i really can’t stand them. at all.

  62. jiyanz

    I mean, someone like Dae
    who think his dry gags are just plain HILARIOUS
    then he probably think his english is the best haha

    THIRD!!! keke

    {OH EM GEE! I have my iTunes playing in the background, as soon as I finish typing that sentence ‘I’ts a Big Hit’ start playing kekekeke that’s creepy}

    I like to LOOK at Lee MinHo the most
    I secretly like HyungJoong better
    just cuz.

    his new hair is just effin. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
    i just wanna jump him hahahahah

    HAHA ……Dae as JanDi… oh damn
    I can imagine Dae and Goo Hye Sun unnie fighting over who’s the better JanDi when they saw each other in the YG buildling hahaha

  63. amiricle

    he’ll probably get swished if he really plays football kekeke

    and AYE! to that
    so much prettier than the girl sitting next to him

  64. Jaja

    HAHAH now that you mention it
    he ONLY smile in that pic kekeke
    guess that’s something for him to be happy about kekek

    I’m gonna have to check out ep 17 to see what you’re talking about
    there’s been lots of stuff going on about how Geum Jan Di {the character} is wearing such expensive brand name clothing while she’s suppose to be ‘so freaking poor she have to be JunPyo’s maid hahaha’

    especially all those Colonize hoodies
    she have more than 4

    Colonize is getting tons of celeb press since YG is tight with Colonize and HyeSun unnie is in YG, of course she get them for free, but ‘Geum Jan Di’ isn’t
    i find it funny somehow haha

  65. Sexica

    hahahha school jocks fantasy?????????
    like………………….{example please?}

    and as in actiong………{example please?}

  66. Kenley
    aw~ poor bae.
    make sure u call him Taeyang all day.
    kekeke… that would make him feel ease. hahaha

  67. Yo…. I am so confused by the comic..

  68. nya

    you just call my boyfriend a girl hahaha
    and you think you’re gonna have a crush on him
    oh nya~

    ur hubby look TOO HAPPY there
    just forget whatever is standing next to him and you’ll be happy haha

    the ‘hand gesture’ in Bong’s ‘Show ur beauty’ is the key
    just the hand.

  69. ahhh! u gotta love bangs!
    its just so cute! hahahaha!
    poor taeyang xDD

  70. Oh wow, oh wow…
    I’m speechless as well.

    And I’m loving it so very much.

    Thank you Vicky-ah.
    Credit to you.


  71. where can i get a sweater like the heart sweater??

  72. HEUHEHA laughed so hard with Tae jumping and saying he was first! XD

    And found Dae sooo cute because of his sad face when the little girl was cold.

    Well thank you very much!

    Loved it!

  73. And thank you for the translated BANGS comic!!! ❤

  74. Vi
    examples eh?
    I thought the ‘fullfill my fantasy of school jock’was pretty self explanatory hahahahaha
    know what I mean?

    -showin skin
    need more

  75. Ahhh* I love the pictures =]
    thank you. they are hot! Aw TOP looked all happy
    holding that girl’s hand in the picture.
    G-Dragon…Oooh damn hot while holding that helmet.
    He does know how to work it well!
    Lols Bebe. I love how they kept messing up this name.

  76. Oh yeah. Aww G-Dragon looks cute in the ‘2009 Show Your Beauty’
    picture. He actually looks cute now. Hrmmm reminds me of before
    he debuted. Wow, i like it…but the hair is long.
    Ahhhh* His Solo. is that how his hair’s gonna be like?

  77. Why did that girl’s face like… RUIN the pictures? =_=;


  79. they just have to giv tabi skinship stuff all the timee
    but its okay cuz they all look FRIGGIN HAWT!

  80. […] [HQ] NII Photos Released! | Behind FILA Photoshoot | Pictures & BANGS Updates High Quality NII Photos Released!            Pictures Reuploaded. DO NOT HOTLINK!!! […]

  81. top is so cute<33

  82. OMGeeeee…such cool pixs!!!!thank you Vicky!!

  83. vicky

    HAHAHAHA that is true
    dae probably thinks he is the funniest guy in the world
    hahahaa and i love it! kekekee xD!
    whenever i listen to ‘it’s a big hit’..i would surely think of tabi in FO
    how tabi pushed dae into the room and noone knows what they were doing inside
    just the screaming of dae…and the song HAHAHA
    i just love love love the 2 epis of tabi in FO!!

    ohh damn i think we have the same thoughts
    i officially admit that i love lee minho the most
    but most of the time, i would be like awww HYUN JOONG U LOOK SO EFFING FINE
    guess i have a huge huge crush on hyun joong…or his hair?
    idk. when he turned up with the new hairstyleeee
    omg i died at that second.

    hahaha DAE IS THE BEST JAN DI in his mind
    and in my mind as well?
    hahaha the image of dae wearing girl uniform keeps spinning in my mind now

  84. Vi
    I can’t help it! Hahaha
    I’m weak to fluffy & soft hair boy. Kekeke

    Yup! Hahaha just forget whatever standing there.
    As long as my hubby happy & that INCLUDES me!

    I don’t really put attention into his hand gesture but Bong’s smile just too sweet ^^
    Ah~ God. Please make me stop.
    Btw, don’t u think he looks like a bachelor with that hand gesture? kekeke

  85. wow…the story abt Bangs is so nice and fun!!…

    wow…B-Eun has a same birthday as mine….cool!!!

  86. thank you vicki for all the pics!! Hehehe, just can’t take my eyes off BB especially Bong. Kekeke. They’re like my happy pill =)

    ohh, btw, just wondering, what’s show your beauty 2009? Seems interesting!!

  87. thank you vicki for all the pics!! Hehehe, just can’t take my eyes off BB especially Bong. Kekeke. They’re like my happy pill =)

    ohh, btw, just wondering, what’s show your beauty 2009? Seems interesting!!


  89. I love the NII pic with my bongie and that girl. She looks so unhappy and I know the exact reason. Bongie is just way cuter than she is and she knows it. lol Is it possible for him to be cute in one pic and then sexy in the other with the football helmet. Gah the mixed signals >.<

  90. Vicky

    haha yeah tabi only smile in that pic.sure thats something for him to be happy about but not crazy fangirls like me.kekekeke.

    i was talking about the white hoodie in the 1st wallpaper above,the model and bae are wearing the same white hoodie that has “RUGBY UNION” in red.i hope you know what im talking about,or i’ll just sound silly.hahaha.

    yeah i totally agree.i find it funny as well.like ‘Geum Jan Di’ uses alooot of Colonize and i spotted Kappa jackets in a couple of episodes.and she’s supposed to be a maid,keke.but the parts where Jan Di is the maid is really cute,i watched the episodes a few times because of that >_< hehehe

  91. that girl has a smug on her face.
    in her mind she prolly think,I got me a Tabi.

  92. LOL the video is so cutee!
    so wait daesung can drive? he has a license?
    what about the other members? can they drive as well?? ohhh that’s so cool!

  93. i wish that Kwon Leader was my dad or something so he can feed me meat.
    LOL. He’s soo cute! That’s why I love him xD

  94. does anyone know where i can get a heart campaign hoodie?

  95. bchewy

    it’s available on NII’s website
    but i don’t think they ship internationally

    but if you want to buy it online (shipped from Thailand)
    go here http://jinniez.livejournal.com/

  96. Sexica

    uh…………………….I’m only an innocent 16 years old
    i have the RIGHT to deny that i know anything about ‘that’ hahahah


    YUP!! ME TOO!!
    the image of Tabi shoving Dae’s little arrogrant butt out that window kekek

    did you see today’s episode?
    i fell in love with MinHo again. XD!!
    something about him chasing after that bus got me.

  97. nya

    Tabi have soft hair too…….right? hahaha
    since i haven’t talk to you in so long
    Tabi love has come off of me hahahahah
    BABY ALL DA WAY…. and also Bong. so NO NO NO for you kekekek

    haha rather than a bachelor
    something else
    but i rather not say keke

  98. RacheL

    I’m not too sure about that
    but there’s other well-known celebrities on there too
    so it must be something big

  99. Jaja

    now that you mention, I just remember this
    you know how in some crazy men fantasy, there’s sexy maids or whatever….. kekekekke they’re applying that ‘fantasy’ to junpyo but in a different way kekekekek

    … very different.

  100. love&peace

    he’s the only member that has a permit
    but I’m not sure if he have his license yet

  101. mamiewu

    it’s available on NII’s website
    but i don’t think they ship internationally

    but if you want to buy it online (shipped from Thailand)
    go here http://jinniez.livejournal.com/

  102. WAHH Tabi skinship >.< lucky girl lmao although i luv him im no disturbed or anything coz TOP looking way too finne and taking all the attention away xDDD lmao she looks familiar… =3
    hahah BANGS comment xDDD hehe
    wow didnt know bow eun but did know about their manager =D haha cool! ALL the photos are LUV!!

  103. vicky

    minho..i’m always in love with him
    but sometimes hyun joong caught me more xD
    nope i’m still at the 21st episode
    i feel too sad to finish it
    so i’m taking it slowly now
    i don’t want it to end so fast T___T

  104. vi

    I feel a deja vu coming
    innocent 16 year old…
    sorry but lookin at the post you wrote after mines…..no way to deny it now
    hhehehehe blame nya’s amazin skills

  105. Vicky
    hahah i never really thought of the maid fantasy thing,but yeah the ‘fantasy’ we see with Jun Pyo is waaaaaay waaaay different.hahah.
    but i have to say Jun Pyo was definitely lovin Jan Di being a maid.he was totally enjoying being the MASTER.lol.esp the part he ordered her to make ramen with the lid and using that walkie talkie to communicate with her.gaahh adorable~
    but today’s episode was so sad! did you catch it alrd? after the farewell date,i couldn’t take it anymore 😛

  106. awww poor taeyang >D im glad i always say taeyang now. hehe.

  107. Dang, BIG BANG<3:) They’re hot 🙂
    Love the comic 🙂

  108. first off
    thank you so much for the hot hot pictures of BigBang!
    i wuld kill for those heart hoodies theyre adorable i want one
    secondly thank you to their stylist! she does a might fine job

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