**EDIT: haha, i left vicky speechless ^_^

**EDIT: sorry, i wasn’t thinking straight: this is the lollipop phone not the ice creams >__< forgive me! lol his pink jumpsuit bunching up totally distracted me haha. poor baby ❤

i, for one, cannot chose which one to use! lol. (i’m using the football one cuz my babe is so fiiineee & seungri just looking like that sexy boi that he is mmmmmm xD)

anyway, ENJOY! ❤

THANKS TO: 워아이GD@bbvipz

it’s definitely shocking… i’m shocked! i’ve honestly been neglecting my jiyong, & this is how wild he’s gotten. (not really been neglecting, but actually working profusely on something)

just when we’ve been raving about his awesome, unmatched fashion sense, kwon jiyong strikes again!

the pink jumpsuit w/ all the goodies on it… w/ a TIE underneath… SIGHHHHH ❤

that grubbiness on his chin = <33333 just proves he’s a man hahaha. always been<333 it’s hot.

the hair…. well we’ve seen that before… now it’s just… longer. REMINISCENT OF EINSTEIN HAHA. all he needs is to stick out his tongue lol. it’s been wilder too. but…  you needa cut boiiii!

i figured it out: the craziness is due to his silly popcorn hair. he’s so silly ❤ lol



more juicy pix underneath! ——————–>

^ you can see more of his manly stubbiness

^ the master of weird arm angles ❤

^ & the pro at weird faces ❤

^ & the master of cute facial expressions. it’s like he’s about to snuggle the phone i love it<333 he needs to do that to me.

SOURCE: 펜네@bbvipz


~ by gdluvzmc on March 23, 2009.

118 Responses to “GD LOLLIPOP Photos + GIFT”

  1. … omg GD…O.O”

  2. i love it.. he is the man.

  3. Dat actually scared me. O.o
    Wat can we do… He is just da GD we knw xD

    ily jiyongie (:

  4. OMG he looks so…so…so AWESOME!!
    like he always does

  5. okay, his jumpsuit definitely reminds me of skip beat “love me section suit” haha. it is so true how he can pull off extraordinary type of clothing.

  6. the hair made me went O_O
    but it’s only for the photoshoot
    and loving ji yong teaches you alot of things
    if you can’t bear with him, you can’t live with him

  7. he looks hot!!!!

  8. like ppl are gonna stare at phone at all =) hahahhaha…

  9. definitely daring! love it!

  10. hahha pic #3 GD totally looks like he’s flirting really close wit …aaa..aa Melly of course… insted of a cell :P….

  11. hahhah so funny!!! gd sama!!!! i love it!!! tq so much!!!! he look so funny with that hair sooooo cannnoot go!!!!! but i lovin it!!!
    with that pink outfit!lol!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    i cant stop laugh!

  12. hehe G-Dragon is so hot is all i can say 😛

  13. LOL, for a bit i just thought there was something on my laptop screen . XD but it’s actually stuble !:OO

  14. when i saw his hair i couldn’t stop laughing, because it was just to cute and funny at the same time. His manly stubbiness makes him even more cuter/hotter then he already is ^ ^

  15. aWw what a cutiie! 🙂

  16. yu know..with that hair..he actually reminds me of my mom…wtf?!
    Hes cute with what ever he does ❤
    hes just one of those awesome people that looks good in anything lol

  17. I smiled so big when i saw that! 😀 he is just too adorable!
    I love him so much<3

  18. O_O

    LMAO! GD!! ahahah! oh em gee! that hair XD
    only you jiyong, only you =P

  19. ,…………………………………








  20. The first picture kind of scared me. =_=;;
    But I definately love the rest!? xD
    Meh, I’m not a fan of that hair… but he does look cute. 🙂

  21. Whoa, the first thing I said when I saw that picture was,
    “OH DAMN!”
    Whoa, funkayyy hairr! I’m not used to that.
    But I LOVE the outfit. He is so damn adorable <3333

  22. I totally thought Einstein when I saw the picture. Just confirms that he’s a genius, no?
    “Manly stubbiness” yet he manages to look so adorable. Haha, I love this guy.

  23. 0.0 …….
    this is definitely the kind of thing that prove GD is a fashion icon
    last pic is love!
    I just love that cute face!

    “like instead of the cell”

    this is a first for ya

  24. OMG, G-D looks soo ADORABLE ! <33 i LOVEE his outfit, soo cute x]

  25. Aish.

  26. LOL…he has a knife

  27. thats gd for you ❤

  28. Omfg, Kwon Jiyong.
    He looks like he got electrocuted, LOL.
    But, that’s GD for you & you gotta love him. ❤

  29. he is the only one person that can make a knife and lego look nice on a belt
    heck hes the only person i know that can look this good with this entire get-up (hair and all)

  30. I Really don’t want to be rude but is he gay? I’ve been wondering about this for quite awhile.

    I’m not bashing him. It is purely out of curiosity.

  31. ^ lmfao, pretty sure he’s not gay. oh boy.
    the outfit is more whacky than his hair.
    but i love it all! been staring at these pictures for the past 6 or so hours and of course, with gd, it grows on you! i don’t like the unshaven look though, i like my gd cleeean =P

  32. that knife is awfully close to his intimates.

    *resisting the urge for fingers to rummage through his hair* ..

  33. …wow..o.O

  34. Well, he’s quite a character with an interesting taste 🙂

  35. I liked gd when he wasn’t so gay.
    Now he’s just being ridiculous.
    His hair, jumpsuit, LEGO blocks?
    Honestly, my grandmother could do better.
    I am indeed bashing on his current style, however I have been a long time fan of Big Bang and especially Gd, who is(was) my role model.

    Gd needs to rethink trying to be cute.

  36. srsly, gd can pull of ANYTHING !
    hes sooo cute x33
    lolol i want those lego blocks belt x]
    i agree with the haircut thing xD

  37. hahahaha
    my friend sent me the picture last night
    she was like ‘ohh your jiyong has a new hairstyle again’..
    LOL it was the same as what we’ve seen, just longer! LOL
    because he’s cool like that!
    and his hair is longer now so he gotta do something on it to make it special
    can’t wait for his new hairstyle though 🙂

  38. ewww…NO this is plain ugly.
    sorry…GD not a fan of this fashion statement.
    the collared shirt and tie can stay but everything else needs to go…JUST TAKE IT OFF! LOL.

    looks like he’s been reading some SKIP BEAT cause that outfit looks like it’s been taken straight out the manga with a bit of pins added to it.

  39. lmao at the comment “like we’re gonna stare at the cell at all”

    and for like the 293472394th billionth time, i deadass love his style lmao
    those lego belts, i remember seeing him wear them before, they are sooo cute

    and his “love” rings, i wantttttt!

    he makes me want to go out and buy all sorts of badges and stick them on me RIGHT NOW! haha lovesss<3

  40. LOLLOL<33 adorable cutie butt bongie 😀
    the only thing that is..a little off.. is his hair xD my opinion lol..
    i freaking love the lego belt xDD
    AND THE RINGS LOL ;D! despite the..uniqueness of the outfit XDD
    bongie can still pull it off AHA HE’S SUCHA CUTIE x]

  41. he’s sooo CUTE!!
    there was i phone didnt notice it =.=
    was paying attention only to jiyong

  42. he’s sooo CUTE!!
    there was a phone?!
    didnt notice it =.=
    was paying attention only to jiyong

  43. it remember me on a remix of Hyori Lee’s U-Go-Girl outfit with the belt and all those cute things which we can see on her clothes .. and the Overall which she weared in Mr.Big lol

    he’s so LOL ~
    weird n funny G-D haha ~

    the Pink color let it look kinda Gay but yeah .. cute anyhow but that hair style .. MWAHAHAHA

    btw. I bought the cellphone and I think if he would have promoted it like this before already then maybe I wouldn’t have lol ^^°

  44. O.O wow u pulls it off
    no one can pull this off except for GD<3

  45. O.O wow he pulls it off
    no one can pull this off except for GD<3

  46. looove the stubbles makes him look cuuute as anything.
    not a fan of the hair or the jumpsuit =/

    && totally forgot there was even a phone in this picture, let alone that it’s a phone ad. hahaha
    still <333 jiyongie though

  47. LMAO. I love the news intro? XDDD

    Yeah, I think he needs a haircut. xP

    Homg… I thought that was stubble. Very faint. Weird on him. o 3o;

    But GD is still looking cute w/ his pink outfit. ❤ [ His hairdo’s just got to go~ =P ]

  48. I tought he was WILLY WONKA

  49. This is why I loveeeeeeeeee GD! He doesn’t give a sh!t! He doesn’t care what people say about him, love that quality.
    Go on with your bad self, GD! He looks so adorable, he’s totally working that pink.

  50. isnt this the lollipop pictures? not the ice cream? does anyone know if theres pictures of the other members as well?

  51. i love GD and all, but honestly this is his worst photo shoot ever. damn!
    there’s just way too much going on.

  52. LOL (: somehow i’m not surprised! so used to him and his crazy ideas ❤

  53. daaamn bong, whats with the knife?!
    xD i luv him anyway :3

  54. Ah*
    what did you do to you hair! wthefreak`?
    sorry, that’s all i can look at. But he
    does look cute in SOME pictures. ugh i DO NOT
    like his hair!

  55. is that you, JiYong??
    i cant belive in my eyes… you scared me a lot!!!
    omg…i dont know what to said !!!!!!

  56. LOL…i can feel the scared feeling too… 🙂
    but,yeah we all used to it,rite…
    n bcoz he’s our man…
    readng all the comment,i can feel that evrybdy can accpet the way our man style fo this…hahaha…
    but still,looking at the pix,thre’s somethng not rite thre…
    idk what…huhuhhu…

  57. OMG! I’m very surprised but not only with his “visual” but with the fact that I kind of like it too!!!

    Hahaha, I like the hair! Don’t ask me why…

    Well, thank you!

  58. …I am speechless but hes wearing his lego belt again!!! I remember that belt from a long time ago. I still want it ;-; LMAO his hair doesnt shock me because my hair is a little shorter but thats what it looks like when I first wake up in the morning XD Takes me forever to get it straight and nice. I hate pink yet somehow I dont mind it in these XD Bongie you continue to suprise us. What are you going to do next my dear? I want smexiness next month for solo

  59. Ah Jiyong…
    I never knew someone could look so hot in a pink jumpsuit until you came along XD
    Ji looks simply crazy, but then again everyone is crazy these days. Still, no one can beat his G-ness ♥ !

  60. hehehe… I understand how lil sis in law (vicky) feels.

    ……..I don’t know what to say, except that I dreamt about Bong last night with Dae and Baebae…and then after not seeing them for a while I see this….


    “Go GD, Go GD” – Seungri in Manhwon Happiness *I’m just quoting now.

  61. o.O
    omg! GD is crazy
    but he still looks cute xD

  62. oh my goodness… hahahaha. he never fails at surprising me and making me say what the heck is he wearing??! pink jumpsuit? xD haha anyways i love him cuz of all his crazy ideas :] the hair must go though!!

  63. LOL manlyy
    he hasn’t been shaving i see

  64. omg…. O.O… hes gone insane… someone please control him…

  65. Oh…Em…Gee.He has gone crazy.But the suit and the accessories are cute though

  66. oh my gee beez..

  67. HAH! That was my first thought, it looks like he just took out the popcorn hair. hahaha. Hmm, looks lighter colored?? His outfit is crazy, but GD rocks it very well. *applause*
    lol. his expressions sell!!


  69. that hair is surprisingly SEXY on himmm O.O;
    dude he can really do it all. pull it all off xD
    gahh~ this man dosnt have limitations hahaa
    dont the rest of the members have these? aww
    tabi<3 maybe later?hehe ^^

  70. GD; sexy as ever ❤
    I love it; it’s so funky.
    Gotta love GD

  71. dont you just LOVE him!!!
    oh GOD!! he’s so so cute!!
    so creative it’s just so HIM!!

  72. I Do like this hair style ……………I will have my hair like this !!!
    wat do u guys think?????

  73. OOOO…… dont know what to actually say…. yay!!??? lol
    U GO GD!!..? lol

  74. Aigooo, this is the reason why i love GD. Hahas. Love the way how he doesn’t dare what people think, but still hope he doesn’t have this hairstyle for long though. Hehehe.


  75. yess he can pull it up very well 😀 i’m loving that jumper and the goodies he looks so bright 😀 he makes the picture so bright 😀 GD!!! ♥

  76. Can I copy them to my blog, please? >_<

  77. I copied already. If cannot just tell me, okay? Thanks for posting GD’s photo! :))
    I like him sooo much! I love Big Bang! But don’t really know which one I like the most.
    Anw, these photos are awesome! I imitate his post sometimes when I take pic, hahahas! >.<

  78. omg!! I’m Lovin’ IT~!! xD drools* drools* xP

  79. Wow handsome Einstein we have here :DD

  80. How come when most Kcelebs do photo shots they wearr their own stuf??? LOL Loving the photos though!

  81. OMG GD what are you’ve done to your hair >.<
    i’m shock!!!!!!!

  82. domyouji tsukasa perm on disaster? lol honestly i find his eccentric fashion very intriguing but boi this is just whack! lol really its just the hair XD

  83. AHAHAHAHA this totally cracked me up. xD
    This reminds me of Einstein and his fab hair of course (haha)
    I really hope that he won’t do this for his solo cover.. 😛 Nevertheless, he is still that cute! x)

  84. haha…lolzzzz…im totallyyyy shock!!!!….XD
    my first impression was…wow…is it GD???….hahaXD
    well…it’s GD!!!…can pull out anything!!….XD
    waaaaa…i love his outfit!!!…cute!!…^-^
    what’s gonna be our kwon leader next hairstlye??…
    im exited to see it!!!…^-^

  85. ahahaha
    th jumpsuit alone is wild enuff
    then he adds in the hair!

    lego on ur belt!
    dare to try n make tht work any1???

    melly ur comments just show how much u’re in luv wth jiyongie. obssessed


  86. omg gd
    i just
    love youuuuuuu ❤
    really. only our bong could pull that off xD

  87. he is like so cute even when his hair puff like that haha so cute GD

  88. ha ,. he looks so cute on this …

  89. @athirah:

    he’d appreciate it all the same <333

  90. lol the hair makes him look ho-boish but tht is one sexy hobo!

  91. LOL, I’m choosing wallpapers the easy way…the football one is the size of my desktop, haha. Too lazy to re-size the other. I’m saving both, though.

  92. I love him like that! with that hairstyle OMG he’s so funny lol
    a little bit crazy, funny ,sexy,awesome he’s just GD !love him <3333333

  93. he’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute

  94. first thing that came to my mind after seeing his hair: “AGAIN? another one?” lmaoo its just SO HIM! xD how does he always do that to his hair? haha but yet i still love him ^___^


  95. hehe……kuteeeeeee….Yong Yong….:]]:]]luV U sO muCh

  96. […] GD LOLLIPOP Photos + GIFT **EDIT: haha, i left vicky speechless ^_^ […]

  97. WHAT THE …. ???!!!

    i dunno anything again ~.~a

  98. Ayo! So cute! Gosh, looks like the mini-saber is pointing in the general direction of his treasure! lol. Love his “LOVE” knuckle rings. He’s such a cutiepie!

  99. Oh mah godness. Gyong is so0o0o0o kuteee. Lo0k at the pink c0stune! Oh mah, that is so girly. Hahahaha. Just kiddin’. He’s s0 l0vely. Oh mah 21st y0ng-y0ng. U r so charmin’. M0ak m0ak

  100. OMG!!! ‘dizzy dizzy’..
    he looks like a mad scientist with that hair!!!
    yeah, sizzling hot mad scientist!!! kyaaaaa!!! ‘uhuk uhuk’..i’m just out of breath..’faint’

  101. Ooh thanks for posting the wallpapers!

    I choose the 2nd too cuz all of them are looking good and SeungRi extra hot! 8D ❤

  102. lmaoo… i know how you feel…
    speechless and confusion… and then smiles XD and then laughing at how cute he looks…

    and new banner!! really cutee! make love ehh??? niceee.

    btw i just wanted to ask, are they gonna have a CF with this or just the pics??

  103. OH Lordy, what will he do next?….Kinda scared to find out.

  104. oh,i dont know say anything…awesome!!!!
    but i dont like this style anymore. it seems to make him older and look like a electrician ^^

  105. thanks for the wallpapers!

  106. ohhhh….wat hapend to my baby GD????…
    always shock us..
    realy totally him…
    admit it…

  107. omg~frs time see GD lik tis!
    he everytime gives fan a very surprise look XD

  108. is that RING.?
    want it.!
    so cooooollllllll!

  109. OH DEAR GD!
    Hahaha 😀

    So this was caused by your popcorn hairstyle.
    Haha :]] So uniquely Kwon Jiyong.

    Now I’m just too excited for his album.
    What will it be like, the photos I mean :]]

  110. His hair is nice. Seriously.
    Just surprised that he matched with
    this kind of clothes.

  111. i love G Dragon in the pics

  112. my Gosh!!!He looks awesome…and sooo adorable in the last pic.

  113. now i haven’t replied on here in a good minute…
    and I usually love everything they do…
    but seriously..
    GD.. wth?? O_O

  114. not diggin his hair but ahhh!
    the lego belt is bacck =D

  115. Where’s pix of Seung Ri and Taeyang!? they are so cute!!

  116. His hair makes him look like a frat boy who surfs in CA. o_o;

  117. beautiful G.D

  118. bigbang GRANDIII !!!

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