Big Bang’s Lollipop Cellphone ad. with ‘Female Big Bang’

EDIT: LOL… ready to see a somewhat bipolar Bong?? haha it’s no pink jumpsuit with crazy Einstein hair, but he still manage to look HOT! Look behind the cut.

thanks to 오래동안 팬님

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OH SO COLORFUL. 80s retro style, i like it. Look like Mr. Bong-stein {Melly, I am BEYOND speechless} decide to keep the pink jumpsuit for the CF….. keke and he add….uh…….. ‘pot hat’??? cuz it sure look like a huge pot to me, PERFECT for Pho!

Fans will finally get to see ‘female Big Bang‘ for the first time together this weekend!

With their group name not yet decided, ‘female Big Bang‘ is a name that netizens gave the 4-member group under YG Entertainment 4 years in preparation.

They will released a digital single ‘Lollipop’ on 27th March through sites like Melon and Mnet, and on the 28th, they will appear in the CF for LG Electronics CYON. They will appear in a new ‘Lollipop phone’ MV for LG CYON. And they will be working together with fellow colleagues Big Bang for this project.

‘Lollipop’ MV will be revealed around end of March to beginning of April.

The members of this upcoming group consists of Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Min Ji and CL. YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang GDragon has a part in the lyrics and composing for ‘Lollipop’ CF. And from May, the group will officially debut. Because of the amount of time into preparing this, we have many good songs for them and they will be promoting till the end of this year.”

Can you tell the Female Big Bang apart?

CL sat next ot Bae, Dara {Sandara, i call her Dara} sat next to Bong (i thought she was Son Dam Bi at first) MinJi sat in between Bong and Dae and Park Bom (looking so young) sat at the end.

…. while Baby and Tabi sat up there without anybody, awww… the 2 SeungHyuns only need each other haha

Can’t wait for the CF to come out.


To those of you who wants to order the NII Heart hoodie that Big Bang was endorsing, and since NII doesn’t ship internationally, you can order it here

She ship from Thailand.

Somewhat bipolar Bong

thanks to 아기새 님


~ by Vicky on March 24, 2009.

109 Responses to “Big Bang’s Lollipop Cellphone ad. with ‘Female Big Bang’”

  1. rofl you beat me to it! i was doing it right now!
    haha. you shoulda gave time for ppl to guess.
    it took me a while but i figured it out on my own lol.
    i love jiyong regardless of what he wears or how he looks. so the TOP HAT just makes him look much hotter ^_^ <33333

  2. oh wow. i thought sandy was son dambi at first too XDD

  3. oh snaps. its really happening.

    sandara’s hair is crazy -.-
    love CL’s shoes

    and gd is reminding me of the madhatter from alice-wonderland

    i cant believe its really- finally happening.

  4. Melly

    should I do that then?
    it’ll be fun XD

  5. ohh this is cute..might i add that Bae and CL look really cute beside each other lol…i know we shouldn’t start coupling or anything but it was the first thing I noticed
    ~reminds me of CB and rhianna..before all the craziness happend

  6. SR and TOP is sooo lonely up there while DS got 2 girls on his side
    and one of them got he arm cross his leg
    wowww our DS is sooo pimping now ha?

  7. haha,striking color. BB look so great and brilliant, expect my Yong, LOL, he looks like a electrician ^^, but very cool
    I love it …awesome

  8. omo, dae sung a, what is on ur lap, haha

  9. ahaha.. they are so cute.. y i’m so excited to see sandy (sandara)? i’m so proud of her, people here in the philippines truly miz her. esp her fans & her ABS CBN family, ‘ope she’ll come back here to promote her group, lol.. the ‘krung-krung of the phil.sandy’ is BACKKKK!! her nickname here is ‘sandy’. . but let’s call her ‘DARA’ from now on.. 8’s cute.. haha.. annyeong,vicky!!

  10. CL is my personal favorite.. i love her!!

  11. Jiyong totally covers up Dara!!!

    CL better not get too close to Bae…>>
    She is soo cute, but seriously..too close to Bae. XD

    Tabi must be working so hard going back and forth between big bang and Iris.
    I hope he is doing well.
    Park Bom and CL are sooo awesome in this CF shot.
    Minji has such a weird hat. o.o
    almost as weird as bong


  12. sandara park realy looklyk sohee of WG, as wel as eugene (kim.yoo-jin)

    but sandy is much prettier. hak.

    seungri & top are so cute.. lonely boys.. haha

  13. i can’t wait for the music video, it seems like so muchs tuf fis happening in april. x.x

  14. WAHHH! OMG I freaking love that picture of all of them!
    I cannot wait! This is taking so long! I love the
    new “female BigBang”! They look so hotttt & so do thee
    boys, always (: Eeeh! I cannot wait!

  15. Aww, I feel bad. Bong’s covering up part of Sandara’s face. If he had to be the center of attention, he could’ve at least covered her weird pony-tail hair fountain thing. -_-

    Anyway, this makes me excited. =D

  16. this just topped off my night!! Bommie and CL<3 Minji’s face looks so awkward and Dara does look like Dambi! lol i’m so excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. cool im excited :]
    haha gd just keeps adding things to his outfit xD he kinda looks like he’s squishing sandara though lol
    HAHA tabi in those glasses!!

  18. really love it…
    i can feel that this is what all vip and vvip are waiting fo,rote…
    lol 🙂
    the 2 seunghyun totally cute up thre…together…nest to each other…hahaha…

  19. ..wasnt there supposed to be 5 girls? did she get eliminated like SO-1 did with big bang?

  20. I just read about this article! Super excited!!

    POT HAT? LMAO. OMG. The hat color looks so flat… like gray paper or something. XP Maybe it’s the angle of the camera that did it. o 3o

    And whoa, I can see how Sandara looked like Son Dam Bi too. o:


    i am so pumped.

  22. o0o can’t hardly wait to see the MV! haha
    taeyang’s HOT!

  23. Very colorful ….liking it a lot = )))

  24. LOL, jiyongie and his weird pose hand thing . XD
    blocking most of sandara . LOL .

    park bom looks really different . XD
    i think it’s the bangs .
    can’t wait til they debut ~! :OOO
    i’m excited to hear the group’s name .

  25. they haven’t debuted yet but i like CL already! i think she’s gonna be my fave ^^
    btw is the group really gonna be just the 4 of them instead of 5?
    yay! nobody sat next to or laid hands on my Tabi 😛

    what happened to me?
    i can slightly tell only sandara ohh damn
    park bom doesn’t look like her at all!
    i like her pure without make up look
    but now she’s pretty..and yeah look so young!
    ohh i wish to have a close up on the girls
    so that i can distinguish CL and minji i type this i was scrolling up to make sure that i didn’t mix up the girls
    and suddenly..i spot bong in the middle
    with a idk-what-pose T___T
    a pink jump suit with a idk-what-hat T___T
    this silly guy always leave me speechless
    poor seung hyuns..just hug each other! kekeke
    and it’s so colourful ohhhh especially bong’s shoes

  27. Hmmmmmm….as long as they’re careful not to fall into a boring 2 2 2 open minded perspective i guess they’ll b alright ….

  28. OH MY GOD!!!
    soooo colorfulllll!
    just when I though Mr. Bong was gonna look normal
    oh I was wrong he’s right in the front lookin like a pimp
    I love the way my man looks just sittin there being a good boy
    he doesn’t need anybody but me…..and Baby of course

    I’ll be honest and say I had no idea who was who
    first time I see them
    guess I’ll memorize their names once I see them more often

  29. gahhh im so excited!! XD
    i have high high (like seriously, sky high) expectations for this group
    haha im already anticipating them to replace wonderbang (as much as i love WG+BB together… this is going to rockk.. .although one of the boys will have to be left out ^^)
    its so cool that a group that has yet to debut can nab a phone CF with BB!
    looking forward to 27th!!

  30. I cant wait for the MV to come out!! Park Bom looks so different here o_o couldn’t recognize her>.<
    Anyone have any idea what the group’s gonna be called?

  31. i don’t want these female bigbang,,,,, bigbang itself is the best!

  32. lol vicky
    i told you! haha
    it’s pretty hard if ppl don’t know em.

  33. Oh mah god! Aws0me. They l0ok so col0rful n adorable.
    They r s0o kute

  34. They didn;t even debut and they’re already endorsing cell phones and such?! Man, this unnamed female BB is making me have high hops! I can’t wait for their digi single.

    WHOA! Minji is so pretty, even CL!! Sandara is so baby faced, and yeah, Park Bom looks super young!

    haha SeungRi & TOP are together lol TOP is looking rather weather-man-ish. They all looks so hot and compliment each other. I love the bright colors! Excited for the CF!

  35. lol vicky.
    A pot hat to cook a pot of pho.

    can’t wait to hear their digital single lollipop.
    if kwon Leader wrote it then it should be awesome,
    seeing as also he wrote stylish.
    And the cf is for LG Cyon. As in Cyon Edge and Cyon Ice Cream 2.
    Cool! Wonder what the phone the can do. All the previous Cyon and Big Bang CFs have always mesmerised me so yeah….
    cant wait till its released xD

  36. LOL.. at sandara’s weird pony fountain thingie..

  37. huhu.
    cant see dara much. 🙂

  38. ohhh finally bong came up with some hot pics hahaha
    too much weird hairstyle and outfits these days T___T
    and how many shirts are they in that pic??
    skinnies 🙂 and ohhh cute kicks 🙂

  39. Lol at Bong’s ‘hot’ pic xD
    hot indeed ;D I want zze shoes o_o

  40. omg!!!!
    i cannot wait any longer….

  41. Aish. Bong looks scary in that shirt.

  42. OMG OMG, i freaking can’t wait for this MV to be outtttttt!!!
    Bong is looking super damn fly, hehehe.

  43. Whoa~~~
    I cant differentiate MJ (min ji) and CL…
    i hope that the female bb can take the k-ent by storm…
    about my beloved BB…. im SPEECHLESS…

  44. Soo Cute and HOT.

  45. G-Dragon looks shopped in : S

  46. ……>__________<
    that is too bipolar!!!
    he looks hottttt!
    and of course still showin HIS unique fashion sense

  47. GD looks a little… weird? Female BB looks cool but still, I’ll always pair up BB with Wonder Girls XD


  49. I was quite surprised actually, female big bang looks pretty good! WIll they manage to be a top female group like WonSaKa (tho Im not sure about the Ka)? I cant wait to see!

    By the way, was watching this KimTaeHee CF and then

    SAW DAERAEMON. As in Kang Daesung. AS in SONGGIE. AAHHH cuteness, this boy is really getting places! Him and KTH alone? HAHA. Okay not really alone. Wathc it to see what I mean.,

  50. geez, I mean, WonSoKa. Wonder Girls, SNSD and Kara. Haha

  51. OMG!!!! Female Big Bang will coming out soon. Ha Ha Ha!!!

    GD s always hot


  52. loveloveloveee gd’s fashion shoot! okay, maybe without the hat.

    the girls, i am so ready for it all! friday! some people think this is their debut concept -.- this is nottt, it’s clearly for the damn lollipop phone. i hope they come back with something shocking for their official debut. all these delay, delay, delay .. i’ve reached my max. i’m happy they’re sticking out till the end. 2009 is yg baby.

  53. GD…. what is he wearing?! =P I like everything, but the top thingy. o 3 o Love the shoes! Hmm.. looks like he got a haircut too. O: ❤

  54. MinJi and Park Bom are too close to Dae for comfort. Do I detect slight skinshio? Hmmm…. Sandara’s looking really good these days compared to her younger years in ABS.

  55. oh yeah~~
    this is looking awesome baby~

  56. gosh, he’s too skinny!! lol.

  57. I can’t wait to see the cf!

  58. ….
    sometimes i wonder what iam doing, what i have to do and why i always do a lot of shitty and nonsense things. All totally drag my mood down and make me fully tired…And i see BB, listen music of BB, all saved my soul
    today is a long,hard day for me, i faced too much pressure, i have to give my decision, i intended to give up but when i come here,see my Yong smile,feel his efforts, i decide to give me a chance to change…
    Thanks my Yong, my BB
    Love U and miss U so much

  59. nice
    now there is a girl big bang
    but i really kinda prefer

  60. Can’t wait to hear the new song. they should have done
    a duet with Big Bang for their first song. G-Dragon is
    looking cute as usual in that last pic 🙂

  61. WTF? -_- is it five or four members? always with the confusion…

  62. so excited for them! and wickedd, we get to see the einstein hair in action XD. female big bang looking good. i really can’t wait til april; GD solo and FBB ❤ too cool!! and aww! the two seunghyuns!.<

    can’t wait til the CF!

  63. GD in the first “bipolar” picture… his eyebrows O____O”

    its actually kinda disturbing.
    the second bipolar pic looks like hes in a straitjacket…

  64. Yongie make everything that he wear looks good lol…awww so cute the girls with the boys =] and Sandara does kinda look like Dambi…even being kinda bipolar he still look good…

  65. Oh my.
    Jiyong looks so damn hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  66. maaah baaad daedae! go on and brush that shoulder off! haha
    he got TWO girls all up on him.. like ALL up on him! ;p

  67. OMG. I fell off my chair… =_=;;
    It’s so COLOURFUL!? xD
    I really like it. 🙂
    I’m starting to like female Big Bang.
    I can’t wait to hear them together, CL sounds amazing already.
    Heh, JiYongie’s picture with him bipolar is actually really cute in a way. xD
    Hah, love him. ❤

  68. yeah idk why. theyre old pictures. but we didnt get to finally see them (get passed around) til now.

    the shoelaces on his sneaks are interesting…. . .

  69. GD looks like a character out of FMA (FULL METAL ALCHEMIST) now.

    WTH? he’s so weird.

    i wish there were more pics of the girls.

  70. sandaras hair is CRAZYYYYYYYY ._.

  71. sweetsorrow18

    hahah probably is too soon
    but I have to agree
    such a cute gangster couple kaka

    ooh~ the CB and Rihana drama XD~~

  72. Queenie

    though I still LOL at his left hand
    so uncomfortable
    it’s frozen

  73. zzen

    hahah well sandara is such a mouthfull
    then sandy is too normal
    so dara it is hahaha
    Dara is such a cute name

  74. apey

    just look at his face
    he isn’t all that happy either when he have to hold that position for the picture

  75. kay-chan

    we don’t know about that yet
    maybe YG thinks the last girl need more training

  76. squizzy

    most ppl seems to like CL
    can’t blame them
    she’s like a female version of Bong
    the girl got skills

  77. jiyanz

    Park Bom definately lost weight since ‘Forever with You’
    that makes her look REALLY YOUNG.
    I saw a pic of her posing for Colonize and doesn’t wear that much makeup
    so pretty~~~

    CL have small eyes just like Bae so that’s how I figure out

    last time I saw MinJi, she had the ohsoround bowlcut
    she probably change that now

    again. PHO POT!!

  78. gd gd gd always full of suprises
    i like his sneakers!

    and it’s funny he looks shorter on the upper half ;p

    awwww the big bang family ;p

    i think it’s cl on the far left
    park bom’s on the far right.

    am i rite?

    suddenly i miss the boys so much!

  79. Sexica

    our men have each other
    let the others be the P I M P haha

  80. Listen

    they haven’t officially announce the name yet
    so as of right now, all we can call them is ‘female big bang’

  81. rosiebb

    I know~ that’s pretty tight
    since only top stars can get cellphone CF deals,
    Big Bang didn’t get to endorse it until AFTER they release Haru Haru
    these girls will have a LOT to live up to

  82. wonder_jay

    I’m not talking crazy right?
    you agree? haha

  83. jiyanz

    all I see is color.

  84. Sexica

    I KNOW! he make a freaking dirty ass long sleeve shirt look sexy….


    apparently, everything is wrong except Bong!

  85. xblackchristmas

    haha straight jacket
    why does that sound familiar??? hm……….. haha

  86. i love big bang ohhh finally bong came up with some hot pics hahaha
    too much weird hairstyle and outfits these days T___T
    and how many shirts are they in that pic??
    skinnies and ohhh cute kicks

  87. is Big bang really that COOL?
    i haven’t heard ANY of their songs.
    i guess i will have to find out for myself..

  88. i think im the only one whos not go “happy” about the fact theres a female big bang idk y 😥
    NOT because im a hater -.-
    G-dragon ❤

  89. i can’t wait for their single!
    i’m actually curious and excited at the same time…

  90. […] source: for the news and picture kbites, bigbangkorean […]

  91. Like seriously Bong how can you make everything look so freaking sexy on you? gawd -.- And no. Those of you who arent really excited about the female group, you are not alone. I’m not exactly excited either. I mean I’m open to hearing how they sound but usually im very critical of female artists. so well see how it goes.

  92. hot3!!!!!

  93. wahh yeah Sandra really did look like DamBi =3
    hahah i was confused @_@ only between who was MinJi and Bom
    OOO so no 5th member??
    Ji so crazy xDD thats why we all love him
    HAHA YE’A Dae’s staright pimping xD haha they could of put one memeber in between Ri and Top but hey thats my OTP =DDD
    luved this <3333

  94. Vi
    with us why would they need anyone else….XP

    I know!
    Bong makes everythin look seexyyy
    unfair yet I like it

    And yayy, finally, official pictures of the ‘female BB’ 😀 And wtf. They seriously need to do a finality on the group name.

    And I agree, Dara looks like DamBi. OMO.

  96. Bipolar Ji Yong is creepy..kekeke..
    i’ve just watched Oprah Winfrey Show regarding bipolar scared me out..well, hopefully Ji Yong would be bipolar only in his fashion senses…let’s pray for that..=D

  97. Female Big Bang is Beautiful crazy and stylish…omo

  98. WTF? Yeah, Bong’s bipolar. That shirt looks like a straight jacket.

  99. LOL, the jacket makes GD look like a zombie. =X

  100. How come the 5th member of the Female Big Bang wasn’t in the pic?
    Anyways, can’t wait to see them debut, love Park Bom!
    Oh…GD. ❤

  101. Minji doesn’t look like a 13-year old o-o

  102. […] Big Bang’s Lollipop Cellphone ad. with ‘Female Big Bang’ EDIT: LOL… ready to see a somewhat bipolar Bong?? haha it’s no pink jumpsuit with crazy Einstein hair, but […] […]

  103. here’s the Lollipop CF!
    I freaking love it, it’s so cute! hehe.

  104. I thought Baebae had his arm over CL…but then he has his arm over Baby Ri’s legs. hehehe. He’s giving his love too over at the two Seung Hyuns’s row. hehe.
    Look at Dae, so happy in between Park Bom and Minji.
    Though I can say the other girls’ name, the only girl I recognize at first is Sandara. hehehehe.

    Just saw the CF…love it!!! Lolli lolli lolli POP! so catchy!!!
    I know all Tabi fans will love it. hehe. =)

  105. Oh, i have not seen this advertising. They are so cute. I love these fantastic boys

  106. i like the style ^^ looking forward this group

  107. vicky,
    don’t worry. as if i would dare to call u crazy.
    the last time i did that my friends turned into a mob and started chasing me. lol. guess i learnt my lesson.

    BTW the picture above said somethng about biopolar. What is that?? Will someone tell me. I feel so ditzy now

  108. Haha love Big Bang I really like this one the idea of lollipop makes it sound really fun and yeah poor Sandra her face is being covered up by G-Dragons crazy jumpsuit and hair but it’s ok I guess he still looks hot
    I love Tae Yang he’s so sweer

  109. yay love that lollipop cf

    its killing me that i can get a heart hoodie but i cant and its just ahh. cry why did u hav to mention it.

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