10.30.08 Big Bang on E-mail ~ Theresa “UP!” Show


YB Speaking Japanese: メ~テレ Up! Nagoya, Japan, 103008

[Translations by pgeorgie]

MC: Today we have genuine artists from Korea as our guests. It’s Big Bang! Welcome!
YB: Good afternoon. We’re Big Bang.
MC: You had a concert in Nagoya yesterday. How did it go? Did the audience like it?
YB: Yes, we were really nervous because it was our first concert in Nagoya but the audience seemed to really like it and we enjoyed it too.
MC: I see. We were surprised at the huge audience turnout! By the way, you speak Japanese very well!
YB: Thanks!
MC: How much time do you spend on studying Japanese every day?
YB: Well, we’ve been busy recently and haven’t gotten around to it…
MC: Are you saying you are this good without much studying? Wow, that’s awesome! You’re very good!
YB: I’ll study harder.
MC: Alright, then. You guys have a song for us today?
YB: Yes, it’s our title song, No. 1.
MC: Check out their album. It’s right here – No. 1. Well, that’s it for today. We’ll see you tomorrow!

Credits to pgeorgie

Post taken from: stardaisy212@ soompi


~ by Momo on March 25, 2009.

37 Responses to “10.30.08 Big Bang on E-mail ~ Theresa “UP!” Show”

  1. omg!! that was so cute!! unbearably adorablee! taeyang ahh! <33 you’re too cute xD and not to mention sexyy =DDD


  2. wow

  3. YB’s Japanese is sexy~~ ^o^
    I loved their little a capella of Number 1!

  4. Aigoo…
    you made me faint…
    My name is Theresa.

  5. Just when I thought my bae has killed me in every way imaginable, he finds a new way to kill me.
    ::dies:: dong youngbae, you’re too freakin AHHHH! ^^

  6. they look bored.lol
    i love what they’re wearing though.
    Bae looking so fine.

  7. wah! hubby japanese is so good and sexyy~~

  8. bae is SOOO GOOD at jap x]

    ahh, they’re too talented lol but humble and sincere<33 our boys are so perfect :D<33333

  9. he really sounds so fluent in japanese :O congratzz BB!!!

  10. Dae Sung!!!!!!! email me!!!!hahaha!

  11. nelsonm19@yahoo.com

  12. does anyone have there email i really want to tell them somthin

  13. big bang can i have your email

  14. OMq , i so wanna contact him . EMAIL or Like something ?!? TAEYANG is My favortiee! i lovee him

  15. i luv tae yang so cuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  16. Their info email thing is like info@ygbigbang.jp
    but i dont think THEY actually read it.

  17. I wish I can have email the members of the group Big Bang

  18. if you can email any of the members of the group Big Bang, then please email me [ xuka_1497@yahoo.com ] thank so much

  19. big bang you guys rock man and can i have your e mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

  20. big bang you guys rock man and ] and u visit Sdyeny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]

  21. omg ilove big bang i wish i had there email if any one has it please please let me know

  22. omg i really need their email add i love them speacially t.o.p
    he is su cute so please if you kno their email add please email it to
    please please please
    and big bang if your reading YOU THE BEST I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. BIG BANG YOU ROCK ILOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Im obliged for the blog article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

  25. Taiwan VIP

  26. First of all welcome big bang,this is a great interview..Nice and loved to share..Big bang You are a nice person..Work hard for your self not for anybody..your fans says “hi”..and Congratz Tae For your new album and for the winning in MUSIC BANK..

  27. sungri,t.o.p,daesung,hwaiting!!let creat the wonder

  28. HI ALL

  29. BIG BANG!!!!!!!!! SARANGHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. hi im reemo0on i love korean boys and i wish to have t.o.p emil
    and i wish if he nows me im from emirates dubie and i wish to have my emil deer-141@hotmail.com iloveeeeeee you sosososo much
    t.o.p and i wish if you can add me

  31. omg daesung is so cute…

  32. daesung I hope one day come in unto see this in Puerto Rico. Here a fan of you… I L U

  33. daesung here I leave my email to add me and we can talk .. knows he can count me a friend from Puerto Rico … Daesung Pleases add me i love you dae sung

  34. daesung is Gordi_1820@hotmail.com please daesung I hope speek with you.. please add me.. I LOVE YOU

  35. i love Big Bang it is great i love you don’t forget that (w,f)

  36. Hi Big Bang How are you ؟ ok Bay

  37. hi,im katie and im Amarican and i love your music i dont go one day with out it!! ever since i started hearing yalls music i wanted to learn the Korean language so i know a little now soo 🙂

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