What qualities should the leader of an idol group possess?

Note from 코코마탑횽: I only translated the part where G-Dragon was mentioned.


* The Oldest

* Representative: I can talk and represent the group
It is essential that the leader can clearly represent the group and each member.  (omission) Big Bang’s G-Dragon is the one who meets up to this standard.

* Potentiating the Uniqueness: ‘My group is different’

Often the member who can portray the character and the uniqueness of the group becomes the leader.  The main example is G-Dragon of Big Bang.  The fact that G-Dragon, who can compose, write lyrics and produce tracks, potentiates Big Bang’s quality as ‘skilled dance group whom can produce own music’.  Their music plays a key role in differentiating Big Bang from other idol groups.

* The Order of Acceptance: Experiences count!

Sometimes, it is important to count how long it has been since the member joined the company, or the duration spent as a trainee.  For example, G-Dragon of Big Bang debuted when he was 8 years old as ‘little rula’, and became a trainee of YG entertainment when he was in grade 6.  Another example is Sunye from Wondergirls who became a trainee of JYP when she was in grade 6.

The reason why they could be the leader of their groups, is because they are the one who understand the system of idol groups the most.  The leaders are the one who can relate between the group and the company.

Of Course, you cannot be a leader with only one or two of these qualities.  Usually the leaders of idol groups of present day possess almost all of these qualities to fulfill their duty as leaders.  The most important, and the most basic quality is undeniably the understanding and care that can heighten the harmony between the members.

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translated by 코코마탑횽@bbvipz

Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on March 25, 2009.

16 Responses to “What qualities should the leader of an idol group possess?”


  2. Ooh, GD TOTALLY fits in all those categories !! [ except oldest… XD ]

  3. “What qualities should the leader of an idol group possess?”
    -all the qualities that make up Kwon Leadah.

    but im bias… so i guess that doesn’t count =.=, =P
    really cool post! thanks for sharing!!

    G-Dragon ❤ Sunye

    …hehe ^^

  4. of course bongie meets the standards ;D
    probably every single one 😀 aaha big bangg<333

  5. in my opinion, i think both Bae and GD are co-leaders…Bae almost always does most of the talking in interviews, he’s been in the industry just as long as GD and i think he tries the hardest to maintain the “harmony” between members…GD’s got all the producer skills needed to be leader too….lol in the future, i see GDYB heading their own ent. company…

  6. yay my genius leadeer ^^

  7. because i’m the big bang maniac, definitely i will say ji young has the quality that leader shud have, no doubt about it


  9. i choose gD..of course…the goog leader..

  10. waaaa….ofcoz i will choose…our kwon leadah too!!!!…^-^
    he deserve for it!!!…^-^

  11. Kwon Leader! ❤
    Best leader EVER.

  12. @sweetsorrow18

    lmaoo! i can see what you mean. and you’re right, i can totally imagine ‘GDYB Ent.’ in the future, lol.

  13. GD has everything :D!!! GD ftw!

  14. so proud of him!!! Bong is definitely the best leader!!!

  15. lol hes cool!

  16. As I site possessor I believe the content matter here is rattling great , appreciate it for your efforts. You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

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