03.18.09 SBS Entertainment News: Big Bang FILA Comemrcial Shoot

kids just love TaeYang, dont they? Remember HaEum?


*Starting on 1:50 – 2:09

GD: I love babies (meaning “kids”).
PD: The girl was crying though.
GD: Well, yeah, but not because of me. Because it was cold. Korean kids like me but I guess American kids don’t.

GD had escorted the little girl inside but she dumps him quickly and runs to… whom? Oh, it’s Taeyang! This little girl obviously likes Taeyang more. 

Translated by pgeorgie

Post taken from: stardaisy212@soompi


~ by Momo on March 26, 2009.

14 Responses to “03.18.09 SBS Entertainment News: Big Bang FILA Comemrcial Shoot”

  1. aweeh ! Jiyong is so cute !
    i ❤ babies . hehe ^^
    poor jiyong being dumped haha .

  2. hahaha poor Jiyongie XD

  3. i wish i was that girl who got escorted by jiyong T_T
    i would stick to him like glue >:D
    they all look so happy! kinda (:

  4. i saw this a while agoo
    and hahaa they’re soo cute :p
    poor little kids. aww.
    little girls just love taeyangs
    innocent smile. x)

  5. lol poor yongie XD
    u can still have me boo!!

  6. lol@what g said 1:50to2:09

  7. it’s ok babe, our babies will love you! & they’ll be 1/2 american xD

  8. lol. maybe b/c Taeyang looks more like a puppy. heehee.

  9. Aww that’s so cute that he loves kids.
    saddd But american kids don’t love him.
    wait, saddd she runs to TaeYang afterwards.
    aww i would of love to stayed with G-Dragon!
    why does that always happen? they love
    TaeYang more. Awwwwww.

  10. O.O aww! jiyong! so cute! and lol taeyang, you pimp, seems like girls of ALL ages and backgrounds seem to love you <333 (no surprise of course)


  11. Ha, I wonder why they blurred out TOP’s chest? xD Too sexy for his shirt, too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it hurts?

  12. bongie<333 SO ADORABLE xDD
    gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i LOVELOVEE this photoshoot 😀
    it’s sooo cutee<333 and i’m just so glad to see them doing another thing like the beer CF xD i lovee their activities and watching the interviews and everything 😛
    that was just TOO adorable when the little girls went to bae ;DD aghh, its too sweet ;P <3333 hehehe
    andd bong’s hair :D!!!!!! it’s acceptable now xDD i just loveee top’s hair too. almost like the old one 😀 he’s so hot lolll<3
    they all look fineeee in this one too xD dae is sucha cutie haha and my BABY<333333333 adorable as always xD

  13. Tae Yang has something special with the kids i guess ^^

  14. omg gd was acting crazed cuz it was so cold!!(1:27 – 1:29)
    n he said the little kid(s) wasnt scare of him

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