Female Big Bang Official Name “21”

“nah..thats not how we do it”


The official name YG upcoming group, also known as Female Big Bang to netizens, has been revealed. YG Entertainment revealed on 27th March, “The 4-member group, known as female Big Bang, will be named 21 (투 애니 원).”

The meaning to the name is that the group will produce music that is fresh like the age of 21. And like the number ‘21′ in a game of blackjack, it meant to never lose.

‘21′will consist of members Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL and Gong Min Ji. And the team leader will be CL. 

The group has already made topic amongst netizens when they did a CF for LG CYON with group Big Bang. Their CF was also revealed on 27th March. The group will debut beginning of May.

Furthermore, their debut album will have Big Bang GDragon as one of their producers, making their debut an even more anticipating one for music fans.

Credit: http://http://sookyeong.wordpress.com

Lollipop Song Full Song

Credit:  yongwonhi @ livejournal + gyang@tygs

Re-uopload to Youtube: lesliesarang

Post taken from: leslie@ http://ygworld.wordpress.com/

~ by Momo on March 26, 2009.

81 Responses to “Female Big Bang Official Name “21””

    [i’m like totally excited so like yeahhh…lol]

  2. LOL! Everyone is using that GD phrase…ahahaha…..it’s EPIC WIN

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!….I seriously NEED the whole song now!!!… <333


  5. I’m 4th xD

  6. It’s SANDY who sings in the beginning. i recognize her voice. she’s improved heaps. 🙂

  7. nah..that’s now how we do it xD!!!
    ohh y so awesomeeee?
    our boys always come up with awesome stuff!
    bling bling like LED! xD!!
    ohh i wish to listen more to the girls’ vocals though
    ohh am i the only one to just discover that the name of the girls is 21???

  8. OOH SHIATT BABY ;D! THAT’S SERIOUSLY SOME HOT SHITTTTTTTTTTT 😀 omgomg haha i lvoeee this. female big bang?? what’s their name?? they’re pretty good omgg xDD
    tabi and bong’s rap in this is hotttt<3 i love itt. the song is aweesomee xP
    can’t wait to see the outcome of the long awaited yg girls hehe..

  9. i thought it was Sistas??? neva heard of 21 be4

  10. @ maud: I was gonna ask who sang in the beginning coz it sounds like Sandara. hehe.

    So it is her…maybe they’re making a “comment” on how Sandara used to sing here in the Phil?
    Then I so agree with Bong. “nah, that’s not how we do it”

    Can’t wait to hear the whole song! It sounds so good! and I love their voices!

    21 Hwaiting! ^^

  11. i couldn’t even recognize gong min ji! they are so cute! i can’t wait!

  12. muh bad didnt read da headin of this article be4 enterin dat comment…
    so it is 21 eh??? YG is soOoOo unique LOL! da meanin behind it is purty kool too…cant wait fur their debut!!!

  13. you can download the full song here:

  14. CL is the leader! hehehe
    i’ve noticed that the leaders are always rappers! ^^ anyway, yeah! ^^



  16. i heard the full 3:08 mins song.

  17. i heard the full 3:08 mins song.

    check it

  18. I must say, this song is so catchy. i am anticipating great things from 21…and big bang as well.
    fighting! 😀

  19. thanks lil sis in law for the DL of the full song. ^^

    Gonna listen to it now…^^

  20. i’m guessin it was cuz i’m so 21 or somethin’…yeaaah

  21. OMG I LOVE IT! (haha i already said that about the CF)
    i reckon u can put me down sa 21’s fan already…
    …great voices, great dancers AND not to mention that GD’s producing
    im pretty sure theyre gonna be a hit!
    thanks for the DL!!

  22. haha i love this song!! yeyah “that’s not how we do it” xD not all cutesy like some other girl groups :]
    i love gd’s rap part ^^ “rainbow”
    cool, 21.. interesting name :]

  23. CAN SOMEONE SEND IT TO ME! whiteheart_sk8ter14@hotmail.com

  24. awwwww..so..damn..ADDICTIVE
    i repeated this song more than 5 times already sigh~
    very similar to the FILA song yet me think
    but this feels better because of the girls’ vocals in it 🙂
    love the front part the most~bong ah~your line is so cool ❤
    good kind of exposure of the girls to the fans
    can’t wait to hear their very own new song!


  26. The group has a name…yay~~~
    “21” it is…
    Their fansite is at http://ygnxgeneration.wordpress.com/

    “21” Fansite!!!!
    Visit it

  27. the song sounds freakin awesome
    and TOP singing in the chorus is LOVE!!

    did anyone misheard TY saying F.R.E.S.K???
    i thought he said K instead of H….

  28. “nah..thats not how we do it”


  29. haha love how TOP sing in the chorus, followed by Park Bom (is it her?), sweet combination!

  30. Momo, i’ll be changing deleting the YOUTUBE link and transfer to dailymotion

  31. nevermind.ill still retain that until the cf video will come out

  32. park bom and tabi’s voice compliments each others REALLY well!!
    eek! can’t wait for 21 debut!

  33. @leslie:

    okay, will edit accordingly!

  34. ncly

    tabi’s voice just sounds frigging awesome in the chorus huh?
    too sexayyy
    and hahaha bae’s F.R.E.S.K is funny and COOL for me somehow
    don’t you know they like to be unique?
    what does fresk means anyway lol

  35. aaaah!! this is cool~~
    yaay!! CL unnie is the leadeer hahhaha
    she represents GD a lot i think.. and now she happened to be the leader too 🙂
    i love the song..it’s soo catchy!! cant wait for the full CF
    last but not least 21 is better than SISTA lol

  36. 21 + Big Bang = lollipop and gold

  37. the chorus is stuck in my head now lol

    an unrelated note,check this gd vid out,I LOVE HIS SMILE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k0ovrnOnTQ&feature=related

  38. “21” Fansite – http://ygnxgeneration.wordpress.com/

    Come and spazz with us

    “Momo we’ve send already about the affiliation

  39. lollie lollie lo9llie pop, oh oh a lolliepop!!
    i just love dat song!!!! and bb & 21 sing godd together

  40. They look so cute!!!! Tabi’s rap = faints and dies!!

    LOL~~GD phrase 😀

    21 rocks >< can’t wait to see the MV ^^

  41. oh! awesome :X
    My girls look so beautiful, they make me totally impressed ^^
    But, i wonder why there are 4 members in group, i thought it consists of 5 ???, and i also thought the leader is Park bom, however, CL mights more judicious choice ^^ I fully believe in Yang papa
    Oh, GD is producer of the first album of 21…It sounds too great. Absolutely i believe in the success of it, and solo album of Yong is too ^^
    Good luck !
    Love U :X:X:X
    BB~ hwaiting

  42. CL is the leader? i thought park bom would be..
    but i still love them.! 😀

  43. YES! CL is the leader! I love CL!
    hmm… 21… I like it, I really like it!!
    Man this lollipop song is the hottest thing, awesome BB & female BB combo. BB and 21 FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and forreal! I LOVE how TOP is in the chorus!! haha and he kinda of sings 😀

    so excited for 21 to debut in May and GD’s solo in April!! YAY!

  44. did they just change the name again?
    on the official website, it says that “21” is now named “ToAnyone”…well, not directly, but the implications are there.

    it went from this: http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd99/iwubbaishunns/YG21/c006919549cc77a43f739.jpg to this: http://i44.tinypic.com/ormclw.jpg

    (credit [omglolwut]GABULOUS☆ @ 2ONEDAY forums)

  45. Are you going to make 21’s fansite too? Jus asking, cos i’ll support it!!!! 21 FTW~~

  46. Lols i thought it was SISTA.
    i kinda freaked out about it for no reason.
    alright 21 it is then. whooo =]
    Lols i love the song and “nah..thats not how we do it”
    or “Lolli Lolli Lolli pop”

  47. Hey reminds me of the store “Forever 21”

  48. I love this song, so catchy and the beginning I love it GD you are so great

  49. love the song! im loving 21! i love big bang!

  50. “nah..thats not how we do it”

    sure it is!!LOL
    d song r so addictive!!!
    really anticipated female group ever…^^
    btw i do hope this site will post 21’s file though,juz like BB…
    very glad & appreciate it in advance!! =P

    i personally think 21 is much better than the names that i heard before.

  52. haha…yeahzzz…”nah…thats not how we do it”…XD
    waaaa….i love this song…^-^…
    i love GD’s part…dun know why but i just love it!!!…XD
    and top in chorus…waaaa….XD

  53. GREAT! JiYongie sounds so sexy,lollilollilollipop.

  54. wow, 21 ehh.. pretty cool!! im photgraphy class right now so i cant hear the song but by reading the comments i can tell it’s awesome =D and can’t wait to hear jiyong’s partt XD

    CL is leader?? pretty cool, but isnt she the youngest?? or is it because she’s been a trainee for longer???

  55. waaa…when i look at time when i posting…7.36am?…haha o gosh….XD…mine time here just 12.50am only…hahaXD

  56. Omg, I love Park Bom’s voice!!
    Aww man, I really wanted her to be leader. =(
    Oh well, CL’s my 2nd fave.
    Taeyang sounds really good in the song & looks hot in the CF.

  57. Looking foward to may now!

  58. Can’t wait till their debut, they sound awesome. I love Park Bom’s voice, it’s so lovely and she certainly sings a part that matches. ^__^ LoL, this song is quite fun.

  59. Even though I’m not a person who likes girl bands,
    I gotta admit that I love this song @-@ Especially since it has to do with my favorite candy ^^

  60. I dunno if 21 will actually be the name… I’ve seen it written in many places as ToAnyone, not Twenty One… Let’s hope for the best. The song is really good. I am also hoping for a kinda “strong woman” and tough concept! The thing that I don’t like and hope will change when they debut is the style in the CF. I mean, look at CL (which is already my fav member:P) in her trainee videos and the YG live and look at her, I really had a difficult time recognizing her… 😦 Sandara’s hair is also…strange >.> I hope the debut will be in YG style and make some magic! 😀

  61. OMFG%$&*#&% :]
    I love this group. I LOVE IT! AHHH!
    I am sooooooo excited for their debut :]
    BIGBANG&21 Forever :]
    LOL { Forever 21 }

  62. wow.. Cl as the leader..
    🙂 cool . they sound niceeeee !

  63. Is that there debut song or is it just for the cyon phone

  64. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the begining where GD goes “naw that’s not how we do”
    so so sexy! damn boy then show me how you do it! hahaha.
    but DS’s voice is LOVE so so HOT!
    the girls sounds good. i’m not sure how i feel about their name but i guess the reasoning behind it is ok. i just thought or hoped they had a stronger name, and whatever happened to the mystery girl??? it thought there were five of them. i guess she didn’t make the cute.
    well, all in all, i can’t wait to see what these girls have to show us cause or KWON leader is helping them out a whole bunch and i really want to see how these talented girls had done with his work of arts.

  65. i thought park bom was going to be the leader cause she’s been training for like forever and she’s older. but i guess the rappers are leaders in YG. cl looks like she’ll be a good leader though cause she looks really confident in what she does. park bom looks like the shy type.

  66. i love how top is singing finally!!!!!!! yay.

  67. wow i have to admit that i love this song. although some of them sound a bit squeaky, but theyre pretty good. i didnt want to like them. i didnt want to like a girl group that would soon possibly outshine big bang. but since gd is kinda in charge of them, they cant outshine them, right? 😀 anyways, YAYY TOP is singing! i was like wait a second… that voice… is singing?! :O awesomeness! man this songs gonna be stuck to me for a while now. dang it!

  68. I love the girls already! Hate the name though, could they make it any harder to find in a search engine? It’s cute though~

  69. OH YEAHH ;D

  70. Haha, I think I just noticed this, but CL’s (I think its her) hair is like a mix between GDRagon’s bun and bowl cut. xD

  71. waaaa, i love it, they sounds like big bang too!!!

    please please send me a copy, here’s my add, critxian@yahoo.com

    please please, i want the song, specially the start, its sandy ryt? so cute!

  72. will “21” have a 5th member???

  73. is this song by 21 ft. Big Bang or 21 and Big Bang?????

  74. […] Female Big Bang Official Name “21″ “nah..thats not how we do it” momo […]

  75. LuvBB4lyf: i think this is big bang ft. 21. cuz 21 havent debuted yet.

    anh: nope, 4 is it. if its 5 members, i’d really think they’re biting off big bang.

    JJJ: omg ur right. hahaha. wow. see? theyre so totally based off big bang.

  76. i luv this song !

    thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    luv bigbang!!!!!!!!!!!1

  77. good luck to 21! I can’t wait for their debut! I love you Sandy!!!!

  78. I dont like how there is a female bigbang o_o

  79. who is who???? I can’t differentiate from Sandara and Minji… is Minji with the updue and Sandara with the reallly short hair??? or is it the other way around??? I am soo confused

  80. 2ne1

  81. 2ne1.I love their song fire and I dont care. LOlBut still BIG BANG ALWASY IN MY HEART.

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