Big Bang: Hite Beer CF Released! | Pictures Update!

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Hite Beer CF

[DOWNLOAD] Hite Beer CF: 30s & 60s Versions | Making of Hite Beer CF

Thanks to 쏘쏭님
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LOL these are SOME interesting firefigheters…. instead of leaving to work when there’s a fire… they leave for some ‘ACTION’ when….somebody open up a beer, hahaha isn’t this the best job on earth??? kaka (well at least Tabi thinks so)

Their ‘happy’ shots look so happy haha but I noticed something, Tabi is the ONLY one who open his eyes while he was drinking the beer, while the rest have theirs closed keke

NII Photoshoot

Picture Updates

  • (High Quality) Miscellaneous NII Photoshoots
  • (Stalker Pics) GD and DaeSung attending college class
  • (Promotional Pictures) LOLLIPOP
  • (Transated) BANGS Comic: Episode 3: Please call him Bebe! 3

Big Bang NII Photoshoots

NII just decide to release HQ to the old photoshoots from before, and some new pictures too, I love the one with the sweatshirts, I’m sure that’s new. everybody look so freaking ADORABLE!! First thing pop in my head is that Baby and Dae seems closer now, what is Baby doing with that expression?? haha yet… somehow… still sexy. Bong, Mr. Posing King. can’t ever complain, Tabi… why does it look like his body shrank??? in width. haha purple is awsome, Bae always have his signature smile on, aww… and another thing… IS IT JUST ME OR TOP HAVE JUNKFOOD ON HIS BELT??? haha

I resized all the pics to fit in here so I zipped the original HQs and upload it for ya. HAVE FUN!

GD and DaeSung attending their college class

LOLLIPOP Promotional Pictures

BANGS Short Comic

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


The last part of Bae’s name problem, this time, BANGS arrived in Japan for their concert, and when they got off the plane, the foreigners greet Bae as ‘DonBae’ and….. BANGS was just SPEECHLESS.

During BANGS’ concert, while they were performing, the audience also screamed ‘DONBAE’ and even though they call him by his real name and it’s mispronounce, he’s happy enough with the facts that there’s fans out there who love and support him no matter what. He’s happy with whatever the fans wants to call him.

Thanks to 쏘쏭님 | 큰엄마님 | 승리밭님 | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on March 27, 2009.

63 Responses to “Big Bang: Hite Beer CF Released! | Pictures Update!”

  1. Thanks!Pics is awsome,Bong looks sooooo fine,as always:)
    Bong-Stein…kekekekek!That suits him perfectly! Can’t wait his solo_____8D

  2. thank you so much for the ZIP file 😀

  3. Love the pics! GD and that hair…too cute!

  4. OMG. Huge spazzing right now. HUGE. And while I’m in class, no less. In the back of my mind there’s a little voice going, “i wonder who would be creeping on my computer and watching me lurk..” but quite frankly I don’t care all that much.

    I’m twosided about the fanpictures of GD and DaeSung going to class. On the one hand, I love seeing candid shots of them.. but on the other, I’d definitely want to protect their privacy. Maybe it’s the democratic in me.

    And 21! Excited, a little anxious for them, not sure if they’ll live up to all the hype. I certainly hope they do! And they do look different. Going with a retro look that’s very.. not retro. LOL =.=

  5. The CF reminds me of the South Park episode about the Jonas Brothers. I love the NII pics thanks. GD is looking nice here, and TABI is hot as usual.

  6. Aww, the CF is so short. I love Bae’s expression at the end. Hahaha <333

    OMG I love those hoodies! Tabi does look skinner in that picture. o: Is Dae’s hoodie displaying a monkey? Hahaha.

    LMAO… Sri’s expression? What the heck… Heheee XD

    Whoo, they look so sexy in the dark suits! =D

    Thanks Vicky~ :]]

  7. love these pictures!

  8. awww!
    love the pics! gd looks HOT in spiked hair!

  9. awwwww…great CF but too short…it’s ++great if can more longer….XD
    waaaaa….im so impress that who can same classes with GD and dae….XD…
    can’t wait for 21′ debut too….but i more can’t wait for GD’s solo album…ooooo come on april…hahaXD

  10. yeahhhh,looks totally fabs, babe

  11. thanks Vicky for translating the comic and for the awesome pictures ^^ you’re awesome!

    tabi looks absolutely gorgeous here! LOve him ♥
    they all look good in the pictures!

  12. wow 2 cfs in 24 hours…..! our boys are straight FIIIIIRE!.
    gaaaahly, if i was a brand i’d hop on these boys for a cf like now!

    thankss for the pix and bangs =)
    bae loook sooo good in that yellow hat… drools

  13. i wonder if Dae dae and ji yong were put together in class by accidently
    or did they just choose to be in the same class?
    but i’m glad that they are together..
    don’t want one to be alone

    and the NII photos are very cute~~

    the CF is just awesome
    bet TOP really enjoyed filming the drinking scene haha

  14. Laughed so hard of Tae’a smile at the end of the CF!!!


    And loved this BANGS “episode”, thank you for it!

  15. ^^ the lecture hall looks exactly like my uni.. except that ours have carpets… and we drink the same drink for lectures too!! whaa
    there is a machine just outside my class that sells pocari sweat!! i drink it to wake up…or else I am just too tire in class….. >< and I sit at the back too!

  16. =] pretty pretty !

  17. DAMN SEXY.
    Aww GD & Dae looks so smartt :]
    I wish I was in that class too (:

  18. hey vicky can i post the comic in the taeyang facebook group (with all creds)? let me know if it’s alright.

  19. i love them all !
    XD theyre soo hott !

  20. AHHH ! SOO CUTEEE ! They all look soo SEXYY <3333 x]
    BIG BANG FOREVER ❤ kekeke.

  21. omg those students are so lucky goin to class with dae and ji yong. that must be so weird. i wonder if they were like harassed all the time?

  22. Hey Vicky, I just noticed that I didn’t see the 2nd to 5th pictures of Big Bang earlier this morning. And it’s not in the zip file.. Could you upload the larger/HQ version? Or the only size available is what you posted?

    I like them in the snoopy shirts. ^^ ❤

  23. ohh i freaking love the hite beer song!!
    and everything seems so fun in the CF!
    hahaha bae’s expression at the end of the CF cracked me up idk why

    idk why but i’m laughing so hard for the entire post
    tabi in the purple hood lol seriously look like his body shrank!!
    why on earth the stylist let him wear a tight hood like that?!
    and the junk food..=.=||
    ohh and there are NII pics ages ago as well?
    bong looked so freaking skinny in one of the pic
    he looks so much better now

    and what the hell
    they started to attend college??
    are there any other stalker pics?
    cause if i were in the same class with them
    i would take thousands of stalker pics instead of listening to the professor hahaaa

    BEBE is too freaking adorable
    i must say that i love BEBE the most in bangs
    sorry bongie~
    why..i wish they are studying in my uni lol

  24. Vi

    i luv the photoshoot.
    : ) i want a hoodie like that..
    haha “hamee”

    “Donbae” so cute 😀

  25. the cf is cute, but i thought it would be longer, it was actually a bit short for me. maybe it’s just my greed.
    anyways, GOSH GD!!! share some of that love that you’re giving all to DS with me. he hella loves DS. they even have classes together. this leader can’t let anyone have any of his memebers. hahaha.

    but TOP is look GOOOOOOOOD~~~ with that greasy hair style. it looks better on top than GD same goes with the popcord hair. i don’t know. top just have stronger facial features and these weird hairstyles looks good on him cause it brings out those features more, but on GD, he’s to cute, it looks a bit off, but i still love my kwon leader.

  26. rawrz, those people in college with em, be lucky :]
    im surprised that no ones stalking em xD

    the lollipop pictures are too cute ! x33
    i love their Nii photoshoots :]

    dae is soo adorable x] <33

  27. OMFG!!!
    I’m in fuul fangirl mode!!!!
    the cf is so seeeexyyy!
    my man seems to be enjoyin that beer a little too much LOL
    convinced me to drink a little
    seriously if I end up in AA it’s all his fault ;P

    Nii photoshoots are killer!
    especially the one with the cute sweaters!!! >.<
    my man + tight purple sweater = dead fangirl here
    the junk food in the belt is sooo tabi-like
    yet I find lots of danger in havin it there
    have so many fangirls starin XD

    I just knew people were gonna take pics of Bong and Dae in college
    they stand out even in normal clothin
    if only I could go stalk them too….kekeke
    bet they would kick me out in less than 5 minutes

    lollipop pics are looooove!
    Bae’s smile is deadly!!!!
    and Bong’s hair I just can’t stop lovin the style
    wish he could keep it like that for a while ;D

  28. Vi

    a little of my artwork 🙂

  29. this is off topic, but,
    hey, i was just wondering
    if big bang was still living
    together even though they’re
    working solo ?
    will you guys be posting up
    anything about the MTV Heros
    thinggyy? because i really
    want to watch it.. :/
    thanks !


    aww bebe is so cute 😀

  31. WHOO i love the CF. hottt!
    even if they are drinking beer. Lols yeahh
    TOP’s eyes was the only one that was opened.
    sad that Seungri wasn’t in there too.
    Awww G-Dragon & DaeSung….in the back?
    wow talk about stalker picture here. this is
    pretty good. Damnnn G-Dragon is fricken skinny!
    Ahaha i’m surprised they didn’t get mobbed yet.
    Ahhh* i want a signature =]
    Lollipop! Bright! Rainbow =] i like.
    Seungri looks weird. G-Dragon’s hair is
    frizzy, long, ohh it’s brown! Ahaha
    Lmao, i love Tabi in his sunglasses.
    LOls DonBae. he’s happy with that.
    BTW: lovee the banner.

  32. awwww i love BANGS 😀 thanks por for the file 😀 i’m glad they release HQ

  33. YES MORE HQ~!!! thnx uu^^
    ahhhh. rainbow colors for lollipop.
    its so candiful ❤

  34. where can i find that purple hoodie tabi’s wearing??? i want i want <33

  35. Haha! The commercial was so funny and random. Yeah, Vicky TOP’s eyes were open he’s probably like, oh yeah~ and haha TY’s eyes were so slanty & cute in the end!
    Oh man, those NII pics are hot! I like the first one 😀
    OH MY GOSH, that pose SeungRi is giving in the Lollipop promo pics killed me lol idk y, GD & DS’s cute poses=GAH! TOP is fierce and I love TY’s smile!! ❤

    Man, how can those people pay attention in class with GD & Dae??

  36. awwww i love the pictures! theyre so beautiful! <333 thankyou thank you!

  37. I WANT EM HOODIES!!! 😀 they are so flippin awesome…
    Q: what college are they attending?
    those animal Ts and hoodies are so frigging adorable :3
    TOP can really drink! 😀

  38. how do we shout in the shoutbox on the girls site? >.<

  39. kay-chan

    register on the forum first
    then you’ll be able to post

  40. judify

    if my memory is good enough
    I think it’s KyungHee University

  41. vi
    hahahaha…. hubby is the only one who open his eyes.
    kekekee… he just need ti be special. hahaa
    no, maybe it’s coz he’s the one who like beer
    other members could live on without beer.

    all of other pic make me feel crazy &
    when i scroll down
    i look at Mr.BongEinstein & feel crazier. kekeke

  42. omo…they r soo hot!!!!

    VICKY visit “21” Fansite at wordpress at

  43. my sexy baby at the end of the commercial.

    yay Bebe!

  44. Vicky I love you for advertising YG Ladies! haha. ❤

  45. lols trust them to sit at the back of the class >.< as for daesung, so much for being a model student lols fighting! XD

  46. wondering where is the registration button on the ygladies site?

  47. ohh my god if they really were firefighters i might burn my house or myself lol. love gd’s hair on cf it’s so cute… thanks for the pics. the ones who are attending in the same class with bong and dae they are soooooooooo lucky if i was there i think school will be the bestest thing ever in my life… lol just love them too much!!!

  48. ashley

    should be at the top

  49. hi… i have a question. i signed up for the 21 forum but i cannot view any of the forum topics or type in the shout out box..any help ? my username is topkified

  50. ohmy gee~ 9-11th pics down are 0_0….speechless.
    when did TY get so hott? wow.. XD

  51. topkified // Hmm, maybe you have to confirm/verfiy your email. They send you an email after you sign up.

    shooey // Hahaha, he’s been H O T. XD <333

  52. […] Big Bang: Hite Beer CF Released! | Pictures Update! Interest in 21 ?? Join ‘YG Ladies’ where you can get info on every member of the group, it’s pure […] […]

  53. VIIIIIIII hahahahahaha hello hello, i’m here to stalk your wordpress ;D

    AHAHAHA OMAGAH ok i love the hippo. IT’S SO CUTE AGHH. ❤ and AHAHA TABI LOOKS LIKE THE PURPLE HOODIE’S ONE SIZE TOO SMALL FOR HIM LOL. so tense, man XD he kinna needs to loosen up u__u LOL.

    and omg i’m so studying abroad at kyunghee university during college u__u THAT’S MY ULTIMATE GOAL HAHA. i’m excited to see that they actually do attend classes, even with their busy schedules hahaha. 8D i want to meeeet them! 😉
    and wtf bong’s so.. bong-y LOL that kid needs to get fatter u__u that would make me a very happy fangirl XD

    and yeee i see you advertising the forum 8D thankyou so much deaaar! talk to you soon ^^ ❤

  54. Hehehe…my Baebae can’t do anything anymore when foreigners call him by his real name…hihihi…of course we love you. ^^

    I love the shot when they’re all sitting on the floor…it’s like a group of hot guys lounging around, just relaxing, sometimes spotting a hottie walking by. hehe. so natural…

    Love the 60s version of the Hite beer CF…coz they have to walk straight to the cam while looking so sexy…damn….and Baebae just sold me to buy that beer. Or drink it with them. hehe.

    And I also joined YGladies…you can also find me there easily too, just made a bit change to my nick. ^^

  55. these pics are so SO fabulous ! 🙂

  56. cuties cuties^_____^

  57. freaking cute.!


  59. xD I love the picture of YoungBae oppa leaning on Tabi…>._<

  60. very very nice pic. I LOVE BIGBANG

  61. wow i loved those pictures!
    and BANGS are the best xD
    thanks 4 sharing ^^

  62. can i save all off Bang’s comic? I wanna trans to Vietnamese 🙂

  63. halloo…..Lia i lovE yuo

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