Lollipop LG Cyon BigBang (Paper version + Self Camera)


Intro (Paper Version)


Credit: 쏘쏭 @bbvipz

Re-upload to Youtube: lesliesarang

Post taken from: leslie@soompi

03.28.09 BigBang Lollipop Self Camera


Post taken from: leslie@


~ by Momo on March 28, 2009.

42 Responses to “Lollipop LG Cyon BigBang (Paper version + Self Camera)”

  1. LOL i literally just finished watching that on YT and then came here!
    haha i love it, so cute ^^

  2. ha ha. cute. the person has mad cutting skills:)

  3. waaaa….coollll!!!….
    i love it…^-^


  5. aha yeahhh like a miniature bigbang world

    love it

  6. i love it

  7. ROFL! Oh my word. This is seriously cool haha. It kinda reminds me of Sesame Street….? ^^

  8. haha so cute ❤

  9. cool Big Bang paper version!!!
    I’m gonna love this song!!! ^_^

  10. xD self camera vid is adorkable… I luv Dae’s laugh when playing a game… And look how concenrated Bong is. Omg. Top is so dorky and cute. 😀 Look at Top and GD with deformed faces… >.< Anyway, sweet vids. thx

  11. Ahh~ the self-cam. Lol GD’s so cute with that slow chuckle thing he did ❤ haha. They all look so funny concentrating on making their own LED creation. The Lollipop phone is so cool!
    LOL! GD with his huge nose and TOP with a huge forehead–he looks like a mad scientist. Dae put Dae Sung Zzang on his phone kekeke. Bae was so adorable singing the Lollipop song in a cool way hehehe he even put 롤리pop on his <333

    So cute at the end when they were taking their own group picture, gahh!!

  12. whoe ! that phone looks
    cool ! lol.. i want it…
    well only the one Big
    Bang was using.. ahahah..
    jk jk..

  13. They’re so cute!>.<Do you think I can buy this phone in Hong Kong??

  14. GD is funky hot 😡

  15. haha they’re so funny

  16. haha…yeahzzzz…they all look so cute++funny at there…XD
    expecially jiyong oppa…haha i laugh off when saw oppa with his rabbit teeth…it’s so cute!!!…..XD…
    anyway that phone look reallyyyy cool!!!~~~i love it!!!~~~^-^

  17. lol the self camera one i just hilarious 🙂

  18. haha that is s0o cute!

  19. Ooh the Paper version is so cool!

    OMG…. I loved it when Bae was singing “lolli lolli lollipop”. SO CUTE! <3333

    The secret light thing is neat. O: The whole phone is awesome. So nice and sleek/thin. :]

  20. love the videos! Its so funny to watch dae get excited over the stuff in the phone. the one is something the US won’t see for years!

  21. the paper version is cool 😀

    the self-cam was even better! i didnt know that phone could show whatever you made on the front LED screen!
    thats pretty awesome 😀 and its a thin phone..

    omg i want it D:

    it was funny seeing dae’s reactions.
    tabi working hard to make whatever it says.
    you can even fish on that phone?!
    LOL @ GD’s self-taking picture thing XD
    LMAO @ TOP’s self-took picture! XD

  22. does anyone know the name of this handyyy??

    its sooo cutee

  23. That’s a bombin’ phone! And the song gets catchy after a while, from listening to it. :]

  24. “Nah, that’s not how we do it”
    WOW…that’s amazing! it looks so real!
    That’s so fricken` cool! i want one!
    Lols G-Dragon is so concentrated on that phone.
    Ahahahahaha G-Dragon. he looks like einstein.
    You know, his hair isn’t that bad.
    COOOOL! i really want one now. My mom has
    the new T-moblie phone, it’s like that- kinda.
    it just flashes when you close it, it isn’t as cool
    as those Lollipops =]
    I like theee` blue phone
    “Lolli Lolli Lollipop oh you’re my Lollipop”

  25. Hahaha self cam so funny and cute! Especially G-D and his deformed nose, LOL!
    Wow i want this cellphone, so cool!

  26. That phone is so cool!!! I love how it distorts your face! xDDD
    I want it. 😦

  27. Forget that stupid iPhone or Blackberry I want that phone!
    Gah I must have it, no fair XP !

  28. Man, the paper version was cool.

    I loved the self-cam video. Seung Ri looked so adorable and YB was singing the song, haha.

  29. OMFG I LOVED THE SELF-Cam video.
    It got me laughing my ass off. It’s so funny & cute!
    Haha, the pictures they took were cute & they even
    editted it. LOL! x)
    I love that phone & the features. Makes me wish I had one.

  30. Lolli-Lolli-Lollipop! XD
    I neeeed that phone >.<”

  31. ………
    i bought icecream like 2 month ago and then lollipop came out..
    icecream look better but, the light effect thingy on lollipop is better T T NOT FAIR :[
    AND i want the fish games :] icecream has shit games LOL

  32. oooh that paper version was cool!
    oh and tae yang was so cute in the self camera thingy when he was singing the song. haha.
    i wish i could get this phone!

  33. LOL,they look like kids with lollipop phones ^^
    Oh, i wanna have one T^T
    The paper ver is really impressed, Jiyong looks cool. Ilove him, i love BB

  34. Watching the self-vid makes me wanna have one of those phones real bad xD but they’re only sold in asia right? Not in Australia T^T
    My cousin bought the icecream phone when she went to HongKong…NOT FAIR!! T.T My phone is so shitty..

    Baby playing a fishing game is LOVE <333

  35. woah paper version is so cool! and that makes me want that phone. i need a new phone, and i can get a new phone now. but they dont have it here for at&t :[ that phone is sick though. wayyyy cool.

  36. wowww! i want CYON Lollipop cellphone T.T looks so cool ^^
    i love the Paper version ><

  37. top’s voice sounds like my grandpa’s voice xD
    But this Lollipop phone is awesome! Hope we’ll get it as a birthday present 🙂 We love bigBang and the Lollipop phone. Yeah! cool lets rock… 🙂 Yaaaaaaaaaaaay ♥ bigbang ♥

  38. they are sooo cute, i want to squish them!! XD

    ..and i want, no, NEED that phone. with GD holding it. lol
    *runs away*

  39. what did GD write with his phone? i only understand the part ‘TOP HYUNG’, did he write sth about TOP? i love TOP_GD”together”.XD

  40. i wanna go back to korea!!
    only shitty looking cell phones are here… ugh!!!

  41. can some one tell me what is the price of the phone

  42. LOVE IT 😀

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