Fanmade Iris Trailer

  • This is a fanmade Trailer. Not the real trailer.
  • After watching this, it makes you wanna watch the drama asap



Re-upload to Youtube: lesliesarang

Post taken from: leslie@soompi


~ by Momo on March 29, 2009.

26 Responses to “Fanmade Iris Trailer”

  1. cool! i hellu wanna watch it. i get hellu scared, but i still wanna watch it! cant wait! <333

  2. btw, damn this is so pro!

  3. wooow!
    can’t wait!!1

  4. Pretty darn good trailer haha

  5. damn it looks so real!!!

    man cant wait to see it!!! 😀

  6. wow really well-made!

  7. WOW,,,niceee. i thought it was a real trailer.
    I WANNA WATCH IT! doesn’t it come out in September?
    or something.

  8. that was soooooo convincing!!? honestly i was never into the whole action drama thing and i’m gonna sound bias but screw that Tabi in this show is going to change my whole perseption on espionage 0.0 plus that screaming scene of him from the gummy clip was such a turn on hahaha

  9. I`m so excited for it!! 😀 I love Tae Hee a lot! 😀

  10. what an awesome trailer…

  11. hella well-made!!! convincing enough though!!!
    really can’t wait to watch this!!! calm down 1st…LOL
    love so much TOP’s last pix!!! ^_______^

  12. This is such a good trailer!
    So-pro! =D
    Can’t wait for it!!

  13. awwww good fanmade job *.* i’m dying to see IRIS! Tabi!!!! ♥

  14. cool!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. can’t wait can’t wait

  16. wheeeee, i want to watch it !!

  17. OH DAMN! 1:18 and 1:23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<333333

  18. nice! it’s so cool! can’t wait to watch the drama!

  19. this really cost a lot of money to make… thus why this drama is so engrossing… just a fanmade trailer can spark interest…what more if it’s the official one… this should be up for the oscars or any hollywood awards ceremony…
    one Hell of a story… great cast… lots of financial backers.. lol

  20. OMG you’re right. I want to see the movie so bad now. O:

    Barely saw Tabi in it. T__T But the whole movie looks cool.

  21. it looks amaaaaazing! i can’t wait for it to come outt!

    i love how my two favorite things are coming together, TOP and action movies/dramas~~!! yess~~

  22. DAMNNN and u say it fanmade video….10 out of 10 point yo!!!! i really want to watch the movie
    even though that not the trailer

  23. Whoa, nice! I like it!
    Choi Seung Hyun <33333

  24. omfg. my eyes are wide open.

    GOSHH THAT WAS SOOO GOOD :D!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omfgg shiiieeeetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. i reaaaaaaally REALLYYYY want to watch it now D: AGHHHHHH!

    that was so amazing >xD
    kim tae hee is seriously sooo freaking pretttyy x]
    aghh, tabii<333 he adds SEXYYY to it ;D

  25. Oh wow, I would have never thought that was fanmade (minus the bits of TOP from the Gummy MV, since that’s the only video I recognized). That was most epic!

  26. OMFG!!!!!! everything looks so amazing ^-^
    im so watching it when it comes out ^^

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