‘Lollipop’ placed as #1 on music sites!


Lollipop, a song sang by 21 (To Anyone 2NE1), also previously known as ‘Female Big Bang’, and Big Bang was released on March 27th, and right after its release, it was placed #1 selling song on Cyworld and BugsMusic.  Also, on Mnet, Melon, and Dosirak (all the sites where you can purchase mp3s), it was placed as #2, #14 and #14 respectively, and still rising.

YG entertainment said ‘because it is a song made for commercials, and not meant for any performances on stage, it is incredible that it has beat SonDamBi and EpikHigh on its day of release’.  YG also added that ‘ever since 21 was revealed, there has been many number of interview requests, but they won’t be on public until their debut’.

The image 21 is going for is to be ‘unique’ and ‘different’ like Big Bang.  Although they are girls, they want to be seen tough and be confident, and their music style consists of strong rap and lyrics.  The producers for 21 include Teddy of 1Tym and G-Dragon.

The TV commercial for Lollipop will be airing starting from April 1st, and the full music video will be released on April 3rd.

[매일경제 스타투데이 이현우 기자 nobodyin@mk.co.kr]

translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz

Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on March 29, 2009.

19 Responses to “‘Lollipop’ placed as #1 on music sites!”

  1. YAY!!!!
    Lollipop is a very catchy and strong song, i fell in love with it with the first listen… =D
    21 will be a BIG BANG in the music industry
    like Big Bang =D hahahah
    i can’t wait for the mv….
    BigBang & 21 Hwaiting!!!
    and yay for YG =D

  2. Yay, Lollipop Love! So yup, it is made for commercials. Can’t wait for the CF and MV. :]

    Whoo, I do want 21 to be more hip hop in style. They got good people helping them~ Teddy ! GD ! ❤

  3. ohhemmgee i love lollipop:)
    i cant waittttt!!!

  4. SWEET! luv this song ^^ i’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past 2 days. and yes! finally! luv the image they’re going for! can’t wait til their debut =D and for the MV.

    congrats 21!!!!!

  5. ohh FINALLY! a girl group that can kick some ass! lol. i was getting so tired of all these girly idol groups. thank goodness for yg and 21!! yaaaay

  6. … ok now im really confused, do we call them 21 or ToAnyone???? even on YG’s site it’s both (well i saw both) damnn. is this going to be like DBSK/TVXQ?? *sigh* guess we’ll find out when they debut xD

  7. @luvBB4lyf:
    lol i agree! …so they’re called ’21’ which can be pronounced in english as ‘To Anyone’? :S

    anyway, yay! im so happy that they’ve already gained so much attention BEFORE their actual debut.. mmm can’t wait to hear more or Teddy and GD’s producin ^^

  8. WOW not only GD but TEDDY OF 1TYM ALSO?

  9. well of course (;
    because if BIGBANG sang it, everyone knows it.
    and if 21 is singing it with bigbang,
    there goes great publicity.
    plus 21 is greatly anticipatedd.

  10. WOOHOO! i totally LOVE this song! yayyyyy :] yea i think 21 should thank big bang BIG time. their success is 100% cuz of big bang. cant wait til the mv comes out!

  11. YAY
    Lollipop ROCKED

    and the fact that these girls are YG and
    the girl version of Big Bang, makes it almost a fact they will
    dominate once they debut

    Hwaiting girls!

  12. YAY!!!!
    i loved that song. gosh i love ALL of Big Bang’s
    CF songs (:
    Yeahh 21 to-anyone is gonna be different and unique.
    i can tell. and besides they were raised by the
    YG family with amazing people like Teddy & G-Dragon
    helping them. And they got Big Bang as their big brothers =]
    Yayyy it’s almost April! =]
    Heyy, what about G-Dragon’s solo album? when’s that
    gonna debut?

  13. yeah! it’s amazing *o* i’ waiting to see the MV <333 i’m sure it’s gonna be another hit for this year ^^

  14. YEAAHHH!! OMG this is awesome!
    it beat Son DamBi and Epik High who just released their albums ^0^
    that’s just…..just…cool
    2NE1 FIGHTING!!!!!

  15. hey…anybody know why does the female big bang change name to 2NE1? hey…thanks for reminding! when will GD release his solo album?

  16. It’s actually still 21.
    Before it’s 21 (ToAnyone) and now it’s 21 (2NE1)
    Source: theygfamily.com

    This is because there is already a singer having the same name of 21(ToAnyone)

  17. i like “lollipop”. it’s wonderful.i hope that 21 will debut early.i’m going to wait this

  18. i think they must name themselves the L0LLI`POP. it’s better than 2NE1, 21, and the worst, small bang ~ well it’s not co0l or catchy. these girls are so colorful like the colors of a lollipop. :))))

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