Quick info on Korean group names!


Since i see most of you are confuse with the name 21. A little justification.

YG Ladies Group 21 {투 애니 원 prounounced as To Anyone} English name is 2NE1

Like any other korean groups, they do have short names as well. For instance:

: ss501 {stands for Superstar and unison of its 5 members until eternity (symbolized by the 0) as 1}

: 1TYM {원타임 pronounced One Time  , stands for One Time (for) your  mind}

: H.O.T {stands for High-five Of Teenagers}

: NRG {stands for New Radiancy Group}

: U-Kiss {유키스, stands for Ubiquitous Korean International (idol) Super Star}

: Baby VOX {베이비복스, stands for Baby Voices of Xpression}

: S.E.S {stands for Sea/Bada, Eugene, Shoo}

: Fin.K.L {(핑클, stands for Fine Killing Liberty}

I hope you understand what i am trying to explain here.

Each group name represents different meaning and interpretation that differs from one another. 

With that, regardless if YG Ladies Group pronounced as 21 literally or To Anyone 2NE1 its still from a same group with its own meaning and style.


~ by Momo on March 29, 2009.

22 Responses to “Quick info on Korean group names!”

  1. oohh~
    Thanks for clearing the whole 21 name up.

  2. thanks

  3. ohhhhh i get it (:

  4. but I thought the (to anyone) thing wasnt for the new 21 group but supposedly for some other singer they said who went by “21”.

  5. @ chrissy: yes and about the other singer with the same name its true as well. However, what we can do now, just wait till they debut, coz President YG isnt saying anything about the issue as of yet.

  6. thanks.. learn something new !!

  7. wow. this is sick. ss501 is deep! lol @ HOT and u-kiss.

  8. “Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star”

    Unrelated but that always, ALWAYS makes me crack up.

  9. Hotness!
    21 is hot no matter what.
    Its the legal age. xD

  10. To Anyone or 21. i rather say 21 but it reminds me of
    the store ‘forever 21’ or something.
    To Anyone…ahaha that does sound like 21 (twenty-one)

  11. wahh. cool 😀

    what is Ubiquitous O___O”

  12. @xblackchristmas :

    Ubiquitous means everywhere/omnipresent

  13. thanks so much for d info…^^
    i’m so curious about d meaning of SS501 but only now i knew it…hehehe lazy to browse actually…=P
    anyway, 21 or To Anyone, fighting!!^^

  14. ninalee: hey! thats what i thought of when i first found out about their name, too! great minds think korean! hahah >D

  15. 1TYM stands for One Time (for) Your Mind

  16. thanks 4 the info i didn’t know a few names ^^

  17. ah!!!!!!! got it ^__^

    thank u!!!!!!!!11

  18. 1TYM FTW
    one time for your mind is the best among all the names i think
    about U-kiss..idk what to comment lol
    the meaning of SS501 is so long and deep that i’m lazy to even remember
    now i know name matters!

  19. ahahh! thank you so muchh!!! it makes so much more sense now xD

  20. soo..it’s pronounced to anyone..right? xD

  21. you should add these groups too.
    M.I.L.K (Made In Lovely Kin)
    Swi.T (Songs Will Tell). =]
    Thanks for sharing the info about 2NE1 and other groups!

  22. i love it… so much…

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