YG/SM/JYP – all the entertainment companies need a hit male and female group!


[머니투데이 스타뉴스 김지연 기자]

clockwise from top left: Big Bang, 21, SNSD, 2PM, Kara, SS510, Wonder Girls, DBSK

The time when you could survive with just one hit success has passed: with the new spring atmosphere, many entertainment companies are moving busily to receive warm spring (I think they used this term ‘spring’ metaphorically as the season of change and being new).

YG entertertainment, SM entertainment, DSP entertainment, JYP entertainment are all working their hardest to mark their grounds; to make groups that represent their company.

First of all, YG has revealed their plan; they are preparing to debut a new female group to continue the legend of Big Bang (debut in 2006); 21 (To Anyone 2NE1) is scheduled to debut soon.

21 is already experiencing publicity before their official debut for singing ‘Lollipop’ with Big Bang.  Lollipop has been ranked on the top on many music downloading sites amonst songs of  Son Dam Bi, Seo Taeji, and Super Junior.  They are stirring up high interest already for being the first female idol group YG is showing.


A producer said about this phenomenon as ‘nothing guarantees your safety with just one hit group.  If you have successful male and female groups, it definitely helps in promoting the new singer/group you may be preparing.  Because the fans most consist of young teens to 20s, the presence of male and female groups become crucial.  Hence, many entertainment companies are trying hard to create that successful idol group’.

Translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz

Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on March 29, 2009.

19 Responses to “YG/SM/JYP – all the entertainment companies need a hit male and female group!”

  1. lmao, i just read this on K-Bites… and the k-pop scene is pretty intense… just wish all of them luck. and 21 will do fine, no doubt about it ^^

  2. why do you put (to anyone) next to 21?
    also in the previous post.

  3. 21 is pronounced “to anyone”.. get it? haha like “twenty one”.. yea ^^
    and i hope 21 will be the girl group hit (;
    cheer for YG~

  4. so their name is officially also “21-to anyone”? or did u make that up? thats pretty cool, though.

  5. OH…lol thanx.

  6. This is so hot!
    To-Anyone is going to be badass when they debut!

  7. I THINK you got Kara and Wondergirls mixed up.

  8. theresa: no i THINK they look right… im not completely sure either, but im pretty sure… … LOL.

  9. theresa: yea, theyre right. i just noticed that wondergirls are doing the nobody dance. i doubt kara has that dance move, right?

  10. whats with the to anyone? o.O

  11. kim: 21, twenty one, to anyone, get it?

  12. I like 21. But if its about pairing to bigbang, i prefer Wonder Girls for them ((: Wonderbang. Hahaa.

  13. Whoo 21! i still gotta get used to that.
    OH yeahhh all groups has a guy & a girl group now =]
    To-Anyone is different, well i just know it. they seem
    different. Yay, they’re gonna DEBUT! finally!

  14. my favs are on the TOP! ^^ BB and ToAnyOne ^^

  15. YG is all goooood..no worries for them 😀

  16. I’m not a fan of DBSK, but don’t like how DBSK is next to SNSD. I’d rather them and Super Junior. Are they in the same company?

  17. DBSK and SNSD is under the same management company: SM Entertainment

  18. YG is best big bang is best

  19. B







    LOVE U SO MUCH…………………..LOL……………………

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