Freaking LARGE pix from ‘Remember’ Photoshoot + GIFTS

NO JOKE! it’s so giant & HQ to the point you can see:

  • YB’s stubby chin
  • the amazing eyebrows of TOP
  • SR & DAE’s hot bodies, &
  • (prepare for GDBIAS) jiyong‘s smooth, perfect skin w/ his luscious lips & amazing everything, the stubby chin, the fingernails he can’t stop biting on (stop it!!), even the pores on his sexy back w/ the tattoo peering out of his see-thru shirt xD

like i’m gonna spoil you… yes i am hehehe x]
but first, group pic.

Free Image Hosting at

recognize? it’s hugeee. do with it what you please.


  • please do not abuse the pictures in any way lol
  • i hope you hold back your temptations to take these to a printing facility so you can try out them luscious lips =X (I’M SERIOUS LOL)
  • do not hotlink please πŸ™‚

you’ll see what i mean under the cut ——–>


Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

TOP: the infamous eyebrows. omgosh lol it’s so… lusciously full & sexy. TEAM TOP stay away from the screen!
suggested clicking: the 2nd one for the lips, the 3rd one for the eyes+eyebrows x]

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

SR: his panda eyes aren’t so bad. he’s near-perfect
suggested clicking: the 2nd one for the up-close panda eyes, the 3rd for his cute panda ears x]

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

DAE: my gosh he’s so…. i can’t even say it cuz he’s younger than me. that youngin’ πŸ™‚
suggested clicking: i ain’t gonna tell you cuz they all show me something =X

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

YB: okay…. so yb… his stubby chin… so manly haha. & you can practically count the number of hairs on his head. IT’S THAT CLOSE!
suggested clicking: the 1st one for his sexy ass chin & defined jawline you wanna lick, the 3rd one if you want to count hairs x]

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

GD: okay… so 1st pic: you get some HAND ACTION. alright, this kid needs to stop his habit of nail biting, it’s not good for you babe! & his LIPS omg. seriously, don’t print the pic out & make out of it HAHA x]
2nd pic: you could pierce thru that raincoat & spot his hot tattoo. geeez. & i wanna do so many things i can’t say here. nooo way >__<
3rd pic: my fave pic besides his purple pants one from the “Remember” photoshoot. his face is JUST ADORABLE. it’s a bit tan, & his lil smug face i’m just smothered by his pouty face GAHHH. & i know some of you might not like the plaid pants but it’s jiyong, bear w/ him haha. i love how used up his shoes are. WIN ❀
suggested clicking: UHHH….. ALL OF THEM! 1st one for the cuticles on his fingers, 2nd one for his sexyback, 3rd one for his sexy-cute pouty face YUMMMM xD

thanks to 쏘쏭@bbvipz

i’m so nice πŸ˜€ that’s what you get for being curious right! lol

Free Image Hosting at



~ by gdluvzmc on March 30, 2009.

77 Responses to “Freaking LARGE pix from ‘Remember’ Photoshoot + GIFTS”

  1. omg this is so sad. i JUST printed this yesterday. a small version cuz i couldnt find a big one. what a waste of ink! uahhhh!!! thanks though. -sigh- now, lets print this wayyyy cool one! πŸ˜€

  2. holy dang it IS HUGE!!! like HUGEEEEE!

  3. OMG!!!
    TOP’s pics seriously gave the the same reaction GD’s gave u
    no need to go into details…the pics are freaking awesome!!!
    omo I just notices in the group pic TY’s boxers say beauty…that’s got clear the pic is LOL
    GD’s nails and mines look the same
    dang nail-biting habit

  4. GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH why must you kill me all the time gdluvzmc???..

    this is killing me and my soul!!! ^^

    and yes thank you for “reminders” or else bcwiegfvwefb simply idk ayt now!!!

  5. Too damn sexy~
    Can’t wait to print out the huge GD pics…
    -continues evil thoughts-

  6. Love these!
    Thanks for sharing! XD

  7. LOVE THESE!! Thank you so0o much and I can’t WAIT to get my smooch on!! LOL

  8. Tks u so muchhhhh! Love u all, hehe

  9. HEY HEY! lol
    what’s w/ all these dirty comments!
    i sayz no! haha

    oh well. don’t put lip gloss on or get juicy w/ it cuz you’re gonna ruin the picture HAHA x]

  10. awesome awesome

    thanks you so much ^^

  11. i need oxygen
    i’ve never been so clos to my hubby youngbae before ;p

  12. omaigod these boys!!! so fine upclose

    young bae left me being so perverted gahahahaha

    i want to run my hands on his stubby chin .
    and his mohawk head and i cud go on n on now~

    his nose.i saw his hairs in those caves ;p
    i’m sounding like a total psych now because i am.
    young bae u got me badddd hahahaha

  13. Better get used to having Bebe this close…gotta practice 4 the honeymoon :P….

  14. @atirah
    “his nose.i saw his hairs in those caves ;p”
    that totally made me laugh out loud

  15. omg so huge i want to lick the screen.

  16. looking at yb’s 2nd frekinhuge pic i’ve been noticing the matching badge and cap. plus saw gd top wearing jackets of the same print. so does dae sung who accesorised with the scarf/bandana of the same print. it looks darn cool. what brand is it?

    and yeah i cud see yb’s veins poppin out omo i’m his forever! hahah

    noticed the crinkled/folds at the bottom of his jeans no wonder he looks shorter than he really is when on stage;p oh honey we have the same problem gahaha xp

    BTW~!! does anyone know what shoes they are all wearing in that first main “remember” pic with all of them in it?
    they dont look like the usual supra skytops they used to wear.. or are they?

  18. melly

    honestly.i love u for getting us these hugeeeeee photos.
    now i gotta the pic of how it’ll be if i get to meet my guy eye to eye

  19. tyloo

    i’m so ready for honeymoon with bebe

  20. LOL WOW. theres gonna be CRAZY SPAZZING..
    over these hot pictures.

    team TOP.. <33333333

  21. @ ATHIRAH

    hehe sure!…i ain’t closing my eyes…LOL

  22. dang those are huge but very lovely! you can see their pores!

  23. okay WOW you can zoom a LOT.
    i was surprised. you can really see taeyangs stubble…
    the small bump near GD’s ear.
    the cuticles of GD’s fingers..

    did you add the mysterious smiley faces? XD

    it seems like they’ll pop out of the screen at any time.
    i know its greedy of me to say this…


    Thanks for the ginormous pictures!!

  25. omg u werent lying when u said the pictures are freaking huge
    lol i made gd’s second picture as my wallpaper and all i could see is his neck! no face. just neck. a sexy neck.
    ohhhh i cant stop. πŸ˜‰

  26. Gosh, thanks melly, I love it and love you for doing this, gosh…
    This is so precious to reupload and post it in my site. Instead I want it to be print out and stick it to my wall in the room.
    Its huge.
    Gosh, thanks again.

    I never knew GD has the habits in biting his nails.
    IT was the same like me before but I have stopped doing it already.
    Curse the nail biting and GD should stop doing it as well…

  27. with my ‘superb’ speed of connection
    my heart was beating as i was waiting those pics to load
    i felt as if i’m getting heart attack anytime hahaha

    those pics are really HUGE
    damn i was laughing so hard when i realised that i can really COUNT how many hairs they have hahaha

    and something that makes me feel very bad
    DONG YOUNG BAE is making me a naughty girl too haha
    his lips is just so freaking SEXYYY
    omg tell me i’m not wrong for thinking of kissing him
    while..i’m a gd lover? lol

    i love kwon jiyong’s plaid pants!! high five!
    hahaa but people around me hate that kind of pants
    omg God is so cruel to me
    the picture is being so stupid and so annoying
    WHY ON EARTH the kwon jiyong pic isn’t loading at all!!!?
    I wanna see his HOT TATTOO!!

  28. Speaking of nose hairs…Jiyong doesn’t seem to have any.. πŸ˜›

  29. thanks a lot for sharing ^^

  30. OMO!!! this is great!! i love HQ~~ look at daesung’s belt keychain accessory thing.. it says *ssh*l* on it.. lol.. awesome!!

  31. super thank u! loving HQ!

  32. Seung Ri’s HAIRY ARMS!!!
    OMG I want to cry of happiness…this is sooo’s so huge! I can see TOP’s hair on his neck..and of course THEE eyebrows and Dae Sung’s unmanicured hands <3333 gahh Im such a wierdo but homygosh! thank you so much…I am enjoying the details..oh yes~

  33. I wasn’t going to print these out and laminate them before I slobbered, but now that you mentioned it…

  34. *faint*!

  35. I am so SATISFY with da FREAKIN’ HUGE PIC of BIG BANG!!!!
    gonna make a life-size pic of them~~~~

  36. The first and third picture of baebae doesn’t work for me 😦

  37. you guys vote bigbang on BATTLE OF THE POP:ASIA VS ASIA ON CHANNEL V…them fight with tvxq maybeee…they lose many vote from that group for 10 votes…so many …

  38. ahh the TOP pics are perfect…..thank you!

  39. one word…

  40. HOLY CRAP that’s some HUGE pics! D

  41. Darn post got cut a bit. Anyways…

    I love it all.

    I wish Dae hadn’t covered his face in the 2nd picture. ; o ; His outfit is cool in that one tho.

    HAHA, wow I didn’t notice Bae’s stubby chin before. Wow… hahahaha.

    GD has some stubble on his chin too?!! Haha, 2nd pic. Total hotness.

    Whoo, thanks for posting all this sexiness, Melly! >D

  42. gahh, Drools*
    GDHeaven, GDHeaven. omfg HUGEEE & HQ
    i love, thanks. temptation….Ahaha hrmmm.
    must print out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. omfg that’s FREAKEN HUGE. aww too bad i can’t print
    it out that big. ughh. Well thanks you anyways.
    yay, fangirl happy =]

  44. They ARE MASSIVE!!!!!
    like you can see everything!
    GD’s skin is sooo nice!

  45. THANK YOU! ❀

  46. HEY~ HOLD ON!


  47. ^ yes it’s true.
    too fast to live
    too young to die.

  48. hey melly..
    whats with the random smiley faces everywhere? xD

  49. HOMG :Q……….. *drools*
    if all of their photos are this big, we won’t need to buy posters from yesasia anymore πŸ˜›

  50. talk about DEFINED JAWLINE….DROOOOOLLLLL AT YB’s pictures..sigh



  52. HOTDAMNNN. thanks for the pics! they are SO FREAKIN CLEAR, like extreme HQ. hahaha i can count all of taeyang’s hairs.

    dam they need to get a pic like this of his abs tho LOL

  53. the random smilies are the watermark tags of the person who provided the pictures πŸ™‚

  54. holy. Good thing I was still in my consciousness that I resisted to kiss TaeYang’s lips. XDXDXXDXD But, honestly, these gigantic pictures creep me out. XD

  55. Hey Hi! Where yall from??

  56. ^LOLOLOL

  57. Okay is it just me or when I see GD in the lollipop ads, I think of Clockwork Orange?!

  58. @vanessa: you got a very good point there. haha


    you weren’t kidding when you said HUGE.
    I just previewed baebae’s first picture and DAMN IT WAS BIG. REALLY BIG. Like “Oooh I knew Baebae’s left ear is not that perfect because it looks like a little chip of it got off but I love that a lot” big. yeah.
    And I am LOVING IT.
    Thanks!!!! gonna download it laturrr. ^^


  60. Oh wowsa, I’ve never seen suhc HQ BB pictures! Thanks for the 5 minutes of staring/drooling. I don’t know why but all I noticed was their imperfect eyebrows. Like how it wasn’t clean. xP Someone needs to pluck the ingrown hairs.

  61. OH SHIT.
    OH SHIT *O*

    okay, you know what..i’ve found the pictures i want order prints of now xDDD OMFGGGGGGGGG CAN YOU SAY..Woh-woh……….
    πŸ˜€ !!!!!!!!!!!!! GODDDDDDDDDD, CLOSE UPS. aghh, the dream mann..
    it’s a dream huh xD
    THESE ARE LIKE THE BESTEST EVER PRESENTS HOLY CRAPPPPPPPPP OMGOMGOMG super sexy quality GODD. can’t get over it x] those are SERIOUSLY some sexy sizes xD oh goddd, it’s perfect x]

    holy shit. THANKKKSSS THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. can’t live without something like this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  62. im definitely going to enjoy this xDDD

    AHAA, and yeahhh lmaooo i know what you mean by the things you can’t say here that you’re thinking LOLLL YEEEEEEEH πŸ˜› omgg. love these photos x]

  63. the group one of big show is my favoriteeeeee<3 holy crapp
    i lovee it x]

  64. OMG



    *knock out*

    u werent kidding when you said the were HUGE

    but hey its BIG bang

    so cute!!!!

  65. I LOVE YOU (:

  66. i clicked hubby top’s
    thinking geez how big can it be
    my brother happend to be next to me
    and he called me crazy for fainting at
    eyeballs xD but OH MAN ITS AWESOME
    but the pics are totallllly edited
    their skin and stuff. like bae’s pic
    one of them is white around but dark in the
    middle xD
    gosh. getting these printed for
    personal uses sounds good right now (;

  67. wowww those pictures O.O i stare my comp *.*

    lol~~~happy fangirl >.<

  68. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!! You have no idea how happy I am. Its 12:20 AM and I’m studying for an exam. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw these HUGE HUGE PICS WITH 2NE1 in it. YAY! I can finally make a shirt design with these big images<33333

    I’m ALLOWED to right?

  69. WHOA ITS SUPER HUGE XD! aaahahaha love it!

    you need to make an account but it takes less than 1 minute.
    GO HERE:

  71. […] Freaking LARGE pix from ‘Remember’ Photoshoot + GIFTS NO JOKE! it’s so giant & HQ to the point you can see: […]

  72. drooling at YB’s hot defined jawline…

  73. I never really crazily fangirled over YB but..

    HE IS SO PERFECT.. his jawline.. and… lips. OH MY GOD, I DIED.


  74. hey, u editted this. added more stuff. i love the pictures! yayy! going on my desktop! woohoo! lol. thanks :] and i have shorts that are practically the same as gd’s plaid pants. lol…

  75. I promise I won’t print out GD’s picture
    and make out with it. [:
    Even though… I could easily do that…….

    Pfft. Lol, j/k j/k.

    Ahahaha, I enjoyed looking at the up-close pictures,
    THANK YOU. <33

  76. DAMN MELLY! when you said “LARGE” you weren’t kidding huh?
    LOL; wahhh i’m OMFGasdfghjkl right now! (i’m late replying but who cares!?)

  77. […] Freaking LARGE pix from ‘Remember’ Photoshoot + GIFTS « BIG2nd pic: you could pierce thru that raincoat & spot his hot tattoo. … EFFINGGG MOTHER OF ALSJFLSDJFOSDJFOASDF that makes no sense lol.. THESE ARE LIKE THE BESTEST EVER PRESENTS HOLY CRAPPPPPPPPP OMGOMGOMG super sexy quality GODD. can’t get over it x] those are SERIOUSLY some sexy sizes xD oh goddd, it’s perfect x] Uncategorized Comments are closed. […]

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