LG Cyon Lollipop Website Showroom

feel free to browse CYON’s website for clearer view


Credit: http://www.cyon.co.kr/event/lollipop/main.jsp

Re-upload to Youtube: elaisvip

Post taken from:ncly@soompi


~ by Momo on March 30, 2009.

75 Responses to “LG Cyon Lollipop Website Showroom”

  1. OMG!
    Its so cute! Makes me want the phone even more, but they don’t sell it in Australia. thats so cut ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I love the visual lighting thingee on the phone. my current phone
    (Nokia 6300) doesnt do anything that fascinating. now im just jealous of the koreans for having access to such awesome phones

  2. BTW the model number for this phone is LG Cyon Lollipop SV 800. It is also known as LG KH 8000 and the price is 500 000 won. Won is the curency used in korea.

  3. WOW….that was freaken awesome! I love how the CF is playing on Dae’s TV keke XD

  4. damn this phone is freakin awesome… even if BB doesn’t model for this one,,, it sure has lots of features… but it’s still a phone.. used for calling…. it’s just that BB amplifies the popularity of it…. nice marketing strategy though…
    I like the blue one… hope they sell them in the phils. but W500K?!!! are you kidding me??!!! that could cost my twice my phone!
    Da*mn! this is unfair!! T__T

  5. OH MY GOSh, cool!
    damnn makes me want this one even MORE!
    is there any in US?

  6. GOSH GOSH GOSH. i just loveeeeeee the paper theme >:DD
    soooooooo cool. omgomg xDD veryy creative and aweeesomeee ideaaa
    gee, big bang just makes it 2094303480934850934850853095 times betterr xD lalalala LOLLIPOPPPPPPPP<3 loveed it haha

  7. man is awesomeee!!! i want one T.T

  8. can LG or cyon launch this also in the Philippines? can they released a GSM version of this lollipop phone? Philippines does not have WCDMA, and DMB yet! pls!!!! cyon released this also in part of other asian neighboring country’s!

  9. 500,000 Won??? so it’s $500! wow that’s some pricey cellphone! it’s a flip so obviously it’s not touch screen right? i think i’ll prefer the Samsung Omnia that F4 uses over this one. mad love for BB still! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. man i want that phone so bad! to bad they don’t sell it in america I WANT THAT PHONE SO BAD!!! and how much would it cost in american money? its like 500,000 won so how much is it in american money? i want to know!

  11. 1 USD is like 1,333 Won right now..
    So it like approximately USD 373.92 ..
    although i haven’t actually see an actual one right now..
    i do use their earlier model.. i don’t know the name.. jstu color violet hehhe
    btw, i am now here in Korea…

  12. Someone know where to buy one of them?
    I want it. A totally want that phone. o_o

  13. how much is it in malaysia

  14. ~~Whew! 500,000 won?! that’s almost 25000 Philippine Peso.. Amp! That’s my 2 months allowance.. Ahww.. I want that phone!!! I want that!!!

  15. It is around RM1,404.77 here in Malaysia.

  16. is LG LOLLIPOP selling in malaysia??

  17. It’s 5.000.000 rupiah in Indonesia..
    How expensive @_@

  18. i luv u T.O.P

    G-DRAGON lllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy…..

    i hate G-DRAGON

    but, iluv T.O.P


  20. There’s no cyon phone anymore in Indonesia..
    If u want 2 buy that, go check at Singapore ^^
    My friend buy Cyon Ice Cream at Singapore..

  21. is lollipop selling in Singapore?
    i totally want that phone…

  22. I heard that the company is planning to sell it out of Asia, but then again I’m not sure. AHH!! I’m sooo jealous! I really want that phone! ): Ughh!! It’s soo cutee!!

  23. I hope they sell it here in the Philippines like right NOW!! I am sooo wishing I’m in Kore right now..

  24. *Korea

  25. its…around RM1,404.77 in malaysia???
    serious???oh god!!!if i get 8As..i dont think my parents will buy it 4 me..

  26. I Love This Phone :_: When We Can Use It In Kuwait :_:

  27. they only sell it around korea?right? i want it, and how much would it cost in US dollars

  28. they have it for verizon right?? i would get it with verizon plan

  29. is this phone selling in singapore??
    pliz repli me asap
    i wanna get that phone

  30. Since Cyon still using Korean CDMA -i’m not sure the type of CDMA- I wonder if we can use it in Indonesia.
    Last week my Korean friend came to Yogyakarta and he has the LOLLIPOP! and the signal is not good.
    It’s quite difficult to receive Phone or Sms,Unless Cyon (LG) already setting it for use in Indonesia.

  31. they gonna sell in singapore ! ^^ but probably unlock b4 dec ? around dec then come out ): hahas. wait and see ^^

  32. i want one..
    plzz email me if you hav one..

  33. To : Yoonii
    I also heard the news but dunno is it true mahz lehz
    cos if its true i will wait till that time .
    or else i wanna get a new phone le cos my ice cream is giving me problem ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    hope lollipop will be a bttr one ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. i also wan to buy lg lollipop…i waiting so long..i keep searching every place but seems like malaysia wont launch it..sad!!!pls let me know…when will it come to malaysia..i came from penang!

  35. TO CYY : Hahas. Hope so. Ice Cream wasn’t good at all . pity people who bought that phone ): LETS WAIT (: But probably will be much exp. than Ice Cream. It cost 500,000 won in Korea. Sigh.

  36. omygee!
    its about RM 1,000 above in malaysia ?!
    damn expensive!

    no matter how, i still want that phone
    and i hope they sell at malaysia, duhh >.<

  37. i love the phone sooooooooo much
    specially the pink one!!!!

  38. i love the phone sooooooooo much
    hoping i can buy one someday
    specially the pink one!!!

  39. damn i want that telephone so mutch !

  40. umm…. they’re already selling the lollipop phone in the philippines soo yeah.. i mihgt gwet one next year wen i go there!! yay…

  41. really???where in the philippines??i meant wat part manila or wat??i want one…

  42. they said that lg lollipop will be available in about July 2010 as a estimate . . . .

  43. Lollipop is availablle in Phil? please tell me where! email at crazyswimmerx@gmail.com

  44. umm… i’m not quite sure cus umm… like it was my cusin that said she saw it at some placwe. she never told me but i’ll try and find ut and i’ll tell u guys

  45. thanks very much!!!!

  46. no its not tat expensive larh !
    its around rm700 – rm800
    its said to be release on cny in malaysia .
    i wonder if its true . i want tat phone so badly too ya know ! T^T

  47. it’s already available in singapore. blue and pink only

  48. Hello people! RRP in Malaysia is :RM899… want a cheaper price, leave me a msg on my twitter!! (username: sher88)…

    Just got my pink one yesterday~ I’ll give u the details personally… =)

    FYI, I’m not the seller… I only promote the shop I ‘pong chan’… Happy Chinese New YEar…

  49. Please notify me if they sell it in the US.I just love this phone

  50. how much does it cost in Singapore!anyone could answer it!o_o

  51. omg i really really really want it xD

  52. its selling at RM799 in malaysia

  53. I want a lollipop phone but I’m not aloud

  54. omg!! I really want it! I’ve been waiting it for 2 years!!
    I hope they sell it in Indonesia!!
    I REALLY WANT IT!! :'((

  55. saw the phone on sm cubao at cyberzone. i don’t want to leave after seeing that.. beside is the ice cream phone.. i want one. i will save money to buy one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  56. how much is it in the philippines?? And any other places where it’s sold?? preferably, is it sold in SM North? Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. hey filipino vips… my friend told me that her friend saw the phone in rob ermita just this weekend… i freaked out coz i really wanted one. haha. anyway, this friday, i’ll try to find the phone, (coz i personally don’t know my friend’s friend. lol). i’ll tell you guys when if i’ll be able to ffind it. haha.

  58. theres like this na in the phil?? does this mean that the first lollipop is out already???

  59. hi guys..just want to tell all of my Malaysian friends that the last time i saw this phone at rm800.. i didnt know that i cost until rm1400++..i think the price already drop..heee

  60. it’s now available in the Philippines.. and it’s not that expensive now.. maybe less than PhP20,000.00

  61. it’s available in ROBINSON’S PIONEER.. go check it out now.. ^^

  62. they said that it’s the same with motorazr.. maybe the design.. but it’s really a nice piece of technology because you can use that anywhere in the world..

  63. i want that too. bt i don know even they sell it in london…
    does anyone knows abt it??
    help plzz ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. sa mga pinoy jan meron nang ganito dito sa pinas weee ๐Ÿ˜€ and dadating na ung akin nxt week ๐Ÿ˜›

  65. hi!anyone know where i can get this in indonesia? ?and how much it in rupiah? ?please email me at eunhyukie.babo@yahoo.com
    thanks. . ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. do they sell it in europe?
    i’m living in hte netherlands and i really really want one!

  67. is lollipop already sell in indonesia now?


  68. hi guys specially to all pinoys out there, im actually confused…were you talking about the lollipop 1 or lollipop 2 being available here in the philippines? please let me know cuz i’ve been searching everywhere to get this phone but im unable to find it, if you know where to get it juz keep me posted please….im begging! =)

  69. i sell this lollipop to indonesia people..check this link


    thx u

  70. de mp3 x

  71. nway..is it true dats da phone doesnt have bluetooth..??anyone please reply..

  72. i don’t know about Lollipop 2, but the first Lollipop does have bluetooth. you can use it to browse internet too! i got mine for about US$200. it’s a really good (and cute!) phone for price this low.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. does the lollipop 2 available in the philippines yet~?

  74. How much is this in peso?

  75. now 2012 will end,,ah so wonder how much this phone now????ah freaking crazy with this phone!!!!!!!!!!!PM me 4 who know the price & where i can buy,,,please!!!!!!!

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