Big Bang will take a rest for the month of May | Premium Photoshoot

I’m not sure wether this is good new or bad new, it’s good new that they will finally have a month off, but then what about Bong’s solo debut in April? Bae’s 2nd mini album?….. oh so confusing, but if Bong’s solo activities is cancel… I might cry.. no, I will cry.


Bong will start adding french to his rap when he’s back.

Instead of ‘WADDUP. THIS IS GD’

it’ll be ‘BONJOUR, JE SUIS GD’

Big Bang will take a rest for the month of May till upcoming Japanese Album Release

Male group Big Bang will be having the month of May as a time of recharge and rest.

Although Big Bang concluded their official activity with ‘Sunset Glow’ at the end of last year, Seungri was busy with his solo activities, and all the members were busy with filming commercials, preparing for songs for solo albums, and also getting ready for intense upcoming Japanese activities in June and July.

Yang Hyunsuk of YG entertainment thought a time of rest was essential for Big Bang, and requested the management to not to get any additional schedules, and from the phone interview with Sports Dong-A (the newspaper), he mentioned that Big Bang was not able to rest since their debut in 2006, and there won’t be any activities for the month of May.

The reason why Daesung and Seungri finished their emceeing on MBC ‘Show! music core’ on last Saturday was for them to be able to rest. However, Daesung will continue filming for SBS Family Outing and TOP will also continue filming for KBS drama IRIS in the month of May.

Big Bang members will have time of rechargement rather than just resting. G-Dragon will be travelling the fashion mecca, Europe, to learn and read the fashion trends. Taeyang and Seungri will be learning dance from famous dancers and choreographers in the United States.

translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz

AHHHH!!! I got a SIGNED Big Bang CD!!!!

Ever since the day I start liking Big Bang, it’s always a dream of mine to get a signed CD from them. It’s such a hard thing to have especially for oversea fan like me, I’m so thankful that I have one.

Premium Photoshoot

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Seriously, the hotness that make you froze for about 20 seconds, then you start sweating for the next 3 minutes, after that you’ll forget your name until someone found you sitting there dumbfounded and call you by your name, THEN you’ll remember your name 😀 Not kidding. Even if they wear a speedo, they’ll still be hot, but in a suit now???? that just spell dead for us eh? haha and those eyes……….OOOH…………THOSE EYES.

Premium Photoshoot

Thanks to scentofyours @ yg_bigbang


~ by Vicky on March 30, 2009.

89 Responses to “Big Bang will take a rest for the month of May | Premium Photoshoot”

  1. soooo hot!!!!
    look at top’s and sol’s eyes!!!

  2. their eyes… OMG!! viva el eyelinerXDDD this gaze.. they look so.. *can they be more perfect than the living perfectitude they always are?* anyways.. My sister and I are like.. so hawt!!

  3. how’d you get a signed cd from them?1

  4. Signed CD? WoW how cool! I’m jealous! Great pics!

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    my fricken god!
    those pics are too good
    my man in eyeliner…heaven!!!
    he looks like a vampire with that expression
    it’s the “fulfill my dream of Tabi as a vampire”pic
    Baby looks HOT!!!
    and Bae…seeexyyyy!!!
    I just died!!!

  6. LOL, I think I did just forget my name…until my teacher IM-ed me. It’s creepy when she does that even if it’s school-related.

  7. ah the eyeliner strikes again ><
    i wish their make up artist would go a bit easy on the liner.
    it’s too obvious and a tad bit girly =X
    but its okay i’ll always love them<3

  8. OMG I melted when I saw TOP’s pic *drool* and then SCREAMED when I saw SeungRi..GAHH! He really knows how to emphsize the “best side” of his face keke. Dae Sung’s charm makes me go crazy *0* TaeYang is so sexy w/ his eyes and lips…and I feel like running my finger down JiYongie’s face lol?? So HOT!

  9. Yummy! lol

    i wanna freaking scream in the library again!!!!!
    when i saw the preview
    i was totally sweating from the inner of my heart
    i thought it was bong’s solo preview or something
    so HOT!!!!
    bong you <33
    black and white FTW

  11. Oh mah. They l0ok s0o0o hands0me, s0o k0ol. I luv the way gd designs hiz hair. L0ok very great. M0ak m0ak

  12. my Daesung just have to SMILE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Signed cd, OMG, I’m so jealous!!!

    But you deserve it, I’m happy for you! (:

    And btw, oh, they look so, sooo hot!


  14. OH MY GOSH!
    *goes outside for some AIR*

  15. EHH? how did you get oneeeeeee!?! i want a signed cd tooo )x

  16. O M G. I just yelled that out loud. You were so right.

    Straight up hotness!!! Srsly. Holy moly.

    Every single one of them is dripping w/ sexiness. XD But my baby Bae is too sexy. *o* <33333

    Love the pics in b&w too. ❤ THANK YOU for posting, Vicky! C:

  17. Ohmykks;klfj;aksldfj.
    VICKY I envy you. You are so damnn luckyyyy.
    Wahh those photos are soo… intense! xD
    The photo[s] speaks (:

  18. Ahhh I closed this page but opened it again. Can’t. stop. staring. <333

  19. i’m sure gd’s solo isn’t cancelled, it is probably pushed back but the rest is needed.

  20. i’m happy they get to rest again, but i really hope they don’t cancel Bong’s solo activities. Also those pictures are like amazingly hot…i swear that for 3 minutes i couldn’t move while looking at each of their pictures.

  21. omgsh those are wayy too sexy~
    i seriously just spaced out
    thinking about everything that i could do so i could meet them
    then i snapped out and freaked out about homework
    which i should be doing but i’m commenting instead :]

  22. :O i want to meet big bang aha

    aww no more activities until after may :[
    that just made today suck….

    but it’s alright. they deserve a break :]

  23. kid, i was telling 코코마 the same thing..even Melly..just not sure how to react on this.. Usually, i will be the one who will stand by to any YG’s decision coz i know he knows whats best for the boys and all..but now..well its too much..he keeps doing this again, again…without thinking it through..he should have thought about before committing to any advance commitment..

    AM not against the boys having to rest, am up for it..but yeah..not sure whether to take this is as a good news or bad. Should i happy or annoyed? not at the boys but at YG.

  24. idk what to feel anymore… YG why must you say about their solo albums in this upcoming months then suddenly rest?..

    im not against BB having a time to rest, im actually happy because i know they need it but YG why why why???..

    sad? happy?..what should i feel???.. 😦 😀

  25. What? More? Yeah…. This is news. I do want BB to have time to rest. But what’s happening in April? I can’t imagine them having GD’s solo debut album in April, nothing in May, and then back on schedule for June/July/rest of the year. Doesn’t make sense.

    So then will GD’s album be delayed?? T____T I would be really sad, but better delayed than cancelled completely. [ I don’t think it’ll be cancelled tho. :3 ]

    A break is very much needed for our guys. <333

    I’m glad GD will be able to do some awesome traveling and Bae and SRi will be in the US?! O: I hope Bae and SRi will have time to chill though besides learning new dance moves.

  26. … -sighs @ YG- . ____ .

  27. damn. bb’s schedule is confusing me. its like not organize at all. first this and then that..either vacation or no vacation period. what’s up with GD’s solo…? but i’m happy their resting well not really if TOP & DAE are filming and GD traveling..ummm; TAE & SEUNG practicing dance..this isn’t calling resting.. “RESTING” is relaxing and enjoying the sun, the beach, and mostly getting tan and..drinking cola. hahaha! poor bb..

  28. i love tae yang!!! hayyy… i want to hug him… ❤

  29. hands down Daesung’s pic looks the best.

    GD’s is 2nd.

    SR looks so angry….T~T

    TOP looks a bit weird…

    and TY always looks the same to me.

  30. OMG! GD is going to EUROPE???! Soo coool!! He really is into fashion. And Tae Yang and SeungRi are going to the states???!! I wonder who will teach them dance!! I hope it’s like Shane Sparks or someone famous and badass!!

    It may kind of suck for us VIPs but this will be so fun for Big Bang and they get to rest…but it’s only May, and once summer comes..BAM! I am SOO SOOOOOO excited for the intense Japanese activities! But I am worried about GD & YB solo…? At least it’s in the making!



    Bong will start adding french to his rap when he’s back.

    Instead of ‘WADDUP. THIS IS GD’

    it’ll be ‘BONJOUR, JE SUIS GD’

  32. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    mygosh!!! GD IS SO HOOTT



    and…i read up bae and baby are coming to US? im so confused lol…

  34. OMGGGGGG, i can’t help stop screaming!!
    All of them are damn HOT especially MR. GD,
    Looking so fine and sexyyyy!! LOL!!
    My godd, i can’t cool it!!
    I’m envious of you vicky, for getting an autographed album,LOL. Ahh, i want it too !!!

  35. ^^ Vickyy!!! hahah lol
    ur too funny, oh, i really don’t hope that they don’t cancel Bongs solo debut…. if YG do it i might cry, till i don’t have a drop of tear XD

    The boys looking oh so HOT and SEXY!!!
    TOP ah~~~ OHMAGAD that gaze…. XP

    They taking some rest…. YAYY…

  36. Omg, taking a month of rest in May?
    I’m happy because I know they work so hard & deserve some rest.
    But, I’m also super mad because that means they can’t make it to Hollywood Bowl, which I spent so long getting tickets for.
    I know I’m kinda being selfish, but FHKLSDF.

  37. omGD!!!! UR SOOOO LUCKYYYY~!!!!!! 😀 im happy 4 you~ ^^


  39. bae and seungri coming to the u.s.? sweet!

  40. i’m really happy that the boys are taking a break…i think that they really deserve it.. But how about gd’s solo???

    seriously yg should stop making press releases if he can’t keep his word on it…it just makes the fans excited for nothing…

  41. WOAH!! O-O
    these are extremely HOT and SMOULDERING TT^TT
    i love every photo ^^

  42. omg im in heaven

    asdakjfhslkdhfpoienmv nsahcoijaeoijasoc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*dies*

    Tae baby.


  43. I was screaming out “JI JI JI JI JI JI JI~!”
    When i saw GD’s pic.

  44. Smoking eyes, love ’em all 😡

  45. Wahhh, holy shit i forgot my name there for a sec, until
    i read that and i kept thinking about my name but ahaha i
    couldn’t really think b/c i was staring at G-Dragon.
    HOTTTT! gahhhh cannot stop staring. must check on it again*
    gawd i forgot what i was gonna say.
    —OH YEAHH i got it now. gasp* what?! but-but they can’t.
    what happen to g-dragon performing on MC & TaeYang’s Solo.
    ahhh i mean yeah it’s good but still… AWW NO WONDER!
    i miss Seungri & Dae Sung on Music Core.
    gawd i might cry too. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how’d you get a signed CD?! OHMYGOSH lucky..
    but how?! hook me up! wtfjflasdkjkl how? Lols jealous much!
    LOLS DaeSung’s the only one that smiled in the photoshoot.
    gawd they look hot & serious `cept Dae of course. They all look hot.
    gasped* i forgot how hot they look in just plain suits. it’s been that long.
    Ohmygod, i cannot stop staring at Ji Yong’s picture. “hot,hot,hot”

  46. Aw G-Dragon’s gonna Europe. I thought he was gonna be in America.
    Yay so TaeYang & Seungri’s gonna be in America.. (:

  47. that thing we’ve been working so hard on vicky…
    that would be such a waste.
    i think i shed a few tears earlier. but that might’ve been many things collectively, but yes, i am absolutely devastated. ='[


    i totaly stared for more than 20 seconds!!
    i was just like
    then drooled :DD

    where’d u get the CD?

  50. whitch part of europe is gd going to travell????

    its soo great
    i hope to get the album than…
    and its really good that they take off for a month
    its ok^^

  51. i’m pretty excited with GD will travelling to europe
    and seungri and taeyang will learn dance from
    famous dancers and choreographers part…

    the photoshoots are incredible!
    i like them all !
    arrgghh .. they make me insane !

  52. That’s good to hear! XD
    + I just died at those pics.
    I went to GDHeaven. =)

  53. YAY! a break for them! im happy for them :]
    and OMG! Taeyang and Seungri are coming to the states?! i wanna stalk them! muhahahha! lol. jk. i hope they come to the san francisco bay area though :] bumping into them would be so awesome! 😀
    hahaha dae is the only one smiling in that photoshoot. they all look super sexy tho 😀

  54. vicky. i need answer.
    how didya get the signed cd?????????/


  55. same w/ momo.
    now i’m just upset at YG’s indecision.
    be straight w/ the vipz mannnnn

    stop messing w/ my restless mind.

    & heck no he better not put french into the raps LOL
    even though it would sound hot – NO! haha

  56. so so so cool i’m french GO GO GD

  57. annoyed annoyed annoyed is what i can say
    this is a GOOD NEWS for the boys
    i’m happy for them and am willing to wait patiently for bong’s solo
    but if YG were to tell me that the plan of bong’s solo is OFF
    i will freaking cry
    i was already annoyed at YG about 2NE1
    now here comes this again
    i thought YG said the boys are not going to rest
    and now they get to rest again
    i’m not against it
    it’s just that..i don’t like how YG makes decision man
    on the other hand, BONG IS GOING TO EUROPE!!
    and freaking SHOPPING and learn about FASHION
    gosh i’m worried bout my eyes and heart now
    what if..he comes up with something WEIRDER T____T
    vicky gurl, RAP IN FRENCH??

    GD in Europe!!! aaaa finally!! maybe ill run into him on the streets of belle paris!! awesome!!!

  59. OMG, THIS IS SO HOT! I was like “O_O” so much, specially GD, oh god.. these pictures is hot : D
    – and man, I’m glad that the boys finally can get some rest, they deserve it.. so it’s very good ^w^
    – It’s sad, GD comes to Europe, but I know that he don’t will come to small Denmark D: *cry cry cy*
    – with GD’s french.. it’s exiting to hear his rap on french, looking forward to that! d;
    I loveeeeee Big Bang, forever<3

  60. May + US + Me = Mad! So mad! I’M gonna be back up north at that time! XD

    But GD in Europe… eheh i was suppose to go in France this july… maybe i go in may! =D

  61. omo. GD is coming to europe?
    eww. are there any guess’ where he could be?
    maybe Paris or London?

  62. Month of “charge and rest”
    Does that mean they’ll come to U.S. during May!?
    Since that’s what they were supposed to come to the U.S. for ;x

    But then it says TY and SR are coming to U.S.,
    so does that mean it’s just them two?

    Awwwwwww… I wanted to see GD so badly 😦
    & I was really looking forward to his solo T_T

  63. jiyongiee!!
    he can’t give up on his solo!!…no matter how [hehe] he’ll be having in Oh Paris.
    *sigh* i’m excited and slightly scared for may. the boys will be gone for a WHOLE MONTH. but baeri’s coming to the states? ^.^

  64. Thank goodness!
    Poor babies need a break.
    Plus, they’ve grown so much since ‘o6!

  65. I want TOP to be my prom date….ahhhh! My boys are so sharp!

  66. omg! i’m leaving for paris tommorrow! only if i went a month later i could have TOTALLY ran into GD b/c i’m going with my fashion mag i intern for!!!!! and i’m going to all the fashion headquarters. noooo! JIyong come to paris NOW!

    ps. those pics are delicious

  67. T.T…….R.I.P

    i die with that pictures T.T

  68. xarmaine

    DAMN IT!

  69. hohoho….love Ji Yong’s nd DaeDae’s the most!!!

  70. omgdomgdomgdomgdomgdomgdomgd
    my brain totally just shut down when i saw the preview with GD’s friggin sexy neck.
    and nothing processed when i saw the whole picture
    im gonna have crazy dreams tonight~<3 XDD

    you need to make an account but it takes less than 1 minute.
    GO HERE:

  72. GD in Europe?!! I hope he comes in France!

  73. aww i really hope GDs solo wont be delayed for too long. ive been waiting for it like crazy…
    aaahh GD is so hott

  74. srsly, hubby dae can make any picture happy ❤

  75. Hey guys,
    I just found out that Asia is holding a Battle of the Pop – Asia vs Asia and Big Bang is in it with 1068 votes and TVXQ has 1314 votes. So if you are a true Big Bang Fan show your support and vote for them at make and sure you register it is very easy, ok. Thanks alot. BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. xD Tabi’s looking all suave, GD’s making GREAT use of his adam’s apple (yes. I have a thing for adam’s apples), Seungri just looks sooo hotly intense, Daesung’s smile is still just as contagious….and DAMN. This pic of Youngbae oppa really shows off his sharp facial structure. 😀

  77. the hottest thing i’ve ever seen in my life.
    it cant get any hotter than this…..
    or can it???
    this is Big Bang were talking about.
    They can pull anything off esp Kwon Leader

  78. •Woah. How’d you get a signed CD Vicky? [:

    •… I honestly don’t know what to feel right now either.
    I’m just so confused. My feelings are… simply mixed up.
    Not a good feeling. D:

    •Um wow, if GD DOES start adding French to his raps…
    Well… my, my.

  79. CD… want CD… signed… BigBang…. *faints*
    one word to describe them: SEXY

  80. OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BIGBANG SO HOT PICS!!!!!!!!!!

  81. yes so ecited i want hear the bon accent!!!

  82. ooh la la, Paris est la fashion central definitely! i wish i went on the french exchange now…
    lol GD speaking en francais..can’t wait!

  83. 1st up such good news they’re having a break.
    they totally deserve it.
    i was hyperventilating frm other pics of em but holy christ those piccys are… phew

  84. They look so good!!

    Why is DaeSung the only one grinning? 🙂

    Love him!!! Haha..

    Thanks for sharing!!

  85. *Ahhh.. GD’s so damn cute*
    Look at his neck, makes you wanna bite him
    And his lips, everything so sexyy!
    Hahha, i would like to see him add french to his rap.

  86. OMG GD is so cute I’m glad thier going to be able to get some rest!
    I wonder who the famous choreographers are goin to be teaching Maknae and taeyang from the U.S? anyways Maknae looks so grown now!!

  87. I read some rumours saying that G-Dragon was now in Paris for a photoshoot for Vogue Magazine. Is it real? Could someone confirm that “info”?

  88. yangie: that would be really really cool. but if he’s taking a break, would he be shooting? isnt that ironic?

  89. *faint* heavens they look so hawt.

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