Tablo: BigBang is Twentysomething Generation

  • An interview Tablo did with where talks about the album, the business behind the decision, his personal philosophies, and all that other good stuff.
  • But the most important part is that Big Bang was being mentioned here.
  • For complete interview, please go to Dramabeans


The Korean Twentysomethings of Whom He Speaks

Q: A person symbolizing twentysomethings?

Tablo : “Umm… Big Bang? [The reporter laughs and claps.] Why not Big Bang? It’s an honest answer. Big Bang is like the twentysomething generation, and among them Daesung is most like it. He’s not completely grown up yet, but it seems like he wants to try everything fearlessly, and enjoys whatever he does. Twentysomethings usually don’t know what they want to do.”



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**EDIT by melly: to clarify for those who don’t quite understand the question being asked: it’s asking who symbolizes the “twentysomethings,” meaning our generation – the curent generation of teens-turning-to-adults, which would apply to me because i’m 20, as well as anyone in the current stage of turning into adults. Tablo says BIG BANG is a great representative because they are in their 20’s who represent the current generation of 20-some-yr-olds, specifically calling out Daesung as someone who is fearless & willing to try anything & everything. BIG BANG defines our generation. Tablo says so, therefore it is WORD lol. x]

~ by Momo on March 30, 2009.

20 Responses to “Tablo: BigBang is Twentysomething Generation”

  1. hahaa. what a random tablo interview (x
    does that mean he accepts our boys
    as the idol of our generation? hehe<3
    idk about dae being fearless tho
    haha thats questionable (;

    tablo is the hook between the Americans & kpop. he knows man, he knows.

    thank you stanford lol.

    or stanford should thank tablo =X

  3. ^LOL
    deserve a monument in stanford
    he’s awesome!!!

  4. wait~ i dont quite get the “twentysomething generation” part!!!

    ❤ Tablo.. 😀

  5. gdluvzmc: agree w/ you 100%! especially the american-kpop part. :]

  6. i love tablo XD
    big bang and epik high= ❤

  7. i don rlly get the question?
    haha ;p

    but glad tablo mentions the boys. because tablo is so cool

  8. Lol, I love how he picked Dae Sung to describe 😀
    Tablo rocks! I agree with gdluvzmc~~

  9. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh………thankz momo!!!

    yes BB represents US!!!

  10. Blo is awesome :p

    just to throw it out therfe please support them by buying their album on 🙂

  11. Aww Big Bang. Thank You Tablo. Dude i love map the soul.
    but ahah i love how he mentions Dae. Seungri’s younger though.
    Haha oh yes, thank you stanford for making Tablo even more awesome!

  12. Whoo, love Big Bang!
    And Tablo too.

  13. Epik Bang love!!! hahahah
    I love Epik High, even before Big Bang, so they r like the first band i loved hahah….
    Tablo is AWESOME!!!

  14. si. Tablo said it so its WORD. Big Bang are the twentysomethings we need. 20somethings the innocent, curious, risktaking, full of hotness generation.Whoooo

  15. TABLO!!!! Represent Stanford!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m sort of iffy about that he trying to be sarcastic or is he just saying it just because…Like is he basically saying they’re clueless/directionless (is that a word? lol), which is why they represent the twenty something generation. Whatever maybe I’m just reading too much into it lol…

  17. awwwwwwww ;D
    of course big bang loll<333

  18. interesting interview ^^ i like epik high and Tablo ^^ i think is good he thinks BB represents our generation well i’m 20 ^^ so i can feel identified ^^ thanks 4 the info Momo

  19. o okay. thanks i got it now
    i’m not yet 20somethings but i’m feelin ya!

  20. wowo u guys r awesome hah n lobb u guys

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