YG Ladies Group 2NE1 “21st Century New Evolution”

Since we’re still on the Lollipop frenzy mood until the MV comes out, here’s the real meaning of the name 2NE1


YG has officially decided not to use “To Anyone,”since that is already being used by the artist 21 (To Anyone).

He said, “I’m so sorry to 21. We did not check in advance if anyone else had the name.” This is not something to complain about, btw. An artist already had that name so it really isn’t fair.

2NE1 will be their official name. “NE” stands for New Evolution, and the “21″ also stands for the 21st century. Therefore, 2NE1 will be the new evolution of the 21st century.

YG also said, “2NE1 will be introduced as a female group with always having new challenges with a new form of music.

A YG rep said, “2NE1 will formally debut in May, and have been preparing for 4 years for good songs and activities this year.”

Credit: Mydaily, JoyNews + heygingersnap@YGLadies.com/soompi

Post taken from: Sophia@http://ygworld.wordpress.com/


~ by Momo on March 30, 2009.

56 Responses to “YG Ladies Group 2NE1 “21st Century New Evolution””

  1. I just cant wait for them!!!..and oh!,,they’re still “21” right? w/ the meaning of never lose and fresh music?..but now their english name is 2NE1 which stands for 21st century new evolution?..ok.. still a bit confuse..is it formally just 2NE1 or its still 21(2NE1)??.. 😦 sorry still confuse.. 😦

  2. @J-G-RILEEN

    yup it can be confusing sometimes. just take it this way, just take 21 as their group nickname. they will known as 21 or 2NE1 eitherway.

  3. OH okay, thats much better..helps..thanks momo 😀

  4. actually i like the new name better ^^
    i can’t wait for their debut!!! :DD

  5. i hope the girls will get lots of love dispute their name confusion. i’m somewhat kinda upset that this has to happen. someone or YG isn’t paying too much attention in their company. greeting fans with confusing schedules..i’m just a lil’ annoyed with bb’s schedule. the clock is ticking;;; GRAAAGGGA!!!!

  6. oh well…the name looks WAY BETTER NOW. ^^

  7. Kind of confused…but the previous meaning and this meaning are both still cool. 2NE1 fighting!!!

  8. wait..so is it still pronounced to anyone? xDD
    omgg lol im confused aha

  9. “‘NE’ stands for New Evolution, and the “21″ also stands for the 21st century. Therefore, 2NE1 will be the new evolution of the 21st century.”

    AAAAAAAH <3!!! i love their new meaning of the name, its so fierce ;D *watched too much project runway; hahah*

  10. I’ll just say this…love the 2NE1, and as long as the FanClub name is “blackjack” and all the other stuff i said in terms of member designations/recognitions, etc etc etc, check allkpop.com; we good!!! BIGBANG/2NE1 FIGHTING! FIGHTING! FIGHTING!


    comments #67 on page 2, and #150 on page 3 😀

  11. 2NE1 … unique name …
    i think i’m gonna like them all ..
    i’ve watched lollipop CF and the song and they’re good .

  12. i like this name better than 21 (to anyone). this is alot deeper, and it sounds so cool, too! :] 2NE1. im really likeing it 😀
    and btw i dont think is a new form of music, though. i mean, seriously, a girl big bang, new form of music? be realistic! lol… no offnese or anything though. i still love it.

  13. Whoooohooooo
    Big Bang + 2NE1 = ❤

  14. wow~~ finally is all clear ^^’ i hope they don’t change their minds about the groups name

    2NE1 i like that name ^^

  15. i don’t understand =]]
    because i’m from Vietnamese :”>

  16. i love the new name!!!go 2ne1!!!!!!
    can’t w8 on ur first album….

  17. go sandara…we love you…i kinda like park bom…love u all…hqahahaha/…

  18. Up for Sandara!

  19. okay… i have a bad feeling about this. I think this is the start of the FALL of big bang! GD’s going to produce music for them which means, he ownt be concentrating on big bang as much! argh! and come on. NEW MUSIC? when they’re the female version of big bang???

  20. sandy!!!!!!!!!finally i can see my idol again!!!!!! Mahal ka pa rin namin sandy!!!

  21. oushi88: omg i totally agree. if you saw my comment, it sounds kinda like yours. lol. except its… more positive. i still like their songs and all, but its just not new. its just basically biting off big bang. makes me feel like theyre such followers. but i guess yg did that.

  22. i really like their new name ‘2NE1’ kk
    Sandara+CL+Minji+Bommie Go Go!

  23. so 2NE1 is still pronounced “21”, rite?

  24. its a pretty sweet name, even tho its now “2NE1 (new evolution of the 21st century)” it still kinda refers back to their original name. the name can sound like all those. if spelled out 2 N E 1 sound like “to anyone” and say this really fast it becomes 21 or..the other way around. especially to those ppl that never heard about the band, they probably will interpret it as probably one of those? i don’t know just thinking out loud to myself…

  25. oooh. I like the new name! 2NE1.. so much meaning to the name
    I’ll be supporting this group! I can’t wait for them to debut already..
    SNE1 fighting! 😀

  26. Great Website! Would you mind checking out mine? Just click my name. Thanks! 😀

  27. I think they look okay I guess. I’ve never been a fan of girl groups…I hope they don’t get too close to Big Bang! Big Bang is fine the way they are!

  28. They look okay…hope they don’t get too friendly with Big Bang! Big Bang is amazing by themselves! They should stay the way they are!

  29. their fanclub should be called “blackjack”!


  30. you are just amazing sandara, seeing you from Lollipop’s video, wow, very wow, I saw Sandara in person I think 4 years ago, and she is really beautiful, waaaaaaaaaahhhh…. gogogogogo!

  31. .i love sandara park,,,

  32. i absolutely LOVE the concept of ‘2NE1’ its unique and different from other groups. can’t wait till their debut in May(?)

  33. I love Sandara Park she is so cute. Im happy that we can see her again even though shes not here in the philippines. ill keep supporting her because she is so nice… She is very nice, kind and approachable actress and singer here in the philippines.. Go Snadara!!! Hope for your more success.. and I hope korean will support you more than we support you. Thank you!

  34. hehehe! wrong spelling it should be Sandara not Snadara.. Im so sorry for my wrong spelling. it wont happen again!

  35. thanks for a great post, i may put a link to it in my own blog.if thats ok with you?

  36. Goodluck 2ne1. Gudluck sandara park! Ur still the best!

    🙂 have a goof one (Y)

  38. HAHAHAHA love love love the new group… people say that the older ones look much younger in their photo hahaha oh well… I am excited for them haaaha

  39. so much expectation for this group, their debut better be good!

  40. both big bang and 2ne1 are great there in Their MV in LOLLIPOP!!!

    it’s so nice!!and i want to buy some.. CYON CELLPHONE!!!ahahaHA!!

    it has a cool features!!it is so cool and cute..
    But i still have one..:)

    i really really like the new improvement of SANDARA!!
    she already growned uP!!
    so we must support the new girl group in korea!!!
    and also bigbang especially.. T.O.P!!!wahAhah

    such a nice eyes,, very glooming..!!!and so dark.:P

  41. they say that park bom?(am i right?) are in the same age? 24 and i really kinda like their styles.. coz.. they don’t even look like 24!!hahah they look lIke 17 for Me..:)


    other than the older groups..i hate it.. when they act cuties..
    they are so old for that thing.. hahah!!!2ne1 lock and load!!ready to take off the other group!!!

    the collaboration between the bigbang is a great idea!!..cute,,:)

  42. 2ne1 rocks!

    Am so psyched!!!
    They’re gonna be brilliant, I can just feel it!!

  44. Fan club name should be Double-Down, no black jack 😛

  45. i think the name is so clever, b/c if you just pronounce it like how it’s written, it still sounds like the number 21.

  46. wow!!!…go sandara ooppps…dara!!!…hahaha,,,it is good to see dara grows as an artist….i love her so much…hey will the yg plan to market the 2ne1 here in the philippines…I am sure they will be a big hit here espeXaly with thier kind of music and style..and of course with dara with them….their music is soo addictive!!! i hope they can come here….haaay!!! looking forward with that…I LOVE 2ne1

  47. YO!. i am so jazz,2ne1’s so jazz.
    i believe GD’s the stylish.by the way,
    i’m waiting for dvd bigshow !!!!!!!.

    when do u go to thailand ?.
    If u visit here u will thanks thai FC.

    if u don’t believe u can ask WG.
    at here nobody don’t know nobody.

    แต่ต้องโปรโมทให้ดี ๆ นะ จะได้ไม่แพ้วงอื่นเขา

  48. sandara go!!

  49. I’m totally love them.They’re so cool!!!Even if their official name is 21 or 2NE1, I’m still love them!

  50. im confused if all who commented here are Filipinos?

  51. hello? from where are you?

  52. hi all!

  53. i really like 2ne1 styles and a person i like the most is cl & san dara park

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  55. I am thinking about starting a fresh blog inside the same class.

  56. become the best and top group band… fighting 2NE1..

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