Daesung + Seungri’s Last Day on Music Core| W-inds ft G-Dragon Audio Preview | TOP pix in IRIS

credit: GOM TV || 와쥐베베
reupload: chauCNN

so sad, our 2 youngins won’t be hosting Music Core anymore, we’ll be missing their bubbly personalities & bringing their energy to the show. 10 months is definitely a long time, longer than i can remember any other hosts since i’ve watched.

ahh that “we belong together” remix is sucha good ‘farewell song’ ~ why?!?!? lol

thanks to my homie dubseeXvip for the tip.

jiyong makes every song catchy. everything he touches turns into big hits. his rap is in english, he starts off the song, sounds like the entire song is in english… must look for it. actually, i’m a lil upset at jiyong last night so i can’t really enjoy it to the fullest yet so… nothing much to spazz about right now =[ — i could clearly make out from the song that he went to the bar lol

& TOP pix from IRIS! he’s sucha bamf spy haha.

he looks kinda weird w/ the hair & the green suit, he sure sticks out like a sore thumb for an assassin or whatever AND HE’S HOLDING A GUN! GASP.

look under the cut ———–>




^ see what i mean? lol


~ by gdluvzmc on March 31, 2009.

68 Responses to “Daesung + Seungri’s Last Day on Music Core| W-inds ft G-Dragon Audio Preview | TOP pix in IRIS”

  1. wow Top is very sexy and scary too

  2. wow!!! i love how they let him have stragaly hair!!!! he looks sooo hot!!!!! TOP OPPA HWAITING!!!!!

  3. idk. i actually really like the look.
    and for some odd reason i’m getting The Joker feel
    from TOP because he seems so colorful and the hair.
    i wonder what’s going on in that scene too.

  4. w-inds ft gd

  5. my cuzzy zay is gonna die at top’s potrayal of an assasin. smokin hot assasin dat is~

  6. So hard worrkin’ men o.O…
    Melly hope u could hook us up wit some pics in the future…where we can see them swetting & stuff…
    jk jk

  7. Aw… I cried watching their last MCing, 10 months sure is a long time….
    OMONAA!!! Tabi ahh… what happen to your hair?? hahha
    it looks curly in the last two pics XD
    but he looks HOT and a bit, scary, i know that he doesn’t like that people say this, but he sure looks scary T__T

    but he looks so cute in the last two =3

  8. Aww Babes =]
    kekeke I like the remix =D They were GREAT hosts!
    I love them lots!


  10. kkyyyahhhh!!!
    *screams and faints*
    sexy assasin
    you’re right a little too bright to be an assasin yet I’m not dissapointed
    he looks HOT!!!

  11. ummmm top is so sexy gun wielding

  12. OMFG……he can hold taht gun any old day…damn…and just WHOA and lk ah man……HELP ME HERE, he’s too sexy in there…..WAY too sexy~~~~~

  13. Aww, Baby’s & Dae’s last time hosting the MC D: I love watching them hosting, i’ll miss watching those ! ily SEUNG RI<33 && Dayum, TOP looks HOT(:

  14. Aww, Dae and Sri. ❤ They seemed closer that last day of hosting. I love that remix of We Belong Together. ❤

    LOL! Tabi. ❤ I don’t mind the hair. Doesn’t look bad. But can’t tell so well since he’s in profile. But the green suit sure sticks out for an assassin…. xDD

  15. what bar? D: uh oh.
    could you explain the GD incident from last night? :X

  16. ^ ahh no, i was referring to the lyrics haha.
    the incident last night is more personal with him -___-
    i’m hoping he changes his mind about europe.

  17. *sigh*…I felt so sad watching the vid of SR & Dae’s last time MCing…they’ve been on the show so long… 😦
    but oh damn!! “Rain is falling” sounds so freaking cool, I love GD’s rap..the beat is hot. And TOP looks a bit fobbish with the whole Teal suit..?? lol

  18. =O ohheysexytop.
    I’m so glad his hair isn’t slicked back like in the promo pic. But…he’s a hitman. Shouldn’t he wear something that won’t stand out as much?

    New w-inds song sounds awesome. I’d like it even if GD wasn’t in it, actually.

  19. aww seungri & dae :[

    why are you a little upset at GD?

    wooooh. top still looks good with messy hair and a gun :DDD

  20. TOP is freakin sexyyyyyyyy! 😛

  21. Top! You are soo badass!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. will miss seung ri n deasung …
    GD ur the best…
    top, the actress idol in the future…
    luv them damn much….

  23. OMG TOP’s so freaking hot! He looks sexy and scary *0*!!! He’s driving me crazy!! :faints:

  24. #$&^$#$#*_)(*&^^$

    dunno waht to say on Tabi ~.~A

  25. Hik. I can’t see any pictures here. Plz, check the link. Tks u so much.

  26. so sexy and scary
    anway, i donn feel like his hair

  27. awwww sniffs* SADDDD! i think i’m gonna cry.
    sniff sniff. awww i’m Music Core is not gonna be the same anymore.
    I liked the remix of those 2 together.
    It’s b/c THEY BELONG there & it’s a goodbye song. Ahaha j/k
    Ahhh* i was so happy but whatt? he’s at the bar.
    other then they YEAHH everything he touches, it
    makes the song sound better. Lols because i’m
    starting to like this song. I cannot wait for the HQ version =]
    Yeah uhmm, he looks weird. Gasp* HE IS!?
    awww i wonder what the scene is? looks exciting though.
    Damnnn i cannot wait to see Iris.
    Eww, that’s a not very pretty colored green, tabi.
    Aww everyone has updated news except for TaeYang.

  28. its okay top is still a hottie!eheh

  29. LOL. I heard GD “went to the bar” too. XD

    …The song preview is sorta hard to hear, but sounds pretty good. [;

    GO GD!~ ❤

  30. ohhhhh no on is gonna see TOP coming lol…..he still look good though…ah! i cant wait to fully hear the song,,,

  31. seung ri and daesung are still very very kute (^_^)

  32. Omg
    I need to find that song.
    Top. and his green suit xD

  33. He Looks Like A Asian Joker LOL

  34. so sad.. i will miss this 3 bubbly MC’z. 😦

    nweiz, wow w-inds ft. gd? i really love w-inds, they are my fav. boygroup in japan, next to NewS.. kekek.. actualy tied.. NewS & w-INDS. LOL.. BIGBANG IS STILL MY NUMBER 1.

    top is so cool in that pix.. lol.

  35. ahah top looks cool!!
    he does
    look like
    an asassin
    he’s holding a gun

  36. omgee!! oppa you’re soo HAWT!<33 *DEAD*

  37. gaaah I’m getting curious.

    what was GD’s incident that made you upset Melly?waaaa

  38. they are so cute!!! love GD’s voice. can you tell us about GD’s incident? i’m so dying to know? plz plz plz… thanks

  39. OMG Top so manly
    i cant wait
    TOP sexy

  40. awwww i’m gonna miss Dae and SR in Music Core U.U

    Tabi!!!♥ looks so good ♥.♥

    why are you upset with GD o.o?

  41. ww.We belong together’s remix is sooo coool lub it.We’ll miss them very very much =((

  42. hahahha first thing i thought whn looking at our tabi was…..
    GOO JUNPYO hahahaha and that ll b/c of the hair… hihi ❤

  43. so sweet seeing solbi huggin our panda
    and dae sungie still all-smile despite livin the show!
    cos he got f.o! ahaha meanwhile magnae has … ? ;p

    owwww rain is falling.
    hearing jyong wwas enuff to pump it up
    but i donno what to say yet cos the music’s nt clear plus i cnt hear the lyrics clearly.
    will wait fr full ver!

  44. TOP’s hair is excellent there 😀
    This makes me want to watch the drama even more~

  45. where can we get the remix of the We Belong Together? its sooo nice~

  46. my bad BOI..aaaaaah! can’t wait!


    GD in school?

  47. agree.
    first,he looks like gu jun pyo.!
    but he look freaky damn hooooooootttttttttttttt.!!!!!!

  48. waaaa~im really curios too…@.@
    why are u upset to GD???…i wonder…signnnn

  49. awwww! Music Core wont be the same anymore!!!

    TOP looks like Gu Junpyo!! lol

    you need to make an account but it takes less than 1 minute.
    GO HERE:


  51. OMG what for a spy in turkey vest =)) IMAO

  52. D: i cried so much when i was watching seung ri and daesung’s last day on music core..

  53. [why isnt my pic showing up?!]

  54. ok…so TOP = HOT!!!

    but seriously….how can he be an assassin when he’s in such bright ass clothes????

    is this some sort of comedy thriller? hahahaha.

    anyways, he’s still hot!

  55. ooh~ hubby tabi<3
    what a bad ass (;
    hhahaha his hair isnt SLICK
    this time but its sexy on himm. gawd 8)
    top is my goojunpyo<3내꼬얌~~
    aw we’ll all miss those dorks as mc

  56. 안녕하세요!! 빅뱅 사진 보고 들어왔어요!
    혹시 한국사람이신가요?
    죄송한데;;여쭤보고 싶은게 있어서 글 남겨요 .
    블로그 상단 스킨에 빅뱅 이미지 넣으신거 혹시 어떻게 하신거에요?
    어느 메뉴에서 바꾸는지 알려주세요 ㅠㅠ

  57. ohhhhmyy geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  58. what reason is there to be mad at gd? im confused and desperate to know.

  59. vote? Big bang losing :[.
    Rmb tah Register iight.

  60. It’s so sad that they’re leaving D:
    they looked sad.
    VOTE FOR BIGBANG ON CHANNEL V BATTLE OF THE POP. i dont know the exact url but you can search the key words.
    Big bang is losing against DBSK ]:
    Help support them hehehehehe. 😀

  61. man top look so hot!!!!! i melting dude!!!!
    wow thst song is awsome gd song!!!! cant wait!!!!

  62. so anyone knows why the writer says that she is a little mad with GD??? thanks

  63. holy crap that song needs to come out like right now!!!!!!! omg Bongie >.< he sounds freaking amazing in here!! dude and then Winds doing the chorus is just <3!!

  64. to everyone concerned about my being mad @ jiyong:
    it’s something personal, don’t fret about it.

  65. wow TOP very SEXY!!!!!!!!!!

  66. wahh.He seriously looks like Lee Minho.. Kind of..

    But still sexy.. haahha..

    Thanks for sharing!!

  67. U can see T.O.P front view in IRIS for like 2 seconds at the 40 second mark! Darn COOL!

  68. NVM this is the actual INTERVIEW!

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