Vote For BIG BANG on Channel V

many VIPz have been informing me to post this link up for you so you can vote for BIG BANG on this site.
it’s called CHANNEL[V]this bracket poll is just for fun, & we just can’t put off a friendly competition with DBSK, who is currently beating our boys.
i personally think this bracket is set up horribly, but i guess i should get the word out to you guys so you can stop spamming the comments.

first you must register w/ channelV before you can vote. DO THIS HERE

then you can check HERE for the actual bracket poll & click away to vote for BIG BANG.

once again, this is just friendly competition, nothing to be bitter about b/c there’s nothing being technically awarded, just to know the fact that BB won something, even if it is a random poll.




~ by gdluvzmc on April 1, 2009.

161 Responses to “Vote For BIG BANG on Channel V”

  1. Lols alrighttt.
    Big Bang fans let’s get voting!
    Aha yes friendly. FTW!

  2. wait, can we only vote once?

  3. come on VIPs vote!! we are not that far behind! vote now!!

    big bang fighting!!

  4. LOL.. okay. XD -signs up- xP


  5. Dang… you can only vote once. ]x

  6. woo! i voted:)
    lol i think we’re catching up though! only just over 100 behind
    haha dang… u can only vote once…
    go VIPs!

  7. awww, why is big bang against dbsk on the first round. plus, why are THEY leading wth. hope big bang wins, other competitors has a very low vote amp. why are there only a few whose over a 1000, @_@

  8. 1650 vote

  9. it looks like it’s set up so it’s Japan vs. Korea

  10. there’s chinese stars there too though…
    all i know is that set up is WHACK.

  11. we’re catching up o.o

  12. wow were so close lmao

  13. we’re catching up bigtime!
    only 63 votes difference!

  14. kmao VIP’s cannot resist a challenge vs DBSK. Its like asking for a fight. Its sad that our battle is the only one that has over a thousand for both. whoever wins ours is probably going to win the whole thing it looks like. no one else has enough support

  15. yes! I did vote them! Big Bang fighting!!!!

  16. ohhh ok random poll ^^ i’ll support BBโ™ฅ

  17. BB needs more 100 vote to won.VIPs!!!!!!!!!!!vote BB.

  18. hu hu. VIPs vote BB.

  19. i did vote then but can we only vote once?

  20. I think we can only vote once!!!.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    but its OK!!! BB<3

  21. @kay-chan
    lmao you’re so right. I can’t help it, the underdog mentality is too hard to resist (apart from the fact that I would vote for the boys anyway)… Who WOULDN’T wanna go up against DBSK? XD

    Dang, we’ve gone down about 200 votes now… Oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. YOU CAN VOTE MORE THAN ONCE BUT WITH A DIFFERENT EMAIL AD. fake emails are FINE, invent something and add or this many many many many time… invent many many time and we can win this! I have voted over a 100x already. all for BB. VOTE VIPZ VOTE! Vote like crazy…


  24. wow wow fangirl how many times can we vote ? only one for the first round or 1tym per day ???

  25. I make a few different accounts so I can vote more than once !
    you guys should try it too or if you already have, MAKE MORE! X3

  26. VOTED.

    DBSK? It’s ON.! hahaha


  27. You can vote MORE THAN ONCE. Just log out and create another account with a random email. We’ll like 200 votes behind.

    Btw. The setup for the ‘battles’ are whack. Big Bang and DBSK for the first round? That is either plain stupid or they want a blood bath with between the fans.

  28. fighting!!fighting!.if we know we vote more than once,Fans of DBSK will also know this.therefore we are fighting.But until now,we need still more 300 vote to win DBSK.
    VIPs fighting!!!fighting!!!

  29. LOL! Thanks for the idea CHLOE. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will try that! :)) nice job!!

    VIPS! let’s go!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!! :DD


  31. Voted!!! 200 votes behind!?!?! well its not important to win this..

    Even the set-up is WHACK!! DBSK vs BB..They totally want us to kill each other..LOL

  32. how about all VIPz use all their different emails to create different accounts & vote? i think it’s not a bad idea?

  33. i voted! can we vote more than once??? hehehe…i knoe that all of us here want our boys to win…

  34. is d account there free? hahah

  35. @ nod- yurp it’s free =D
    i alone created it like 4 already LOL!
    yoo guyz r rite da bracket set up sux….

  36. wee!! LOL, we’re only hundreds away, there’s still chance to win..hee. such polls are just pure entertainment.
    @ nad
    yeah, hopefully it’s free.

    come on VIPs, it’ll be a great feeling if BigBang conquers the poll!! โค

  37. hahah ! okies, i got 5 mails ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. @ melly – hi. i read somewhere that aimee lucas is in towm (korea). is she working for 2NE1…. think so.. and she’ll be up until july. hope u can have news bout that. tnx.

  39. can i ask sth?
    i not sure whether is my own prob or what.
    after everytime i voted i being logged out…or after sometime(few mins) i being logged out automatically. can any1 reply mi? ^^ thx!

  40. lets spread d love of big bang 2 every1 including our friends dat dont know them, then ask them 2 vote for big bang

  41. STUPID BRACKETING!!!! They should have separated BB and DBSK… like BB versus Fahrenheit and DBSK vs KATTUN or something… and then in the END as in IN THE FINAL ROUND, they would face off. with the vote turnouts, it’s pretty obvious that BB and DBSK are the MOST POPULAR IN ASIA so IT WOULDNT COME AS A SURPRISE WHEN AFTER ALL THE ROUNDS BB AND DBSK WOULD BE LEFT TO FIGHT. stupid.

  42. hey guys
    keep on voting!!!
    i would love to see big bang winning!!!
    aja aja fighting!!!

  43. Youre totally right sarah !!

  44. yeahzzz….i agree with sarah too…signnn
    anyway…VIPs lets keep voting!!!…..
    im already vote around 20 and above…XD
    so let’s us together VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!….

  45. VIPs fighting!!!!!!!!!!(^_^)

  46. LOL, i voted around 30 with various nicks ^^ and i wanna to continue. I know it’a game and non present will be given offically, but i still want BB’ll be winner ^^
    anyway, BB always my hero in my heart.
    I love BB
    BB hwaiting :X:X:X

  47. oh, i agree with Sarah, i cannt understand why they let BB meet DBSK. Look at, the final will be totally meaningless when one of two meet other, BB or DBSK really predominate over others ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. 200 Differents nao! :]
    gotta catch up.
    Vote Guys!! :]
    Hwaiting Vip
    Hwaiting Big Bang.

  49. DBSK vote is increasing really fast
    damm ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  50. VOTE PEOPLE VOTE!!!!!!!
    Big Bang is going for the 1st place! =D

  51. Big bang 3303
    DBSK 3452
    150+ More
    Hwaiting! :]..

  52. Just voted!
    BB- 3370
    DBSK- 3492
    Catching up!
    These voting things always get SO intense, LOL…especially when Cassies come in.

  53. g0tta admit… DAMMM CASSIES IS FAST ! :[

  54. yeah i was a Cassie b4 Bigbang’s debut i know how strong they are but VIP must keep fighting ๐Ÿ˜ก

    Big Bang’ nr 1 is VIPs / iVIPs

  55. we are ~110 votes behind now

  56. 70 votes behind now

  57. 30

  58. dude less than 10

  59. 0

  60. omg we’re winning! 9 votes up!

    …and yes i do realise i am taking this comp a little tpp seriously.

  61. Yayyyy We are now in the lead~!

  62. Aww, we’re behind 8 votes now.
    I already voted so I can’t vote again.
    Go VIPs. =)

  63. lol ths is sad. im on my laptop in class right now voting. im such a fangirl lmao.

  64. woah my eyes nearly popped out when i looked at the votes – 30 up!
    lol i should really get off the comp… its so sad.

  65. i just checked now, bb’s winning !! <333

    Big Bang – 3,728
    DBSK – 3,690



    big bang ftw~

    GO GO GO VIPs! hehehe
    im just too excited about this eventhou it’s just a small competition n. all =D

  67. Damn, Cassies are INTENSE…now they’re like let’s make up multiple accounts to vote.

  68. Oh, my god. Khalil Fong vs. JJ Lin? I love JJ but he might as well kill himself if he’s going up against Khalil.

    Yay, Big Bang is in the lead. =]

  69. Oh, my god. Why does NEWS have to be against SuJu? I can’t choose between the two! Why can’t they be against KAT-TUN instead? Geez…

    Yay, Big Bang is in the lead. =]

  70. Oh, my god. Why does NEWS have to be against SuJu? I can’t choose between the two! Why can’t they be against KAT-TUN instead? Geez…

    Yay, Big Bang is in the lead. =]

  71. make a lot of emails if you have to

  72. Maryam- I voted for JJ the second I saw his name…don’t even care who he’s up against…I’m his biggest fan ever, LOL.

    I just voted again cause I made another email.

  73. wow. good job lol

  74. Ugh, now DBSK is ahead again.
    Keep voting.

  75. lol omg it’s so nerve racking refreshing the page!.. big bang’s actually winning!! but like a little.. DBSK is SO SO SO CLOSE. come on big bang fans!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ hehe, i know it’s just for fun.. but what the heeeey. friendly competition wouldn’t hurt ๐Ÿ˜›

  76. OMG, this battle is on FIRE!! i don’t even need to make another email address, just type in a RANDOM word then tadaa!!! 10 seconds for a vote!!!! keep voting VIPs

  77. OMG, this battle is on FIRE!! i don’t even need to make another email address, just type in a RANDOM word, add on the end then tadaa!!! 10 seconds for a vote!!!! keep voting VIPs

  78. omg it’s so nerve racking refreshing the page and seeing big bang in the lead!!.. but DBSK is like only 2 votes away! haha ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i know it’s just a friendly competition.. but what the heyyyyy.. come on big bang fans votee ๐Ÿ˜›

  79. OMG, this battle is on FIRE!!! i tried to type in Random word and add at the end, it’s working for me, much faster than actually make a new address!!! DO you think SUJU fans also vote for DBSK? because those two are…close!

  80. C’mon VIPS.
    We are behind again..Dbsk winning again
    can u believe that? -.-;; they are so fast!! :O…
    VOTEEE! :] Hwaitin.

  81. i knoe rite???
    HUK HUK HUK! VIPs!!!!
    gotta beat ’em! hehehe
    imma keep on votin…=D

  82. let’s go VIPs
    vote vote vote

  83. SPAMMM haha.
    50+ diffs nao… -Gasp-Susprising- >.>

  84. To Be Honest. :]
    iam Happy+Susprise about VIPs Powers haha.
    Working together and all that ;D.
    I bet our boys is proud too haha.
    Big Bang + VIPS hwaiting! :]]!!

  85. winning again =]

  86. iight… will be leaving.. :[
    got tah go ๐Ÿ˜€ Take care iight friends.
    BigBang: 4547
    DBSK: 4543

  87. i voted~~
    when i checked it was only diff of 2!!
    might as well tryy to let our boys win!!

  88. BB and VIPs is No1.fighting!we are behind again!need more 30 votes.fighting.fighting.

  89. lolol i found this out yesterday on facebook and i spended 3 hours going around sending this message to people that i dont even know but just assume that they’re BB fan too XD
    i hope that help…but BB is still losing…i guess >_>


  91. gosh…400 votes behind.

  92. Big Bang

    5366 votes


    5792 votes

  93. actually u dont even need to ask ur frens to vote… juz use everything single contacts u hav on ur email to sign up. they wont noe anyways.. unless they actually get lucky enuf to win the prize lol

  94. Big Bang

    5467 votes


    5887 votes

    we can do it!!
    bring it on VIP!!

  95. oh my
    i want it badly for bb to win

  96. let’s vote !!!!!!!! for them^__^

    VIP VIP VIP!!!!!!!!!!

  97. i already vote but DBSK higher than BIG BANG….
    so sad….

  98. aww.
    Big Bang:6479 votes
    Tohoshinki:7065 votes

  99. less than 613 votes
    VIPs fighting

  100. BB fighting!!!!!!!!!!! come on we can beat TVXQ out. lets keep voting.

  101. 1st of all… i wanna say how they set this out is reeally stupid [no offence…] if big bang wins then they gonna win they whole thing.. if DBSK win then they gonna win the whole thing.
    No One reach 5000votes cept them and super junior is close … so ._. its retarted… NO OFFENCE.
    And 2ndly.. Dont give up VIPS! :] VOOOTE <33
    haha. will catch up

  102. Hey..btw,
    can someone spread this?
    like put it in Soomp big bang topics?

  103. We are away by 800 votes :[……………………..
    Cant give up ..>.<!!!!!!!!!!

  104. come on. aww we’re 800 votes away!
    Let’s go VIPs, FIGHTING!

  105. GO VIPs ! dayum, we can only vote once, sucks ):

  106. @ImGDnSRWIFEY

    Hey. :] u can cre8 a new accs to vote ^^;.


  108. please everyone please get the word out about the battle, on websites or vocally anyway possible. BB Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. YES :[[.
    700 DIFFS Nao! :O

  110. WE CAN DO IT.

  111. i just got back from work and realized we were down
    now im making up random accts to voting like crazy!! XD

    reminder for emails!!

    they dont need to be real.. therefore you can vote more than once!! XD
    lets go VIPZ!!

  112. let go vipz~ we’re losing T.T lol i don’t care if we lose, but it would be awesome if we won ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. LET’s GO. LET’s GO.

  114. less than 900 votes.
    what should we do?????
    i don’t believe this

  115. add another mail hosts :

  116. omg…the distance are pulling big!
    hang in there bb fans ^^

  117. VIP’s it is stupid anyways…i like BB as much as u guys do, but seriously who can beat DBSK..when it comes to vote. They have huge fan base..i dun think korean cassie know about is only south east asia’s cassie alone vote on this thing. Imagine if korean cassie know about this..the gap would be much more huge than this…not to forget bigeast ..fuh…i gave up already..tired of voting!

  118. agreed, it meaningless right? no award given to winner^^ how stupid v channel anyway to put DBSK vs BB all together on the 1st round. Who ever win this , they should be a winner for all right? Yup, i heard it is only south east asian alone voting on this. Like thailand, phipp,singapore, malaysia, indonesia …etc i dun know what to say when it come to fanbase.


  120. dam…. O_O this… is hopeless i gyess? :[…
    Vchannel -.–;; is stupid Lol. they set it up wrong -Sigh- o-o
    uNLESS…. theres a spam vote bot =-=;;
    Nah Jk :]

  121. 1k+ differents ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  122. yeah … Cassie , bigeast or whatever … they are huge hic
    i’m tired of voting too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it’s so meaningless … just not fair… [V] ‘s stupid

    but i think i keep on voting … we cant lose with a big gap

  123. I can’t believe they put the best two(BB vs DBSK) fighting on the 1st round ,it’s stupid!
    please lets keep on voting!!! I won’t be happy if those stupid dbsk win! BIG BANG FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. cmon people…. are u guys stopping????

  125. awww, why do they always put Big Bang &DBSK
    together? this doesn’t seem like a friendly
    compition now!
    No, stopping. Big Bang must win!

  126. yeah, i feel like giving but i also don’t.
    DBSK always wins when it comes to these things.
    urggg stupid thing’s not working for me any more.
    oh well….sorry Big Bang.

  127. omg how can dbsk be beating them -__________-

  128. Darn you DBSK….
    I voted a bazillion times
    and their STILL beating BB
    This sucks….but this is only a poll
    in real life, everyone knows BB beats DBSK any day

  129. i think we shouldn’t vote.
    in 10-11/4 BB & DBSK will meet together on the stage.Wait!!Wait!!.
    that’s wonderful.(^_^)

  130. i think we shouldn’t vote matter how hard i vote, it is meaningless ..Cassie also vote. Beside its already left for a day. So i dont think any changes if we keep on voting. cassies still voting too

  131. gap 1k+ aigo…what to do? i think i just stop. ELF & CASSIE are together. Dont think this is relevant anymore.

  132. Let’s vote for our big love!
    Fighting! GO!GO!

  133. guys..
    keep voting…
    only one day left…
    although there is not much changes…
    juz vote…4 big bang!!!

  134. guys..
    keep voting…
    only one day left…
    although there is not much changes…
    juz vote…4 big bang!!!

  135. @Duper
    Duper.. If ur not gonna support just gtfo -.-; dont need ur bullshit nao. we all know dbsk have the biggest fan club, they are in the world guinness records for 2 years nao. Duhh.. 800,000,000 + Fans. And Yes, i Know u supposrt big bang too -.-..
    And Yes, We Know We Know They Have A Biggest Chance oF Winning, Cus We are like Friggin 2k Aparts. >.> So Sadly, gtfo :D.
    No Offence Thoe ^____^;;

  136. Feel Free To Stay ._.;
    + We Know They Have*

  137. yeah. whoever gave the idea to put BB and dbsk in the 1st round are just atupid!
    i use those fake emails technique too hahah. and i even open multiple browser at once hah @_@ voting like crazy~
    but we’re still behind by 1932 votes now! gahh
    the deadline is so close. and BB can’t win if dbsk’s vote keep increasing. but we can make dbsk lose by voting for other artist >.< (or maybe we can’t?) ah hate the fact that they beat Big Bang!

  138. as long as we all know who is #1 in our hearts, that is all that matters.
    good job anyway, & like i said, this poll doesn’t really mean anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. this is stupid. I mean look, BB and DBSK have each more than 10.000 votes, there are some with a little over 100 votes. If that isn’t enough proof that nobody thought a lil bit about these pairings, the I dunno what is… BB4LIFE

  140. @nabihah – be mature , we don;t need to be so unprofessional that we want to sabotage DBSK by voting others . Remember to be VIP , we don;t want to be blame as crazy VIP like cassie. Dont be like korean VIP who sabotage DBSK’s ticket concert and then apologize which is made us look like cassie.

    so VIP keep on voting. and remember u r VIP so act like one.

  141. I’m still voting like crazy !…the deadline is so close but still DBSK is going to win!!!
    ah well I’ll keep on voting and supporting BB ’till the end!
    >8O never give up VIPS!

  142. I’m proud of VIPs

  143. I think Channel V arranged this competition.

  144. some of you are saying that cassies are crazy and that vips should not be like them? immature, that’s what it is. look at the things cassies have done. would the world record be dbsks if it weren’t for cassiopeia? yet, some of you here only know how to point out how supposedly crazy cassies are. cassiopeia never stole concert tickets and I have yet to see a heated discussion in any dbsk sites about furiously creating fake emails for the sake of voting. how can those of you actually say not to be like cassie if you as a vip are not even that much of an angel? I like both bb and dbsk but if vips are so shallow, I don’t even know what would be of bb anymore. wake up. if you think bb is the best, that’s all there is to it. it’s just a poll that has no credibility to it. cassiopeia is huge like we all know. but vips don’t have to be sore losers. to those who say dbsk are stupid, tell that to bb who respect dbsk as their accomplished sunbaes.

  145. ^ i don’t think you read the comments carefully. & we can’t pretend that dbsk fans don’t make multiple email accts as well.

    the comment i believe you’re talking about was actually criticizing our own VIPZ, & has nothing to do w/ dbsk. i make sure i deleted all hateful comments to both sides, & believe me, a lot of DBSK fans come here & bash us all the time. & on this specific post, it was DBSK fans just saying how much bb sucked.

    so before you make a long statement in comment form, try to to think of what you’re saying.

    the people who “steal” concert tickets do not represent our whole fanbase. this is an international fansite, & all the crazy stuff mentioned has nothing to do with us.

  146. Hurry up!!!!! the time has almost come, but u can still vote for BIGBANG!!!!faster faster *running* fassss…..ttttteeeerrr…. fffffaaaaaaaaaassssssssssstttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr…… uh uh uh *panting* come on guys, vote for BIGBANG!!

  147. too late to vote ,we r apart by 2000+ votes. And i am proud to be BBSK.

  148. we lost but i’m so proud of us-vips- as well as bigbang!!!!!!!!!!!
    if bigbang had not play as same boad with dbxk, we would have had hope but too bad. it’s fate!!!!!!
    be proud and happy because though this event,we can see how much our boys are loved by a lot of fans.:D!!!!!!
    after this, go and vote for the ones u like second after our BB. dont vote to againts any one because it’s not what we are, and i dont think our boys will like it too.:)
    for me,bigbang is the best so i’m not gonna vote anymore, not because hating but because my heart ony belong to BIGBANG.^_^

    be friend-play,people-to vips and to other fans because bad things never bring any good,and we all want to bring the best to out beloved ones so do things that make them proud:D
    treat people well and they will even treat u better; u want people to love BB? treat other stars fair and treat other fans frienly first then u will see happy things happen:]

    anyway, GO BIGBANG, GO VIPsssssssssssss.XD

  149. @gdluvzmc

    I don’t mean to create animosity by what I say, but what I simply meant was not how dbsk fans don’t create fake emails too, just how I don’t see anyone being so desperate to vote as much as I’ve seen here. it was just sad and quite unsporting. I admit I may have phrased my words such that I may have been misunderstood and I apologise because I was ignorant about what other dbsk fans might have been up to here. thank you for telling me all that. I am sorry if I may have upset you but I certainly stay by my earlier comment.

  150. AHHHH i voted sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MANY MANY times for BB. ahh letting go .. they lost lol. fake emails. spent hours and hours. stupid me. 2000 votes away.. more than that. im angry.

  151. @proud2bvip
    just because you don’t hear it, doesn’t mean others are fervently creating accts just as anyone else is here.

    we’re a community that just likes to voice out what we do & share strategy whether it be silly or not.

    what they say is not meant for you to judge. that’s why i don’t have any comments about others’ way of trying to support & vote – i simply say that this poll doesn’t mean anything. i said that about 3 times already.

    there’s always respectful/nicer ways to go about things. you can keep your opinion. but the way you came off was rude & not so respectful & coming at the community like they’re freaks. you may be correct & entitled to your opinion, but you can definitely voice it in a better way.

  152. I Agree with gdluvzmc x3!
    โค Hwaiting

  153. hmm wow that was tough.. but i dont mind though, because although DBSK won, but BIGBANG still wins my heart *hehe grins while thinking of Doraemon* but i wish DBSK best of luck! *go back listening to Sunset Glow*

  154. Aww, they lost :[ Poor babies.
    Congrats to DBSK though.

  155. @gdluvzmc
    I wasn’t going to reply but then it would make it seem as if I don’t care because I do. of all the things that could have been said, you deemed my words to be rude. I am not going to attempt to justify my actions just for the sake of you understanding but I recalled I never said anything about Cassiopeia not cheating. I just said I never saw any dbsk fansite actively promoting the idea. I also never meant to insult the community because if you scrutinise my comment further, I said some of you as in those who commented earlier not all. perhaps you’re right and certainly I too agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just felt the need to defend cassiopeia and dbsk as a fan, certainly you’d understand had the situation be reversed? or are you not doing the same now by coming to the defense of the vips here? if you had in any way conceived my meaning to be disrespectful then it cannot be helped, I’ll apologise for not having made my thoughts clearer. I don’t wish to continue this to the extent of an argument because I really respect how you dedicate your time and efforts for bb on this fanblog and also how you did not delete my comments though you be slightly vented by them.

  156. i’m only defending my site.

    maybe there are rude vipz who go onto dbsk sites & smack talk, but i’ve never been nor do those kinds of things so i wouldn’t know.

    i was reluctant to promote but i’ve been asked many times so i did.

    there’s no promoting here. just a simple post done by me.

    i don’t go out of my way to post everywhere else about this voting ordeal.

    you talk about some of us, you talk to all of us.

    it doesn’t really matter anymore that you want to continue defending the fact that you said something to the few people who bother to comment & try to spread the word about this voting. i wouldn’t think 15000 cassies knew about this voting by coming across it by chance.

    i’m not that mean to delete your comments, although you are right it does annoy me which is why i reply.
    but this is my last reply; i suggest you stop too.

  157. Uhmm.. I’m just curious, heheh… =)
    Uhmm… ehh.. ermm.. Just wanna know, uhm.. is there anything wrong for promoting to vote for BigBang? hmm… i’ve been wondering…

  158. tohoshinki vs. farenheit for round 2^_^…
    our boys didn’t make it..and i as well didn’t made it…haha!
    but thanks anyway for letting me know that we should vote for big bang…’s just for fun^_^…nothing special and serious^_^…anyway…soon…in mtv asia awards^^..i wish they are also vote for them.. i had never done anything for sad ): so i wish..soon! haha! (oh well my english is crooked again…haha!! gotta go!^^…)


  159. i think i am going to vote for DBSK this round …well they are my 2nd fav after all…well i did vote for BB like hell…

  160. big bang …….fightin!!!!

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