Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV Released!

DOWNLOAD: Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV

Thanks to 엠와이님
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The girls were being all preppy and sing along to the poppy part of LOLLIPOP (LOL at Dara), then I spot Bong…. as a robot came out and stop them haha ‘NAH! That’s not how we do it” haha of course YG can’t roll like that kaka the LOLLI LOLLI LOLLIPOP dance really wins in life.

I love that ‘DYNAMITE’ part, that’s just tight. CL have so much attitude for you hahah it’s freaking awesome!! Who would’ve thought Dara can be ghetoo too haha,, despite the palm tree.

WHAT?! My husband is now superman? haha wearing blue suit with a cape. kaka DANG!! look at CL move…. totally see some Bae in her, some CL-Bae going on too, *touch*

MinJi is real interesting, she’s slowly becoming my fave in 21, she can be cute and serious anytime she want, just like Baby…. these maknaes~ Bommie is just freaking pretty, though she do seems a bit camera shy, LOL at Bong on that floorhe like it too much.

During Baby and Dae’ break… I just… LOVE IT 😀

MinJi and Bae’s solo dance!!! then it’s the same age couple!! CL-BABY! Bommie look SMOKING HOT in red, at first I was like ‘WHO THE HECK IS THAT??” I didn’t recognize her at all.


~ by Vicky on April 2, 2009.

94 Responses to “Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV Released!”

  1. Darn it I have GOM player, but I need some missing plugin to watch the video. But I got a problem installing the plugin. D:

  2. first! too bad i dont have the player

  3. its saying i have some missing plugin too
    grrr give me my mv!


    ^ Watch it here, that’s what I’m trying. But it’s slow loading. :3


  6. Yesss. thank you. thank you.
    must watch then spazz out later =]

  7. Whoo, thanks Vicky!

    LOL I love the beginning!

    I love Tabi and the dynamite part.

    OMG all the girls around Bae. Hot. ❤

    I love SRi and Dae’s part even more now that I see the moves w/ it. Bae w/ his split! XDD

  8. Whoo, thanks Vicky!

    LOL I love the beginning!

    I love Tabi and the dynamite part.

    OMG all the girls around Bae. Hot. ❤

    I love SRi and Dae’s part even more now that I see the moves w/ it. Bae w/ his split! XDD

  9. i just downloaded gom player, how do i get the video playing?
    or like, what do i click on the site? help please!

  10. Omg i love it!
    aww, lols i love Seungri’s cape
    damnnnn i am having a spazz attack here!
    aw i’m sad though. my keyboard’s dead so
    i can’t type a lot. but this MV makes me very happy (:

  11. Youtube video has been added for easy access

    sorry guys, there’s something wrong with wordpress tonight, so the link was delay.

  12. lollipOp….I luV LollipOp…..sO happy day…….!!!!!!!

  13. YB’s so hot<3 i love his little part.

  14. dae and baby’s break OWNED.

    oh! how cute is minji at the start? love the little wink and smile ^^

  15. The MV is really colourful. I’ve been playing this song nonstop. Can’t wait for the download link 🙂 And I see a G-Ri high-five at the end of the clip ❤

  16. just had to add – how awesome is the G-Ri hi five at 3:05? ^^

  17. Eeehhh I LOVE IT!
    SO CUTE!
    The girls are amazing &
    so is BigBang <33333

  18. omg
    this is such an AWESOME video.
    and jiyong was in the middle of a lot of the dancing parts which i liked! and he had the cutest/sexiest expressions.

  19. grrrrrrrrrrrr
    l love Bebe & CL * cute together huh?


  20. Umm …4 a commercial beat was ok…but 4 a normal kinda song i think its a bit weak hmmm….but still catchy thou *__*….

  21. OMG SOOO SEXY<33
    especially hubby TABIII (8< !
    im getting soo used to jiyong’s hairr
    hes lookin good xD
    whoa~ yongbae’s wave just killed me loll
    the girls lookin good too~
    so bright , candy colored, and POPpy~ haha
    i wanna try DARA’S PONYTAIL. puahaa
    bom is so prettyyy. minji is too young& TALL.
    CL.. well we noe shes got attitude (x

  22. Oh man, Taeyang looked SOOO HOT.
    His dancing was so awesome.
    Kinda disappointed that Park Bom didn’t have too many closeups.

  23. SWEEEEEEET!! THANKS 😀 armm yum yumm yum yum yumm

  24. ahhh i love this !
    its so addicting
    can’t stop listening to itt haha
    they all look great
    was the bom with the glasses i nthe red shirt near the end ?


    ❤ it! LOL

  26. i twitter spammed.
    check it if you’d like lol

  27. they are love BB and 2NE1 very much (^_^)

  28. O M G. Danggggg,
    GD Looks Effin HOTTTTT!
    As well as the rest of the boys~
    &&& the girls are freakin workin it!
    Totally love this MV.
    Mom thinks i’m crazy for watching it so many times

  29. Great Vid!
    CL just needs to keep atleast 2 feet of distance from my Tae Tae Tho.. xD


  30. &yeungs “ // YUP, that was BOMMIE looking so cute n pretty! ^^

  31. I LOVE SANDARA!!!!!
    her nick name is “sandy”
    or “krung-krung”
    minji’s nose………………………..
    I LOVE YG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. sandara park we love you!…

    good luck


  33. thank you! i love this! and i’d LOVE to lay down on that floor and take a picture from the top. that would look sooo cool.
    anyways, about the mv:
    taeyang dancing: omylord so sexy.
    seungri: that must be the best superman ever lived.
    gd rainbow: spongebob! i watch him every morning! (almost) HAHHA.
    TOP: i love it when he sings <333 brings a diff. element into the song. his voice isnt baby and cute like the others’. love his voice!!!
    daesung: man, this guy makes this song even more high.
    thank you thank you!

  34. kyyyyahh!
    that was the coolest mv
    the song and my man in those squared glasses
    Bong looked so damn cute when he walked in the beginning
    Bae looks good with Minji
    I see a future couple there ;P
    Baby in a cape…cute!
    Dae in pink is just love
    he looked super cute

    I think the girls are gonna do awesome!!!
    they’re so talented
    BB and 2ne1 hwaiting!!!

  35. wow d best CF i’ve ever seen!LOL
    they looks so clourful & funky!! =P
    d song was so addictive & d mv of course!!
    my jiyong…*blush*
    HOT HOT & FUN!! ^________^

  36. such a cute mv!

  37. wah… dara gets a lot of airtime.. must be because of the attitude and the charisma..

  38. Gosh Vicky, I love the MV.
    The songs so addicted.
    Thanks Vicky…

  39. ahhh such a catchy song ^^ the mv is sooo colourful and cute :)thanks heaps

  40. Woow.This is so cool cute and awesome

  41. oh goodnes!! i totally love top’s hair in this<3 tabi! and jiyongie is so adorable!!!!!! aaaaaahh~~~ i’m so getting used to that hair. they’re all so cute my gosh! thanks YG for discovering my oppas and unnies^^

  42. YES! The MV was totally hot! I am blown away, everyone was just so colorful!! ‘Dynamite’ part was definitely cool. and Yeah, SeungRi was like superman with that cape, but it had a hood lol and SR’s wearing an “R” for Rosie<33333333!!!!!

    Man, 2NE1 can mooove! I love the CL & SR dance ^__^ it’s so cute, also when SeungRi was twisting the lollipop then TOP clapped his hands then SR shows up again..gaahh!! ❤ so cute! hehehe Dara has mad crazy hair! lol and MinJi is so cute esp. with that pink suit! waahh!!~ and TOP really knows how to charm the camera during HIS chorus part 😀 I love the MV! Total success

  43. Oh mah oh mah oh mah. Oh mah god. Aws0me. They are all great!
    Lollipop lollipop lollipop

  44. 2NE1 and BB <

  45. the MV rocks!!
    CL seriously has so much attitude
    and she’s able to present herself so well
    very similar to bong, i can see why she is the leader!

    bong ahh~
    i love his rap part the most, so so catchy
    and the dance is so a win especially when bong danced to it
    hahaha now i think his jumpsuit suits him alot LOL
    whatever he wears..he is able to rock them
    that’s kwon ji yong ❤

    and tabi..still can look so hot with that glasses and hairstyle
    love the chorus part too
    i’d die to hear tabi sing the chorus part
    so freaking SEXAYYY
    i can’t get enough!!
    DYNAMITE part is really tight keke so cool

    and bae’s part just blew me off
    it has been ages since i last saw bae bust a SEXY SEXY move and dance
    baby…i was like =.= when i saw the cape behind
    panda eyes getting serious..or is it the make up?

    parkie or bommie lol has her own style too
    she looks mature, sexy and feminine
    i like her..she’s really pretty
    and yes minji seems interesting as well
    only sandara..i haven’t liked her that much yet
    we’ll see hahaha

    this MV is seriously successful
    as in all of them just rock their own part in the song 🙂


    Seriously, they were all hot in this vid. I love how Seung Ri became SUPER Strong Baby in here, lol. That cape was horrible. Dae Sung looks wonderful in orange. I loved TOP’s enthusiasm. For some reason, the glasses were…charming.

  47. haha love it

  48. I love the MV!! ghetto and cutie all rolled into one! =)

    Tabi got to sing the chorus! I think he’s the happiest with this (aside from 2NE1 of course, being their first mv) since he gets to sing and advertise something sweet. hehe. I love those glasses.
    And Bommie’s wearing glasses too at the end. So cool. Wish she had more screen time too. ^^
    Dara didn’t change, at least based on looks, but she’s growing a lot on me these days…even with the palm tree hair I like her better now than before.
    And Baebae the ladies’ man! He and CL got some cool moves, and they move well together…well if it’s hot then I’m not complaining.
    I think Minji has the best ghetto look her, she looked so cool with that pouty lips plus her attitude in the mv. ^^
    Dae and Baby Ri’s part in the MV = jdksfhksdhfl..hehe. can’t say anything but it is surely something positive.
    Bong here is so adorable and hot.

    Yep I spazzed again. can’t help it!!! but I love this MV! So glad I get to see Big Bang together even if they are technically on break. Plus I think I’m liking 2NE1. Can’t wait for their debut. ^^

    Thanks lil sis!

  49. finally.. .
    it’s out!!!

    love them!!!
    the song is so catchy. .
    and so as the dance steps. .
    sooo cool~~

  50. I srsly went crazy on youtube and my keyboard when i saw it XD <333 Sorry Vicky for my … freak out comment on youtube XD I just … aaah! Its awesome ❤ no words can really express its awesomeness … or … maybe awesome can :’D *lol*

  51. lol, i think i replayed the DYNAMITE part 10 times in a row, and i still wanna do it again…

    and is it just me, or is there something different about TOP’s eyes?

  52. GD still cute (:
    Forever big bang

  53. Oh My God! That’s soooooo cute…..I love my Ta-Bi

  54. oh, its reaally so HOTTTTTTTT. I crazy cuz of it ^^. Stranger musik, colourful image, no.1 style…….
    I cannt wait for the day 1st album of 2NE1 will be released
    2NE1 will become 1st girl group like our BB ^^

  55. i luv the G-Ri high Five towards the end… G-Ri moment… Seungri oppa!!

  56. I want lollipop Bae flavored!! LOL 2NE1 is sooo cool lovin everyonne in it totally going to get their album when ever it comes out!!!!

  57. SO CUTE ! I LUV IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK U VICKY^___^

  58. OMG !!! Totally H.O.T !!!!
    I like Yong’s face ! So cute !!!!!!

    lol well Bae is just fire on a stick himself, but with CL…wow power dance couple??? but then there was MinJi and their dance sequence that was awesome too lol i dont know which girl he was better with… just going to spazz over Bae, he was smoking hot…..

  60. I think this song is getting addictive
    first i was like..hmm okay
    then now i keep listening to it
    and now its my ring tone

  61. waaaaa….love it!!!!…..^-^
    BB n 2NE1 rulezzzZZzz!!!!….
    they all look so awesome in this mv…i totally melt for it!!!….XD
    expecially my jiyong oppaaaa!!!!…look so cute and adorable!!!…love oppa eyes expression at 0.51!!!……XD
    jiyong oppaaa>>>>33333

  62. OMGG! absolutley LOVE it!!!!! im speechless…

  63. omg Tae Yang is looking so good in this video. I hope someone makes some gifs of him. The song is growing on me too. Good luck girls!

  64. oh my gah.
    GD is so uh-mazingggg!

  65. AAHHHHHH LALALALAAA! i’ve been waiting for this day!
    – sandara is officially my favourite in 2NE1. i love the other girls too (still waiting for minji to grow on me), but i fell in love with sandara’s voice first.
    – i want tae yang’s hat (the one he’s wearing during the blue screen.) the wings on the hat look uber cute.
    – surprisingly, i’m getting used to gd’s hair. he seriously can work out any hairstyle after all.
    – hearing top sing is gold, because you don’t hear him sing too often. it’s like one of my favourite parts in the song.
    – i’ve been anticipating 2NE1’s debut for months and months (and i still am!) i’m almost sold! there’s definitely room for improvement. they’re so gonna come out with a big BANG!

  66. Loved the Video! It was so cute! 🙂 Big bang fightin! 21 fightin!

  67. Bae is smokin hot in this vid and Bongie. There arent enough words in the english language to explain how awesome you are. Yes!!! total g-ri moment at the end with the hi-five!! woot.

    Minji is just the cutest little thing isnt she? lol

  68. […] Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV Released! DOWNLOAD: Big Bang & 2NE1: Lollipop MV […]

  69. you know… this makes me wonder… 3 CF MVs in one day… and all of them were soooooo good… i feel sorry for the koreans choosing which one to buy right now… serioulsy if i was in their place i wouldn’t know which one either…

    -Lollipop [Big Bang & 2NE1]
    -KTF Ever [Wonder Girls]
    -Anycall Bodyguard [SoEul<3]

    very hard choice… and of course how could i forget F3 and the Anycall Haptic.. damnnn. i which i was in Korea…

  70. ***I wish i were in Korea… -.-‘

  71. Anyone know where i can DL Lollipop MV Subbed?
    YT Link:

  72. I was so excited to see 2NE1 debut and this is very good. I’m not big fan of Sandara (SANDY as she is known in the Philippines) but it a great thing that she was able to come back. Love the colors and the song. There are too much comparison with the other site about the song saying that this is copied to american music or sort of but I knew that we also do revivals right. And what ever they say this is good so catchy and lucky for 2NE1 to get a commercial eventhough they don’t debut yet.

    I envy Sandy she was GD’s partner. Can you keep me Alive I got a heart attack after seing this. lol But honestly I like them I want to see more dancing and more colorful clothes. YG trademark.

    Goodluck!!!! Sandara Pambansang Krung-Krung (Crazy) ng Phils.

    I’m so excited!!! I keep on replaying this video. It’s so charming, addicting, happy, and colorful.
    I know who my fav is: Bommie. SHe’s super purty, had the most normal outfit(i’m not into the whole OUT THERE style) and I’m impressed by her vocals too. She didn’t get enough closeups as the other girls, but her red ones w/ glasses were sacred moments.
    New fan of 2NE1 over here~!
    YB, the charmer has two girls under his spell in the MV, eh???
    I like him with CL who I must say has some attitude and charisma of a leader.
    Sandara looked like such a child with that hair. SOoo funny.

  74. I want the MP3!!!!!!

  75. So many CFs of awesome cell phones that I wish were available in the US of A. This is why I want to live in Korea.
    Dangg…and the SoEul CF was so funny and adorable, I wish I could buy, but I don’t have a BF that could be my “bodyguard.”

  76. @xKoreanBerryx

    oh how we all wish Yi Jung sunbae or Kim Bum would be our “bodyguard”


  77. TOP look handsome and macho
    i just can’t control

  78. lol sorry but i just prefer not to match any of them together
    no no no no
    esp not bae my babyyy hahaha
    call me obssesed~

  79. awww bae i love uuuuuu hahaha

    bommie she’s lost weight rite?
    she looks different. absolutely hot

    2ne1’s not bad at all and i’ll be watching
    but please no matchmakingggg

  80. eveyone’s saying how hot BeBe looks in the MV. hihi!! XD
    i just love him…

    the clothes are weird though.. it reminds me of what the wonder girls wore once.

  81. my favorite is sandara bcuz she attracted me…
    i dont know why…but go 2ne1…
    i love big bang also especially g dragobn and top…
    good luck 2 all of you…bae, seung ri and daesung…hwaiting!!!

  82. Love the bit where GD walked in and said
    Nah, that’s not how we do it
    So Cute xD

  83. i love Sandara Park there 🙂

  84. lumi would u like me to send u the dowloadable clip? i can send u the url if u would like.

  85. lumi would u like me to send u the dowloadable clip? i can send u the url if u would like 🙂

  86. LOllipop ❤ Park Bom is so pretty. She’s my fave right now.

  87. aiiii..
    this song is soo addictive..^^..
    i listen to it lik more tan 10000 times hehe..
    lup it.^^..
    bigbang ❤

  88. i love sandara she’s so cute!!!

  89. sandara i love!!!

  90. I LOVE YOU GD!!
    why is he so hot and cute and fashionable??!!
    someone is definatley brining sexy back…in pink 😀


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