Lollipop Remix | More BB Goodies For Sale

i’m always happy when i get emails telling me how people randomly come across the site & then become avid readers of our blog. i’m glad you all enjoy it, we enjoy bringing news to you (on behalf of vicky, momo, & me as well ^_^)

one new reader would like to share a REMIX of LOLLIPOP:

Done by Justin Leung
his info:


of course, if you would like to share your works, you can always shoot me an email & i’ll post it when i have time ^_^

——————————OTHER NEWS——————————-

our very own Loan, aka GD`S_WiFEYY has more things to offer:
I went crazy on ordering again, so now I’m here to share more stuff with you guys haha.
To the people that has ordered the posters from last time, you all should have received it by now. Please do let me know if you haven’t & we’ll work something out.
To the people that has ordered the socks from last time, I will be shipping them out on Saturday, April 4, 2009.


I ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. (excluding Hawaii & Alaska due to many difficulties)

That means, if you live in Canada, Australia, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Antarctica, please do not post an order form. Shipping is crazy nowadays, & I also don’t have much experiences with shipping to another country.
ALL of my prices are listed in USD & I only accept well concealed cash or money orders (AT YOUR OWN RISK!)
Please do not send me excess amounts of $1 bills if your total is over $5.
DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. I know it sounds mean, but it gets annoying if I email someone back & forth, providing additional measurements & pictures, but in the end, they back out. Give my fingers a rest, please?
ONLY POST AN ORDER FORM IF YOU ARE SURE ON BUYING & YOU KNOW YOU ARE ABLE TO BUY! Lots of people have exchanged addresses & whatnot with me last time, but when I asked whether or not they’ve sent out their payments, they would say “My parents didn’t let me buy.”
You may also post an order form at my shop (to make things easier for me) here:
& you need a Soompi account to access it. Otherwise, please feel free to post whatever here [:
Some items may not be listed in my shop, however, I have all items in my hands.

The GD-2 is $13 (Folded) |  $18 (Tubed)
Everything Else: $10 (Tubed) | $5 (Folded)

Please tell which kind of shipping you’d want when ordering. Please specify which poster you want by putting down the code. I will be taking out the spiral thing at the top of each page carefully, so obviously, there will be no rips/flaws, & if there are, it was like that when the calendar was shipped to me at the beginning of the year.

3D Dolls! Got these with my Global Warning DVD, but obviously my mind isn’t functioned to do these kinds of things XD
$5 Each
G-Dragon 3D Doll: sold
TOP 3D Doll: sold
Tae Yang 3D Doll: sold
Seung Ri 3D Doll:
Dae Sung 3D Doll:

$15 each set

$7 each
2 Seungri
1 Taeyang
3 Daesung

Please use this form when posting if interested:
State, Zip Code:
Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y/N

i always give you surprises under the cut —————>

thanks to pure YB @bbvipz

xD gosh yb.
that’s for TEAM YB right thurrrr.
enjoy ^_^



~ by gdluvzmc on April 3, 2009.

56 Responses to “Lollipop Remix | More BB Goodies For Sale”

  1. first!
    the remix is okay

  2. RATED M !!!…

  3. AWS, TaeYAng ish so cute haha.
    and o_o nice remix! :p

  4. Seriously Bebe… honey leave us some space for imagination! …
    K K…not really O.o !!!…
    Thanx Mell…now i’m fellin’ so VIP :P….


  6. Hahaha, whoo Bae looking so fine. 8D

    Thank you Melly~~ XD ❤

  7. Name: linda
    State, Zip Code: Ca, 94577
    Item(s)/Code(s): BB 9
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Yes

  8. Mann Koreans are Awesome !!

    Wow..A 13 Years Old Korean Girl Made This Site ?! o_O
    Mann koreans are so smart :p

  9. Name: Mary
    State, Zip Code: MA, 02125
    Item(s)/Code(s): SR Set
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Yes

  10. Name: Quynh-Christine
    State, Zip Code: MS, 38614
    Item(s)/Code(s): Taeyang socks
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): [What does this mean?

    BTW, how do we send the money?
    First time ordering..

  11. Sorry for posting here, I was making a SOOMPI account.
    I’ll repost.

  12. Omg yayyyy finally stuff for us US-VIPs! Sweeeet.

    Name: kathleen
    State/zip: TN 38119
    Items: GD-1, BB-1 (tubed please!)
    Delivery confirmation: no thanks!

  13. aww ! ty is soo finee !

  14. O.o Melly you rock.
    Do you use paypal??

  15. with that picture…Youngbae we all know you are SOOO NOT as innocent as you make yourself out to be. XD

  16. I like that black and white preppy outfit GD is wearing in the first 3 posters. GD doesn’t wear clothes like that too often these days. Can anybody tell me what brand of clothes he’s wearing in those first 3 posters?

  17. ok seriously that pic of my dear hubby at the end just totally kill me…

  18. anybody know where can i get colonize hoodies???

  19. Name: Juna Nguyen
    State, Zip Code: CA, 94577
    Item(s)/Code(s): GD-1, BB-1
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): No thanks.

  20. i like the remix (:
    Ahhhhh* BB Stuff

  21. O.O!!!!!!!!!!

    Weeee thanks melly for the surprise! Me likey likey….^^

  22. Haha nice remix!
    Tae Yang<3 he’s so effin cute

  23. TAE YANG!!!!~~~~~~~~~
    why u re so cute?!!!! LOL…

  24. Nice pictures!
    i wish i was in the U.S now .. =(

  25. RAWR. Oh how I would kill to get those Daesung socks and postcards. >_< WHY AM I SO BROKE?! ….Oh. March.

  26. Aigooooooo TAEYANG you’re so hot

  27. i prefer d remix by aliks…

  28. fellow VIPS~
    go support big bang!
    go to and vote!
    big bang is losing terribly right now
    and with your votes big bang can win!
    the deadline is april 6
    and if big bang doesnt win this round they cant go on any further

    and i know that this comment has nothing to do with this article but i know everybody wants big bang to win,

  29. aWw I want the TaeYang Bubblehead! =[

  30. i mean 3D Doll*

  31. the remix is awsome!!! lovin it!! tq

  32. WOW. that picture is… wow, oh my gosh. lol.

  33. Name:Jennifer Sung
    State, Zip Code:Virginia, 20120
    Item(s)/Code(s):Daesung 3D doll!!! and the DS set
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): no thanks

    omgsh that picture of bae whole other side of him :]
    i’m debating on whether i should get the socks~ :]

  34. hahah
    seeing those socks
    i can’t imagine wearing them on
    my blistered feet 😉

    i got global warning too.
    i paid a painful rm200
    but soon after i played the dvd ,
    i’m pretty sure i wud spent
    millions for them.
    money is precious but so are my boys 😉

  35. ow my baby young bae!
    not goin anorexic are you?? ;p

    are u okay dahlink??? ;))))))
    aigoooo michoso michoso that pic
    cud mean so many things ;p

  36. love big bang

  37. i love the remix! have you guys heard alisk’s yet? i feel like even though it says vs. Vertigo there’s some lady gaga in there…

  38. Name: Salang Nem
    State, Zip Code: Massachusetts 01852
    Item(s)/Code(s): Dae Sung, Tae Yang, Seung Ri socks. 1 each.
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y/N

  39. Name: Jennifer
    State, Zip Code: California, 94544
    Item(s)/Code(s): DS set + two pairs of Daesung socks
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y/N

  40. Hey !
    I was wondering, where did Loan order all this stuff ? Cause I’m actually living in Europe, so just can’t get any of this right now ù_ù.

    Thanks !

  41. @BBAddict

    I order all of my stuff online from,, & just random shops on soompi [:

  42. OHMYGOSH, the remix is AWEEEESOMEE and amaazzingg xD
    iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it xDD
    the beattt and everything it fits perfectly in my opinion 😀
    it’s so cool xD GREATTT JOB!!!!!!!! ahaa

    andd mannnn do i want more bb merch >xOO especially the superr duper cute SOCKKSS D: but i aleady spent too much D; noooo..

  43. ooo YB… you are in rare form ^^
    me like!!

  44. the remix sounds niceee :]

    ooh im sellin goodies too.

  45. Name: Leann
    State, Zip Code: New York, 14623
    Item(s)/Code(s): BB1 (tube); TaeYang socks
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y/N

  46. i like the first part of the remix~
    ooh u’re selling stuff again.. aw i would totally buy
    a TOP one :3

  47. Name: Gabby Luzada
    State, Zip Code: 93927
    Item(s)/Code(s): All the Big bang socks
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y/N

  48. Do you have one of those GD socks left? or do you any body that sells them i really want one T-T
    here’s my email—- alexis_anna18(at)
    just change the (at) with @ my uncle said that to prevent spamming

    anyways thank you and btw great website 🙂

  49. Name: Lisa Thao
    State, Zip Code: missouri.64867
    Item(s)/Code(s): DS postcard set and DS socks
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y

  50. Is the YB photo set already sold??? and how many pics are they?

  51. I would also like to ask if this is all you have?
    pleaseee reply:

  52. nice remix!!♪♪

  53. Name: Samantha
    State, Zip Code: Virginia 23228
    Item(s)/Code(s): DAESUNG SOCKS!
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y

  54. Name: Lauren Tang
    State,NJ Zip Code: 07410
    Item(s)/Code(s): Seungri Socks
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): N

  55. humm remix is good. i was listening to it then all of a sudden i hear Lil Jon’s “EEYYEAHHH!” LOL i was like “WTF?” haha otherwise i like it =P

  56. Name: Michelle Bang
    State, Zip Code: California, 94118
    Item(s)/Code(s): TOP photo set
    Delivery Confirmation (+$1): Y

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