My Lollipop Project Report


Author Note: This is my translated version of an excerpt from “My Lollipop Project Report” posted by Oing on his/her blog. He (or she?) was one of the agency people who were responsible for the Lollipop project. I translated this because YG, Teddy and more importantly our YB/Taeyang were mentioned in a rather flattering manner:

My Lollipop Project Report by Oing

I rarely (well, probably never) talk about my job on my blog but I want to make the Lollipop project an exception because it was one of the most difficult, fun and grateful experiences I’ve ever had. I mean, the preparations alone took twice longer and four times the usual amount of work. What accounted for the biggest chunk of the time was the decision-making process and negotiations.

I think the owner of this project was YG Entertainment. Of course it took some trial and errors until they realized that. We met YG executives to brief them on the project and explain to them what we wanted the name “Lollipop” to mean. We also told them we were hoping to create a commercial that both men and women could enjoy and that was why we wanted to use the “Female Big Bang” in addition to Big Bang. The initial reaction from YG was lukewarm. I think they thought, “Oh, another project like the Ice Cream phone commercial we did before – just another commercial that looks like a music video.”

Then things started to get going once we had the song. I believe that’s because people at YG are artists through and through. For a while it seemed like nothing was being decided for sure. But one day Teddy got this sudden inspiration and wrote the song overnight. Then he got the demo done right away and that completely changed the dynamics. It was still a demo but after the 2NE1 members each recorded their parts, it sounded like a finished song. We were both surprised and moved because the girls did such a good job and because Teddy could make something this yummy overnight. After that, the entire YG staff got on board. They began to think that it was not another catchy tune for a commercial but a serious YG creation.

Well, of all the hard, hectic days, the day we shot the music video was definitely the worst. For various reasons, we were given only one day with Big Bang. Problems always happen when you don’t have the time to deal with them. Due to an equipment malfunction, we had to delay the shooting for five-plus hours while nine people (Big Bang + 2NE1) waiting in their hair and makeup. It was a problem with the stage and we couldn’t do anything but wait.

Once the shooting began, we had to push hard to make up the lost time. The members were getting tired and the managers began to complain. We tried to cajole them – what else could we do? To the members, who had been working on tight schedules and were tired even before the shoot, the delay must have been some sort of act of terror to them. Their faces began to show the frustrations and exhaustion. However, I was surprised to see that once the camera started rolling, they lightened up instantly and became their usual lively selves like they had just begun the shoot.

In this industry full of irresponsible (especially when it comes to celebrity product endorsements) and self-important celebrities, they looked like they deserved their success. They are young of course and people call them “idol” stars but they were genuine musicians and true professionals. Of course, I should give the greatest credit to the YG PR team leader who had the toughest time dealing with the frustrated members and managers.

Through this project, I became a big fan of Big Bang. I am particularly grateful to Taeyang. He had this solo dance scene and had to stay in front of the camera until the sun came up but remained fully committed to the end. He actually said “one more take” himself for better results. We filmed the last part of his interview in the making the video clip at 6 in the morning after wrap-up – he was about to leave to go back home and we caught him just in time. But look how sincere he is in answering the questions nevertheless! They were not even rehearsed! Youngbae, you are truly a big man!

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Translated by: pgeorgie

Post taken from: stardaisy212@soompi


~ by Momo on April 5, 2009.

34 Responses to “My Lollipop Project Report”

  1. wow.. goes to show how much hard work was put into that one commercial / MV. they must’ve been so tired after all that

    go big bang & 2NE1 !

  2. makes you wonder. they only had one day with the guys. WHAT ARE THEY WORKING ON?!?!? lol i know they all have their individual stuff but still..

  3. Wow…..i’m impressed & happy.
    They but a lot of hard work into this and it
    turned out very well. i hope they got some
    rest after this shooting. WOW Teddy, wow he wrote it over night.
    i mean yes ALL YG creations are amazing!
    Yeahh, this song seems more of a MV then a CF. that’s
    how good it is. YG Family rocks!
    Whoo way to go Big Bang & 21!!
    Thanks for the translation (:

  4. it makes me sad to know how little rest BB gets, even during their “break.”
    GD & YB are preparing for their solo albums,
    TOP is filming for IRIS,
    DS…well, he has Family Outing…
    and i think SR is filming a movie right now.

    but yeah, i’m really proud of everyone who was involved in the Lollipop project. People might be saying that the song & CF is annoying, but the song still gets stuck in their heads & they get more and more curious about 2NE1. I have to say, this was one genius project from YG.

  5. please vote for Big Bang at Channel V Battle of Pop.
    today is closing day yet they are losing to DBSK!!
    harry go to Channal V

  6. TaeYang is indeed a legend on his generation.

  7. Ahh, my dad’s friend’s son created a music video for a class project of his, and although I had a tiny part, it was still horrible and took forever. I know the pain they went through. Props for sticking it out. =]

  8. teke. i feel kinda bad, but im glad big bang and 2ne1 are very very separate. sounds like big bang has no time for 2ne1 and they only look close on camera. i like that. i dont like the whole “female big bang” idea. and of course i AM afraid that 2ne1 might take over and overshine big bang one day. i admit that they could, since they’re hip and new, which isnt good. they could totally “use and abuse” big bang D:

  9. Awww I love my Tae Yang!!! 😀

    “once the camera started rolling, they lightened up instantly and became their usual lively selves like they had just begun the shoot.”

    I love Big Bang’s fighting spirit! woot!

  10. They are seriously professional. I can picture celebrities and musicians complaining about the long hours and wasted time.

    But Big Bang and 2NE1 are really trained to be..
    i dont even know the word.. considerate, kind, unselfish, puts others first, understanding, etc.

    and Taeyang! woooh ❤

    YG fighting!

  11. <333 BB 2NE1 YG FAMILY always~~

    HWAITING!!! 😀

  12. aww 🙂 they just rock. of course they’re professionals 😀

  13. oh my god oh my god
    i love young bae i love big bang i love my boys
    [repeat millions of times]

    i want to cry. again.
    one because the author did such a great job expressing his gratitude[?] towards big bang , teddy , 2ne1 ,and yg entertainment as a whole.
    second because young bae. oh my , that guy. i know exactly what the author’s trying to describe when he says u’re a big man 😉

    i love big bangggg. ahh. i love em. will never get tired of saying how much o love them. especially young baeee

  14. Teddy wrote this song? I thought GD is the who wrote this song while teddy make the lyrics..

  15. Teddy wrote this song? I thought GD is the one who wrote this song while teddy make the lyrics..

  16. Hi momo, I’d appreciate it if you could remove “emphasis by translator” at the end. The highlighted sentences in this post are different than the ones in my original post. Thanks!

  17. wow… teddy can make a song overnight??!!
    GDMIT!!! why didn’t i catch the songwriting talent when God sent them falling??
    Life is indeed unfair… maybe i should work harder even more.. knowing how hard other people are working… I’d be so annoyed waiting for five++ hours… then someone would ask for an interview…
    Dang! This is the reason why i don’t want to be famous.. Lol…

  18. Bae i frikken love you. He works so dammn hard and he was never born with great looks or dancing skills. A true idol and role model. GD and Teddy are musical geniuses the amount of songs they actually compose and create which never get produced. YG truly have some amazing talented people

  19. @ haichu “YG truly have some amazing talented people”
    That’s why it’s so hard to get in. I mean, you have to be better than the ones before you, you have to be able to resist all the difficulties in the Entertainment world and you must have a LOT of talent! Big Bang are GREAT!

  20. I’m so proud of my Big Bang boys! They’re all professionals through and through.

  21. WOW they always work so hard. And yay for YB i love him 😀

  22. impressed 🙂
    and grateful that our boys are being so professional
    and humble..that’s what i want to see in a REAL STAR
    Bae is always a kind, humble and perfectionist
    gotta love him for that ❤
    i love his solo dance part in the MV ❤
    yupie not another catchy tune, it’s another YG creation 🙂

  23. ahh YG is the best. :] teddy is a genius. he’s so good songwriting!
    i love our Big Bang boys so much! they work so hard :] i wish they got more rest though..finished at 6 am??!
    anyways BB hwaiting! GD solo album when?? T.T

  24. ah big bang you make me proud.^^
    you’re so professional

  25. Young Bae, you really are one of a kind<3
    YG is the best!!!! No doubt about it.

  26. Lollipop is a great YG creation indeed.
    Everybody just looks so different… “That’s not how we do it” they give justice to that. ;D

  27. Whoo, GO Teddy! :]]]

    Dang, had no idea things during the MV making got delayed. The process of the Lollipop project sure sounded tough. BB and 2NE1 must have been tired, but they were committed to doing it well. ^^

    Aww, Bae love! He’s so wonderful. *o* <333

  28. that is awesome.

  29. wow, I had no idea it took that much work. thanks for sharing!

  30. This is one of the reasons I love big bang, they are so dedicated and want to make the best out of what they do. Even though I love their music I also respect the way they work as well….and we all knew Bae was wonderful even before we read this, we just like it when one of our boys gets praised ^_^

  31. It’s really great to hear how YG/BB really work from another point of view, and even better to hear that they really are professional! I’m seriously impressed.

  32. this made me LOVE BB & YG even more!!!!!!
    & young bae, he really make me impressed & has this kind of side in him from d very beginning i knew him…=P
    such a great piece of work & really professional + talented enuf!!

  33. wow indeed it’s not very easy as we see in the MV there is a big production behind U.U i know because i’m syudying that but glad to see BB and 2NE1 project turn out very good ^^

  34. […] My Lollipop Project Report momo Author Note: This is my translated version of an excerpt from “My Lollipop Project Report” posted by […] […]

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