‘Lollipop’ top charts, performing beyond expectations


Big Bang and newcomer group 2NE1’s ‘Lollipop’ CM song has showed itself to be a great hit, sweeping up #1 position on various online music charts.

On the 6th, the song took Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Davichi ‘8282′ off the #1 position on Melon. The song also top charts on Dosirak, Bugs, Mnet and CyWorld.

The song going up to the #1 position on music charts had a greater meaning to it. Because it is a CM song, it is not possible to hear it on radio or on music programmes. Only a MV and a 30 sec CF of it has been released.

YG also spoke up about it, “Since Big Bang has stopped all their official schedule, it is impossible that they will perform the song on stage, the results are beyond our expectations.”

Meanwhile, Big Bang will be staying in Japan in June-July and there are plans for them to advance the Japanese music market again.

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~ by Momo on April 6, 2009.

14 Responses to “‘Lollipop’ top charts, performing beyond expectations”

  1. Aww!
    I wanted them to come to the US SO bad!!
    But it’s good about Lollipop.

  2. !!!!
    they really don’t like the us 😦
    ok that’s not true. their target audience is just wider in asia. *sigh*

  3. impressive.

  4. actually i want 2NE1 to top the chart on their own. i can’t wait.

  5. I feel on top of the world when YG’s expectations are passed .. lol
    I don’t mind them not performing on stage, but I do want to see all of them dance the whole thing X)
    I can’t wait for their Japan activities!!!!!

    congrats to YG 2NE1 & BB 😀

  6. Big Bang’s break is really cutting into what they’re doing…..They need it, like SERIOUSLY need it, but they can’t do any promotions, Jiyongie oppa’s solo album was delayed, and Daesungie and Tabi don’t even go on a real “break” from Family Outing and IRIS filming. Though if FO and IRIS is all they’re doing….other than filming, they’ll be free. But from what happened with I am Sam, filming for IRIS is gonna seem pretty hectic. Especially with it being an action and all. (I wonder what Tabi-stuntmen are like)

  7. I was waiting for this song to be top charts!
    because I knew that this song had all the pontentials that was needed to be #1 on charts
    It was the colaboration of Big Bang and 2NE1 nothing gets better than that
    Yeah Super Junior’s song ‘Sorry Sorry’ was pretty good but nothing can top Lollipop (well at least for now)
    Big Bang has the top charts and again as Krysti said

    ‘actually i want 2NE1 to top the chart on their own. i can’t wait.’

    The YG Family should be really proud this wasn’t even suppose to be a real song or anything so it was a big jump for 2NE1

  8. OMG Japan album!
    Means more sexy english for our boys. =)
    Yummy hearing Tae speak english. CANT WAIT!!

  9. cant wait too …
    ove our boys so much
    Lollipop is so catchy i hear it everyday … also the remix version ^^
    But no infos about GYong’s solo …???
    So GD and Baebae will go to US in Mai and back to Japan in June& July ?
    TOP and Ri are busy with their acting
    Dae with FO and maybe enter some Varietyshow as guest ?

  10. so maybe Japanese album is comin’? T.T i hope they get some time to rest T.T i’m worried…

  11. i am just way beyond too sad if gd solo album delay
    anyway..lollipop just cant get out from my mind yo!!!luv it

  12. aww ! i want to see them perform it !

  13. Dammn im proud! but this song deserves it b/c it is amazing (:
    yeahh, i want them to perform this song.
    oh yeahh, hopefully G-Dragon’s solo doesn’t get delayed.
    i would be so sadd, but otherwise i cannot wait for it!

  14. hwaiting bigbang

    naruel saranghae

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