[Audio] W-inds featuring GDragon “Rains is Fallin”

  • Pre-recorded GD’s part
  • W-inds perfomed the song at the Fanclub Event in Tokyo last month


To listen to the full Song:

youtube channel: Khaikei8702


~ by Momo on April 6, 2009.

10 Responses to “[Audio] W-inds featuring GDragon “Rains is Fallin””

  1. I really CANNOT wait for May

  2. can’t wait to listen to the released version 8D!!
    MAY MAY MAY plz come more quickly!

  3. Needs to be released. Now.

  4. Na already fallin in luv with d song…coz of GD i thought ^-^

  5. Ah, this sounds to be really good, looking forward to may!!!! : D
    GD’s rap.. orh it’s send me to heaven<3

  6. GD owns this song! It’s like W-inds are his back-up singers haha. Can’t wait for the full clip.

  7. omg makes me fap LOL

  8. I need this song like now.
    GD Rules!

  9. OHHHH no wonder it sounded recorded/not HQ.
    BUT OMG I WANT to download the song now!
    just b/c G-Dragon’s in there, i want the song now!
    i love his parts.

  10. hei w-inds, are not back up singer ! watch out what you posted there if all w-inds fan knew about this …it’s not wright to post like that ~_~!! respect other artist!

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