Behind the Scene: Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot

Yes, you might have noticed that my youtube account ‘BabyBongaholic’ is GONE. This time it’s for the ‘CRAB CRAB! KING CRAB’ dance video  from KBS, so any of you out there who upload KBS videos, be careful. But don’t worry, I can never go away, just like I say, ‘I AM EVERYWHERE’ so I just made another youtube account, I will be doing the same thing I’ve been doing, updating Big Bang videos, so check that out 😀

Vicky’s New Youtube Account

Behind the Scene: Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot

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Behind the scene of Big Bang’s new Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot, I’m not really sure what it is because I see them holding perfumes, guitars, gifts, giftcards… so maybe it’s a store? haha well the boys look adorable~ I love this concept, just normal, everyday life clothing, Bong in his natural habitat and not doing something crazy like a hotpink jumpsuit and Einstein hair. But what I love MOST about these pictures is that, GRi are like GLUED to each other, soo much GRi going on, it’s so sweet you can get a nose bleed.

Behind the Scene: Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot

Thanks to DCGD’s Fiesta님


~ by Vicky on April 6, 2009.

83 Responses to “Behind the Scene: Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot”

  1. Awwwh

  2. aahh the thing about your youtube account sucks DD:

    But thanks for having made another one already! (:

    Anyways, I loooved this photoshoot!

    Thank you for it!

  3. GRi really is all up on each other lol.

    I’ve been noticing that YB & Ri are the only ones who never change up their hair styles XD

  4. i love it!!! this photo shoot is so cute!! they look so normal and so relaxed!!

  5. they all are so cute…

  6. ooh, & some TOP-Dae/Dae-TOP action too lol

  7. eee gdragon’s hair looks so sexxxxy ;D

  8. Duty free is usually the type of stores that sell random stuff at the airport.. that’s why they’re carrying so many different things. :]

    But awww. they’re so cute! hahaha.

  9. ….
    KBS sucks for real
    they spent tthe whole weekend erasing videos
    they erased the last episode of BOF

    BB is love!
    I don’t think

  10. ….
    KBS sucks for real
    they spent tthe whole weekend erasing videos
    they erased the last episode of BOF

    BB is love!
    I don’t think

  11. sooory 4 that…
    hate my computer >.<

    they ever look bad in pics
    in fact I just died when I saw Bong
    he looks so cute
    man man of course looks suuuuper sexy as always
    the ToDae pics are serious loove!!!
    GRi too
    I just love this couples….


  13. Omfg, can’t believe your account got suspended, just kill me now, LOL.
    AWW…look at the overwhelming GRIness of those pics. ❤

  14. Haha even when GD is not nest to Seungri he still looking at him….loving all this GRi-ness

  15. aww dang that sucks. the acct was doing so well too. maybe we should be discreet about labeling now haha.

  16. Aww, geez YT! D:

    I like that acct name too… ^^;

    Oohhh I love the photos! The boys are looking so good in casual clothes. Bae looks so hot in that dark blue jacket. <33

    And they look super handsome in suits too! :]]]

    Haha, I have no idea what Lotte Duty Free is… o w o;

    oOo what are they doing w/ the hand imprint thing?! o:

  17. Cute pictures!
    Sucks that it got deleted!

  18. I LOVE when Bong wears his hats sideways! AH! <333
    I cant wait to see the pictures.

  19. I thought Lotte was the Asian Supermarket.
    NOooo~ Vicky, I love your BabyBongaholic, it’s gone!
    But I subscribed to the new one.

  20. OMG! This photo shoot looks really good! I really love the ones in the preppy sweaters and the bench shots! those were really cute! I can’t wait for the professional ones to come out! Is it just me or is JiYong’s hair a little too normal? I’m scared out of nowhere he’s going to chop it and i’ll get a heart attack! lol! 🙂

  21. 😀 thank gad you have nother accnt Vicky kk
    I really love what the boys are wearing I’ve been waiting for more pics from this shoot! really loving the suits & casual outfits XD whats that pink goo?

  22. My oh my, don’t they look stunning (:
    LOVE <3333

  23. que lindos gracias por las fotos aunq entienda mas o menos el ingles pero me encanta big bang seungri es muy lindo…

  24. how adorable ! XD
    but, taeyangs makeup
    looks really orangeee..
    in some picturess..
    or is it just the
    effect ?

  25. Sorry about your youtube account! Ahh, TOP in that suit and the hair… reminds me of the Baskin Robbins photoshoot.

  26. youtube kbs is so not fair!!! ..i just dont understand the point of taking it all out when a LOT of people saw it already!!!.grrr…

    OH in love again~~~ so much ❤ everyday~~


  27. dudeee they look extra goood in these photoooooos.
    no flaws at alll!
    i especially love GD’s hair, outfit, hat, suspenders, everything.
    mad for plaid too 😀

    im still going wth at KBS.

  28. Gahh, they all look so good (as usual). I love the casual feel going on. Oh, I think I’ve been GRi-deprived lately because this shoot made me happy. I love GD in the pink hat, by the way. And the headband, of course, although you can barely see it.

  29. xD Daesung looks like he’s getting ready for Family Outing~ ❤ (That red sweater in ep 38 was just TOO adorable!!)

  30. Tks you so much. Sorry about your youtube account. Let’s do it again :). Love u

  31. LOL Dae looks totally evil staring at the Mac computer…
    Bong + suspenders + hat + hot t-shirt = HOTNESS.
    Jesus, i was never a fangirl for Bong (looks-wise) but ever since I’ve been following this blog I’m becoming more and more GD-biased… with a lil’ bit of Baby thrown in too haha ^^
    However, nothing beats Tabi’s eyes… yum…
    Tabi’s eyes OWN.

  32. Uhm, what’s the new Youtube account name

  33. AWWWWW Cute! GRi is adorable =]
    i love g-dragon’s pink hat.

  34. awww bong looked so great here T___T
    he wins with just a tee+skinnies
    freaking gorgeous purple skinnies with the headband hairstyle
    awwwwwww i want you bong T___T
    and the others look gorgeous wuwuwuwu
    those pics kinda cheered me up though
    it wasn’t a good day for me today >.<
    and what?
    meaning all the videos that you uploaded before is all gone?
    becareful gurl

  35. its sad that you account got deleted but thank god you made another! i’m sorry but i cant live w/out your videos!

  36. G-Dragon back to normal?????? & i’m so hoping he could stick wif this style 4 his solo album!!!!!!!!!!
    erm is it only me or GD does look extra fresh & cute? LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!
    & G-Ri couple FTW!!!! ^________^

  37. awww…these are so cute! they’re like the cutest shoot that i’ve seen so far this year.

    thanks for posting!!!

  38. how com the new youtube account link dosnt work?
    i’ll find it later. welll i think
    they’re jus promoting lotte company stuff..??
    hahaha. i want those pics to come outt
    cuz i love the one with yb in green& dae in pinkk
    dae lookin mighty finee~
    wheres the einstein hair at? aww. i liked it lol
    tabi hubby is hott like always<3

  39. OMG they look sooo finne XD
    I see some Taeyang/daesung-ness and daesung/top-ness and taeyang/gd-ness and A LOT OF GRi-NESS
    i haven’t seen them like that in a while, they just look sooooo HOT..especially my BEBE 😛

  40. Duty free sounds like those gift shops or shops at the airport.

  41. Vi
    Hahaha… that’s it my dongseng!
    U’re everywhere. I like that! kekeke ^^

    Gurl gurl, don’t just think bout GRi, ToDae is everywhere too. Hahaha
    I don’t care what it is, as long as they look gorgeous.
    All of them are. Hahaha

    But still, I feel so relieved I don’t have to meet BongStein again & hubby just too adorable!! Kyaaaa!!
    I like him with sweater tha most! He looks so cute there! Aah~~~ heaven…


  43. look at the picture where they’re in black suits, GD WAS STARING AND WHAT??? it might seem like he was staring at the present. but I THINK DIFFERENT… *PERVERTED* LMAO!! this photoshoot is da bessst!!!!

  44. damn happy to see GD in tis hairstyles 🙂
    hw come ur account suspend? sad….

  45. YESSSSSSSS!!!! Jiyongie’s a boy again!!!! 😀 i love it when he’s a boy! he’s sooo yummy lookin.. mmmm..mmm..mmm. yummy enough to make me turn away from Bae for a nano sec. Seungri’s been lookin’ extra cute lately…

    .. actually i agree they all look extra delish in this photoshoot… must be extra sleep? daaang doin them bodies and faces some good. ❤

  46. Vicky…
    i’m so sorry about ur account T__T
    but congrats for the new one XD

    Aww… the new photoshoot is LOVEE!!!
    G-ri here and there… ❤
    TODAEEE!!!!!!!!!! MY LOVE is there too, they look glued too aww… <33
    aww.. Bae looks so lonely T__T

  47. OMG T.O.P is so SEXY!

  48. Youtube has gone really weird now…hahaha..
    well,luckily you hve made the new one… 🙂
    tq 4 da soooo dammnn good..
    the GRI part,ahh,lovee itt…

  49. GD love ❤

  50. YT is such a pain

    OMG TY is so fine in that last pic…AISH!!!

  51. congrats on ur new account Vicy 🙂
    ahh love the g-ri love in these pics
    soo cute :3

  52. omg >.< ok i love seeing bongie in anything but love him in normal everyday clothes. that being said, KKKKYYYYAAAA G-RI WHY MUST YOU EXIST?!?! YOU ARE TOO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!! Bongie is just all over baby and im all for it!!

  53. awww no, your old account is gone?? :[[ kbs sucks. you had so many good vids! well, i’m glad you got a new one, vicky :]

    oh my yongyong! this is much better than the einstein look! LOVELOVE
    they all look so cute!

  54. seung riiii !!
    he’s supercute ..
    TOP is more and more handsome ..
    big bang is VIP . haha

  55. thanks for sharing!! ^^

  56. Lotte world has a duty free shop?? wow
    lol duty free shop is one of those shops where international goods are sold with no tax?? or sumthng like that hehe

  57. Run to subscribe to Vicky’s new youtube account
    you go girl!

  58. seungri…looks so damn adora…HOT.

    i can’t help it, he has really grown up and i miss seeing him on the site. come back baby.

  59. yay for new youtube. Thanks vicky! the pictures are so adorable! hope for HQ soon:0)

  60. i like the last picture which TOP sit with crossed-leg

  61. they look so cute!!!

  62. g-ri is so hot hot <3333
    yb can kill just by wearing a white tee *swoons*

    ps:gd’s such a poser ;p n thts why we love him

  63. awwwww omg ♥♥ i died i can’t wait for that pictures to release! thanks Vicky and so sad to hear about your YT account i added your new one 😀 i’m bangirls@YouTube

  64. top top top so so so so cute so handsome

  65. i love bigbang (top) kkkkkk

  66. G dragon is looking super dopeeeerrr hott!
    i love his hair here! GOD i totally adore this photoshoot :DD

  67. OMG TOP LOOKS HOT! all of them do!!!!!!!! man i want those pictures bad! haha.

  68. TOP looks sooo fine and effin’ sexxay!! >__<

  69. OMONA, the boys look SO HAWT!!! *fans self* GRi and ToDae love! Haha Bae is just too cool to be with anyone! I want these pics….yummay. Thank you!

    And Vicky, glad you got a new account! Keep on bringing those videos!

  70. ji yong oppa i love your outfit and i love your hair too!!!!!!!
    it awesome ^^

  71. Wow, there is a lot of Vri and GD love going on !

  72. i am in love with jiyoung’s hair.
    it is smexy much ^^
    nevertheless TOP is still rocking in that suit and so are the rest…(HEHEHEEEE my tabiiiii <333)
    okay. sorry about my tabi bias. but i guess i havent seen them together in a while besides the lollipop thing, they all seem so cute in the photoshoot. heheehehehe ^^

  73. don’t let that kbs beats ya! go vicky ><

    ahhhh tabi!!! why do you have to be sooooo good looking??
    loves the pictures..
    and what are they doing with the red clay thingy?

  74. I love this photoshoot! they are so natural, relaxed, cute and.. yay yay yay.. love them<3
    And I can see what you mean with the GRi, there is really much GRiness in these photos, wow that’s great! : D
    The last photo reminds me a little bit of some of the old photoshoots with nii, the way they are sitting :b..
    – Love the photo when Dae are with the pink guitar. so cutee.
    And I love bong on the 5 picture.. okay, I love them all, i will just shut up now xD.

  75. what a shame they deleted your youtube account! i loved it. i watched everyday videos from your channel. but glad youre back!!! aww those photos are great. they all look sooooooo cute & hot.
    i so love GD. cant get enough of him!!!

    <33 greez from switzerland

  76. i see TOP & Dae together in almost ALL the pictures =]
    G-RI is cute

  77. […] Behind the Scene: Lotte Duty Free Photoshoot Yes, you might have noticed that my youtube account ‘BabyBongaholic’ is GONE. This time it’s for the […] […]

  78. they all have signature poses
    i notice bae of course.
    head tilted a bit , that sweet almost no-lips-visible smile , those small eyes , and that hand gesture swoooooooooooonnnn

    gd has really skinny legs , smaller than mine lol

  79. you guys are very manly

  80. ooohh que lindos se ven en estas fotos pero mas seungri es mi favorito ☻/ sobre todo los ojitos monos de panda jeje
    / \

  81. OHH YEAHH! i love the boys in their ‘normal’ clothing’s. humm i wonder what the boys are putting on their hands?

  82. ahhh gdragon is super cuteeee ❤
    the other bigbang memners look super hot as well 🙂

  83. love love love

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