DaeSung, “Kang Ji Yeong is the best ‘Pretty Girl’ in KARA”


Big Bang DaeSung has picked youngest member Kang Ji Yeong out of the 5 KARA members as the best ‘Pretty Girl’

DaeSung was recently on MBC Cable ‘Idol Show’ which KARA are the MCs to and was asked to pick out the best ‘Pretty Girl’ amongst the members.

In order to become DaeSung’s ‘Pretty Girl’, the KARA members each performed their hidden talents on the show. KARA leader GyuRi then instantly broke into a song showing her vocal powers in front of DaeSung. Kang Ji Yeong who is known to be DaeSung’s fan, also sang a song in front of DaeSung.

And DaeSung picked Kang Ji Yeong in the end. This episode will air on the 9th.

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~ by Momo on April 6, 2009.

16 Responses to “DaeSung, “Kang Ji Yeong is the best ‘Pretty Girl’ in KARA””

  1. hahaaa. this is gona lead to suspicions with mc yoo&the rest of family . :p
    i never thought she was pretty but i guess shes cute looking

  2. I still cant believe that she JUST got into high school. she’s so frkn young! O:

  3. lmao i can just imagine jaesuk and hyori in F.O.
    ‘so THAT’S who you were texting!’

  4. OMO; daesung picked her too.
    Didn’t seungri pick her when they were at a radio show?
    like seungri was asked who he likes the best from kara and he said kang ji yeong too;;. omo.

  5. tsk tsk tsk…Dae better be careful Or else Jaesuk & Hyori are going to attack him with questions

  6. LOL, I’d die from laughter if this came up in FO by Jaesuk. Tehehehee

    Daesung, watch out. ;P

  7. she looks older than 15 (korean age)

  8. cute! ready for questioning from family outing. ha!

  9. IMO, Gyuri is the prettiest but Ji Young is definitely second. She’s so young, though!

    but yea, he must be careful, he’ll hear an earful on FO lollll ❤ dae

  11. lol~~ Dae be careful with what u say 😉

  12. gdluvzmc

    AHAAA, that’s right ;D it’s like taeyeon all over again xDD

  13. Awwww, cute!
    Lols i could see the FO members teasing him.

  14. More teasing from the FO cast???
    Ji Young is my fav. from KARA.
    Oh the irony, they are both each other’s favs.

  15. humm, i don’t really follow up on KARA, but that’s so cute this is so cute!

  16. humm, i don’t really follow up on KARA, but that’s so cute!

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