TOP will not be appearing in Hip Hop Movie


Big Bang TOP has been offered for a hip hop movie but because Big Bang has to concentrate on their advance into the Japanese market, the offer was turned down.

YG Entertainment revealed that they received an offer for TOP to be in a movie which depicts the story of youths who dream of hip hop and their pursue to their dreams. But because Big Bang will be staying in Japan from end-May to July and there are long term plans for the group in Japan, YG had turned down the offer.

The producer to the movie had wanted TOP on the team because of his popularity amongst young people and also that he is currently on his acting activity.

Right now, TOP is filming for drama ‘IRIS’ alongside Lee Byung Heon and Kim Tae Hee. Plannings are also in the process for member SeungRi to be in the movie ‘71′.

A YG representative said, “There are many proposals for the group but the group’s schedule just don’t allow for them. TOP is currently filming in Japan and immediately after that he will join the group in Japan for their promotions.”



~ by Momo on April 6, 2009.

12 Responses to “TOP will not be appearing in Hip Hop Movie”

  1. I’m kind of glad. I’ve never been into these hip-hop themed movies. Save the Last Dance was okay but Julia Stiles was just awkward when she tried to dance hip-hop. So, I stopped after that.

  2. I’m just glad that TOP won’t be overworked, really. The last thing we want is for him to be hospitalized due to exhaustion, like so many other drama actors do when they get packed schedules. 😐

  3. I think its actually unfortunate..I believe ToP can become a popular actor in drama/movies..he has the most potential out of the whole group acting wise. So many are already anticipating his villian role in IRIS..I think seeing him onscreen more would jus be a plus for his career…but then again maybe YG dont think the movie would be good enough for ToP?

  4. it wouldve been nice to see him in a moviee =) but IRIS is enough for meee =)

  5. after filming Iris in Japan he’ll join BB there in Japan? man…. so much for the May-break, I hope Tabi gets some rest

  6. wow~~ i hope Tabi is ok…i think b/c of the new song GD is doing with W-inds, YG change the whole schedule and now they’re going to promotion in Japan and no US or GD solo album and Tae Yang’s comeback …that’s what i think ^^’

  7. I think TOP would be the best choice for this character.I really want to see him onscreen more,,he’s so attractive!<3Anyway,although I’m so dissapointed for this news,it would be the best decision for TOP,he won’t have too many stress.Tabi,keep on frighting!!

  8. TOP sounds too busy…I hope he doesn’t overwork himself…but anyways…YEA!!! for no Hip Hop movie…YEA!!! to being in Japan! I hope the boys come visit me in Osaka!!!

  9. Bitter sweet Seunghyun’s so hip hop dang he could have killed the role but they need to rest I wish they’d rest gosh I’m tired for them!!!! LOL

  10. it’s kind of dissapointing that he’s not going to be in it. i mean, he’s perfectly capable of the role and evrything ;D but really..they need rests :D<33 but i still agree, he’d probably be the best for a hip hop movie xD!

  11. That would be great if he was in Hip Hop Movie
    but he is shooting Iris. ahh sad, but don’t wanna
    overwork him. FIGHTING ,TOP =]

  12. OMG.TOP wouldbe PERFECT for the rolein the HIP HOP movie..
    Oh well, poor guy needs to rest too!

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