04.07.09 ETN News: Why did you come to my house VIP Premiere


Credit: S@BBVIPz

Re-upload to Youtube: elaisvip

April 6th 2009: VIP Premiere

VIPs who attended the premier

Epik High Supreme T

*the next YG Lovely Couple in the making, i hope”

Shinhwa Lee Min Woo

Bong Tae Gyu

YG’s Lovely Couple Jung Hye Young and Sean

Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin

Cha Tae Hyun and Soon Yoon Ah

Shim Eun Jin and Kim Heung Soo

Go Eun Ah

Epik High Mithra Jin

Heo Yi Jae

Jewelry S and V.O.S

Brown Eyed Girls

 Source: Newsen/Daum

Post taken from: kdramafanusa@soompi


~ by Momo on April 7, 2009.

18 Responses to “04.07.09 ETN News: Why did you come to my house VIP Premiere”

  1. aww hes soo cuteee

  2. woah, baby’s BIG bow . XD
    i love Go Eun Ah’s bag ~

  3. this is too SWEET for me that it makes me jealous and envous @ the same time!!!

    sOOO cute couples!!!

    <333 😀

  4. lol
    i wonder where gd is

  5. haha, so cute (:

  6. Aww, I feel like SRi’s dark circles look darker.

    After that, the next thing I noticed was his bow. XD Sorta cute. xDDD

    Sean and Hye Young! Sean looks really handsome. :]

    Ooh! Cha Tae Hyun! I know him from watching FO. ^^;; <33

  7. MITHRA ❤

  8. Gahh, dang it. It cut my comment. I was about to fangirl over Tablo, too. He and Kang Hye Young are really adorable together.

  9. its so cute how tablo surprised his gf. She’s so shocked.

  10. omgg 😀
    tablo is so sweet xDD
    andd ohh godd, did baby get a hair cut?!?! well it just makes him look cuutterr ;D or maybe he just didn’t style it lololi think so xD <33 I LOVE YOU SEUNG RI<33 adorablee 😀 ahhaa

  11. PANDA-RI!! aww, Sean and HyeYoung :D…lol..Mithra Jin? awesome ^^

  12. y did the other members didn’t go to the vip premiere?

  13. that’s so cute. Tablo was there. He is the
    sweetest boyfriend! other then Sean ya` know. Epik High!!
    Min WOO! SEUNGRI! awwww i cannot wait for this
    movie! isn’t there another K-Drama named ‘why did you come to my house?’
    Aww Sean was there too! to support YGFam.
    how come Big Bang was there too?

  14. TABLO&MITHRA!<333

  15. ahaaahaaa poor seungri after tablo and hye jung’s cute moment. he said if he too had a girlfriend in that situation/position, he wouldve really liked it.
    ahaha aww it’s ok seungri

  16. lmao SR’s bow [:

  17. lol SR’s bow 😀 Tablo is so sweet *.* and Sean ftw!!!

  18. a lot of YG members went…wonder why none of the other boys went to support SR? ^~^

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