2009 SBS Hope TV “Republic of Korea Coming!” Showcase Photoshoot

Bong ahjumma.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is probably for a charity showcase by SBS, at first when I saw these pic at first glance, I was like “WAH~ so cute” due to all the pastel color, then oh dang…. I notice there’s a ahjuma in the middle of Big Bang… it’s Bong ahjuma. AIGOO……….. you say something about his Einstein hair, he’ll go out and get a perm just to shove it in your face. I don’t know if he’s Bong or my long lost aunt. But then… the 2nd thing I notice is, BAE-RI!! I love this picture the most, cuz Baby was looking at BaeΒ pervertedly ‘lovingly’. Tabi also channel a bit SeoTaji, cool hair coming out here and there.

2009 SBS Hope TV “Republic of Korea Coming!” Showcase Photoshoot

Is this Bong?…or a ahjumma dressing up as GDragon for early-Halloween?

Thanks to Newsen | Newsis | seraphimλ‹˜


~ by Vicky on April 7, 2009.

79 Responses to “2009 SBS Hope TV “Republic of Korea Coming!” Showcase Photoshoot”

  1. AMAZING!!!….never stoppin’

  2. HAHAH. oh my goshh gdragon!

  3. omona, gd oppa!
    he is so cute!!

  4. His… hair.. GD’s.. hair.. omg. that’s 😯

  5. can’t believe that GD have a perm curly hair XD
    omg, why ? i’m pretty sure that he regrets it mow !
    still cute ?! well, don’t know yet !


  7. LOLL i love them BUT GD’S HAIR IS KILLING MEEE, why GD, you had perfect hair before >.<. it’s ok i still love him
    but LOL to your long lost aunt part. ahhahah

  8. hmmm, MAYBE, it’s a wig . LOL .
    it looks like a wig . XD

  9. GD’s hair, ARGH so cute !!

  10. he never ceases to shock the public with new hairstyles all the time… he looks like gu jun pyo ><

  11. my my my G-leaDah~ … I strangely like it too..thats for you all GD-hairters!!!..hahahaha… ❀ this boy, so …… ??? ….

    O.M.S.R. hubby u’r sOOO cute!!! Bae-ri <333

    too much <333 everyday..im gonna explode again!!! πŸ˜€

  12. HAHAHAHA OMG i cracked up so badly at bong’s hair
    ajumaaaa T____T
    if you think from another point of view
    bong looks kinda cutee..like the small Jun Pyo kid haha
    i love the baby-being-pervert-at-bae pic too
    bong looks cute in that picture as well hahahaa
    love bong and tabi’s skinnies though
    tabi’s legs look really long in the 2nd pic o__O

  13. i can’t belive it!
    the gd’s hair is so charming!
    ahahaha i have curly hair<333
    awwwwww i love him more more more

  14. why why why why………i always ask myself this when i see GD.

    must you make yourself looks like this.

    sigh…*gives up*

    seungri looking at taeyang makes up for it. πŸ™‚

  15. HAHAH his hair he does look like an ahjumma
    oh well i still love him

  16. O_O

    …Ji…Yong…? Where did your sense of style disappear to? Ah, he still looks cute — like he’s wearing a wig xD; =w=;

  17. love the colors but the perm…its not sitting pretty with me just yet.

  18. Never thought I’d say this, but I really like the Einstein hair now.
    Oh Ji…
    Lol, the last picture, I was just looking at their shoes, and I was like, “… One of these things just doesn’t belong here.” Then I finally looked at the whole picture and saw Sean. Haha.

  19. I’m completly shocked with Jiyongie’s hair O_O

    WTH?! Does someone here know the japanaese band An Cafe?

    If yes, I think that his hair looks like Yuki’s hair….anyways, I like curly hair, but it looks to fake ;_;

    Well, he looks handsome in any way, haha. πŸ˜€


  20. I hope he is just trying to hide his real hairstyle for his solo album.

  21. nooo!! i refuse to keep this set of pictures o.O JIYONG!!!! i hope that’s a wig you have on.

  22. baby junpyo~
    LOL at Gd’s hair
    its so curly
    i think he looks cute in it
    but i wish he’d change it soon

  23. OH MY FREAKIN’ GOD!! GDRAGON!! WOW! He looks like he got a little bit chubby. LOL!! πŸ˜›

  24. OH MY GOD WHEN DID GU JUN PYO JOIN BIG BANG? I think my bongie has gotten a little too into BBF/HYD. Why bongie? I liked the einstein hair!! bring it back!!!

  25. when i saw he’s hair i couldnt help but laugh!

  26. lol.. GD makes ahjumma proud of him…
    i like TOP’s hair.. ^_^

  27. I was just @ soompi when I saw this so I knew it would be here.

    LMAO. Vicky… Or your ‘long lost aunt’?!! Hahaha.

    Eee… Einstein hair over this fugly hair any day please. ;______;

    GD’s hair does look like a wig. >w< GD looks so much better in many other hairstyles. T___T

    Their outfits are cute and colorful though.

    Tabi looks really hot. :]]] Love his hair and he’s rockin’ the glasses fo sho. 8]

    LOL@yourBaeRi comment. ;P

  28. Lol GD kinda looks like u-kiss’s Alexander

  29. OMG!!
    Bong’s hair is sooo cute!!!!
    my lord they look soooo sexy!!!!
    I like the message in the shirts
    my man’s new hairstyle is deadly!!!
    hot hot hot!!!
    I love the junk in the belt
    hopefully they’re not heavy because having that so close to there could be dangerous…. XD

  30. I guess our TABI kept his hairstyle from IRIS,..
    and @ sputnik. I was thinking that too.. but I guess it was more like someone in u-kiss looks like GD…
    and …I can only hope that GD’s hair is temporary/a wig. But he’s still pretty cute, after all. πŸ˜›
    + are those TABI’s cellphone accessories hanging out of his pocket?
    So cute~~

  31. omg…GD’S HAIR! LOL

  32. Kool!…its good to know that GD isn’t afraid to try new things…especially with his hair!… XD…hahah lovin Taeyangs Jumps!

    GD LOOKS LIKE YOUNG JOONPYO FROM BOF (in the korean one btw)!!
    but yeah, GD is hotter than any mega-rich fictional character.

    Please, bring Einstein or the popcorn back.

  35. check out more pics. at sookyeong.wordpress.com
    i just gotta say this picture

    makes me laugh;; its like taeyang is touching both seungri and daesung’s butt
    andd this one..
    it’s sean & taeyang;; and right when i saw this i was like;; harang grew up haha..

  36. LOL gd’s always doing new hairs. he should settle for the bowl cut some time. i really dont like this grandma hair right now. it made me literally LOL. i do think its cool how he always changes it, but he doesnt have to go wayyy edge like always. lol. be normal sometimes. hahaha. its funny cuz when i saw this, i was just complaining to my friend about his einstein hair. and what do you know? LOL.

  37. whats up with GD’s hair??
    Reminds mw of my grandamas hair – no offence to GD or anything
    And I though his popcorn hair in the Hite Beer CF was abit off but this
    Reminds me of the leader of F4 in Hana Yori Dango

  38. G-Dragon never fails to amze me O-O
    hehe some BaeRi ^^ and TabiRi ^o^ keke
    OMG VICKY!! http://raincookie.net/da_sunsetglow.htm you must watch >.< its like the cutest animation cover of BB sunset glow ^o^ hehe

  39. LMAO they look all fraeking cute and stuff ;D

  40. AGH my whole comment didn’t get in =_______= ^^
    something is wrong lololl

  41. lol Seung Ri has the funniest jump shots, BAERI<333!!!!
    Seriously loving TOP’s hair, GD….ahh…what to say, he’s always coming up with crazy hair dos this one was almost expected lol

    So happy BB is doing this SBS Hope Tv

  42. gd…what happen his hair style??

  43. LMFAO GD.
    is it me or is GD’s skin blotchy on his arm :/


    yay for the good cause πŸ˜€

  44. Yongie! what happen to your hair!!??????

  45. Hahaha Just when you think GD has used up all the shocking hair ideas he comes up with another one πŸ™‚ I guess we should be expecting it by now, will we ever learn not to be shocked by him πŸ˜›

  46. I think my theory is true. GD’s goal now is to try out every single hairstyle that exists in this world lol. He still wants to do experiments with his hair. I don’t complain though but I do hope he will end all these experiments as soon as possible :p

  47. shock !!!!
    Hic, what’s up with ur hair, Gdragon…
    Although he created many perfect hair styles but this hair style….speechless T^T.

  48. is it that goo jun pyo hair craze burning again?!
    aigooo jiyong ahh T_T

  49. oh my G-Dragon, even i feel annoyed with your hair, i still love you…

  50. it still looks good on him ryt?lol

  51. HAHAHA Seung Ri was doing TOP’s move!! So cuuuteeee

  52. Omona !!!
    I dont know what to said about Yong’s hair !!!!
    No no no, please return to my cutie Yong!

  53. Ji Yong ar..’cry him a river’

  54. waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!…haha…lolzzzz….jiyong hair….XD
    i agree with nilly anyway… XD

  55. LoL that hair! Only he could pull it off! Top looks amazing as usual!

  56. looks like jiyongie jumped onto the F4 bandwagon!
    seriously… i was so excited that he’s a boy again from the duty free photoshoot, and then he pulls one of these off. =(

    my bae was gettin mad air during the photoshoot! yeaah. you jump, boy and keep lookin yummy! ::drools::

    they all look really cute though! love the pants.

  57. Bae-Ri it makes me sooo Happy!!! But lord help my poor GD he permed his hair why baby but your still cute!! LOL Young Bae looks sooo hot no hat just hair!!! Seunghyun and DaeSung they’re just cute/hot!! Seung-Ri is cute and evene cuter with Bae or any other hyung he want to cling on to in a photoshot!! LOL I love the shirt the words are so pretty go Sean!!!!


  59. ooooh boong hahahaha. it looks sooo weird. but he is still my boy πŸ˜€ i love him.
    i love the whole big bang πŸ˜€ we are a FAMILYYYYYYYY GUYS πŸ˜€


  60. OMG jiyong looks so cute >\\<
    his eyes are so SHINYYY!!
    his hair is cute too (: idk how its weird…..

  61. Awww jiyong iss soo cute but i think he got cubby but still hawtt

  62. ahaha.. i wonder if ty kicked
    ds at when he was jumping..

  63. maybe he tried the goo jun pyo style but it didn’t come out right LMFAO

  64. BONG! i think he went over the line with this one. ;p
    dae looks really hot XD top and his cool ass hair hahaa, yb and his poses, and SEUNGRI<3 hes just effen cute yo. LOL

  65. gahahahaha ji yong ahhh
    he left me speechless gazillion times before.
    but htis time he cracks me up xp

    funnyyyy that hair do is funny
    hope it’s wig ji yong ah

    oh ma baby bae!
    he’s really workin the jumpin crossed-legs pose!
    take off ur sunglass i nid to c ur eyes dahlink ;)))

    hehehe bae-ri. so they’re closer now~

    i gotta say sean did a great job!
    his intention was great and the shirt looks great.
    i want one. but of course i can’t get one =_=

  66. Kwon Ji YONG! are you serious? being a ahjumma in all..again?
    Why this hair style. Eww, don’t like it! better not be his
    Solo Hair. just saying.
    But i do LOVEE the pictures they took.

  67. lmao its kwon jun-pyo!

  68. Why does it look like a wig?

  69. […] 2009 SBS Hope TV “Republic of Korea Coming!” Showcase Photoshoot Bong ahjumma. […]

  70. i was a lil shocking seeing our new GD…hahaha…
    but well,thats totally our GD fosho..
    btw,love the pix…
    hopefully,that hairstyle will not last longer…hehehe..

  71. LOLMAO

  72. vi, ur ex-hubby looks exactly like my grandmother
    the hairstyle, i’m speechless

  73. om-gosh GD!

  74. hehehe ^^;; Bong ahjumma…i still don’t get used to that hairstyle ._.

  75. aww. i was just getting used to his bong-stein look… oh Jiyong, you are so so full of surprises. he looks cute in it but gaaaah. it just has to go. pls pls have it fixed Jiyong.

  76. arghhh..the perm! NO!!!!!! perms are NOT unique in korea cause we all know AHJUMMAS has it….and is this a continuation of BOF goo joon pyo hairstyle (but with a twist to it)? but no…it just looks like ahjumma hair to me.

  77. does anyone know where to get top’s individual shots!?

  78. i liked how you addressed: BONG ahjumma. HAHAHA i’m still laughing xP his hair makes me want to pull a curl and say “BOING!”

  79. O.o
    oh .. GD ‘ s hair is .. uhh .
    ooooooooh !<3

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