Big Bang for SBS HopeTV

beautiful words written in front and back of the tee:

world a beautiful place
love makes the world colourful!

love is holding hands together and sharing

Thanks to:  Sean’s cyworld //


Big Bang was in Seoul KangNamGoo TEO studio for the shooting of supporters posters for SBS HopeTV. Big Bang also wore the shirt is produced by singer Sean.

After which they did an interview with reporters talking about doing such a division project for a good cause. TaeYang said, “It’s really exciting to be doing something good like this. Normally, we had wanted to do something like this but time just doesn’t allow for it. Now that we are given a chance, we are doing it together.”

Sean who designed the teeshirt that Big Bang was wearing said, “In this bad economic times, there needs to be love like this. I believe that when love is put into the gray light, it will become a rainbow. Love can make the world a colourful one. Many campaigns have many beautiful tees, so I designed one that is pretty and also one that you can wear on casual occasions.”

He continued, “It seems that Big Bang has grown up so quickly from since they were little kids, to become Korea’s iconic and representative group, and I want to give them this chance for this division project. I really enjoying having Big Bang to participate in this project.”

SeungRi said, “We will be excited to see the teenagers, who has given so much liking for Big Bang, wearing the teeshirts walking on the streets. This is very meaningful. If kids are to wear this teeshirts and have their own dreams, even more kids will have their dreams.”

The designed tees for this project will be sold at NII stores, and all proceeds to be donated to the Hope Fund.

SBS HopeTV will go on for a month from beginning of May.



~ by Momo on April 7, 2009.

18 Responses to “Big Bang for SBS HopeTV”

  1. yes, yes stay positive :]

  2. momo is on the roll today! everytime i get bored at work (which happens every…30mins), always visit this site and today there’s new things everytime i check hahaha. Anyway it’s good for the boys to promote for a good cause. Hope to see them involved more directly in the future.

  3. i love that colourful design
    and…the ajuma…

    always stay +’ve 🙂

  4. awww 😀 that’s such a sweet cause xD well it seems so lol<3
    big bang is soooo..alsdi fjoldfj NO WORD FOR IT REALLY just amazingg and wonderful ;D loving, caring, kind, and considerate ;P
    prouddd of our boys<3 VIP FOREVERRR<3 they do these things a lot and it just makes me happy 😛

  5. X) I’m so touched when Sean said BB grew up quickly lol
    soo happy BB is doing this cause, I really like the shirt!

  6. aww cause for the worlddd.

    but whats with GD’s ahjumma hair?

  7. baby aren’t you a TEENAGER as well? 😀
    yup there’s always hope and love
    and people should continue to spread their love 😀

  8. jiyongie’s hair


  9. awww thats so sweet.

    but jiyong…wut is up with ur hair!? this is the first time EVER that i am questioning his hair. i even was ok with the popcorn hair during hite and mop hair during lollipop.
    but this is……

  10. jong shin oppa lol~~

  11. haha…well…it’s GD!!!~~~XD

  12. Aww, I love the first pic! Is that Yoon Jong Shin?! XD Tehehee

    Sean designed the shirt? I love it. Love the words on it. ^^

  13. wow i want one too!!!lol
    anyone know where we can get one?

  14. OMG! What’s up with gd’s hair? is he trying to pull off goo joong pyo’s hair? he’s? does not look good on him. this hair style is not for you baby.

  15. the first pic hae ram’s so cute!

    it’s great what sean’s doin.

    big bang shoul do more of this kind of thing.
    entertaiment for a good cause.

    not that they’re not doin enuff ;))

  16. Aww, i love the T-Shirts!
    That’s great that they are helping out.
    I’m a teenager =] Help me out too please.
    ahhhh* heartattack. G-Dragon yo` hair!
    Ha Rang..? Aww he is so cute! how come Ha Eum
    isn’t in here too?

  17. aww harang please be my younger brother
    he is seriously the cutest kid on earth aww ❤
    and jong shin was there too
    love the concept of the tshirt
    yeah love makes the world colourful
    we shall learn to love each other =)

  18. very beautiful t-shirts i wish i have one *o*

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