Big Bang Interview: Flying Postman Press, Japan, November 5, 2008


I have listen to all kinds of genre and was quite surprised TOP listens to his music too. Impressive!


Big Bang Interview: Flying Postman Press, Japan, November 5, 2008
Auther Note: Please note that the original interview was in Japanese and this is a translation of a translation: 

Q. You are already very popular in Japan – around 3,000 fans turned out to see you perform at your Ikibukero event to introduce your new album. But since this is the first time you meet the Flying Postman Press readers, please introduce yourselves and tell us about your roles in the group.

SR: My name is VI. I do vocals and dance in the group. Also I am the youngest in the group.
DS (in Japanese): I am D-Lite. I do vocals.
YB (in Japanese): (To DS) That was simple (laugh). I am Sol. I do vocals and dance.
GD: I am G-Dragon. I am a producer and the leader of the group.
TOP: I am TOP. I am a rapper and do beat-boxing. I also write songs.

Q: In the Flying Postman Press December issue (Tokyo edition), we asked you about your “unique” qualities as a group. Today, tell us what each of you think is “unique” about the other members.

YB: I think each member is unique. I’ll tell you what I think is unique about D-Lite, who’s sitting next to me, then. He said that our “unique image” as a group was “yellow” (see FPP December issue Tokyo edition). I think he has a bright and sunny personality that resembles the color yellow. (Smiling broadly, DS shakes hands with YB)

Q: I see. I guess D-Lite is everyone’s favorite mood-maker. Now why don’t you take turns to tell us what’s unique about the person sitting next to you? D-Lite, what do you think is unique about VI?

DS: Well, I think what’s unique about him is his confidence. (Laugh)

Q: I see. Now Mr. Confidence, VI, what’s unique about TOP?

SR: His voice when he raps! I think he’s unique because he has stage presence and charisma.

Q: Now TOP, what’s unique about G-Dragon, the leader of the group?

TOP: GD is a good leader and has a distinct character. Also he is very ambitious and devoted about everything he does.

Q: Now, what’s unique about Sol, G-Dragon?

GD: The fact that Sol has this extraordinary ability to express a wide range of feelings and emotions is what’s unique about him.

Q: I understand that not only G-Dragon the producer but also the rest of the members take part in producing your songs. Please describe the typical process you go through to produce a song.

GD: Through discussions among all members. I am the producer but I just lay the framework and the individual members then fill out the framework. That’s why you can see the unique colors of individual members in their respective parts.

Q: I see. Then all of you gathered in one place, having lively discussions to make or record songs?

GD: That’s right.

Q: I guess that’s how you stimulate synergism among members while keeping the uniqueness of individual members intact.

Q: “Number 1” is not simply the Japanese version of one of your Korean albums – it has six new songs that were not previously released in Korea. So this was intended specifically for the Japanese market. What were the things to which you paid particular attention because it is your regular album in Japan?

YB: Yes, we paid particular attention because this is our first regular album in Japan. For example, we chose the color of Big Bang (?) for the album jacket, tried to make the songs more slick and edgy, and made sure that they have the feel of pop to make them more suitable for the Japanese music scene. It has elements of western-style music, club sounds and R&B numbers that are perfect for autumn. It’s very rich and diverse and I think you will find the songs rather refreshing.

Q: I see your songs reflect influence by R&B/hip-hop/soul music, and in your song “This Love” from your previous EP “With U”, you sampled a song by the American band Maroon 5. You’ve also mentioned your collaboration with Daishi Dance, which shows how diverse and genre-free your music is. I am curious, what do you guys listen to these days?

YB: The weather’s getting chilly so I listen to Eric Benet and Robin Thicke a lot these days.
GD: I usually listen to pretty much all kinds of music regardless of the genre but I listen to a lot of old Korean songs these days.
TOP: I like “warm” music and listen to a European artist named Tete a lot these days. I also listen to our album Number 1 a lot in preparation for our live performances. (Laugh)

Q: So you’re listening and practicing (laugh). I guess you all listen to different artists. How about Japanese artists?

YB: Yes, we listen to Japanese artists too! I listen to Amuro Namie, Nakashima Mika and m-flo often.

Q: If you include the EPs released in Korea, your first regular album in Japan Number 1 is your 4th album this year alone. This is indeed an amazing pace of working. Where do you get this level of creative energy?

YB: Our mood (?) changes with time and our music changes accordingly. I think the desire to show you how we have changed musically is the main source of our energy.

Q: Last question. You must have given the title “Number 1” a great deal of significance (?). Tell me, what messages do you want to convey to the fans through the title and where should we focus when we listen to this album?

YB: These are fun songs you can dance to. Rather than trying to interpret the lyrics, we just want you to listen and enjoy the music. The title reflects our wish to be the number one for all of our fans. We always want to try our best and make our fans proud.

 Q: I see. Thank you for your time today.

Source: 그놈/VIPZ
Original Source: Flying Postman Press, Japan
Picture Credit: Korea
Translated by: pgeorgie

Post taken from: stardaisy212@soompi


~ by Momo on April 7, 2009.

20 Responses to “Big Bang Interview: Flying Postman Press, Japan, November 5, 2008”

  1. “I also listen to our album Number 1 a lot in preparation for our live performances. (Laugh)”

    hahahaa tabi ah~
    preparation is always good but don’t be nervous
    you’re already good for me =)

    and about the ‘feelings’ that bong mentioned
    i think i kinda get what he was trying to tell
    and the “feeling” is what made bae’s singing special and soulful

  2. LOL at Taeyang and Dae Sung!

  3. Aww yellow. oh yeah. nah, i think BIg Bang is coloful, rainbow =]
    hahaha G-Dragon says that TaeYang has “Feelings’ LMAO alrights.
    i’ll take that as TaeYang is very nice.
    Wow, Leedah Kwon is amazing. Ooh GD my dear we listen to the same type of music =]
    Awwww we’re proud of you guys Big Bang =]
    I like Number 1. Because Big Bang is my Number 1 🙂

  4. Tete? TETE?! ARE MY EYES FOOLING ME? Holy crap, if the man wasn’t perfect before, surely he is now. I don’t know anyone that even knows who Tete is. French music, FTW.

  5. I think GD is saying that Tae Yang is a sensitive man lol
    I love Big Bang’s diversity! Can’t wait for Summer Japan activities!!

  6. hahahaha young bae’s kinda teasing on ds sice his jap skills are wayyyyy better. notty ;p

    robin thicke bae dear? me too me too. now let’s hear it together shall we???

    oh wow. top has rather unique taste. french music ey maryam? wow.

    gd on bae.
    “he has feelings others don have?”
    i kinda get what he says. i donno how to put it in words tho.
    maybe cause my bae is a lot more sensitive , with an air of mystery sometimes? he is just simply , touchy , sensitive , sweet , ahhhh my guy!

  7. Tehehee… I just smiled when I read Bae’s response to what music they were currently listening to. Robin Thicke. <333

    I love Number 1! Every bit of it. <333

  8. ahhhh!! Tae Yang said he listens to Namie Amuro and Mika Nakashima. hahaha

  9. I think GD was talking about TaeYang being the “umma” of the group, lol… and when they said something about the color of big bang being put into Number 1, if you translate it back to korean it could also mean that they tried to establish the uniqueness of big bang through their album.

  10. Sorry for double posting, but there was no edit button…. Anyway, I would think Tété is where TOP got the inspiration for A Good Man.

  11. OMGGGG YOUNGBAEEEEE is my soul mate Namie M-Flo Eric Benet Robin Thicke influences his ,usic tastes just like meee.

  12. Hey momo, I made a change to one of the answers. Could you please replace this one with the new one?:

  13. waho^^ they r humble as always 🙂

  14. aioesdfj 😀
    big bang is so outgiong and expressive x]
    lolol so random

  15. G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  16. big bang is always number 1 in our heart!!! love them even more

  17. Thats what I was just about to say, they are always Number 1!!!!

  18. i remember when they went on MADAME B SALON and GDYB talked about how YB was so talkative and GD not as talkative and how they have literally changed places…but i still think they are the same…YB is still more talkative. ^^

    i think YB does the majority of the talking everytime they do interviews.

  19. haha, I love when Top says that he listen a lot to number 1 for practice xD.

    – And always they will be number 1<3

  20. Ahh GD the dedicated leader~ how i love u so xD

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