Favourite GDYB Moment



  • This is when Big Bang was on a radio program called “Chin Chin (Close Friends).
  • The DJ’s are Jung-Rin Cho and Kang In (of Super Junior).
  • Thanks to http://pgeorgie.blogspot.com/

Translated by: pgeorgie

Timer: Patra86

Youtube Channel: bigbanglove86

Post taken from: stardaisy212@soompi


~ by Momo on April 7, 2009.

35 Responses to “Favourite GDYB Moment”

    it’s uber-cute (;
    “i love you, dude”

    daayuuummm, so much love for each other.
    & they don’t just show it here. ;D

  2. Cutest moment (:

  3. aww mygosh!!
    this is a cute moment!
    i love them ❤
    this is a real friendship undoubtely

  4. cutee!
    that’s so sweet of them!
    Jiyongie cried~ OMO!
    come here and i’ll hug you~

    his “i love you dude”
    sent me to heaven >.<

  5. awwww! that’s sooo cute!
    I even started getting teary myself. lol
    jiyong is sooo cute. hehehe

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Bongie dont cry!!!! We know you love each other! They really have been through thick and thin together havent they? I envy them for having someone that has been through everything and stayed by each others side. I swear when bongie started crying I began to tear up. god these two. I just love them

  7. wow I actually cried too, they’re so sweet!! my jiyongie babyboo is such a softie 😦 awww I love them both so much, ahhh!!!

  8. gdyb :DD love them

  9. Ohmygoodness…. GD. Totally made me emotional *o*

    GDYB. <3333

    See, here GD looks cute w/ the lil bun. :]]]

  10. omg. that is sooooo cute<3
    g-dragon is so sweet.
    his words are touching.

  11. the BB brothers<3 GDYB fighting

  12. Ahhhh this was so cute.
    GD was crying and everything
    GDYB<3 Love

  13. YB’s words actually made me tear.
    I love these boys! They are the main reason I became interested in BB.

  14. Oh MAN, it was more the SWEETEST moment than cute. When Jiyong started to cry, OMO I cant help tearing up myself! Im a sucker for such things. SIGH Im glad these two have each other! *hugs them*

  15. AWWWW SOO CUTE GD i didnt know he was soooo awww. and my YB im sooo happy Big Bang has reached major success they really deserve it..:)

  16. signnnn…jiyong words totally made me tear…t.t
    it’s so touching………………….t.t

  17. argh i don’t know that my ji yong is such….*my tears T___T*
    he could cry huh? really…arghhhh!!! lovely ji yong!!! =)
    & i personally love young bae too…^^
    GDYB <3!!

  18. AW! This really touched my heart! I remember watching this a while ago and I never watched it subbed. I didn’t know what they were saying! So now that I watched this I cried! So cute how much they care about each other! Big Bang 4 eva! 🙂

  19. seeing jiyong cry tears of joy breaks my heart and touches my heart (: ❤

    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  20. So adorable!
    They are so cute:]

  21. awww !

  22. awww they’re so close and sweet.
    jiyong dont cry :[

  23. awwwww GDYB <33333 my all time favorite pair…so freaking cute and adorable..Taeyang-ah..kok…Jiyong..kok hahaha so cute

  24. ahhhhh now i know what it feels like
    to have a friend ho’s there for better
    or worse!

    i love you bae ah! ;))

    and ji yong ah u’re a seet heart!

  25. ahhhhh now i know what it feels like
    to have a friend ho’s there for better
    or worse!

    i love you bae ah! ;))

    and ji yong ah u’re a sweet heart!

  26. Awww, “i pick you”
    AWWWWWWW G-Dragon is adorble.
    he couldn’t say it. awwwww!
    don’t cry Ji Yong! GDYB is unbeatable!
    they are the best friends ever!
    Awwwwww CUTEEE!! i love their friendship.

  27. ohemgeee awww~~
    that was soososo ADORABLE~
    true frds~^^♥

  28. OMG-D that is ADORABLE!!

  29. this is so touching… it made me tear up… so cute luv gd

  30. awwwww GDYB is the best!!! 😀 ♥

  31. they’re so sweet >.<

  32. Omg, that made me teary.
    Love GDYB.

  33. That was so cute!!

  34. omg so touching! i love them! GDYB forever! i started tearing haha

  35. I just see this post today..(really too late)
    and the link was broken..T__T

    there’s anyone who have this video??

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