TOP of Big Bang, top in manners and etiquettes!


TOP of Big Bang, top in respecting others and etiquettes!

Big Bang’s TOP has been commended by the co-stars and staffs of drama IRIS, scheduled to air in September on filming scenes.

One of the producers of IRIS said, ‘although he is young, he is very well mannered. During the stay in Akita (Japan), he was monitoring other actors/actresses’ scenes to learn, and after the filming, he remained to help out the staffs’.  Many generations of his age are often criticized of their individualism, but TOP was into team-work in every possible opportunities.

His acting abilities are also commended.  His role of rivalling Lee Byunghun as a cold killer was well-received by the staffs.  Although there were not many lines, his strong eye contacts and acting abilities were better than expected. He was expected to appear in only a couple episodes, but the role may be extended as a regular character, since many of the younger generations and his fans can increase the rating.

TOP has decided against a hiphop movie as a main character.  He is planning to go back as a member of Big Bang after IRIS filming for Japan activities.

IRIS is getting attention for having many hallyu stars as casts; they have finished filming in Japan, and are planning to film in Korea, and in Turkey soon.

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translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz
Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 7, 2009.

22 Responses to “TOP of Big Bang, top in manners and etiquettes!”

  1. First!

  2. Darn, I wanna see him star in a hiphop movie…wonder what that movie is…
    But kudos to Tabi for doing a great job! So glad he’ll get a lot more screen time. ^^

  3. Great job for TABI! hehe Sucks that he turn down the hip hop movie. I would love to see him in that movie!

  4. I keep imagining his sister to be like Jun Hee in Boys Over Flowers and beating him up whenever he’s disrespectful, LOL.

  5. AHH Of course, TOP is always adorable like this.
    He’s such a mann (:

  6. i like he’s getting more screen time but i don’t like him being used to increase ratings…


  8. Aww, Tabi’s so sweet, helping out the staff. ^_^

    ‘His strong eye contact’ // You betcha. XD ❤

    Ooh I hope his role is extended~ o:

    Yay, GO Tabi. <333

  9. sweetsorrow18 // Ahh yeah you’re right. I agree. I just reread the article. >w<

  10. omgg! they should give him more role. and make him stay longer. the better the show will be. HAHA. :] why wouldnt it be. its TOP. ❤

  11. yay go sexy tabi =D

  12. I agree with what sweetsorrow18 said… It’s great that they’re thinking about extending his screen time, because it’s an awesome chance for him to work with established actors/actresses and hone his skills. But if they’re using him just to increase ratings, 😐

  13. woooah!
    TOP is love!!!
    so thoughtful
    I wanna see him in action already

  14. TOP being respectful is so true.
    Remember in Manwon happiness he kept bowing to everyone he asked to complete his mission esp Hyung Don. He felt burdened and looked awkward because TOP kept on bowing

  15. HOLY CRAP ONLY A COUPLE OF EPISODES?!?! THAT SUXS! He better become a friggin regular, or else I aint gonna buy the drama when it comes out on dvd! LOOK AT ALL THE COMMENTS ON YOUTUBE!!! more then 50% of the comments on the IRIS topics are ON ToP!!!! How can you only have a few episodes !!???!!?!?!? Be smart about this…

  16. awwwwwww, tabi is so sweet ;D<3333
    gahhh he’s such a aslkdfj ofjalsdj fkldfj cutie xDD;D giong back to big bang<333 of coursee he would lmao. he’s the TOP 😀

  17. well thats my man!! hahaha!

    aww:( only a couple of ep? wth?!!!>___<

  18. Oh yeahh. he is a nice boy`, mannered like that!
    His eyes kill. i swear. Yay i’m so excited for Iris.

  19. If ToP cant increase ratings, then wuts the POINT?! Even the main Lee Byunghun HAS to attract ratings in order to have companies invest so much money on him. If ToP can draw ratings that means his chances of success in dramas will increase.

    Jus think about it this way, hes a rookie with his 2nd drama right now, IF he can become a regular, it would mean more experience for him and he can gain more awareness and create a bigger fanbase.

    I think if he can extend his role because he can increase ratings..I think its more of a compliment more then that would mean he would be casted in more dramas!

  20. aww our polite tabi :]]
    yeahh he should be a regular character!!

  21. i really-really like top..

  22. i’m pretty sure all VIPs know that he has the best manners. ^^ but it’s good that others are recognizing it.

    sorta sad that they want to keep him in the drama just to raise ratings…but at least the boy will make bank. ^^

    but that’s tiring…whatever it is…i just hope he can learn a lot from it and i hope his acting is better than the last drama. i also hope this drama will be better too.

    keep up the hard work TOP. we love yoU!

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