04.08.09 SBS Hope: Big Bang and Sean’s photoshoot

after 5 mins break…


Youtube channel: jess1tymer

Post taken from: jess @http://ygworld.wordpress.com/


~ by Momo on April 8, 2009.

22 Responses to “04.08.09 SBS Hope: Big Bang and Sean’s photoshoot”

  1. hahhaha! gd hair!!! so funny!

  2. damn, GD’s hair is so funky!XD
    but its cute anyways!

  3. Oh mY when I saw Kwonnys hair I cried because it is just a fantastic new idee of him and that is the reason that he is my idool/hero!! it is so cute!! ^^
    danm I love that guy!!!

    BIGBANG <<3

  4. OMGeeeeeeeeeeeeee..’faint’..Ji Yong!! ‘faint’

    sigh..it’s a good thing that you have such a good looking face that suits any weird hairdo…that’s GunPyo’s BOF hairstyle…sort of.

    still i adore him..=) ‘pinch his cheek’..

  5. haha….yeahzzzzz….thats our kwon leadah!!!!~~~~XD
    always got something new to suprise us!!!…XD
    jiyong look really cute at there…love it!!!…^-^

  6. I must say i like GDs hair wayyy better here than in lollipop..lol

  7. ^LOL.

    Err, I prefer Lollipop/Einstein/Popcorn hair over this one. XD

  8. daaang. when TOP had his back turned but he turned only his head..

    eeek what a cutie 😀 ❤

  9. I like lollipop einstein better. lol

  10. Bebe honey i don’t know WTH u’re taklin’about…but i’m totally on your hot voice side !!!!

  11. heeey, not sure if you guys have seen it, but perezhilton.com has written about the song lollipop with big bang and 2ne1..

  12. I LOVE their shirts!
    G-DRAGON! wahhhhh WHAT?!
    are you serious? Ahhhh, i don’t like his hair.
    i liked the einstein or the straight style better.
    [sigh] Kwon Ji Yong is full of surprise!
    –OKAYY. wow, they look so tired. No energy between them.
    i mean usually they are fooling around but they are all
    quite `cept for TaeYang & Sean.
    Lols FIGHTING!

  13. ahah. GD’s hair xD lmaoo.
    and i just saw Lollipop on Perez Hilton… SO COOL! GO K-POP!!
    it’s sooooo cool that 2NE1’s getting this kind of exposure and recognition even before their debut! congratz ladies =DD

    and still lmao at GD, you guys are right; he does look like an ajumma XDDD

  14. and VIPtranslators!!! you guys are famous too!!! (check out the video of Lollipop on Perez Hilton; you guys subbed it xD)

  15. Perez Hilton gave big bang’s lollipop a shout out on his site

  16. I love my LOLLIPOP, tae yang!!! ❤

  17. GD’s hair kinda looks like an old american woman i mean in 70’s or 80’s lol. i like the lollipop hair it was hot…

  18. i’m sorry….but LOL@Bong!!!! ahjumma!!! hahaha ahhhh~~

  19. GD is my man 😀

  20. My lord, GD’s hair lol. Its like everytime I think he has done something crazy, he goes and does something even crazier! Gotta love him.

  21. GOD BAE. Looking fly. I love those glasses.

    That hair isn’t working out for GD. >_>

  22. GD looks like a querubin!
    it’s not bad, imo. heehee.
    really, he looks like a querubin.

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