Lollipop BigBang21 featured on Perez Hilton’s Blog


Big Thanks to VIPTranslators for the subtitles!

Melly and team, you guys did great!

Guess some of you have the read the news that Lollipop 2NE1 and BigBang posted on Perez Hilton’s blog, with subtitles and he “LOVES IT”!!

If  some of you don’t know who Perez Hilton is, well he’s everything. An American blogger and most definitely the QUEEN of all media. Check out his blog daily for some celebrities juicy gossips.

Mind you that, some of comments are not as pretty as we thought. I know you, me and others love KPOP especially YG Family, but yeah you have to understand that some might not take it well.

Different people have different taste in music genre. But for me, its definitely NO GENRE JUST MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a nutshell, PEREZ surely loves “THE K-POP GOODNESS!!!”

Link: Big Bang and 2NE1 on Perez

PS: mind your comments readers! let it be. they will come to like Kpop music when its time. whatever being said there are merely biased. just dont stress urself coz of the comments. Chillax!!


~ by Momo on April 8, 2009.

23 Responses to “Lollipop BigBang21 featured on Perez Hilton’s Blog”

  1. At least it’s publicity.
    Some of those comments seem like pretty ignorant comments anyway, if you dont like something fine but you can be respectful.

  2. NO worriea abt the comments. Besides, there’s no such thing as bad press! And I definitely know tht lot of ppl find the song MAJORLY ADDICTIVE 😀


  4. YES! Woohoo, first Strong Baby and now Lollipop!

    Muhaha I smell a future VIP in Perez! XD

    Lol I won’t even bother reading the comments, I read them last time when Strongy Baby was featured… Let’s just say that sometimes people need to be more open to different cultures and music.

    But I will say once again, “YES!”

    Well done BB and 2NE1!!

  5. ugh… i hate reading those ignorant comments. sometimes i find myself reading them just to piss myself off!! sheesh…. just because YOU don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s bad. JERKS!

    big bang hwaiting!!^^ i’ll always love my babies! especially my baby BONGIE~~<3 saranghamnida!! you and your hair in whatever state it’s in…. saranghaeyo!!! hehe^^

  6. While I do find it hilarious people are calling it ‘shit’ all over the place, it’s humorous that people are taking a girl who loves Chuck Norris seriously.

    It’s good to see they’re getting publicity. Too bad it’s not well received by people who apparently don’t know Korean, or something like that.

  7. oh that’s aweesome ;D
    but..those people are..questionable xDD

  8. Yay!!! Awesomeness for Big Bang…those comment people don’t know what their missing—obviously caged in some one-genre world, poor fools.

  9. that’s good ^^

    but the people =/ …no comments about that =/

  10. lol! they really don’t know what they’re missing.. meongcheonghan saram! >:))

  11. Perez is starting to like BB~
    that’s really good
    but i really don’t like all the comments
    i know how others do not have to like the music i love
    but i can’t stand them bashing before even making an effort to know them more
    we all know the girls are talented and rock
    but those people are so judging them based on their appearances and the song
    kpop is just full of haters
    learn to spread some love people!

  12. i cant find the text about BB. can someone help? :S:S

  13. Argh… I just scannned the comments there. D<

    I heard Perez posted about BB and 2NE1 earlier. That was interesting. o w o I have never checked out his blog before this. I won’t be back tho. D:

    I guess it’s publicity but it sucks how a bunch of people are hatin’ on them already.


  14. i dont get why people post negative things about people its like they watch it just to say how much they hate it its stupid what a waste of time..oh well im happy that BB and 2NE1 is getting noticed if they Hate you You Gotta be doing something right…lol

  15. awesome…as long as perez likes it…that’s all that matters! hahahha. it’s the blogger that gets the better say. hahahaha.

    oh and serious VIPers…please don’t go all APE SHIT on people just cause they say things that we don’t like to hear…but we don’t want them to get scared of us cause…if they do then they’ll hate BB even more.

    the fans do reflect highly on the group so if you say something stupid people will look at BB as if they were the ones saying it. if you don’t like what they are saying…1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH and EXHALE (as loud as you want by yourself. hahahha) 2. SCROLL YOU MOUSE POINTER OVER THE ‘X’ & CLOSE 3. WRITE A JOURNAL…(not online) TO GET RID OF YOUR STRESS…whatever you do…DO NOT reply with a heated reply just be the VIP and walk away. hahahaha. cause we cool like that. ^^

  16. I’m really happy, publicity, yey! That’s really big. (:

    And about the coments… they did make me pissed but these people are too ignorant, I feel sorry for them…

  17. Yeah the comments are really disheartening and infuriating but those people live to leave comments like that. They are missing out on the important things in life: Big BANG!

  18. lmaoo, actually i love reading the comments, no matter how hateful they are they’re really hilarious! they just show how ignorant some people are

    i’ve noticed this from all the K-pop entry comments on Perez Hilton that the comments start off with haters and racists… but slowly, you get comments that defend the artist and bash the people who make stupid comments… it’s really interesting…

    it’s like you get this gradual change… i noticed this the most with the Strong Baby comments; first i wanted to bash someone’s head in, but gradually as i read the better comments i was like “YEAH! TAKE THAT!” and then you get to a point where there are ONLY good comments (:

    there will never be a thing that EVERYONE likes… while some may always love big bang, some may always hate them… it’s the natural order of things. (i got that advice from JK Rowling; shows how real she is too ❤ ^^)

  19. I totally agree people really do need to open up more in different types of music. But, it doesn’t really matter who bashes them, we love them, all of asia loves them, i guess thats all what matters. lol

  20. I think Perez purposely puts up these kpop MVs so that a bunch of the haters can cause some kind of argument over his blog. Some of the mean comments are actually kind of amusing though.

  21. Ugh, I hate all the rude comments…but I predicted them because Lollipop is a little…funky…if you know what I mean…

    But, if Perez showed a normal BB MV (Lies, Last Farewell, Haru Haru, etc) I bet most people would love it.

  22. i really also didn’t like all the negative comments.
    but you have to understand that some people obviously are close minded and rude and apparently have no self respect nor any brains.

    (going onto a site and saying things are crap- sorry you don’t own a famous blog yourself that you have to comment on someone else’s because obviously you are too close minded)

    but what disappointed me the most was that although fans did like Big Bang they didn’t like 2NE1. (sniff)


  23. @Nynna :

    i dont think so. coz i know for a fact that Perez loves music and he likes Kpop, certain music. Even his staff.

    before this i sent him an email on lollipop 30s CF, just to get him to check it out and sees if he likes it. And i think he did. Whatever gets posted in his blog, he digs the music!

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