[Public Awareness] Italy’s Earthquake


I know this is a BigBang Fansite but then lets just step back from BigBang news and take a 5 mins break  and ponder what is happening to the world lately.

Most you have read the news about Italy’s earthquake which being said as Italy’s worst or deadliest earthquake in nearly three decades. With 6.3 magnitude quake struck early Monday (April 6th) in L’Aquila and several towns in central Italy.

The death toll in Italy’s quake has risen to 250 (and still counting) and the strong aftershocks have cause further fear among residents sheltered in tent camps. Rescue teams continued searching through the debris for survivors, the homeless emerged from their tents after spending a second night in chilly mountain temperatures.

About 1500 people injured and 100 were in serious condition. Also, 15,000 people who had been left homeless by the earthquake would be accommodated in 20 tent camps equipped with field kitchens.  The number of homeless people are still increasing as we speak and yet the tent camps arent enough to accomodate all with the given weather condition.

Condolences to the unfortunate ones. Our thoughts go out to everyone especially to our readers who have families/friends there!

To lend a helping hand, you may browse through the websites as per below:

American Red Cross | Italian Red Cross
The National Italian American Foundation
Operation Blessing International
Save the Children 

Source: CNN, Assosiated Press, Telegraph.co.uk, BBC News


~ by Momo on April 8, 2009.

21 Responses to “[Public Awareness] Italy’s Earthquake”

  1. .. this is sad,
    i really wish i could do smth but i cant
    RIP to the ppl that died in the earthquake

  2. .. 😦

    RIP to all who died in the earthquake!


  3. In this earthquake died two students (17 y.o.) from my country. It’s sad. 😦

  4. RIP to all the people who died
    ‘god bless em’

  5. Rest in Peace to the souls =(

  6. Stuff like this is sad but light has to be shed on it…thanks Vicky and to all those in Italy my heart goes out to you.

  7. Ahh this is make me so unhappy…i hope this is not gonna happen again…im praying for them…

  8. I couldn’t say anything seeing this news on some medias. There are so many disasters happened nowadays, so did in my country. And I’m sorry to hear the news. RIP.

  9. Ohh I saw this on the news. So so terrible. ;__;

    RIP to those lost.

  10. Oh God! this is terrible! 😦 It’s really scary how this stuff can happen at any time and we have no control over it. all we can do is pray it won’t happen where we live.

  11. Hi everyone, I’m an ITALIAN BIG BANG FAN…

    wep’re all shocked for these poor people that have lost everything in this tragedy…
    Thanks so much for your prayers!!!

  12. Hi everyone, I’m an ITALIAN BIG BANG FAN…

    We’re all shocked for these poor people that have lost everything in this tragedy…
    Thanks so much for your prayers!!!

  13. alk slfsd fj
    WHAT?!?!? when did this happen? omggg D:

  14. Elisa~ Prego. Mi sono dispiaciute le notizie del terremoto. Dove abiti? Ho dei cugini a Foligno.

    Thanks for this post, momo. I donated a little thru the NIAF. I always feel so bad when these things happen.

  15. there’s not much tht i can do.
    but my hearts goes out to the victims and their famillies.

  16. Aww that’s horrible!
    I just learned about Earthquake and stuff in Earth Science
    like 1 month ago.
    RIP for the people who are dead. That’s so sad.

  17. omgsh i heard about this too!
    i was freaking out because my friend was going to italy for spring break but it turned out she was going the next day.
    ooohhh i hope her family is okay D:

  18. so sad…i heard 2 students from my country died there…rest in peace U.U

  19. Rachel~ Io sono di Vercelli, quindi non ho avuto problemi in prima persona ma siamo tutti sconvolti… Spero che i tuoi cugini stiano bene!

  20. this is very sad…i’ve notice in the last 2 years…and now…more and more bad things keeps happening…i really hope that the rest of the year will be a better and safer year.

    my condolences to all the unfortunate.

  21. thats very sad

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