Even Perez gained media buzz from Korean Press

To be in the music industry, you need someone to break the barrier for you. A perfect introduction is what it takes.  All you need to do is just find the right person who are known to the society! Music Industry in the US is very competitive. Its either you swim or sink! And eventhough BB has no plan about exploiting the US market as of yet, who knows with this, they’ll even get more buzz here and there way before the official debut there.


Perez Hilton introduced Lollipop on the web!

뉴스엔 | 입력 2009.04.10 10:49
[뉴스엔 윤현진 기자]

Lollipop, by Big Bang and 21, has caught the eyes of Perez Hilton while reigning as #1 on various music charts in Korea.
Perez Hilton introduced Lollipop musicvideo on April 8th, and also translated lyrics of Lollipop was attached below, so non-Korean speakers could also understand the song.

Perez Hilton has introduced K-pop many times on his blogs; groups and singers such as Um Junghwa, Wonder Girls, Lee Hyolee and SNSD have been introduced.  Perez Hilton is known for delivering latest gossips of Hollywood and rose above the surface as the prince of blogs.  There are over 1.5 million people per months visiting the blogs.

Celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Wentworth Miller and Jay Z have been exclusively released news on Perez’ blog, and the blog was ranked as 34th for ‘the best way of promoting new music’.

It is third time for YG entertainment for its video to be on the blog.

Perez Hilton has shown affecion towards Um Junghwa’s disco, and praised it as ‘awesome K-pop’, and ‘lovely’.  He also introduced Seungri’s Strong Baby as a hot song in any language.

Lollipop has been indicated by various music producers as ‘a song that could be debuted in US’, and although the song was meant for commercials, it has been hot and is the reigning number 1 song.  The music video has been watched over a million times since its release on April 3rd.  2NE1 has not made official debut yet, but they are being eyed by many, and are expected to debut in May.  The expectations are heightened by the participation of producers such as Teddy and G-Dragon.

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translated by 코코마탑횽 @ bbvipz
Post taken from:  코코마탑횽 @VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 9, 2009.

12 Responses to “Even Perez gained media buzz from Korean Press”

  1. first! yes

  2. haha i can see perez is a fan of KPOP. WOOOHOO (:
    no matter what hurtful things ppl say,
    lollipop is a sexy,catchy, AWEESOMME SONG
    some ppl hate on them and other singers just for
    being ASIAN GOSH..
    anyways, our boys must be happy with the publicity 8)

  3. I’m happy that other people are discovering big bang and 21!:)

  4. yes.
    the song is quite addicting =) (truthfully it does get a bit annoying, BUT I LOVE IT NONETHELESS<3)
    what gets me though are the rude comments and shameless self promotion on the blogs. AND how some fans of big bang don’t seem to support 2NE1. sadness.
    Big Bang & 2NE1 FIGHTING!

  5. now all we need is chris crocker to promote big bang!

  6. Aha, I was trying to explain to one of my American friend who Big Bang was and she was like who are they and now there’s a chance that everyone will know them.

  7. “Lollipop has been indicated by various music producers as ‘a song that could be debuted in US’”-huh really? I dont know about that one, its not too pop-electronic? Then again I havent really paid attention to the US market lately and I live here! Korea rulz. lol

  8. That’s HOT! I’m glad that everyone’s discovering Big Bang and 2ne1 here in the US!

  9. omgg aweeesomeee xDD not everybody will like k-pop and everything about big bang and korean artists’ music styles so it’s already pretty great that perez hilton is considering k-pop and BIG BANG AND ALL THE OTHER ARTISTS ;DD<3
    btw, i think 2NE1 is going to be pretty big and they’re amazing from what i see from lollipop ;D LOVEEE the songg<333

  10. ahhh! I was hoping the Korean press would notice Perez’s kpop blogging ^____^ this is awesome BB press!

  11. I’ve always liked Perez, but now, I LOVE HIM! lol

  12. i think this is awesome and great for BB ^^ <333

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