[Updates] Gummy’s Gift Box – Gummy/TOP Phonecall Translations


Gummy: I’m going to receive the call. The call’s been connected. Hello?
TOP: Hello?
Gummy: Oh it’s a guy first of all. A guy received it. Hello.
TOP: Happy birthday!
Gummy: Ohh I think I know who it is.
TOP: Hahaha
Gummy:  Right? “Loner being left all alone” (TOP’s rap part in Liesl). Isn’t it the person who rapped this? “Crumpled in his pockets” (also TOP’s rap part in Lies). Right?
TOP: Hello?
Gummy: TOP!
TOP: Yes nuna
Gummy: Ohhhhohhh Hey!
TOP: Nuna happy birthday!
Gummy: Did you just say ‘saengshin’?     (saengshin: also means birthday, but used respectively for elders)
TOP: Nope
Gummy: Not ‘saengshin’ yet for me. It’s just my birthday.
TOP: Nuna
Gummy: Yea
TOP: Just for this phone call, I didn’t call you today so you would be disappointed.
Gummy: Not believing you, you probably didn’t even know it was my birthday today.
TOP: Ahh

Gummy: You forgot about it right?
TOP: Noo I knew it was your birthday
Gummy: You knew?
TOP: I celebrated your birthday last year with you.
Gummy: I know, he came to my birthday party I had last year. Where are you right now?
TOP: Right now, I’m in the work room/studio.
Gummy: See, he’s so boring. You’re working again?
TOP: Yup, because of the new songs.
Gummy: Yes
TOP: Yes, I’m working very hard.
Gummy: So you’re working hard.
TOP: Yup
Gummy: Anyways, there’s a lot of people that say we look alike.
TOP: Yea
Gummy: Right?
TOP: Yes
Gummy: What do you think about that?
TOP: I was a little worried about Gummy nuna not liking that
Gummy: Why? Why do you think I wouldn’t of liked it
TOP: Well I was the most worried about that. I’m a guy
Gummy: Yes
TOP: Nuna
Gummy: is a girl but it wouldn’t feel the greatest other people telling you you look like a guy (finishing the sentence)
TOP: Since, Gummy nuna’s really beautiful and sexy, she shouldn’t be compared to TOP.
Gummy: Yes
TOP: I hope people try to stop saying that
Gummy: No~ I don’t feel bad at all about that. For me,
TOP: No not for myself. I’m worried about you, nuna!
Gummy: What TOP says is always really sincere. You were always like “You don’t like it nuna. You don’t like it”
TOP: But nuna you never express you’re feelings. You’re always like “No, I like it. It’s funny!” But for some reason it seems like you’re saying that because you think I might be offended.
Gummy: He’s getting all excited. TOP TOP. No serious, I’m not joking~ I really like being called that.
TOP: Oh, of course I’m very happy.
Gummy: TOP! Do you want to hear a funny story?
TOP: Yea sure
Gummy: I was voted as a celebrity that looks like Goo Junpyo (from F4). What do you think about that? Hahaha you’ve lost your words
TOP: No I don’t think you weren’t voted because you really look at him. I think it was because that’s shows how much interest people have in you. I’m going to think like that. Then that means there will be like a hundred more people that everyone will say that looks like Gummy nuna!
Gummy: No~ but
TOP: Yes
Gummy: TOP’s mom actually acknowledged me. She was like “You look like my son”
TOP: Because our eyes, smoky
Gummy: Yup smoky. Anyways I really feel good, so don’t think of it in that way.
TOP: Well then its good for me too. Hehe
Gummy: Hahaha laughing. Could you say something to my fans.
TOP: Hello. Um nuna hyung
Gummy: So you’re saying hi to them NOW?
TOP: And cool fans that love Gummy nuna’s music. I heard that for her birthday, they connect this tv and stuff.
Gummy: Yes
TOP: Oh I’m so jealous.
Gummy: Really
TOP: Oh so I figured out this was the reason why Gummy nuna’s getting more and more beautiful, because of all the love she’s receiving.
Gummy: Somehow it seems like I told you to say that.
TOP: Since this morning I was like “OH so that’s why Gummy nuna’s getting prettier. How much more beautiful is she going to get after one, two, ten years?”
Gummy: Then do you think it would be okay if I went out with a guy that’s 8 years younger than me?
TOP: Hehe
Gummy: Oh he’s laughing
TOP: Oh it would be okay if you met a guy that’s 20 years younger than you!
Gummy: No, not that. TOP when do you want to meet? I’ll go to the office.
TOP: Yes nuna, I’m with Teddy hyung right now hehe
Gummy: Is Teddy oppa beside you?
TOP: He just left for a moment right now
Gummy: Oh really
TOP: There’s a lot of songs we’re working on right now so..
Gummy: Yea. It’s strenuous, isn’t it?
TOP: No, I’m live for this these days though
Gummy: Good! That’s nice to hear
TOP: Nuna I’ll work hard and give you a song as a present
Gummy: Nice! That would be a very big present. So promise me that you’ll give me a song and we can hang up after that haha
TOP: Hahaha
Gummy: Okay? There’s a lot of witnesses, if you make a promise here… If you think you can keep it then don’t do it here
TOP: I’ll promise!
Gummy: Yeaaa
TOP: (says something. but cant hear because of Gummy’s voice & clapping)
Gummy: What?
TOP: You know that I’m serious about this right? But my actual goal was Gummy nuna
Gummy: Good, I’ll look foward to it. I think my album’ll be delayed so… I wish you could give it to me as fast as you can
TOP: I’ll make a promise with Gummy nuna’s fans too. I’ll become Gummy nuna’s dongsaeng TOP who will work hard for better quality, to be able to help nuna and to receive love from Gummy nuna’s fans
Gummy: Whooot! Awwe. Okay TOP thank you!
TOP: Nuna happy birthday. Nuna lets actually meet okay?
Gummy: For sure, it’s my birthday, we’ve gotta meet.
TOP: Yes
Gummy: While you’re working hard, I’ll buy some good food to bring
TOP: Yes nuna
Gummy: Thankkk youu~!
TOP: Nuna happy birthday!!
Gummy: Yea~
TOP: Yea~
Gummy: Bye~
TOP: Bye~

Translation credit: Beau @ VIPZ
Post taken from: Beau@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 9, 2009.

39 Responses to “[Updates] Gummy’s Gift Box – Gummy/TOP Phonecall Translations”

  1. TOP is definitely too precious!!

    TOP i want to hear that song, too, mkay?

  2. The rap parts from LIES not Last Farewell. My bad! I got a little confused while I was doing the translations:P Could you please fix it for me? 🙂

  3. aaaaahhhh TOP is too darn cute!! hahah
    kept me giggling the whole time..
    love his giggles!! wish i got a call from him!
    seems like him and gummy are close…
    kekekek they are so cute!
    anyways thanks so much for the eng trans!!!

  4. Omggg TOP is soo sweet ❤ love himmm 😛

  5. gummy raps TOPs part in lies not last farewell.

  6. AWW, this convo is really cute b/t them!

    Tabi is so sweet. <333 He gave his promise too about her song! Awww. ^__^

    Thank you so much for translating Beau and thanks for posting Momo ! ❤

  7. Aw~ Tabi is the cutest ever!!!! I don’t care if he has the ‘bad boy’ look or was a delinquent when he was younger, HE IS SO PRECIOUS. >_< Like a teddy bear. For some reason, it just makes it so much cuter how Tabi says “hyung” and “nuna” especially since he’s the hyung of Big Bang. xD

  8. @ Beau
    Thanks mucho for translating the conversation, really appreciate your thoughtful effort to allow us, korean deficient listeners, to now know what was said in the conversation. =D

    I find this most interesting! Such endearing words!

    TOP: Since this morning I was like “OH so that’s why Gummy nuna’s getting prettier. How much more beautiful is she going to get after one, two, ten years?”
    Gummy: Then do you think it would be okay if I went out with a guy that’s 8 years younger than me?
    TOP: Hehe

    Thank mucho too for posting up the translated conversation.

    You two rock!

  9. HOW CUTEEE <33 hahaha tabi is so precious and darling mmm…. :] it makes me happy

  10. i love gummy and top’s nuna dongsaeng thing!!!
    it seems realll so cool

  11. awwww so adorable! <33

  12. gummy is so lucky~ HHHHH this is so cute!!!!! XD

  13. Their relationship looks so close.My sister said their conversation just like what a couple will say.^_^”

  14. ahhh ~ too sweeett ;]<3

  15. TOP is thee best! ^___^ he’s so thoughtful and just.. perfect<3 lol

  16. nuunaaa~~~aww so cute 😀

  17. haha TOP, man of few words. the first part really look like brother-sister talk, but towards the end become a bit more flirty? haha what are you trying to say here Gummy??
    Gummy: Then do you think it would be okay if I went out with a guy that’s 8 years younger than me? (does she mean TOP? LOL)
    TOP: Hehe (he knows!)
    Gummy: Oh he’s laughing
    TOP: Oh it would be okay if you met a guy that’s 20 years younger than you! (smart smart answer)
    joking only, please ^^’

  18. You know…Gummy’s not the only beautiful and sexy one here. >.<
    TOP’s so modest. I want pinch his cheeks, or something, LOL.

  19. If TOP wasn’t so modest, I’d think that he was trying to lay down the moves on Gummy. ._.

  20. Top is so cute =D
    I loved reading this. Haha x)


  22. Both OF Them Sooo Cute ……

  23. i can’t wait to hear that song……

  24. AWWWW
    This was the sweetest thing I’ve read from Top.
    Honestly the love he has for Gummy is too precious!
    Gosh I practicly squealed when he said he really wanted to write a song for her!
    I love how he would say Nuna constantly.
    I’m so jelous yet happy that Top has such a caring friend
    in his life.
    And I loved how he would say she was so beautiful and
    shouldn’t be compared to him!

    Aw so sweet! lol I’m such a sucker for mushy stuff like this! 🙂

  25. Very funny.I think TOP’s always a good & emotional boy.Thank you so much for translation in Englissh,for post 4 us.I want to translate it in Vietnamese & post in our bigbangvn.com.Are u ok with that?Sure full credits,I swear.

  26. aww<3 He’s so sweet as usual.. 😀

  27. hahaha i was smiling through that whole conversation. both of them are so cute! i hope TOP does make that song and we get to hear it.

  28. thanks for the translation. it’s beautiful~

    ahh tabi is too sweet ❤
    he’s like the perfect present!
    hahhh never wish for anything but him ^^

  29. Hey, Congrats on your successful blog! Keep up the good work and hopefully you’ll have time to check out my wordpress blog also.


  30. Thank you so much for the translation!!
    TOP is so sweet and so is Gummy! they sound very close and caring with each other ^_^ , and i agree with Ning, they sounded a little flirty near the end lol!.
    TOP is really a perfect present! I love him! and i like Gummy a lot, she seems to be such a sweet girl <3.
    Thanks again for this translation!

  31. ahhh..Top soo cute..
    i melt after hearing his giggles..
    omg i think i’ll go nutz if i hear his giggles everyday..
    such a CUTIE..

    again his giggles<3

    i want to hear his “nuna” again. (:

  33. yes…real translations. ^^
    thanks for posting! now i can fully understand the whole convo. =DDD

  34. aww love him. haha his giggles are so cute!!

  35. thats funny that people told gummy that she looks like TOP & Lee Min Ho cause… i always thought LMH looked a little bit like top in some scenes during BOF. haha

  36. […] [Updates] Gummy’s Gift Box – Gummy/TOP Phonecall Translations momo Gummy: I’m going to receive the call. The call’s been connected. Hello? TOP: Hello? Gummy: Oh […] […]

  37. AWWWWW, Top is adorable beyond disbelief…

  38. arghh top top top top top the way he talk is so cute !!

  39. lol
    wat a funny convo 😀

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