Lee Ji Hoon’s views on the Colour Disagreement!

Reminder: No bashing!


Lee Ji Hoo, “Big Bang fans shouldn’t use orange colour balloons, that’s ShinHwa fanclub colour”

Lee Ji Hoo has revealed his views about the little ‘colour disagreement’ between Big Bang and ShinHwa fans.

Lee Ji Hoo was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ on 8th April when he revealed that he is the closest to Shin Hye Sung in ShinHwa.

He also revealed on the show, “Shouldn’t Big Bang fans not use orange colour for their balloon? ShinHwa’s fans uses mandarin colour for their balloons and ShinHwa has not even disbanded, so Big Bang fans shouldn’t use orange colour.”

The little ‘colour argument’ between Big Bang and ShinHwa fans started this year when the colour light sticks were used during Big Bang’s concert.

ShinHwa’s fan club ShinHwaChangJo has been using orange colour for the past 10 years or so. But when fans started using orange lightsticks for Big Bang’s concert in January, there has been an debate going on amongst fans on whether the colour for Big Bang fans has infringed into the use of official colour for ShinHwa fanclub.

With that YG Entertainment explained on their official homepage beginning of February, “Because there is no way to imitate the crown-design Big Bang light sticks, the colour light stick used in replacement by fans are not produced by YG nor does it have anything to do with YG merchandises.”

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~ by Momo on April 9, 2009.

19 Responses to “Lee Ji Hoon’s views on the Colour Disagreement!”

  1. What? Arguing over colors? This is s0o childish..

  2. Let’s just keep it that way. I think we fans have better things to do than brooding over this matter. This industry have so
    many things to bicker about, even colours!

    And who is Lee Ji Hoo? Another avid fan of Shinhwa? Because i’m really not surprise if he is. Am i bashing? My apologies.

  3. yes
    we are NOT (definitely) first graders.
    and besides- we don’t do colors; we’re VIPs and Stars.

  4. sorry that was mean =(
    but i shinhwa was the group that brought me to kpop, but i don’t see what the big deal over colors are.
    anyway, we’re all big now so i don’t think we need to worry over colors. =)
    Shinhwa & Big Bang Fighting!

  5. Again? This is so stupid. I don’t care about who’s saying it but, really, this is COLORS. It’s so silly to make a big deal about something that isn’t even tangible.

  6. I can see where he’s coming from. The fan base over there is different and it seems like it’s pretty strict but that’s the way it is and everybody should accept it. If you’re a fan of any group you would want them to be respected too. People just need to not buy bootleg stuff cause it makes Big Bang get bad press like this.

  7. I forgot to add that I’m a fan of Lee Ji Hoo and he brings up a good point. He’s not talking about Big Bang but the fans who aren’t buying official items. Maybe it would be easier if it was just a solid color but it’s not cause that’s what YG has as the official symbol/color for Big Bang.

  8. sighh -___-
    this is really childish of them no offense D:
    i thought it’d be dead by now?! Dx it will just cause more problems and such :[ and i totally agree with what AVA said.
    fans should be more considerate because the stuff they buy that’s unofficial gets big bang bad press. yeahh ><..
    i hope it just dissolves because BOTH GROUPS AREEE BIG, so it could cause problems if people don’t settle it or leave it alone.

  9. what the…..
    if he tried to affend VIP’s, totally wrong number!
    VIP’s use crown light stick not balloons
    ji hoon doesn’t have to rude (in this case) to show his allegiance for his friend
    orange…is free for everyone, not TM for a person/group
    btw i like shinhwa either (esp eric moon)

  10. @milkydonuts

    “i hope it just dissolves because BOTH GROUPS AREEE BIG”

    It already did, until Lee Ji Hoon brought it to surface again. >.<

  11. my korean friend told me that the really popular bands have a symbolic colour…and by the time big bang came around, there weren’t any colours left so they’re using silver..


  12. ‘sigh’..i LOVE both groups so damn much that it hurts when this kind of issue surfaces..i just hope media won’t make this a ‘hot issue’..peace yall.

  13. LoL..VIPs don’t even use balloons. But let the past be the past. I wonder why he brought it up

  14. lol! this is soo childish!! hahaha!>:)

  15. arent the lightsticks yellow? O__o

  16. o.O

  17. pwahaha. this thing makes me laugh
    its so childish
    even tho its your OFFICIAL COLOR
    doesnt mean YOU OWN IT

    they should just give this issue a rest

  18. wats the big deal??

  19. Erm… just tossing in my 2 cents.

    Like ava said, the Korean fanbase is different from our own. For example, American artists don’t have fanclubs with official colors, symbols, balloons, etc, so it’s hard for us to relate, but in Korea, fanclubs are a huge thing and the fans can get pretty possessive over these issues. (New fanclubs have to ask permission to use a color of a disbanded group, for example.) We have to accept that their culture is like this first and foremost. I agree with the rest of you who think that it’s a trivial matter, but I understand why SHCJ might feel that Shinhwa is being disrespected.

    That said, I adore both Shinhwa and Big Bang, so I hope the whole thing settles. Fans just need to be smart and listen to YG about the official items.

    Also… those of you who are bashing Ji Hoon… Since he talked about it on a show, he was probably asked the question, and didn’t just randomly bring up the subject. It’s also not a bad thing to defend a friend. -.- It’s not like he said it in an offensive manner. (Sorry for the long post)

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