VMA Japan 2009

According to MTV Asia, portions of the program will be aired on MTV Asia and MTV China, air dates and times will be announced later.


An announcement of the said event was posted on YG Ent Japan.

Event: MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2009

Date: May 30th 2009

Time: 6.00pm to 8pm (live broadcast on MTV Japan)

Venue: Saitama Super Arena

MC: Gekidan Hitori (comedian/actor)

Guest Celebrities: Ai, Aoyama Thelma, Big Bang, Big Show and Michelle McCool (WWE), Blue Man Group, Crystal Kay, Eikura Nana, Girl Next Door, Yuna Ito, Natsuki Kato, Meisa Kuroki, Maximum The Hormone, Minmi, Sakazume Misako, Shimizu Shota, Shonan No Kaze, Special Others, Tanimura Nana, W-inds

Live Perfomances by: Black Eyed Peas, Exile, Green Day, Katy Perry, 9mm Parabellum Bullet etc

Red Carpet Live: AAA, Metro Station, Kimaguren

Source: http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj/ + http://www.ygfamily.jp/main/main.html + MTV Asia

Edit: additional info by Beau@ VIPz Overseas

What’s a guest celebrity?

  • Guest celebrities are celebrities from various fields attending the awards.
  • Well guest celebrities are the presenters(announce awards, introduce the live stages etc.), come out in unexpected combinations and also have very fun talks.
  • The guest celebrities also play a big role in the awards.


~ by Momo on April 9, 2009.

27 Responses to “VMA Japan 2009”

  1. is this BANG, bigbang?
    is BIGBANG coming?
    or is GD coming?
    hmm don’t get it >.<

  2. OMG. another can’t wait performance. plus live performances by BEP&Green Day!

  3. OMGG WHAT?!?! where is this going to be??!?!?!?!?????????????
    OMGOMG >O<

  4. OOH! As Guest Celebrities does that mean they will make an appearance on stage? Man, I wish they would PERFORM!! Gah! I want to watch it live! Katy Perry? niice!

  5. wahh!!! 😀 obviously in Japan.. maybe in Tokyo :O
    it’s just awesome 🙂

  6. so interesting and excited for BB.
    i’m glad they’re invited to the VMAs. :DDDD
    that in itself is a success!

  7. omgg how can i watch it?!? i live in the u.s. is there any way to watch it live?

  8. yayy !! big bang !!
    i will definitely watch it ! 🙂


  10. =D Big Bang & Metro Station attending the same event? SWEEEET!!

  11. our boys!!!!
    aghhhhh vma is different from maa rite?? rite??
    i hope vma’s comin to msia soon and please i want my boys to come!

  12. MORE LIKE BIG BANG, METRO STATION AND GREENDAY ATTENDING THE SAME EVENT.. HOTTT AND SWEEEEET. but sadly i cant watch it, i got no foxtel or mtv asia channel ;(

  13. @I LOVE TABI
    You mean like the real SBS channel, or the 1 they give us for free, SBS Plus? lol

  14. wow.. katy perry will perform?! nice..

  15. how to watch this VMA in msia, cant wait any longer

  16. awww i hope sum1 posts the video up later cuz i cant watch it, i dont have foxtel or mtv asia D’:
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  17. how OR will we be able to watch this…live?
    someone let me know ;P

  18. ….Whatever happened to their whole month of a break? No matter how happy I am that Big Bang is going to a Japanese awards show, WHERE THE HELL DID THEIR BREAK GO!??!?! …That’s my main priority right now. -_____-

    …But at least I can now understand them….partly.

  19. wah..so sad..
    last year big bang didn’t come 2 malaysia last year…
    so sad….
    i hope big bang win this year..
    0ppa hwaiting!!!…

  20. Who’s watchin this on TVants? I might, so what…sbs?

  21. Who’s watchin this on TVants? I might, so what…sbs?

  22. *sorry DBL post!

  23. awwww i want to see BB ><

  24. so excited i wish i can watch it. is it in japan? when it’s finishes can you upload with subs(maybe only BB parts)? thank you

  25. so their presenting an award??

  26. big bang and w-inds oww

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