TaeYang UFO Radio Message #17: Hair Trouble


“In my 20-year life, I think I’ve done my hair in pretty much every unusual style – except for the ones I haven’t tried. Long hair, extremely short hair, perms, braids…so many different styles. This has resulted in a great deal of damage to my scalp and my hair too. So I’m thinking, maybe it’s about time to stop changing my hair. But then I usually have so much fun trying different hair styles and can’t say for sure that I will. I like exploring different sides of me trying different hair styles. A nice change of pace of sorts. I guess I enjoy that small thrills very much. But it’s not like I have always liked new hair cuts. Long time ago, when I was very little, my mother used to take me to the beauty parlor, and I remember I never liked my hair because my opinions didn’t count and my hair was always done in the way she wanted it done. So sometimes my hair made me look like a village idiot and I cried over it a bit. You know, bad hair can make you feel really depressed. Maybe that’s why I make decisions very carefully when it comes to choosing a new hair style. Maybe because of my sad childhood memories, I‘m very passionate about trying new hair styles but my poor, poor hair doesn’t get any breaks. So now I’m trying to give it a rest. Now I wear my hair very short. The thing is, I used to wear my hair in cornrows for a while, putting so much stress on my poor scalp. Then when my hair was short, I tried very hard to find a way to make my hair grow fast. And I tried all kinds of remedies. I even tried toothpaste on my hair – well, probably not a good idea. Anyways, I did an extensive research to find a way to make my hair grow fast but nothing really worked. Do any of you know a secret method that works? If you do, do share it with me, will you?”

Translated by pgeorgie
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~ by Momo on April 9, 2009.

32 Responses to “TaeYang UFO Radio Message #17: Hair Trouble”

  1. Aww, I love his hair the way it is!
    His poor poor scalp, but no idea what to tell him.
    I love his mohawk-y hair.

  2. hahaha i have the same problem. if you ever find a solution please note to the public i want to fix mines to. but i thought thr braids would bother, it never really works with asian hair, though it makes you look hot.

  3. awww, i didnt know taeyang
    had scalp problemss.. 😦
    i hope his scalp get
    healthier ! and his hair
    grows faster ! although, i
    like his hair the way it

  4. haha~!
    oh god.
    i’ve been through the same stuff!
    dyeing it, changing it every way, from short long, medium, blah blah blah~~~!!!!!!!!!!!
    when it was short though, i never did anything to it because when you cut your hair a lot, your hair is actually suppose to start growing faster.
    if that didn’t work i’d start massaging the scalp and putting on leave in conditioner, and then i would pull on it bit by bit, and then it grew faster.^^
    it might work for you all.
    sorry, if it doesn’t.
    best of luck though.

  5. haha…somehow i find it darling. taeyang is so cute that way.

  6. So wait, is he not gonna have his cool mohawk anymore?

  7. Aww! Bebe’s so cuteeee~! (:
    “Villiage Idiot.”
    LOLOL 😀 Gaaah, I love him! ❤
    But there’s really no such thing as a ‘fast way’ to grow out your hair.
    Just eat healthy, don’t stress too much, and sleep at the appropriate time, and it’ll grow. ^^

  8. Awww, poor taeyang…and his poor scalp

  9. taeyang so precious. ^^
    i agree, no faster way to let your hair grow back but to keep it fresh, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep!

  10. Aww, that’s so sad I would’ve already guessed that any way the way that he treats hist hair is like crazy. Cornrow braids like that could really damage the scalp area. But I still love him<3.
    A way to make your hair grow faster is to take multiple showers a day and I know this might sound stupid but it actually works for me and when you are taking those showers use the Herbal Enssences long hair treatment

  11. that is just too cute! lol

  12. Aww, that “village idiot” thing. I know EXACTLY how he feels.
    I wanted my hair cut to my shoulder but, somehow, my mom’s brain registered that to above my chin. I had this stupid little bob/bowlcut thing and I sobbed and…yeah.

    A tip for the hair? Don’t shampoo every day. You can take a shower but shampoo strips the hair of good nutrients and oils, in turn, casing it to get oilier.

  13. awwww TAEYANG ❤
    I get the same problem too!! whenever i cut my hair or do a new hairstyle, it takes a long time time to grow…
    I wish i could help him, but i don’t know any tips or solution :S
    I hope his scalp becomes healthier and that he can try many different hairstyles that he Always wanted to try without causing damage to his scalp!

  14. Aww, Bae. I don’t want your hair to be too short… >w< I like how it is now. ; 3;

    I do remember seeing Bae in quite a few hairstyles. o:

    Toothpaste ? XD …. whoa. I never heard of using that.

  15. kekeke bebe is so cuteee ..
    hmm he should try aloe vera instead of toothepaste 😡

  16. I thought that if you just wash your hair every other day and massage your scalp like how they do at the hair salon really helps. That’s why I always feel REALLY refreshed after getting a good haircut…..and not use that much conditioner. Actually…with Taeyang’s hair length, he doesn’t need it.

    ….But it’s not like he’ll see this page…………*sigh*

  17. “I even tried toothpaste on my hair.”
    WHHHAAAT? i’ve never heard of that before? AWW poor YB =[

  18. I even tried toothpaste on my hair – well, probably not a good idea. Anyways, I did an extensive research to find a way to make my hair grow fast but nothing really worked. Do any of you know a secret method that works? If you do, do share it with me, will you?”
    oh my god oh my god my bae i can’t breathhhh u’re so adorable

    putting tooth paste hahahahaha bae u gotta be kidding me darling

    i know how to make it grow longer faster. let me run my hands thru ur hair bae!!!


    i’m just so in love with this guyyyyy gahahah

  19. AWWWWWWWWWW OMGG BAEEEEE ;D!?!?!? ROFLL sucha cutieee. he’s so cute i hurt o__o
    lmaooo <333 “put too much stress on my poor scalp” aWWWWWWW xDD!!
    yess, poor bae’s scalp LOLOL.
    andd “i even tried toothpaste on my hair – well probably not a good idea” OMGOMGOM ASK DFOPAKS DOPFD KYAAAAAAAAAAAH<3 xDDDDD
    alksdfjlskdfj lololll soooooooooo cuute :}
    aww bae ;D
    that is all i hafta say lmao :]<333

  20. awww, TY is right, the wrong or right hair can make you feel sad or sexy hehe, so cute Bae. Whatever hair you have, you look perfect 🙂

  21. is he serious??? but he BARELY changes his hairstyle.

  22. I wonder how Jiyong’s scalp is like then.

    Anyways Bae, youre too adorable! I hope your hair grows out soon!

  23. haha yeah jiyongs hair must be damaged alot with all the perms and stuff.
    I wonder if Bae will ever change his hairstyle, i like his mohawk now but come his new album, is it still gonna be the same. I wonder what he’d look like with Dae’s hair or something

  24. Awh, poor Bae 😥 He’s right. A New haircut/hairstyle can either make you feel depressed or happy. I pray for him and his scalp. Though, I never heard of anyone putting toothpaste in their hair.*awkward silence*….lols. I guess that’s why he’s had the mohawk for like a year now….his hair can’t grow fast. I really hope he finds the answer/solution he’s searching for. WE ALL WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY BAE ❤

  25. lmfao. “village idiot” ahaha.

    hes right about bad hair making people depressed..
    when your hair looks bad, you just wanna put a hat on and hope that no one notices you.

    i lovelovve his mohawk. needs to keep it!
    toothpaste on hair is bad x__x

    he needs to leave it alone. hair just grows naturally on its on.
    but i did hear that your hair and nails grow faster when they’re exposed to sun more. i dunno why but it seems to be accurate o__o

  26. the best way to get your hair growing fast is to exercise. exercising increases blood circulation which stimulates hair growth. hope that works

  27. “So sometimes my hair made me look like a village idiot and I cried over it a bit”


    oh YB, you are funny 8D

  28. awwwww cute TY i hope he finds a solution to his problem T.T

  29. loll toothpaste?? looooll i think thats funny, i aint never heard of using toothpaste on ur hair before XD. I use toothpaste for my teeths and to zap my acne buttons. But anyway i know i couple ways that might help you with hair that doesnt involve toothpaste XD. Try olive oil: everytime you wash your hair rub a bit of olive oil on your scalp and hair (helps keeping it healthy). And whenever you use heat in your hair (like hair ironer or whatever), use Silk for your hair (u can find that kind of thing in salons): like use it before OR after to prevent damage. Hopes those little trics gonna help you and your hair! =) Good luck!! XOXO

  30. Too cute…. 🙂

  31. Taeyang’s cornrows are very cute. I hope this helps. You could continue to wear cornrows, which can actually help your hair grow, if you know how to care for them. You should pay attention to your scalp. Use a scalp treatment oil, wash your hair every other day when you are not wearing the braids. When you do wear braids, don’t pull at them and use a spray to keep down irritation. Also, use a moisture conditioner, Paul Mitchell products are the best. Another thing, when will Taeyang try a permed curly look? With a short cut, this might be quite attractive. Good luck.

  32. I think your blog is excellent I found it on Bing. Definetely will return again! Have a good day, Lisa

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