04.10.09 Behind New NII Photoshoot | Big Bang HITE Game | Pictures Update!

Behind NII Photoshoot

DOWNLOAD: (04.10.09) Mnet WideNews: Behind NII Photoshoot

Thanks to S님
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Bae keep wearing his shades and not taking it off, probably due to his LASIK eyes surgery, but at least from now one he doesn’t have to squint anymore. I spot my Baby roller blading, ahhh~~ everything he does is fre-eaking cute! Tabi be looking hot now… not gonna lie (but I gotta stay faithful) When the MC ask, “Who have the best poses for the photoshoot?” Bong’s way of picking, doesn’t surprise me haha, he say “everybody” when all the others picked Baby, haha and he got all embarassed. HAHAH, there’s the 330 pose and the 128 pose?? …. good to know that hahaha I’m dying inside when Baby and Bong aren’t sitting next to each other.

Bong was trying to imitate Bae in some way…. I’m never sure of what the heck he’s trying to do, but I am happy that happy dorky Bong is here, 😀 Even Tabi too!! The way he talk, even when he have shades on, you can see his twinkling excited eyes, trying to copy the way Bong walk when Bong sees fans… HAHAHAHAH I don’t know about you, but I believe Tabi 100%

When the “album” talk came, Bong just have to sigh, Bong’s solo album suppose to be out this month, but there’s still no talk about it, YG plan for Big Bang to have May for a vacation… so I dont’ know how that’s gonna work out, I’m gonna cry my eyes out if Bong just skip his solo activities ……….. is that Bong’s definition of ‘ROFL’??? hahah

Update Photo on Offical Website

YG updates Big Bang’s official website with new photos, and oooh~ they are HOT! I want to see these pics for so long, if you buy Big Bang’s 1st book, you’ll see this picture in the back of the ‘planner’ wearing red, looking hot, Bong look GOOD~ enough in his red beanie. give me something to be happy about…cuz Bong’s ahjumma hair, though it does fit him, I have to say ‘no thanks’

Got a question for you, evern imagine Bong… as a hotdog????? hahahah



Pictures Update:

  • Updates from Official Website
  • New VIP Pictures release
  • Lotta Duty Free Photoshoot
  • (Translated) BANGS Comic: The Ghost is Alive! 1


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Updates from Official Website

New Pictures release from VIP


Bong as a hotdog

>O< what can be more adorable??/
i just wanna bite it hahah

Thanks to ygbigbang | VIP Fan Club | DCGD Fiesta님 | DCGD KiOok님

BANGS Short Comic

Original Comic by YGEntertainment

Translated and Edit by Vicky


OH MY GOD. if this isn’t hilarious, I don’t know what is, the ghost who is a fan of Big Bang and wear Nike … now that’s just a pimping ghost. She snuck into Tabi’s room at night while he’s sleeping, when he woke and saw her, he pretty much just went into daze {hence all that bubbling stuff coming out of his mouth} then the ghost’s feeling got hurt, she says she’s a fan too, why is here being like this, also say that Tabi should sing more, and that she’ll scare beg Bong to give Tabi more singing parts.

Then the next morning, while she the boys and the manager are still half asleep, she cooked them breakfast but when they realize who it was…. more bubbly substance came out.

What can the boys do when one of the dedicated VIP is a ghost?? who wear Nike…


~ by Vicky on April 10, 2009.

58 Responses to “04.10.09 Behind New NII Photoshoot | Big Bang HITE Game | Pictures Update!”

  1. those pics r awesome<333333333333

  2. TOOOOOP!!! so cool beans!

  3. XD awesomely hilarious comic!! awesome photos too!

  4. G-D hotdog is sooo adorable ^^

    LMAO at Tabi’s impression of Taeyang’s walk!
    haha that totally cracked me up XD
    hmm im on Tabi overload today, first the ‘hehe’ CUTENESS from Gummy’s bday message, now i have all these mighty fine pics to look at!
    Thanks for all the uploads 🙂

  5. aww ! theyre soo cutee !

  6. oh and one more Tabi point (its my last i swear!):
    is it me or is anyone else happy that prankster Tabi is back??
    he seemed so shy lately in interviews and variety!
    bring the laughter back XD

  7. lol! GD hotdog is soo cute!^^ hahaha! he was like pissed! :))=))


  8. the pictures are so cute!

  9. Cute!!!!!

  10. LOL! The Picts were so cute and the comic was hillarious! 🙂

  11. waaiit.. bae had a lasik eyes surgery??
    so for all this time he’s been using softlenses!?
    hmmm.. i was wondering how did he use those softlenses

  12. omona taeyang looks might fine in his pics…ahaha and i love the comic

  13. Awww, the comics are so cute, Vicky. Komawo…
    Ehe, when the others are already waken up, Tabi is still in his room.
    Even a ghost is VIP? hehe…

    Thanks for sharing, Vicky-ah..
    And the rest, awesome. Thumbs up!!



    Those TOP pictures are SMOKIN’. <3333333333333.

    I agree, that’s one pimpin’ ghost. LOL

  16. LMFAO! this is hilarious!!!! (the comic)
    but at the end it’s super funny how they show TOP (because he’s still in his room while the others are being scared by the ghost) with a scissor on him. LOL…cause in korean the word scissor and ghost is pronounced the same…and when they say that a ghost is sitting on you, that means that the person won’t be able to move at all. (i’ve had that happen to me before…it was really scary! i couldn’t move or speak — even though i was screaming my lungs out my sister couldn’t hear me…she said i just started breathing really hard — so scary…but luckily she woke me up…after i’ve been trying to scream and even spit at her(of course nothing happened but i was so mad that she couldn’t hear me so i tried to spit at her) LOL.)

  17. The comic…ROFL
    a VIP ghost
    wahh ~~

  18. haha love the comic!
    Bae had LASIK eye surgery????

  19. YB got LASIK eyes surgery? when was this? i wanna see his eyes; its so BEAUTIFULLL!!!

    HAHA i was like “what the heck is Bong trying to do?” i love the way Tabi walked. he’s go swagger!! AWWW; when Bong ‘sighed’ when the album question was asked…i felt so bad fro him because he is SOO ready! we’re gonna keep waiting for you solo Leader ^-^

    OHHHH the photos are KILLING me xP (heck they always kill me)
    AHHHH! Baby in traditional clothes? that is to DIE for! Bebe’s picture of him w/ black shades, makes me wanna touch his hair >.<
    my fav pic from the LOTTE DUTY FREE Photoshoot is the second one!! thanks for sharing!!

  20. LOL! The best part is at the end, when everyone go out to eat~ if you notice, Tabi is still o_O in bed!
    Thank you so much!

  21. waaaaaaa~~~~GD look so freakin adorable and cute in here!!!!!!!…………i totalllyyy melt for it………….XD

  22. haha why is there scissors on TOP’s bed??

    thanks so much for all the goodies 🙂

  23. ahhhahahaha aww Tabiiiii SO FUNNY doing jiyongie’s swagger, I love it. priceless. I can totally see my babyboo doing that and it’s even cuter 😡

  24. hoh shiiiieeeeeeeeeeet. THE PICS ;D<3333333 OMGGGAD LOLLL. so cutee.
    anddd JIYONGGGIEE IS LOOKING o_____o super hotttttttttttttttttttt


  25. i dont wanna ask for alot but i kinda got lost in the BANGS episodes can you like post them in in there own catagory like under BANGS?? or do u already have one.?? lol

  26. LOL that’s hilarious. whoever thinks of these comics is awesome xD
    THANK YOU the pics are so cute! and omg GD is so hot!

  27. hahaha, at first I thought she stuffed rice or something in SeungHyun’s mouth, then the others came along, I was like, how much rice does she have?
    then I realized it wasn’t rice, opps

  28. wooooow!
    is it me or my man is looking toooo good lately
    every pic I see got me spinnin today
    and him imitating Bong…sooo sexy ;P

    Bong’s hair
    LOL I just can’t get over it
    that picof him as a hotdog…random yet soo cute

    wait…Bae got lasik surgery…???????
    Baby look so cute rollerbladin
    he’s definitely back to his cute maknae self

    the bangs comic was just hilarious
    looks like they have rabies
    but that ghost was real stylish
    wearing all white with some yellow and black nikes
    made my day even more than when I got out of school
    finally spring break

  29. LMAO. The host is so hyper. XDD

    Bae. Tabi… lemme see your eyes! Oh wait. Bae had Lasik surgery recently? Had no idea.

    Ohh more of GD’s perm! . ___ .;

    Aww, SeungRi is so cute rollerblading.

    Haha, SeungRi giving some sexy poses. 8D

    LMAO. What is GD doing?! LOL.

    GD really looks like a lil innocent boy w/ the beret. xP

    Hahaha, Tabi really did remind me of GD w/ his imitation!! XDDD

    Tabi looked really hot too. XD

    Dang a BB game?! o:

    Ooh they look scorching H O T in those new photos! Love red+black together.

    The Lotte duty photos are sweet. :]]

    Bae’s sweater w/ the cubes is really cool. ^^

    Hehehe, GD as a hotdog?!! Aww. XDD


    Thanks Vicky! ^__^

  30. Those red & black ones are hot! LOVE how my GD and Dae are looking…aw hotness! +TOP’s GD impression is hilarious.

  31. OH! gotta add I really like those NII shirts.

  32. i was wondering why there was a baby sleeping on their manager’s lap then i realized it was Bebe…haha so cute. they’re all so cute treating their manager like a cuddly bear. the pun with the scissors and the ghost. so funny.

  33. LOL G-DRAGON! ahaha he’s fricken hilarious.
    awww TaeYang. i can’t wait to see his new eyes!
    Everyone’s poses was hot! so i believe GD on this.
    Lols seungri is roller skating. i haven’t done that in a while.
    G-Dragon probably misses Seungri right then.
    Pauahahaha what the heck Seungri? ohh sexy though. Lmao.
    I love Ji Yong when he is being dorky! ahaha makes my smile last more.
    WHAT THE HECK! Ahahahaha heck yeahh! I believe TOP’s imatation.
    Lols AHAHAHA that’s cuz G-Dragon knows how to make his fans go to GDHeaven.
    awww he’s so sad too. GRRRRRRRRRR I Want this Solo Album to come out so badly!
    this is kinda unfair. LOL WTF ahaha god, i love G-Dragon.
    Aww i think i might cry later on but ahaha looking at him now makes me just want to
    drop on the floor laughing too!
    OMFG I LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! LMAOROFL ahahaha he looks like a baby dressed
    in a Hot Dog suit. It’s some what cute!
    H.oly S.hit that ghost looks scary! the grudge or something.
    Yeahh i think TOP should have a singing part also. Ahaha
    She’s pretty scary! but everyone loves Big Bang. Oh yeahh =]

  34. WAAHH!! Website pics are HOT!! wooow, individual sots are just tooo adorable XD lol and Lotte pics are so cute.

    Whoa, TOP looks so tall in the first pic lol

  35. Vi
    Hahahaha…. Look at ur hubby being all happy coz they choose him.
    Yup, their decision is right, if it’s me, I’ll pick Baby too! Keke

    I’m still not used to see Bong-Juhma, kekeke
    But to see dorky Bong, hehe I loveeee it! Hehe
    Also hubby who participate, hohoho
    I totally believe in Tabi, that sure looks like what Mr.Bong weould do in front of his fans. Haha

    I should say the last group pic, there, hubby ah~
    Why he looks so cute there???
    He looks like a sweet ice cream, makes me want to lick him hahaha

    Also Bong solo pic with the shades and hand gestures. Hahaha
    So so cute~~~ why can’t he leep this hair style longer Mr.Kwon??
    Also, the pic of Bong-HotDog, make me laugh like crazy. HAHA
    Too adorable. Hehe

    Omona for the comic!
    I think if I die I would go and do the same with that ghost too!!!
    I wanna sneak into Tabi room so bad!
    Look at all ‘love’ come from the ghost, kekeke
    Make me want to cheer for the ghost. haha

  36. GD was imitating how TY acts when he sees fan girls. something about “shoulder charm” because he has such a nice body. hahaha.

    so TOP picks on GD and damn i so see it! and with the expression that everyone gave (even KWON LEADAH himself) i believe that’s how it really went/goes down. hahahaha.

    SEUNGRI has numbered poses. LOL. that’s freaken funny.
    he showed of pose #330 and was supposed to do pose #128 but instead he showed pose #47 (LOL…such a cute joke among the members GD hella said “no SR that’s pose #47 (not #128)” and SR is all like opps…i get them mixed up. LMAO!!!)

    this was a very good interview.

  37. Gahh, I love the new pictures. I LOVE Bong’s pink hat, and I’m glad the ahjumma curls were not used in the Lotte Duty Dree shoot. TOP looks like boy-next-door material in that shoot. Must take him home to meet mom.

    ROFL, oh, dear. I hope that comic isn’t too realistic. I mean, I hope TOP doesn’t REALLY sleep with scissors pointed at his face, LOL. That ghost is totally me, by the way. I’d so go up to him and whisper, “sing for me, TOP.” LMFAO, I do adore his singing voice.

  38. I’m so glad GD hat a hat on to cover up those curls…but it doesn’t cover up enough.
    GDYB in a box! ❤ GRi would’ve been better. I love Seung Ri with the roller skates, lol. and I love that he has numbered poses. Haha, when TOP imitated GD’s walk, he was so embarassed. LOL, that must mean it’s true.

  39. about bae’s surgery
    yeahhh i’m glad he did it
    no more hard times trynna see there my bae!
    i wish i cud do 1 too since i’ve bin wearing glasses 4 yearss now. haha

    no matter.

    hope u’re fine as always bae dearrr

    the official pic is so damnnnnnnn hotttt!!!!
    oh my needless to say bae is freaking hot!
    others too. aghhhhhhhh effortlessly hottt

  40. i died *o* thanks 4 the pics and the game ♥

  41. hahahaha
    so funny when the ghost came out!!!

  42. Awww these pics are LUSH, and the GD hotdog is sooo cute ^_^

  43. i love GD’s new hair!!!! i really mean it!!!

    at the HOPE photoshoot, it looked hilarious,TRUELY BAD. but at the NII photoshoot, it looks CUTE on him. he is soooooooo CUTE with curly hair. i think at first, the hair was just done so it looked like a wig but then the curl is looser a bit and now it looks perfect on him!!!!

    try to take a look at 2 events and compare them, u will see the different. anyway, i like THIS hair.xD

  44. haha~…yeahzzz…i totally agree with u kbig…at the HOPE photoshoot…say truelly…it’s some kind a weird hair for me…haha…like vicky said…grandma hair….XD…
    but after looked at NII photoshoot…it’s really look cute and adorable on him!!!~~~XD…

  45. g-dragon as a hot dog is too precious!!

    his hair actually looks decent in the shoot from some angles… i think i’m beginning to like it 😛 at the top, the curls are still a bit too tight.

    hahaha, GD was so embarrassed when Tabi was talking about him in front of girls. See what you get when you try and make fun of Bae!

    You know, SR probably has numbered pictures of all his poses 😛 I’m sure there’s some truth behind all that…

    Dae seemed awfully quiet though :l

    And solo album part is :((((((((

  46. Lol x]
    Funny Bangs Comic. Haha, I love it.
    & The pictures (:

  47. no one dared to imitate TOP yet, maybe because he’s the hyung? while he already imitate GD, Daesung and Seungri correctly hahaha
    good photoshoots of the boys (drools)

  48. […] 04.10.09 Behind New NII Photoshoot | Big Bang HITE Game | Pictures Update! Behind NII Photoshoot DOWNLOAD: (04.10.09) Mnet WideNews: Behind NII Photoshoot […]

  49. TOP oppa.!
    cute with the guitar n that blue checkered shirts.

  50. how many levels does the game have?
    i cant get through 5 -_-” < noob

  51. eh… could you upload all the pictures into one file so that i can download??? i want the pictures…

  52. TOP why are you like thattttttttt whyyyyyyyyyy you’re so so so so …
    Please help me why he’s like that so yuumy

  53. I love the second to last group picture! They all look damn fine!

  54. lol frothing at the mouth XD i love how Bebes the smallest awww hes so cute :3 he looks so sweet handing the flowers in the group pic XD mm baby

  55. Pictures are hot!!!

  56. wth is lasik eye surgery? i hope it doesnt effect his sml eyes. ill cry my eyes out if it is. i love his small eyes.
    i love those pictures. so hawt

  57. rawrrrr .
    TOP and SeungRi . GD too !

  58. ey where can i get a shirt like taeyang’s red cube sweater at??help me out here..i like it..

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