Big Bang, their story of success:their sweats and tears


Big Bang, their story of success : their sweats and tears
5 individuals, 5 different colour

5-member group, Big Bang, is the hottest icon in Korean pop culture.  Their book, ‘Shout to the world’, which deals with their views prior to their debut to when they succeeded, has become the bestseller at a blink of an eye.  Their passion, and stories has given hope to many that all of us can overcome difficulties and succeed ourselves.

5 members of Big Bang has shown ‘nothing can be achieved without efforts’ themselves.  They knocked the doors of YG Entertainment, and survived the blood-splattering competition to become a part of Big Bang.

There are a few prejudices against celebrities by the public.  They may be a little stupid, but because they have ‘pretty’ face, they could become celebrities, become starts for having strong entertainment companies as backgrounds, their high recognition earns them money, and social honor follows rather sequentially.  These prejudices strengthen if the celebrities are idol groups.

Big Bang is also an idol group, and their economical impact is in the scale of atomic bomb.  According to recent news, there were over 40 million dollars achieved through music/concerts/etc.  This amount is higher than many small companies.  When you think about it, many youths around Big Bang’s age may feel sense of underachievement, while Big Bang members earn huge sum of money while singing and dancing.

However, when you look at Big Bang, they are rather ‘friends’ who you want to applaud, rather than the celebrities you may be jealous of.  Even from their appearances, they are different.  Although they look attractive now, when they first debuted in 2006, they were shy and were rather below the usual appearances of typical idol groups.  Usually, idol group members are tall, and have appearances of anime characters, but Big Bang members look rather ‘everyday’, ‘normal’ in our eyes.  Their height, excluding TOP, are just around 170cm.  They broke the typical formula of an idol group, but they are the most successful idol group, with 40 million dollars in sales.

One of the success factor, is being ‘familiar’ to the public eyes.  They are idols of all generations.  Yang Hyunsuk of YG entertainment stated that he wanted to make a group people of all generation can relate back in 2006.

The five members of Big Bang showed tremendous efforts to be where they are today.  There are nobody who were just picked up off the street, but they all tried hard to be picked up by the company or knocked the company doors themselves.  They had dreams and goals from the early age, and they all possessed infinite passion for music.  They were not afraid of challenges and competitions, and they were never lazy in practicing.  They had to be in school and be a trainee.  They made the songs themselves, and were creative in dances and rap.  Big Bang turned the typical view of an idol group upside down.

G-Dragon, TaeYang
– were trainees for 6 years, and overcame with passion and by being tenacious

G-Dragon and TaeYang became trainees for 6 years since their times in elementary school.  Many trainees give up during the long, lonely times, but they never gave up and overcame the difficulties.   G-Dragon debuted as ‘Little Rula’ when he was young, but he did not disappoint in his identity as a trainee.  He had fears of ‘nob being the one he wanted to be’, but overcame the six years with fiery passion.  After being a Big Bang member, he made songs and is one of the leaders making fashion trend.

TaeYang had clear goal and challenging nature since young.  He was casted for JinuSean’s music video through an audition, and he prepared the audition as if he was preparing for his solo performance.  After a few commends, he asked Yang Hyunsuk to take him as a trainee, and Yang Hyunsuk said ‘I will call you back soon’.  After a month, he went to the company himself, and asked why Yang Hyunsuk did not call back.  He finally became a trainee, and later added that ‘I learned that if you have the passion, there is nothing you cannot overcome’.

G-Dragon and TaeYang set their life goals at early age, and bet everything they had.  When their friends were memorizing English words at school, they learned how to rap and how to dance.  When their friends were exercising in the school grounds, they learned how to dance in the basement practice room with suffocating heat.  When their friends were happy with exams being over, they had to go back to the practice room with more tests to be done, and when their friends were sleeping in on breaks, because they were on breaks, they had to come out earlier and practice more.  When their friends were tired of their mothers nagging them to eat, they had to smile in front of their mothers (they only got to see them only a few times a month), and swallowed their tears when their mothers turned back.

“Because our ways were different from people, and we did not have anywhere to go back – so we fought with our very selves so fiercely’.  G-Dragon and TaeYang overcame their trainee times, and with their passion and thoughts of ‘being able to do it’, have become the members of Big Bang.

– learned the bitterness of life since 15 years old through his failures

Seungri’s story is the most dramatic.  He was the worst in dancing, but he was confident that he could do it and trying out isn’t a problem.  He was given the opportunity to perform solo after TaeYang.

Although he is just over 18 years old, he performed in a dance group in his young age, and he had many failures and opportunities being taken away from his very hands – but he never gave up.

Seungri was fascinated by dance when he first saw a team perform in grade 7.  Although he could not dance to save his life, he got into the team and danced.  Just before a competition, the team disbanded, and everyone went into their own ways.  He persuaded the other members that they could do it, and that he would come up with a new choreography (although he could not dance!).  They won the competition.  He later auditioned to Mnet’s Battle Shinhwa in 2005, but he was cut before the final selection.  Seungri went to SM entertainment, Dream Factory and more, but he failed every time.

However, he never gave up.  He wasn’t cut from YG entertainment.  However, the failed again at the final selection.

“I was not up to par with other members.  I had too little time to practice and being a trainee to learn.  Dance, singing abilities…  it was hard”.  He asked Yang Hyunsuk for a second chance.  Although Yang Hyunsuk said the chance he would be in Big Bang will be minuscule, he did not give up, and reminded himself that he could do it.  He got into Big Bang, and later performed ‘Strong Baby’ which competed with SNSD’s Gee on many music charts.

– an opportunity earned by being positive

Smile Angel, Dae Sung has become big through the positive attitude.  He collided with his father’s opposition, and left home to be a trainee at YG, but he positively accepts that ‘without my father’s opposition, I would not be here today’.

“If my father supported me from the beginning, I might have lost interest in music and be lukewarm.  Because he was cold and sharp, i never lost my passion towards music”.

DaeSung grew his dream of being a singer in grade 8, when his teacher said ‘you could be a singer’ to him.  His voice was not trained yet when he first auditioned, but his smile has captivated Yang Hyunsuk.  DaeSung controlled his mind as being positive, and he still believes that when believing ‘i can do it’, he can actually do it.

“If i did not have the habit of being positive, I might have just kept my dream of being a singer, just as a dream.  The only thing I can do is, to pedal the pedal of positiveness when in the midst of failure and setbacks.  I smile today too.  When you give up on hope, you are only left with longings, but once you embrace hope, there are miracles bound to happen.  Our lives always knock ourselves with hope”.

TOP, setbacks have brought him glory

TOP has been fascinated by rap in his grade 5 times.  When he attended junior high, he was one of the troublesome students.  He was seen by many upper years (for being tall and wearing hip hop style clothing) and were close with them.  In his grade 9, he lost two of his friends in motorcycle accident, and got back to ‘normal’ student life.

He wanted to be a rapper, so he started performing on underground stages in his high school time, and was given a chance to audition in YG entertainment.  However, he was set back when he found out that dance was a part of the audition requirement.  He wanted to give up (he hated dancing), but he thought it would be funny losing this chance because of it.

“If i gave up on the audition, I could not have dreamt of the life i am living now.  It is idiotic and dangerous to put the shutter down in other genres of music other than hip hop, just because you like hip hop.  I think that if you are a real rapper, you have to be able to rap in any genres like ballade, bossanova, and dance”.  TOP is firm in his belief that setbacks are necessary in the roads toward success.  He thinks a lot, and at the end of this thoughts, he is ready to give it his all.  When his friends were studying for university, he gave up his academics for music, and when his friends were enjoying their university life, he was practicing endlessly in the practice rooms.  The world he dreamt was his all, and he did not have time to realize that he is living a different life from others.

“The opportunities become failures if you lose them, but once you grasp them, they become luck to you”.

We’re still trainees with lots to learn.

We don’t know what life has in store for us.  Setbacks have become opportunities for Big Bang members, and the hurts and pain allowed them to learn patience and made them to mature.  Seungri added that ‘when I feel the pain and experience pressure, people can see a great performance’.  “I know they like the fruits of my efforts, I will keep on trying and continue to push for better”.

Seungri said he read many books; because he was performing solo, he had to do interviews and be on radio programs alone – he had a huge shoe to fill.  He also needs to prepare for the university entry exam this year.

G-Dragon added that ‘If you are not trying because you are afraid of failures, you are not being respectful towards your youth and time of your life.  Now, we ride the van, and managers help us because we need them.  Our base of being humble and trying our hardest will never change.  The title of being #1 or record-breaking sales are just bonuses of our efforts.  We will forever be trainees at heart”.

translated by 코코마탑횽@bbvipz
Post taken from: 코코마탑횽@VIPz Overseas


~ by Momo on April 10, 2009.

49 Responses to “Big Bang, their story of success:their sweats and tears”

  1. AWW ❤
    seungri is so strong :[
    taeyang also after i watched “my story”.
    i didnt know dae was so rebellious! ahahaa.
    top, :/ everything he said is true.

    gosh. i love these boys ❤
    big bang fightingggg!

  2. i teared up when i read this. what the boys went through is kinda similar to mine. especially DaeSung’s. My mum disapproves of me to be a singer (not like she knows) but I really want to be one. Especially in Korea. I’m going to take korean classes soon. and dance classes after high school. They are my inspiration. HWAITING!

  3. Seung Ri lives up to Strong Baby. Aaah, and I can relate to him too. Aigoo, that’s epic.
    Dae Sung’s and T.O.P’s stories were both really touching.
    And GDragon’s and Tae Yang’s stories start off when they were young and look how successful they became.
    Aigoo, Big Bang is purely epic.

  4. big bang is soo hard working. thats why they are the best group out there! their passsion & not giving up got them to where they are today! BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!

    thanks for translating 😀

  5. Wow. This makes me want to learn korean, buy their book, and cry at their trying times.

    I love the most of how they remain humble despite their success, and how they stay rooted with a respectable amount of decorum. That’s really commendable.

    And it’s true, they have been groomed to be more relatable to the fans than any other group has been, for all their entertainment achievements and feats. Great marketing strategy, imo.

    How lonely they must be to be where they are today, though.. and how much they must’ve sacrificed. Big Bang Fighting!!

    Thanks for translating and sharing!!

  6. i am PROUD of BIG BANG…

  7. Aww, that’s sad…but very inspiring!
    It’s sad that GD and YB couldn’t see their moms a lot!
    And wasn’t in one concert they said Dae’s dad wanted him to be a trot singer instead of being in Big Bang?
    I’m glad TOP didn’t give up, and Seung Ri either.

  8. ‘When their friends were tired of their mothers nagging them to eat, they had to smile in front of their mothers (they only got to see them only a few times a month), and swallowed their tears when their mothers turned back.’
    ^that’s so sad. but i’m glad through all this they learn that family is important and should not be pushed aside.

    ‘If you are not trying because you are afraid of failures, you are not being respectful towards your youth and time of your life. Now, we ride the van, and managers help us because we need them. Our base of being humble and trying our hardest will never change. The title of being #1 or record-breaking sales are just bonuses of our efforts. We will forever be trainees at heart”.
    ^beautiful quote jiyong!!!

  9. omg..I’m really proud…

    When their friends were tired of their mothers nagging them to eat, they had to smile in front of their mothers (they only got to see them only a few times a month), and swallowed their tears when their mothers turned back.


  10. this just breaks my heart =( but look at them now! all that hard work paid off right? *does anyone know if they’re book is being ‘translated’ into english? i really want to read the book.

  11. trainees at heart
    ❤ i love them

  12. this is amazing. i want to learn so much more about them through the book! i hope a translated version of the book comes out soon!

  13. oh my~~

    im crying~~ 😦 they’ve sacrificed so much for their one dream!

    im so inspired!!! 😀

    Big Bang <333 ALWAYS~


  14. Big Bang, no matter what, u will be always be NUMBER 1 in my heart!!

  15. ahh, such passionate stories soo touching ><
    gahh i want to cry buy i can’t.
    ahh they’re so inspirational<333
    it just tells me to appreciate more of what i have and you can do anything really..these boys made it ;] and sacrificed a lot to achieve their dreams and goals<3

    V I P F O R E V E R. ♥♥

  16. awhh. The boys are so strong
    I am so proud of them i want to cry
    It makes me more endeared to them, and i want even more for them to succeed. They’re extremely smart and profound boys and im proud to say i love them! I’LL SUPPORT THEM ALWAYS


  17. These guys are so amazing.
    im proud of them. i hope i can b like them, to never give up hope and keep a positive attitude. they’re not only amazing singers, but role models too.

  18. The whole part about BB not being your ‘typical idol group’ is totally true. That’s why they rock. It’s important that people see how dedicated and humble the boys are, and that they became who they are today because of THEIR efforts; that they’re not some pretty face that had their success spoon-fed to them because of their looks.

    Dang it! I want an english version nowwww T.T
    Thanks for translating 🙂

  19. Big Bang is V.I.P! Love u all, my guys!

  20. why i love big bang.


  22. actually i think it’s suppose to be BIG BNAG FIGHTING!! but it still means the same! =D

  23. …SeungRi was the worst in dancing?! He is one of the best in the group! o: ❤

    I never knew all the opportunities denied to him. D: But after going thru all that, he came to be w/ BB… ❤

    Aww, Dae. I wish to be more positive like him.

    Heh, Tabi ‘hated dancing’? Awh.

    OMG I love that quote from him about being versatile in rapping.

    ‘Trainees at heart’


    Ohhh god I’m getting all teary-eyed after reading this. T___T

    I love them so much. ;-; BB FIGHTING ALL THE WAY~

    Amazing article on them; thank you so much for sharing Momo.

  24. Aww they’ve gone through so much! they totally deserve what they have now!
    I love GDYB. they have an amazing friendship.
    Awww Seungri ah. Aww DaeSung. Aww TOP.
    they all have their own stories that make me cry. Through it all they never gave up.
    I love them for that. Sniffs* Awwwww i’m all teary now & speechless. Thank You. can’t type anymore*

  25. yay

  26. awww :’D i’m soo proud of them! :’DD HWAITING!~

  27. great stories. yay big bang!

  28. Big Bang, always & forever.


    they are really inspirational.. their passion and determination is the perfect example to our youth.. if you really want something to happen for your life to succeed and for you to be successful, you have to fight for it and do what it takes to reach your goals.

    i love BIGBANG so much!!!

  30. Ouh gosh, their life was a misery
    But behind it all, there’s a good ending
    It’s seriously a touching story

    Big Bang Fighting !

  31. Wow, I’m so proud of these guys. Not only are they talented, but they are also great role models and they always speak of doing yor best. They are awesome and they totally deserve everything good to come their way!!! I know they will go far and I’ll support them all the way!!!!

  32. KAAAAA~~~
    GD in racoon fur hat is is always soooooooooo CUTE!!

  33. i cant type coz im crying right now 😦

  34. seungri hwaitingggg!~ <33
    BB FTW

  35. aww… how sad…i thought that being a celebrity would
    be a great oppurtunity.. but.. i guess… i was wrong..
    you have to suffer a lot even through tough time.. but anyways

    omg this touched my heart (‘:
    Gdragon hwaiting!
    they all had to go through so much..
    G D r a g o n & Big Bang Until Whenever

  37. awwwww ‘trainees at heart’ BB always be forever in my heart ♥

  38. they r all really tough.!
    TOP hwaiting.!
    big bang hwaiting.!
    i luv u guyz until whenever.
    u guyz are all my number 1.!

  39. Im just so proud of them for reaching their dreams and never giving up.
    & also the fact that they changed the image of the typical boy bands. Their
    story shows how much hard word pays off in the long run ^^
    Seungri’s story was so sad T^T
    Im glad he never gave up and pulled through (:

    Big Bang, you guys are the ones in my heart like an undying star :]

    V I P ❤

  40. omg I”m so proud of all of them for trying and never giving up. they are sure very optimistic which makes them inspiring and admirable. you guys are good role models to everyone and soon everyone in the world will recognise big bang (:

  41. Took Me Some Time To Read!
    But Totally Worth It!
    They Went Through So Much!
    And I’m So Proud Of All Of Them!
    Big Bang Fighting!

  42. OMO
    Ri….couldn’t dance?? what i thought he COULD dance but was bad at singing..WOAH i sooo didnt know O_O LOL
    but im so proud of my boys ^^ overcoming such difficulties without there passion we wouldn’t have anyone to obssess over *sobs*
    Big Bang HWATING!!!

  43. awww it made me tear up…. they totally deserve everything and more… ‘We will forever be trainees at heart’ this was sooo…. i don’t even know how to explain just luv them even more. Big Bang Fighting goooooooooooooooood luck!!!!

  44. Seung Ri couldn’t dance?! This is why I love my Seung Sung, they work hard and stay positive.

  45. Their story made me cry 😦
    It also inspired me to work hard in life because in the end you’ll be rewarded 🙂
    Like the quote goes “Hard work will be rewarded. the rest is to believe in yourself”

  46. WOW!
    this is so BEAUTIFUL. my eyes filled with tears as i read this article huu~
    their stories will definitely move you to tears. they’ve worked so hard, they’ve sacrificed so much and they totally deserved what they had now. their hopes and dreams are just beautiful __<
    my love for BigBang will never die. never!!

  47. This may be the most beautiful article written in this Big Bang Fansite. I was really touched by each of their stories. They show that it all comes down to this, “No matter where you came from, whether you’re poor, rich, have a broken family or completed, you can always accomplish your goals as long as you persevere and never let anyone tell you you can not do it”

  48. can I cry? they’re stories are sooo beautiful!!!

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