W-inds featuring GDragon: Rain is Fallin PV Released!

Wow!! I love the collaboration!!

for some of you who didn’t notice, the PV has a 3D concept here and there especially the ending.
MOMO Loves it!!


Youtube Channel: jaeuraznMV

EDIT BY MELLY: hah! you knew this was coming. GD’s RAP is pretty sick. i like it. makes sense. flows right. good job baby.
didn’t take me that long to make out his verses, which is a good thing! that means he’s getting better. now for his solo … -.-

CREDIT GDLUVZMC when taking (i rep BBFansite & VIPTranslators)
GD’s RAP in “Rain is Fallin'” by W-inds
steppin’ in the club everybody’s like ayy
yea that’s my jam they playin’
i roll up to the bar & got me a drink, i’m tipsy
game on, i stay
i gotta get right, i sure do
this shorty i’m so into
& i think she just came through
hey baby girl what it do
i think i know you too

ay ay get ’em up to the ceiling
mayday, mayday i’m softly killing
let the beat take control of you
let the bass drum come rolling through
dancing, moving, stepping, grooving, jumping
c’mon do as you choose (get ’em)
course we gonna get this true
just GD & you

& you & you & you


~ by Momo on April 10, 2009.

55 Responses to “W-inds featuring GDragon: Rain is Fallin PV Released!”

  1. HEY GD HEY GD!!!His sooooo handsome!!!SARANGHAE!

  2. not feelin it. GD voice is too low…and W-INDS voice(s) needs to be stronger.

  3. not a good song…. or video. his voice doesn’t go with the beat of the song…. it’s weird. they have no chemistry together….

    and the dance moves are…. err… wrong!

  4. I am lovin’ it

  5. The song is good. The video is another thing, the dancing is kinda weak too. I personally think they are over dancing the song, it would of been cool if they jus didnt dance. G-dragon made this song a lot better. Overall a good song, jus weak video.

  6. I also think wut they are wearing is a little weird..its sounds like a powerful song and they are wearing checkered tight pants?

  7. About their outfit, thats the Trend in Japan. They have all kinds of fashion from shibuya, harajuku, streets, lolita, aoyama to name a few. I dont see anything wrong with their outfit coz Japan is famous for its fashion trends.

    the thing is maybe some of you guys are not use to Japanese fashion. Even Taiwanese and korean have the similar taste.
    Big bang love Japanese fashion especially harajuku and streets.

    all of my clothes are mostly bought from taiwan/japan/korea… coz i really like it so much.

  8. @momovip:

    while i agree that japan is famous for their quirky style, i guess it just doesn’t fit the song. they should’ve went in a whole different direction with the mv.

    GD’S part was okay. it kinda actually related to the beat of the song and all (his voice and his part in the mv), mainly because maybe he gets the concept of the song better, but the rest of the video….. leaves me a bit on the iffy side.

    and his voice, i mean his tone doesn’t flow well with the song at all. i mean, i’m not asking for a change or anything, but, he should’ve played with the tones better. make it a bit deeper and gruffier or something. i dunno….. just sounds off to me.

    i applaud the effort, but not the outcome. JIYONGIE!!! save this song please.

  9. HOT – well GD at least. i’m not feeling the group W-inds, but GD’s rap was great! i could understand with no problems. this only means GD’s solo and BB’s new Japan album will be great too!

  10. the problem isn’t the fashion (can’t argue w/ japanese fashion) but it’s his voice xD
    the song is AIITE. that’s all. GD’s part fits the song & makes sense (applauds)
    but it’s one of those songs where the more you listen to it, the more it annoys you.
    i was kinda disappointed cuz the LQ hyped me up. but now it sounds a lil too whiny.
    & his japanese isn’t the greatest either.

  11. naw the song is good,I luv GD’s part and when they say RAAIN IS FALLING,,,but I guess why you weren’t able to digest is because of the japanese words…I dunno…I always thought japanese words only suited ballads or R&B :/

    and w-inds english isn’t good but the song is cooool ❤

  12. Wahhhh (:
    GD’s part is cool & Yeah, i like the “Rain is falling” part
    too (:

  13. if any one is a addicted to this song as i am, u might want to hit up this website…http://listentoyoutube.com/
    unless u wanna wait until they release the song

  14. ehh…the song is okay. i love the choreograph tho =) haha it reminds me of YB’s dances, its so intricate! i’m diggin` the fashion.

  15. haha…well…got people love about it and also got people hated about it…but for me it’s was juz ok…mmm…nice song actually…i like it but not love it…hahaXD

  16. Gahh, I love how they were in his glasses at first…so easily amused >.<

    A lot of JPop groups have really cheesy choreography but I think w-inds is different.

  17. dude! this song is freakin awesome!(:

  18. omgg awesomee ;] i think..i’m just more in love with bong’s part tho LOL.
    but..somehow i really like the live version better idk why..maybe you can hear the bass more and it seems way sexier xDD
    anyway, love the songgg<33333333333 SHEXXIIINESSS. bongie’s rap is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flip flappin hott ;D<3

  19. I want this song so badly!
    W-inds always manages to do well, so I trust them.
    In my case, I love it, and especially G-D’s song.
    J-Pop is definitely different to K-Pop starting from the fashion sense, but the song is great.
    I have high hopes.

  20. LOL @ maryam
    so easily amused indeed. that made me laugh. xD

  21. woah!
    GD’s rap is so good!!!
    the song was okay but his rap
    that sounded pretty sexy
    and his english has definitely imroved quite a lot

  22. maybe its me.

    im immune to Japanese pop and their cheesy choreography.

    but i really like the collabo and im not sure if u guys know this, but the PV kinda have the 3d effect, so if u have any 3d glasses, use it..and it does looked good.

    especially on 2.38

  23. It’s not really my style, but to me GD’s rap was the only good part out of the whole song. I loved it: low voice, slightly husky and sounded s-e-x-y. (I’m becoming increasingly GD-biased :|)
    I agree with the others, the video was pretty weak (except when GD was there haha). What especially bugged me was that (a) the dancing wasn’t that good; especially in the last scene – they weren’t in time with each other! And (b) the last scene was just one take. It got boring. Really boring.

    OR, I could just be having wayyy too high standards. But I got those high standards from our boys themselves. ^^ Overall, GD was SICK.

  24. WHOOHOO. LOVE GD’S RAP. :]]]] He sounded hot too.

    The whole song’s good though. W-inds didn’t stand out to me; I was just thinking about GD the whole time. XD

  25. LOL…even though he’s supposed to be there for a girl that he likes at the end he turns into his player-esque status. (by saying) “and you and you and you” (pointing in all directions…shesh…so it is it GD? kekekeke)


  27. @ melly, i got it form the last movie i went…guess what? THE JONAS BROTHERS!! lol

    and melly i woke up extra early today, coz i have YGBB staff meeting as of NOW..am merely observing the conversation and speak when needed..hahaha…lol

  28. lol, when they sing ‘rain is fallin’ they do that lies dance move! 8D i feel proud for noticing that

  29. Has anyone else been able to see the 3d-ness? I tried using some old fashioned 3d glasses, but that obviously didnt work. Or does it have to be screened specially or something?

  30. Keita’s voice is still as high as I can remember…I think this is the first time w-inds tried out styles like this.Normally Ryuichi or Ryohei would be the one rapping but hey GD did great.Maybe its because of the reason that I use to listen to w-inds from their “forever memories” to the “its in the stars” so the whole song doesn’t seem weird to me.Its actaully pretty good, minus the dance.

  31. DAMNNNNNN GD, i fricken` love your rap.
    oh yeah, G-Dragon’s rap makes the song way better.
    His hair. grr. But damn GD makes have goosebumps now.
    LMAO oh yeahh, i can see the color parts for the 3D parts.
    Ahahahaha ima go grab mines now. luckily i kept it.

  32. anecia, ueah i totally agree. Keita has that unique high tone of his and thats what make W-inds different from any other jpop groups.
    i like w-inds and have been following them for a long time.

    korean grps and jpop grps are somewhat different from one another in terms of music presentation. try and listen a few jpop grps and u get what i mean.

  33. dude i love jiyong’s rap. (;

  34. bong’s rap is awesome-ness, without the rap the song wouldnt be nice.
    they should let him rap for later parts as well, the later parts are too repetitive.

    Bong is s-e-x-y!

  35. awesome collaboration… ^_^

  36. GD rocked in this;
    but i just wasn’ feeling it.

  37. GD rocked in this;
    but i just wasn’t feeling it.

  38. I liked it 🙂

  39. Hi, one part of the prat Gd rap is wrong~

    mayday, mayday im softly killing.

    it should be:

    mayday made them softly killing

    i think so cause it sounded like this. =)

  40. I uploaded the MQ~HQ AVI of that MV ~maybe you wanna have it ^^


    : ]

  41. This song is great, I just love the electric music just that I feel the rapping and song is good separately but not together. I guess it feels a bit weird since w-inds. and Big Bang has a totally different style. The PV was alright, just too bad that Ryohei and Ryuichi didn’t get any close up.

  42. i think GD’s ay ay get ‘em up to the ceiling
    is supposed to be “ay ay put ‘em up to the ceiling”
    and maybe bongalov “mayday made them softly killing” is right..
    thats what i think too =)
    btw,im loving GD’s rap ^^
    he’s getting better~

  43. yeahzz~~~actually when i hear this song more and more…i start love it!!!~~~XD…
    GD’s rap its was just awesome!!!~~~i love it!!!~~~XD

  44. G-D probably has some Gucci 3d glasses or something

  45. awwwww, the video is no longer available? ):
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever

  46. ohhhhh the song is awesome, and GD’s rap too 😀 i wish i had 3D glasses =(

  47. G DRAGON IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. good job GD i like it

  49. i dont know if u guys realized, but they keep talkin bad bout gd n big bang? as in d fans, not w-inds

    edit by editor

  50. I know as i have been talking to W-inds fans for a couple of days now. But I would like to avoid this subject from being discussed any further. will delete comments if necessary.

  51. gd is so sexxxxy
    especially in that black and silver blazer by Margiela!

  52. GD my love ^^

  53. ah! sorry 😦 i din know . im so sorry

  54. Big bang and W-inds make a good singing group together. My friend
    Jeremiah says that they can dance. keep making new songs ft. big bang and GD. It sounds really god together like that.

    ~Thy Tran~

  55. yall can dance.I am so fucking serious! Yall can dance!


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